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There are many many Russian/Ukrainian mail order bride sites on the internet. We've investigated a handful of these International dating sites (,,,,, Every site that we reviewed turned out to be less than legitimate. With this investigation were focusing on a website called Charmerly has the same layout as a few other sites that we reviewed. One of them that comes to mind is Victoria Hearts looks exactly the same as's a very good chance that both websites are connected and owned by the same people. Our investigation includes registering on the site as a regular member and documenting everything that we find. Below you will find all the evidence that you need to make the right decision about

Real Women Or Fake Profiles? You Be The Judge

One of the things that we found with all of these Russian bride dating services is that all the women look like supermodels. Every single dating profile that we've come across always has an attractive girl in the profile picture. In every single instance it's always the exact same thing, beautiful women in the profile pictures.

Below you can take a look at the screenshot that we provide a showing you just a very small example of the female profiles that we found on the Charmerly website. Circled in red you can see all of these women are all very attractive.Like we mentioned before we've done many reviews on various Russian mail-order bride websites and from what we've seen in those other investigations one of them most popular tactics to lure Western men into using their website and upgrading and purchasing credits is with the fabrication of female profiles that have photos of very attractive looking Russian and Ukrainian women.

 As part of the investigative process we always read the terms and conditions page because many times these type of dating sites openly confess to what they're doing. In the situation of in section 11 of the terms and conditions page they state that they "may from time to time create profiles which are maintained created and operated by their employees or contractors".

The screenshot below shows circled in red that all of these women are members of the website, but is it too far-fetched to think that all of these profiles have been created by independent contractors and staff members of the website? Could these profiles also be operated and managed by the same employees and third-party contractors? We think so.

(A screenshot of beautiful women that are supposedly members of the website.)

Do You Really Think That These Women Emailed Us?

Although it may not be blockbuster evidence if you take a look at the screenshot below two different women have taken the time to email us but we're asking you the question do you really think that these women actually emailed us? Or is something else going on here? Personally we believe that these women aren't real members of the website the reason we're saying that is because if we go back to the terms and conditions page the website admits that they do create profiles which are maintained and operated by third-party contractors as well as their own staff members.

If you don't know how works, you need to purchase credits in order to email women on the website. With the hundreds of different reviews that we've done one of the most popular methods of fake dating services is to send people phony email messages. They do this because they know that as a man you are going to reply to the emails and spend money purchasing credits. Although we don't have concrete evidence that this is going on with this particular site this is the most logical conclusion that anyone can come up with.

Send people bogus automated emails or instant messages written by staff or contractors and then you as a member need to purchase credits in order to reply back to the email messages. It's a very simple scam that we've seen hundreds of different times on other websites.

(A screenshot of the two email messages that we received on the website from beautiful Ukrainian women that we believe are not real members of the website.)

Do You Really Think That These Women Messaged Us?

Below we've included screenshots of just a few of the women that have sent us instant messages on the website. Circle in red you can look at their dating profiles, one thing they have in common is that all of them are very beautiful. Back to the terms and conditions page we've already told you a couple times that the website does admit to creating dating profiles that are used on their website. Why would such attractive women be contacting us? We've never spoken or messaged these women. These women have taken the initiative to contact us but why? Are these actually real Ukrainian women that have contacted us out of their own free will or are the messages all fictitious and used as a tool to get us to purchase expensive credits on the website?

(A screenshot of a girl who emailed us, we believe this profile has been created by the websites staff.)

( Screenshot of a girl who sent us a message we don't believe this is a real female profile.)

(Screenshot of a blond girl named Juliya who emailed us but we don't think she's really responsible for sending us the email.)

(Does anyone really think that this bombshell Brewing that took the time to email us or do you think that staff members are responsible for it?)

Why Would Russian Women Email A Profile With No Photo In It?

We've included a screenshot of our own dating profile that we've created for this investigative report. Circle in red you can see that we haven't uploaded a photograph to our profile page. But somehow, miraculously beautiful Ukrainian women are emailing us left and right. We're asking you the question how does it make any sense that all these very attractive women would bother wasting their time emailing someone who doesn't even have a photograph on his profile page? It makes absolutely no logical sense at all!

What does make more sense is that staff members and third-party contractors are paid to send out email messages and instant messages to every single man that joins the website. That's why it looks like we're getting emails from all these blondes and brunettes. It's all part of their tactic to get everyone to purchase credits so they can make as much money off of everyone who joins their site as possible.

(This is a screenshot of our dating profile page.)

"IceBreaker Messages" (Fake Email & Instant Messages) Are Sent By "Validated Members" admits in section 7 F of the terms and conditions page that they send something called "IceBreaker" messages which is another term for emails and instant messages that they sent everyone using a "mass messaging service". The tell us that the "IceBreaker" messages are delivered to members using something called "Validated Members". According to their terms and conditions page "Validated Members" are female member profiles that are purchased from various local service providers that they call "suppliers". Although this may sound complicated the bottom line is this. These "Validated Members" are nothing more than female dating profiles that have been purchased in bulk from various so-called "suppliers". These "Validated Members" are NOT real members who have joined the website out of their own free will.

The Terms & Conditions Page

Below we've included excerpts taken from the terms and conditions page which we think are very important to include as evidence of wrongdoing and deception. In one part of the terms they admit that they use validated members to send people messages. This means that they use dating profiles (they have purchased) to send people automated messages that are sent in mass to their own members!. They also admit that they create profiles which are operated by their employees as well as contractors. You can read the most important parts of the terms below or click on this link and read it on their own website

  • Section #7F We may allow our Validated Members (as defined in Section 12 (Suppliers. Validated Members) below) to choose to send the same message (an "Icebreaker") to a number of other Members, who are selected by an automatic algorithm in order to allocate the attention and activity among Members of our Service. You may receive Icebreakers from the same Validated Member more than once. Icebreakers may be sent through the same channels as ordinary messages, including as a chat message and as a letter.
  • Section #11A: We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”).

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +1 (877) 750-3516.
  • Addresses: Interactive Holdings Limited, 701 N. Green Valley Parkway, Suite 200, Henderson, NV 89074
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online Support:

Final Decision:

Based on the evidence specifically found in the terms and conditions page Of (where the website openly admits that they do create profiles and also admits to purchasing credits from what they call suppliers) we strongly urge people to think twice before purchasing credits on If you have any experience will we would really appreciate your input. Please leave a comment below  with how you liked or disliked the website.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Frank Mendola says:

    I’ve signed up on this Charmerly several weeks ago  -and yes all of the women look like Super models ! Unbelievable! I found two that I liked -but could not get them to leave the site – all would say, but I’m comfortable here? I’d check from time to time and they were always online – telling me “Frank you are the only one” and at an average of 100 dollars a day to text -this is crazy ! And why would the love of your life be on the date site day and night ? Just looking at photos ? Hmmmmm – and again not one  would leave this site -only keeping you on long enough to drain all your credits -doesn’t make sense when there are so many free ways to text back and forth -WhatsApp or hangouts or SKYPE- I’d say definitely a scam  – you’ll spend literally hundreds if not thousands on credits to text ! I was up to 1600 messages from women ? That can’t be real – I mean I’m attractive but not Brad Pitt ! -and this doesn’t even address the question of -are these the real women in the photos -that you are typing ? I mean a beautiful stunning woman can have any man she wants right? Yes there are a few average looking woman as well but………

    my advice is to stay away – I’m calling scam 

    stay safe don’t blow thousands on nothing 


    • Admin says: is a con you are right!

    • Tony says:

      I only got scamed for $85.00 bucks. I so called chatted with one. Four days after the chat I get an e-mail acting like the chat never happened. ( I have copies of that chat ) They use mannequins in some of the female pro filr photos.

  • Thomas says:

    Experienced the same thing as Frank (above) did. They don’t want to leave the site, I told them to write me on my personal email that I gave them in pieces but no respons, I even gave them the name of the hotel in Kiev I stayed in, and my full name.. The answer was, but can’t you stay and chat! I regret not looking through the profiles before I signed up! This is a classic example of scam profiles, I visit Ukraine a lot in work and when I looked at the site I saw at least three famous models from Ukraine! And I have a real hard time to believe that they use this service! I contacted the support and gave them name, Instagramprofiles, fbprofiles and in some cases the models homepage! Absolutely nothing happened, and this is four weeks ago.. And when I looked up the cost to get the personal emails and phone nr to the women it’s 600€ each😳 


    So take a good advice, keep away from this site, it’s fake from start to finish. Pay the planeticket to Ukraine and book a hotel instead, the people are very friendly and the women are beautiful, and I think you have better luck when you actually see who your talking to, visit Kiev or Odessa, great places to have a nice vacation for almost no money at all.. 

  • Scott says:

    I had 2 women want me to send the large amounts of money to come to us to meet me . I asked  for their cell phone numbers they spilt  What a scam . This and russian brides 

  • Tony says:

    I only got scammed for $85.00. I so called chatted with one. Four days after the chat I get an e-mail acting like the chat never happened. ( I made copies of that chat and the e-mails. I have also noticed that they sometimes use mannequins in some of the pro file photos. They have another site called that use alot of other so called females from Charmerly.

  • Philip says:

    Came to site and all of a sudden I am popular. Every day at least 50 very attractive women messaging me,funny thing is I have no picture on my profile. Don' be played by con artists

  • mark davar says:

    guys I deleted my profile pictures and set my age to 74Y old man, I get the same responses of young girls, and they send me CHAT messages and emails , I have a feeling these messages come from auto computer programs in a boiler room with some girls sitting on chairs and wating for victums. Wow what a scammers..I hove over 2000 messages in 2 weeks…I beliee a low percentages are real womens and 80% are fakes.

  • Jaime says:

    After spending two months of my free time on this site, I'm left with the sensation this company(Charmerly) wants nothing more than your money period. True, the photos in the profiles are of very beautiful women, so many of them, and they keep returning after I ignore them, why would they consistently return? It does not make sense to take such refusal. Every time I'm on the site, the same beautiful women return without any response from me. Which is another story altogether? So, my advice is to stay away. It's a waste of your time and money.

  • JEFFRYAN says:

    hey im here to check out  this site oue  



  • Carlo says:

    this site is a scam, somebody need to close this site

  • Tony Keilar says:

    I was logged onto ukrainiancharm and got bombarded by no fewer than 4500 woman and discovered that it is exactly the same as charmerly except that the womens' knowledge of English and their knowledge of their own language did not appear. I met one woman who seemed 'sincere' was about my age group whom I messaged a number of times and even got an immediate photo of her and her daughter together. This engagement with her occurred on both sites. I am realistic with whom I would like, I'm not after a filipino mail order bride who is much younger than myself. To actually meet them or even email them seems like a costly exercise so I've decided to save mh money.

  • Paul says:

    Here is my logic for why and at the same time Natashaclub i.e. Ukrainianwomen are also questionable.

    I've been on Ukrainianwoman for a long time, ten thousand letters written to me, although I haven't contacted anyone for a long time.

    The traffic to my page has greatly decreased, I think because I haven't spent any money.  Finally I decided  to try another site to see what would happen. I tried Charmerly. It felt good to get over 400 letters plus all those messages  in three day, I must be great again! 

    My picture has been at Ukrainianwoman for all that time. I started  to get contacts from the same girls at Charmerly who were at Ukrainianwomen. Over 25. Not one recognized my picture. All had sent letter and many 'smiles'.

    The sad thing for me was the girl I have the 'hots' for at Ukrainianwomen was the very first girl at Charnerly to write me. She wrote her standard letter plus over 25 'smiles'. She nor any of the girls recognized me,not one.  From what they have told me I'm the most wonderful and good looking man on earth, yet none recognized me despite being there for years.

    This is more of indictment of the system then all the girls on the site. Most of the girls I wrote I think were 'real'.  One broke my heart and broke up with me. If she was fake she could have kept me on the hook at $12 a letter forever.

    Have I given up? Mostly.  If I spend any money I will be in UKRAINE  and set up a real person meeting,


  • Keith B. Peterson says:

    I like the reporting of your site. Not too many have the STRENGTH to admit to being fooled.

    As for me…I am looking for a scam busting website that could expose and detail a woman if I submit a photo and dating site ID.

    My subject is very clever and seems to have continuity with her narrative. I ask myself the same questions as do the others here; case in point, when I read, "Although there are many who are real but most are fake" in a review, I am at a crossroads of between fake and real. She did send a photo of herself HOLDING a card with my name on it, as I requested.

    Yes, there are the objections to leaving the site and not doing outside social media. Her promise is to give her PII when we meet.

    This one is too close to call for me. Perhaps you can advise about an ID by photo site, or any further steps to confirm or expose without sacrificing the relationship if by the chance she turns out to be real?

    • Stu says:

      Rip & Scam is a website that you may like?


    • Larry says:

      One of the tip offs fotvthese sites is that they all make a big deal of telling you that these beautiful women will "make the first move".  No shit, they are like street Walkers if you make eye contact, it's "Hi big boy I am in love with you, you're the one for me!!"

      I once put in my profile that I wasn't going to spend any money for credits and if they sincerely wanted to chat, email etc , maybe they could pay for credits for me. Of course none of these women who profess to be hot to meet a 72 year old, short, bald dude ever made mention of this proposal.

    • Harry F. says:

      I have been on Charmerly for about four weeks but have spent no money although tempted by the offers and questions these beautiful women write about. But something tells me to hold on for more info. Thanks to your site here, things are confirmed.  Why would such beautiful women be so desperate for mates that they would send endless notes to me, thought by them to be about 75  years old? Even 19 year olds in a culture supposed to be enamored of older men? A bit far fetched!!! And some notes repeated over and over like a run away computer. So we have a library of beautiful, photo shopped women,  used as bait to get us impressed men to throw some money in the pot so we can give them the assurance that we will rescue them from their sad life of insensitive men in their country. Is that Heaven on earth or what if it was real? When I show pictures of these women to my buddies !! They wish they were single too. Now they will know ….if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. And these women probably know nothing about how their photos are being used. Has anyone got a wife out of all this?


  • Robert says:

    Somebody needs to close down charmerly, loveswans and Anastasia date. Total scams 

  • Louisa says:

    Well Gerhard Dupreez has a girlfriend but he lies

  • Robert says:

    Add LOVINGFEEL to the Charmerly list of clone sites … same everything with new branding and Chinese models instead of Ukrainian. BEWARE ALL. 

  • Used & Abused says:

    Yes I agree with the consensus arrived at above, its a complete SCAM.  I reluctantly came to this conclusion after spending about $US150 on the site communicating with just one of the 43 year old super models named Olga from Khmelnytskyi.  Yes, she wanted me to come to visit and sugested next January 2019 – because she was busy at work as a womens fashion designer.   She had irregular working hours and was ALWAYS online, even when she was at work.  Her explanation was it wss her lunch hour or she started late that day, or was working late that night. One evening I checked the time in odessa before asking her when she was going to go to bed.  It was 3am. After 3 minutes she responded with the correct time in Odessa and said that she had stayed up late because she didnt start work till 10am.  Its all lies, smole and mirrors, designed to suck you in to paying  more money for the love of your life.  Clearly they have no concern for male emotions.  Incidentally I found the same Olga had also been on Victoria Brides three years ealier and so that made me realise that she had been doing this scam for at least 3 years!!  Why does a gorgeous woman wait three years to find a partner?  A:  she's probably already married and farming these pictures out of her as a 30 year old model  is her day job, ie she's paid for every connection and a commission on every dollar that you spend.   Sad, but  if someone starts a class action against these Nevada Corporations, count me in !!   And a 'Name and shame' site would do wonders – so that if there really are deserving women out there, they can at least be seen.

    • Jenny W says:

      I just found my boyfriend is receiving emails from Charmerly… I have been wasting my time and life with him for nothing.

  • Charles Sticher says:

    Yes, I got scammed for $70 which was stupid of me for I knew it was a scam to start off with . Just as you have said 99% of the weman look like super models. Im asking these 20 yr olds if they really think they can be happy with a 53 yr old and Im getting nothing but positive feedback from them all. Even after ignoring them for several weeks they still persist to try to get me to talk to them. And they will lay it on heavy with the sexual comments and photos. I have several sending me videos tha at 50 credits a piece I absolutely refuse to watch them and have stated it to a couple that continue to send them to me. Yes I agree that this is a scam which is sad because of the possible 1% of the weman that are using the sight to try and find a good man. Charles

  • Paul says:

    I haven't seen one positive thing about this site and the comments I must admit I think I got scammed do they won't leave the site they won't use text message even though you let them know that there are translating apps that they can download for free and then text you via phone they say they're comfortable there they are comfortable using the site and it's easier sounds like some ones making money by getting you to spend credits chatting to them

  • Chris T says:

    Add me to the list of calling this site a scam. I spent over $300 communicating with one lady over several days. Then suddenly one day, her voice completely changed, she asked some of the same questions she already knew the answer to, and most obvious of all, she used someone else's name to address me in the letter she sent. All after claiming she was not communicating with anyone else on the site. I asked for a refund, figuring this was a Staff Profile as seen in the Ts and Cs, that they would refund the money I had spent. But no, they would not admit that it was, and blamed everything on "the lady". It is a scam from the word Go. I believe almost all the profiles are Staff Profiles. They can afford to pay women to sit and communicate with men, when the men are paying around $50 an hour …. there is plenty left for profit after paying the women minimum wage.

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