All The Damning Evidence On Is In Our Review / Investigative Report

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Website Details:

Overview looks exactly like and The reason they look exactly the same is because all three websites are owned and operated by the same people. And, unfortunately since they're owned by the same people we're going to explain piece by piece exactly why in our opinion we would not trust this website. You can read the full review of here, review and our review of From what we've gathered so far it looks like Bravo Date is going to run along the same lines that Charmerly and VictoriaHearts did. Read the full investigative review below.

Why Is Every Female On Bravo Date Beautiful? is a very interesting place. Not interesting in a good way but interesting in a bad way. The first thing that we noticed when we logged into the members area of the website was that all the women were amazingly beautiful. Most women on the website look like models. Not only are they very beautiful but the photographs are professionally taken pictures. And we find that very strange. If these women are from the Ukraine and Russia (supposedly poor countries) how is it that the photographs are taken professionally from a photographer first of all. Why would a girl pay a photographer to take professional pictures of her? To answer that question we went to the terms and conditions page where they talk about something called "Validated Members". In section 7 of the terms page and in section 12 they talk about what exactly are "Validated Members". "Validated Members" according to their terms page are dating profiles that have been purchased from local service providers. They purchase dating profiles of supposed local Ukrainian women and then those profiles and all the information including the photographs are then uploaded to As ridiculous as that all sounds it's very true if you go and look at the terms page.

 It doesn't really make much sense that a dating site needs to buy dating profiles until you start understanding how their whole operation works. The first thing they do is purchase dating profiles of attractive Ukrainian women and then from there if you want to try to communicate with these women you need to purchase credits. The problem we have is that we don't even know if we're really talking to the women in the profiles or if their dating profiles were simply purchased in order to make the website look like there is lots of beautiful Ukrainian women looking for relationships.
(A screenshot of female profiles which are most likely "Validated Members".)

Over 100 Fake "IceBreaker" Messages

Something else you might not be aware of is that messages on this website are automatically sent using an automated algorithm that sends the same messages to large amounts of people at the same time. For instance you might be thinking that you're receiving a message that's personalized to you but in fact that exact same message has been sent over and over and over again automatically using a software computer program. They call these fake emails and instant messages "Icebreakers". They also tell us that the "Ice bBreakers" are sent through the dating profiles (Validated Members) that they have purchased. In section 7f of the terms and conditions page they tell us that these "Icebreakers" come in the form of messages such as emails and chat messages. Don't get too excited when you start receiving large amounts of messages like we did. The 100 messages we received are "Ice Breakers" and basically a total waste of time and money to respond to. If you try to reply to these "Icebreaker" messages you will need to purchase expensive credits  to reply back to the emails.  In our opinion it's all a con! ๐Ÿ‘Ž

(A screenshot of the 99+ "IceBreaker" messages that we received.)

Beautiful Women Emailing A Guy Who Doesn't Have Any Photos In His Profile

Below we've included a screenshot of the profile page that we're using for our investigation. As you can see circled in red we haven't uploaded any profile picture to our profile page. But as we we've already shown you we've received 100+ messages. Can anyone explain why over 100 beautiful women would go out of their way to contact a person who doesn't have any pictures on his dating profile? And obviously the answer is that there are no real females sending us messages. These are all automatically generated fictitious Icebreaker messages. It's all one big trick that's used to mislead us into purchasing credits thinking that we can possibly meet up with various women sending us messages. But of course we can never meet these women because these women are not sending us any messages. Messages are automated and the dating profiles (Validated Members) have been purchased from some sort of dating profile provider that actually sells dating profiles to

(A screenshot of the profile that we used for this investigation.)

The Terms & Conditions Page

The terms and conditions has all kinds of crazy information that will shock you. Most of it we've already talked about in this report. Things such as the fact that they buy dating profiles from other 3rd party contractors and companies.

They also use these dating profiles to send automated "IceBreaker" messages etc. You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or click on this link to be taken directly to their website.

  • Section #7F We may allow our Validated Members (as defined in Section 12 (Suppliers. Validated Members) below) to choose to send the same message (an "Icebreaker") to a number of other Members, who are selected by an automatic algorithm in order to allocate the attention and activity among Members of our Service. You may receive Icebreakers from the same Validated Member more than once. Icebreakers may be sent through the same channels as ordinary messages, including as a chat message and as a letter.
  • Section #11A: We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”).

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +1 (888) 587-9493.
  • Addresses:  7455 Arroyo Crossing, Suite 220, Office 247, Las Vegas, NV 89113, USA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online Support:

Final Decision:

Is there a point in joining when they're actually telling us that they purchase dating profiles from other companies. Real dating sites don't work that way. Real dating sites work by letting whoever wants to join the dating site join it. They also admit to using automatically generated messages (Ice Breakers). We strongly suggest you think twice about spending any of your hard-earned money on purchasing credits to communicate with nonexistent women.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Reds Smith says:

    Son,t think it,s all a scam personally I have met a very wonderful woman name is Olga ,24,she has done a lot for me ,she is very real I have Olga,s pictures from a child to a beautiful smart warm compassion woman,she tell,s me I love you,and know it,no girl in the states ever did that ,some things might happen true,but don’t,t blame all of these women,I will met Olga ,I would love to marry this woman who opened my heart

    • Admin says:


      • Jim says:

        many times I met these girls here Personally, I came and also to me Many girls Came to visit without intimacy girls want to find a serious relationship, so I believe in this site and I believe everything that happens there are a lot of video meetings and evidence that the site is real

    • Matt says:

      Ha ha what a joke… send her $ too! ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿคฃ

    • J. C. says:

      I had also got taken in by that VERRY responcable website. It would be a bit funny if it was not so sad. Well the site is that good as it has everyone that uses it to be validated. Just today I had to report a lady for been rude. So after I did that, I recived an email from a guy by the name of Dick. He was asking me to give him pricise information about what the so-called lady had put. I replied by letting him know that I had cut and pasted the information directly off the message onto the Report Boxto, then he wanted to know the exact time and the exact date of the incident. I replied with "today and approximately two minutes before I reported it to your staff".So the next thing I had put was that I should get some money or some form of gratuity and admin costs. After all they have staff on salary to do that work, so if they are first ripping me off by having steep credit costs, fake lady's and also all the lady's do NOT pay one red cent for any credit costs, then why do I need to do all the work for them. Please let me know what you think of my plan, do you think that I might get any credits or money pout of them. In return I will let you all know if i do get any form of gratuity out of them. I am NOT going to hold my breath.


      Bye from J.C.




    • Patrick says:

      This site is a total scam, its all artificial intelligence and chat assistant’s your chatting with, i have busted them many times with trick questions,

      • Brian C Banks says:

        You are exactly right i asked one bot a trick
        Question how are your legs ? It responded
        I do not have any legs ???

    • Troy says:

      I don’t believe it. Is she coming here because you can’t go there

  • Nick Boccio says:

    I went on this site and realized after a 6 week stint costing several thousand dollars that I was ripped off. The would not even let me delete my account. I emailed them, then contacted them by phone. They did nothing. They keep sending emails about women interested in me but those were false. I had them go to spam but it never stopped. If thatโ€™s not bad enough my mentally handicapped son went into the sitenwhen I was not home and went crazy with the fake women. Crazy to the tune of about 40,000 in credits .
    I have reported this as fraud to my credit card companies AFTER I contacted the dating site .
    The site didnโ€™t even allow me to delete the credit cards. Of course after I reported fraud they then blocked the account and deleted the credit card numbers. This is a very bad site . The women are NOT real. Stay away!!!

    • Admin says:

      Sorry to hear about your situation Nick. We appreciate you leaving a comment to help and warn others about fraudulent activity at BravoDate.

      • Joe says:

        Obviously a scam preying on lonely men, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope you are shut down. I looked at the site and received many stock emails in return to try and entice me into buying stupid credits. Shame shame 

  • Nadir says:

    I spend around ยฃ100 on this website itโ€™s absolutely scam I relies some of my questions did not answer or completely different to my questions then I realised itโ€™s computer generated answer even you Even you swear someone She will reply to you something else when one lady ask you what you like and you want. So when you just ending your credits they will say ok I am coming to London for example. When you get credit top up she the (computer) waste your time and now again when your credit about to finish all of sudden one lady text you โ€œmy visa to UK running out soon tell quick which Airport I should arrive thatโ€™s how they monitor you. If say to someone your like to go to gym then at some point another lady comes up my beautiful body is because of gym. All women are not real they have been computer air brushed and their boobs and bust are all made up. Unfortunately all these scammers fraudulent originated from USA I am well aware they have long connections no one there records just keeps blind eye after all they are making $ in the Country I have searched at least 3 websites all same patterns but different names made and rate themselves no 1 2 and 3 5***** or 4****. So please do not go Bravodating and any Ukraine women website you will find out every single lady is beautiful than Hollywood top star same big boobs weather she is 24 or 54 she looks same same big boobs do clear air brush I cannot do anything to stop ๐Ÿ›‘ them just pray to god give them a special place in hell amin. And money they theft from me or another innocent who looking for honest Love for life will become Cancer in their tummies who involve in this business.i believe Love and God live in heart they played with this dishonestly Inshallah they this money will become a cancer ball in their Stomach. May God punishes them I believe one day…. thanks.

    • royals says:

      hi sir your words are correct in the way that ladies on this sight you said about is a load of rubbish, the ladies temp you in a way that you get suck into a friendship of love, i spent about 3,000.00 pounds over a short period of 3months, what a fool i am,, please do not go on this sight, the ladies to anyway ask for money, i wish i never went on this dame sight, all the ladies are not real. all lDIES ARE FALSE

    • Scott says:

      Stay away from

  • Jannie van Tonder says:

    Bravo Date is a money making scheme.
    No women is real
    I lost a lot of money
    How is it possible to spend thousands of money and you cannot get a womens contact details or meet a women in real life in exchange of points
    You can chat to a Ukraine women but the Dating site belongs to a Company in Las Vegs in USA
    Fuck you

    • Admin says:

      BravoDate isn’t legit. We found out it’s not even close to being real. Thanks for your comments guys! ๐Ÿ˜„

  • michael martello says:

    this site is fake also there other site all the woman are bs also you evey notice if you buy credits they come out of the work all of a sudden girls are sending you messages

  • graeme says:

    There is a lot of computer generated chat.some of the chatt is real girls .with a script and fotos pretending to be the profile.i tested 6 of my favourites4 out of 6 couldnt send a selfie with them holding a piece of paper with the number i asked to be written on it. the other two did imeadiately and they look like models, they think im very rich but money is never mentioned. hope to marry one. we will see

  • Graham says:

    I believe also that the site and its sister sites are not what they seem. At first I too was sold that Ukrainian women were the best in the world so over time and I mean 3 years played along. There are ways to get around paying by using a completely different email that way you get 20 credits for every time to join under a different email address but that does not deter the fact when you ask any of these so called girls to send their email to you there reply is that they want to communicate on the site here or if a push will send you an email but never comes. I shedded out around ยฃ250 in the early days only because I did not know and that was over all the sister sites. There is also Victoria Bride another sister site to this as well as Charmerly and Victoria’s Heart. Yes done the rounds and the thing is the same girl is on all sites yet when you mention to that individual that their picture is also on another site they don’t understand why it is or that any conversation you talk about on one site and then go to the sister site and say lets continue talking they don’t know who you are. I don’t use these site anymore and suggest if you are a new member just look but don’t touch is my advise, Once you start using credits which at first is low but they go up after you have initially bought yr first buy after that considerably. Listen to what has been said not just on this site but any Russian / Ukrainian sites.

    • Douglas says:

      Yes,,, I tried all the security tricks to catch out responses!,, I noticed most of these models have a ring on left finger , their profiles are templates" the Chinese ladies , eg , weight 50kg,, height 163inch tall,, professional jobs,, business woman, lawyer, doctors etc,, yet the areas of China in poverty , corruption of officials ,, I was so angry that I gave abuse to the staff,, they cannot use prosecution to me obviously,, yes I feel foolish for dealing with a NON ENTITY! 

  • Michael says:

    I'm a newbie  to these sites and did use credits and gave it a go,  made contact and thought OK at first,  but then noticed some texts I received  were identical to others,  word for word !! What a coincidence , really, now  I'm thinking  what a fool I am. Also I didn't  send send a photo,  and yet woman would say I love your photo,  eyes, well it's not possible , I didn't send it ! I was warned  of these sites by my friends, so no more.Like the sayings goes,  if it seems to good to be true,  it normally  is,  so guys BEWARE don't use them       Fall in love the old way, Pub, show,  train, bus, out and about,  but be respectful  to our lovely women, do that then you and I may find the lady we can fall in love with and be happy in a real relationship. Thanks for making guys like me aware of the cons and traps of these money making sites. All the very best. 

  • Eric says:

    I assumed that Bravodate is similar to other scams, but I encountered Oksana online, who wrote that she was in my country, would I answer questions?  I eventually got her to specify that she was in Tampa, Florida, where I am.  That made her seem be be a hot prospect.  She said that she was at a specific place in Tampa, and I got the address from her.  I told her that I'd go there to meet her in person.  She asked how long it would take.  I said 30 to 60 minutes.  She said try to go faster.  I said, OK.  When I got thtere, she wasn't there.  I got my notebook-computer and tried to contact her.  I finally did.  She said that she had left the place, where she'd said that she'd wait for me and said that she'd taken a long walk, that somebody had attacked her.  I asked the address of where she was.  She replied vaguely, that she was by a bridge of some kind, later, that she was by a high wall, etc.  At length, her replies bore all the earmarks of a scam, so I finally gave up.

  • Stuart says:

    I have a friend who I’m afraid is being scammed by this site. Do you know about how credits are in USD? Thanks

  • Reza says:

    I paid lots of money to this can we sue them?is it possible ?

    • Paul says:

      If you do it could be impossible to collect!! Have an attorney check the “no holders in possession law”in Nevada!

  • kokoman says:

    I found all the above complaints to be true. One profile told me the women don’t pay. But any of the so called profiles will keep you talking any way they can. So someone is making money. One 23 y/o girl named Masha came on and said “ you’re popular with the ladies”. So since each profile is supposed to be private, I asked who told you that? She said the Camel? I said who’s that, she responded by posting videos, which by the way cost &10 to open. A different woman came on one time ( who I had not conversed with ) and was making comments about where I live and the car I drive.   Is it possible these are computer operators in a cubicle enticing a conversation for profit? Another thing they do is tell you you can get their phone number by passing stickers, this will cost you about $500 , so don’t do it. Even if these people exist, I doubt if there is anything legitimate here!!!

  • Paul says:

    I had very similar experiences. One told me she would meet me in Paris. She never showed. ( very long conversations about it beforehand costing a lot of money )! Two of them communicated icebreakers, then during the conversation, indicated they knew things about me from other private conversations?? One named Masha told me I was popular with the girls, I asked how she would know, she replied “the Camel told me”! When I asked who that was, she started sending videos of herself in a swim suit. Theses videos are $10 each to open. Two of the profiles said they have a trick to allow you to exchange phone numbers and emails by sending a repeat of stickers. DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! It will cost you about $500 in a couple of minutes, and IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!  I’m sure this site is all about keeping you interested in a photo, and then talking at length which generates lots of money for someone!!!!!     Bravo date NO!

    • Dukharan Rogers says:

      I became a member of the club and met someone that I really like ,I   visited. Kiev. Ukraine. Hoping to. Get on.  The. Website. The. Website.  Is closed it reads. Prohibited. 403.  Inside  Ukraine ,how. Do these women. Communicate.  With us.  If the site is closed.   To Ukraine. do they get on the website. In ukraine.

      • paul says:

        So you are saying, you went there in hopes of meeting, and once there could not get on the website? If so this is a racket!

        • Douglas says:

          Hi folks , I experienced the same trick,  to me these are not real women , they are digital projections,, better to go on a local site in US or UK,, I lost a fortune on fake sites,, Asia charm, lovingfeel, bravo date, then I don't believe the men that say that they already have a foreign lady on these sites,, This internet dating is evil,, its a weapon,,, I'd rather go gate crash a hen party!! 

  • Pavel says:

    I wanted to check out this website out of curiouslty …. obviously I would never enter my CC for such websites,,,

    Intersting that All girls who send me "ice breakers" are from Odessa, Ukraine. I lived in USSR and can tell that Ukrainian girls would never chat with such good English. 

    The only thing that I didn't get ….. for 20 free credits , I started to chat with one girl and immediately switched to Russian and she (or he) replied to my question very precisely and also in Russian (with slang that google translator won't recognize).

    imho, there a bunch of Russian guys who communicate with you and getting % of $ that people pay

  • Mark says:

    I never bought any credits. I tried to get one of the girls to set up a facebook account and message me for free. She said that she couldn't because of safety concerns. Other than that she seemed to be a real person. I have no way of knowing if I was actually communicating with the girl in the profile, but I was communicating with a real person. Here's another thing though: I am a sixty three year old man with no profile picture. She was a 35 year old model. I don't know about the Ukraine, but that ain't happening in my neck of the woods!

  • paul says:

    i have lost lots,,now the lady,,Maria Brekut,,a model,actress,boxer,,we chatted for free and i kept waiting for the scam,as i was not paying,,i knew somewhere i would need money,,so today suddenly she says site wont allow her to chat me,,she must block me unless i pay site for her contacts,,i found her full name and facebook profile,,frozen in time,,no answer,,she said it was hacked and she cant go there,i said open new facebook she said she would but it never showed in searches,,4 times she claims to have done so,,all lies,,the name and her photo were easy search,,its nasty scam,,remember her name 33 years old,,black hair daughter name Lisa,,all old pics,she refused a selfie of her in right now as proof ,,fought me for a month not to,,,crooks ,cold pricks


  • Douglas says:

    Yes,,, I tried all the security tricks to catch out responses!,, I noticed most of these models have a ring on left finger , their profiles are templates" the Chinese ladies , eg , weight 50kg,, height 163inch tall,, professional jobs,, business woman, lawyer, doctors etc,, yet the areas of China in poverty , corruption of officials ,, I was so angry that I gave abuse to the staff,, they cannot use prosecution to me obviously,, yes I feel foolish for dealing with a NON ENTITY! 

  • Bob says:

    I know of similar scams as was taken too.." Dream Singles" ., Love Swans"., " Dream Marriage"….all profiles are sent to many other same sites of Russian and Ukranian women run also out of " Las Vegas Nevada….I did my research to find site was one of many owned by one female as part of divorce settlement each owning over 6 homes. With men's spending on credits. Thinking you are talking to the profile. When joining " Sister sits suddenly the woman knows nothing of you but same picture. This is another 3rd parts scheme….set up in website form just like dream singles and love swans. These profiles are bought from overseas brides companies with pictures also of professional nature done with " SMAE PROPS"….you ask for person exchange information you get fake e-mail address. Yeah it was not wise, learned lessons. But state of Nevada has special legal cluses where these sites seem to be able to continue to operate despite complaints made. Ukraine, Russia, would pay a fortune for professional pictures. You are talking to an actor interpreter…you find out seeing same profile…when ask the site  " we can't control how many girls join other sites too…purposefully avoiding same profile on other site does never remember who you are thus talking to a different interpreter. I post this as a warning like others had done. If you find that the woman you have talked to for sometime is really real. make new profiles across a wide variety of sites…for free…as a guest, yes get" 99+" of emails, favorites….with no profile picture, no personal info put in , sent t a ghost????…..These are not real profiles, just interprters for the profiles to lure you into buying more credits, need certain number of credits to set up date, set up a chat session you can see video of your profile character chatting with several people at the same time.I watched, observed, researched, and all follow back to same company but billing under different third party companies. You can google the site you are on and see youtube videos and comments, one over 300 comments saying the exact same thing.  Not easy to know you were scammed but post this to stop others from being scammed. One man I read went to Ukraine , met with woman and interpreter with her , was ignored and abandoned after the guy bought hotel and flight to Ukraine. Many say they will get a passport and come ….without any name, address of their destination or getting cleared with USCIS at American embassy having to wait for visa number. Act like they are able to bypass immigration. Call USCIS for verification. A spousal Visa, Marital Visa, Student Visa, all require USCIS clearance to come taking months or longer. The sites delete any mention of full name and address. How do I know Immigration? I was married overseas and took 1 year for my wife to legally immigrate to the US. Many forms have to be filed, a physical needs to be completed at the US embassy designated hospital for health and immunizations, and constant contact until getting green card , then all over forms required for naturalization. To ever be told differently is a lie. EveryUS " International  aiport " Only" has a green room where immigrants must have passports stamped and cleared, the only way that can happen is for both sending required documents to USCIS, and embassy of that country, there is NO WAY around that process if ever told differently, or is illegal. Questions avoided by the profile you request personal information as a "red flag" right there. Have doubts call your state's USCIS and ask them the process required for them to come, then ask the profile te information to file first form which os about 700.00, then go to USCIS upon arrival within a short window to check in and get special picture taken that contains retinal imagery as true vetting process of immigrants coming to the US. Even for a Fiance visa to come and be married in 90 days, more proof is required how you met, a photo of you holding a newspaper with date on it, sending forms in duplicate or triplicate to the right USCIS office that handles the specific form filed. Without Personal information, and interview at their US embassy coordinated by USCIS….that can not enter the US. If the profile person hestitates in any manner , take it as a red flag, they are not real.  Only an actor interpreter trying to turn your request for information, inability to contact outside the site.  Just buy more credits. 

  • Christopher Lithgow says:

    These remarks are very interesting. Does anyone know of any reliable sites?

  • Patrick says:

    Another thing these women never sleep no matter what time you go on line there waiting for you now maybe they dont need any sleep in the ukraine ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Brian C Banks says:

      You are right they are online 24/7 on many sites all interconnected .you know like me it is all fake
      People have no real job.or life just sit at a laptop and look for a husband. You could talking to a man robot kids it is all fake .

  • Michael says:

    Hey guys give these sites a miss, my ladies were keen to talk any time day or night, very strange as they don’t seem to do normal working hours. Money making racket and us guys fall for it everytime. So warn others of foreign sites.
    Try sites in UK which might be more honest and regulated.

  • Will says:

    Does anyone have a list all of the sites BravoDate has?
    I have found , of course BravoDate, then VictoriaHearts, JollyRomance and Charmerly, but are there any more?

  • Tony says:

    Yes if you have read this far I was also deceived by Bravo date !!! Every bit of what I have read here is true 100%. Luckily I only wasted $240 Australian dollars . My concern now is they have my credit card details

  • Brian C Banks says:

    You are right they are online 24/7 on many sites all interconnected .you know like me it is all fake
    People have no real job.or life just sit at a laptop and look for a husband..

  • Henning says:

    In my experience, is pure scam. They manipulate you to spend as much money as possible and what I got for my money was love talk. I finally found out that the lady I was talking to Nadiia 20 had a boyfriend after I finally got her email address and could google her on the internet. I’m sure she’s living a life unaware of who I am at all. I’ve probably talked to someone completely different is my suspicion. Have used a bunch of thousands because I got hooked

  • Henning says:

    Hi. i comment here two days ago, and want to reject or take back that comment because I have a clame case going on with the Can you stop this and my last comment in this feed.

  • Robert Ramos says:

    I too was also a victim of and like many others I have been swindled out of $1600. It broke my heart and I cried like a little baby! It was Next to impossible contacting someone for for support and help belonging to the website. After I did find someone I let him know how I felt and what happened and what was wrong and the guy pretty much xplain something totally different How the women’s profiles are real and basically just lying I wanted to refund and he said no way Jose Yeah right buddy!!! My last resort was I contacted my bank and and gee golly by wow I love my bank they refunded every single penny that I have spent on that website and when I last checked… I was considered “user blocked” yippee Kayay to me!!! At 1st anyone to tell my bank I was embarrassed and I didn’t think they were gonna do anything but they really did what great service!!! So to all of you out there who’s been swindled By said website and not getting a refund but getting an explanation of B.S.! contact your banks And see what they can do for you Also remember you gotta send them whatever evidence you’ve got screenshots and what not and how much you paid for whatever they call it coins So you can text probably a man behind a desk and not even a female If you had your heart broken stand up for yourself fight for your rights!!!

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