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When you first go to the website doesn’t automatically scream scam.  The website does look real because our minds are trained that if something looks professional it’s legitimate, and that is the farthest thing from the truth. We’ve done thousands of reviews on dating services and the most professional websites are no more legitimate than websites that don’t look professional.

The way you can identify if a dating site is legitimate or not is to actually take the time to sift through all of the pages, reading word for word the terms and conditions page and using other tools to identify fake profiles. If you want to know the truth about Chat Zone you can read our full investigation into this dating service below.

Getting Messages Immediately After Joining The Site

As a rule of thumb if you start getting inundated with messages immediately after joining a dating site the chances of that site being legitimate are close to zero. In our experience only fake dating services are the places where men get the most attention.

As soon as we logged into the members area of Chat Zone we immediately started getting bombarded with messages. If you don’t have any experience with online dating sites you might think getting tons of messages is a good thing and it would be if the women were legitimate but as you will read in this investigation nothing on this website is real. And the first indicator that this website isn’t real is the fact that we started getting messages within seconds of joining the website. That is a massive red flag that you should always watch out for.

They Use Paid Employees (Professional Animators & Operators) To Pretend To Be Interested In You :

In section 11 of the terms and conditions page they blatantly confess that they are using something that they call “professional animators and operators”. These professional animators and operators are paid employees and third party contractors who work on behalf of Their job is to reply and send messages to male users who join the fake dating service. Also found in terms of conditions page is where they state that real life encounters aren’t possible with the operators on their website. They’re essentially telling you that you cannot go out on dates with the paid employees who operate the fake female profiles on the website. Obviously that’s common sense how can you meet up with an employee of the website who isn’t even the person that you think you’re interacting with? But this is just more incriminating evidence proving that this website is a complete farce and a sham.

How ridiculous is it that they’re hiring people to chat with you. But with the amount of money that they can make by tricking you into purchasing credits on their website it’s financially worth it to them to hire people who act as if they’re interested in you. These employees work in far off destinations and they could be male or female. They operate multiple fake female profiles at the same time. They sit behind a computer and chat with the male members trying to get male members to spend as much money as possible. How they do this is they lie to you, deceive you and mislead you. They will say anything to you to keep you spending money. The more messages that you send and reply to the more money it will cost you and in return the more money that the owners of Chat Zone will make.

You can read the excerpt that we’ve taken from the terms and conditions page below:

“Appcreators uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system. This Service is provided in the highest quality. Real meetings are not possible with these operators. Users can only send them messages within the portal.”

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website has “professional operators and paid operators”.)

Fake Computer Generated Chat Messages Sent From Employees

Below we’ve included a screenshot showing just a few of the chat messages that we received being on the site for under an hour. All these messages are not being sent from the women in the photographs. Either the messages are sent from artificial intelligent computer bots or from the third party contractors and employees called “professional animators and operators”. You are not interacting with real women who want to meet you for casual encounters. You’re messaging with people paid to chat with you alyways remember that!

And never forget the reason you’re getting these messages in the first place is because they want you to spend as much money as possible purchasing credits so you can reply to fake messages sent to you from nonexistant women.

(Screenshot evidence that shows the fake chat messages we received from  “professional operators and paid operators”.)

Examples Of Phony Messages We Got

We will even included more messages that we’ve received. If you notice the messages they look real and they’re supposed to look authentic. The people behind the messages are paid to lie to you so they want to make it seem like the message is authentic they want to make it seem like they want to get to know you better. But at the end of the day you can never meet these women because they are not the actual people sending you messages.

(Screenshot evidence of the phony messages we continue receiving every few minutes.)

Why Do Females Like Our Empty Profile?

Below we’ve included a screenshot of the profile we created then used for this investigated report. As you can see we didn’t fill out any of the information. We never uploaded a photograph. But, we were still inundated with countless messages. Why would any female want to contact a man who doesn’t have photographs on his profile page? This is just more evidence showing you that the website is fraudulent. There’s no reason we should be getting any messages because we have no photographs on the profile page. All that’s on our profile is our age and location, no interests, no Hobbies nothing! Chat Zone is not a legitimate website.

(Screenshot evidence of our profile that we used for this investigation.)

Phony Female Profiles Using Stolen Photos

The owners behind are responsible for creating hundreds and possibly thousands of fictitious female profiles that they pawn off as legitimate local women looking for hookups. But where exactly are these photographsbeing taken from?

The photographs used in these fake profiles are a real human beings so we set out to find out where the photographs were being taken from.

We’ve added three different fake profiles found on Chat Zone. Their dating photographs were found on other websites. In some instances the images were found on adult image sites and in other instances they are famous people such as models. You can take a look at the screenshots we have provided as well as the corresponding links showing you where you can find the exact same female photos used in the fake profiles on other websites.

(screenshot of a fake female profile using photos taken from other websites)


(screenshot of a fake female profile using photos taken from other websites)


(screenshot of a fake female profile using photos taken from other websites)


Connections To Other Fake Dating Services is associated with other fake dating services sites. This list of bogus sites includes,,,, and

Final Decision

There’s absolutely no point wasting your time and more importantly your money on ChatZone. Based on the fact that they admit to using paid employees that they call “professional animators and operators” to chat with you. Based on the fake profiles that we found, and based on computer generated messages and everything else we’ve uncovered we strongly suggest that you not waste your energy with this fake dating service.

How To Contact Customer Service To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Online Form:
Email: [email protected]
Address: AppsPartner B.V., Looskade 20, 6041LE Roermond, Netherlands

Watch the video review on Chat Zone below

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  • Antonius Koomen says:

    I had an account with ChatZone for a while.
    when I had some 3000 credits things went wrong.
    Whenever I tried to sign in the site opened up with a large message Access Forbidden.
    I checked but got no answer or explanation.

  • Gail Rodriguez says:

    I know my husband is on this site. He’s on the GOVERNMENT WATCH LIST and he’s a married man and I’m his Wife
    This is called for a divorce and talking to 2 females named Marshalls and Tatiana so we will see who’s telling the truth

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