Jump4Love.com aka J4L.com Are Operating A Deceitful Mail Order Bride Service

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Website Details:


This site uses a credit based system, not a monthly membership.

  • 750 Credits will cost you $299.00.
  • 500 Credits will cost you $199.00.
  • 350 Credits will cost you $140.00.
  • 250 Credits will cost you $112.00.
  • 120 Credits will cost you $60.00.
  • 60 Credits will cost you $33.00.
  • 20 Credits will cost you $12.00.


  • Video Chat: Watch and chat with female members of the website by using the video chat feature.
  • Ladies Gallery: The Ladies Gallery shows you profiles of the Russian and Ukrainian women who are members of the website.
  • Search: The Search page lets you search for women based on their user ID, the age you'd like to search for, the body type, marital status, eye color, hair color, country, religion and much more.
  • Romance Tours: Romance Tours enable you to travel to meet the women that you're chatting with on the website.


Today's investigation is focusing on a mail order bride site / international dating service called Jump4Love.com also known as J4L.com where you can interact and meet Russian and Ukraine women (at least that's what they claim). We've done many reviews on Russian and Ukrainian mail order bride sites, all of our investigations came up with the same conclusions for all of these different sites that they were scams and the woman were paid models. Is that what's happening with Jump4Love? Find out what's really going on by reading our review below.

Why Did We Received 123 Emails From Beautiful Russian & Ukraine Women

After being onJump4Love.com since April of 2018 we are now writing our review in late August of 2018. Below we've included a screenshot that shows we received 123 emails from 123 different Russian and Ukrainian females who are members of Jump4Love / J4L.com.If you've being on the Jump 4 Love website you've probably come across the same scenario where you start getting bombarded with hundreds of email messages from very beautiful Russians and Ukrainians.

The women on this website aren't just beautiful they literally look like supermodels. Not even one of the women emailing us was ugly, all of them were at least an 8 out of 10 if not more!

It's very strange, if not very suspicious that we're getting inundated with so many different email messages from women who have no need to chase after men. Why is it that all the women on the website are going out of their way to email us?

From our previous experience with Russian mail-order bride websites we have learned through experience (and common sense) that if you want to reply to any email messages you must upgrade and purchase credits. The more email messages you reply to the more credits you will need to buy. The result is more money for the website. Is that why we're receiving so many different messages because the website wants us to purchase credits? We don't have a concrete answer for you but if you have a little bit of common sense all you need to do yourself is ask yourself who would benefit the most if you purchased credits to reply to the 123 emails? The answer is of course the website would benefit because they're the ones who make all the money if you buy credits on their mail order bride service.

If you want to reply to one email it will cost you 7 credits. There are different credit packages, the biggest one is 750 credits for $299.00. If we purchased that package we could only reply to 107 out of the 123 email messages that we received. So it would cost us over $300 to reply to 123 emails.

 That's an incredible amount of money to pay, especially when most dating services work on a monthly subscription where you can reply to as many emails as possible. But on Jump4Love they want you to pay based on the amount of messages that you reply to. The more emails you respond to the more money you have to pay to reply to them. Is it really that far-fetched to think that the dating site might be sending people bogus emails so they have to purchase as many credits as possible? The end result is the website makes millions and millions of dollars sending people fake emails. We're not 100% sure if that's going on or not but it makes logical sense. 

(Screenshot of the 123 different email messages we received from Russian and Ukrainian women.)

Screenshot Of Our Empty Profile

Below we've included a screenshot of our profile page which is empty. We never uploaded any photos to our profile page and we've only completed 22% of our profile. So you need to ask yourself why would 123 different Russian and Ukrainian women email a guy who doesn't even have a single picture in his profile page?

 And once you take into account the fact that these women are strikingly beautiful it really doesn't make much sense at all. The only conclusion that we can come up with is that the women in the profiles aren't emailing us. And if they're emailing us they must be getting paid to do so. If you continue reading that's exactly what one of the reviews that we found online says.

(Screenshot of the empty profile page we used for this review.)

Romance Tours Are Another Money Grab That Will Leave You Poor

Jump 4 Love even offers romance tours where you can fly across the world to Russia and the Ukraine to meet the women that you're chatting with. Unfortunately from our research it seems like these romance tours are nothing but well-organized and highly expensive scams. Not only will it cost you roughly $5,000 to fly to the Ukraine. You also have to pay for translators, taking these women out on dates, hotels and so on. But at the end of all of this from what we've read none of the men that spent thousands of dollars, who took time off work and flew halfway around the world found the love of their life or a bride to bring back to the United States. All they were left with was empty pockets and their dreams destroyed! In the end romance tours are scams that you shouldn't take part in.

Real Reviews From Angry Web Users

Below we've included real written reviews from web users who have joined Jump4Love.com. We thought this would be great evidence to include and offer even more validity to our investigation. These are reviews written by regular people who joined the website and then have written about their experiences on online forusm etc.

The first review states that "this is one big scam after having sent 15 letters to a woman who is supposed to give you her information". So I did this three times and each time the woman had some excuse for not giving me her info and the woman kept sending the same letter over and over even having even after having talked to a woman for weeks I started to get her first letter again and again this site is one big scam designed to make menus as much money as possible. Stay away!!"

(Screenshot of a review from an angry member of J4L.com.)

 This reviewer gave the website of 1 out of 5 star rating. And said that "Jump4Love is a complete and total scam. The web chat is 90% video loops. They are not live webcams. The girls cannot and will not stand or wave or do anything that shows they are live or talking to you. It's all bogus. They're not even typing on a keyboard as you receive your reply. The girl corresponding with you is not the girl in the photos. It's all bull."

(Screenshot of a real review from an angry user.)

This reviewer gave Jump4Love a 1 out of 5 stars and says "it's a scam!. The site is just a scam. The girls you see in the video chat are only recorded videos. I sent many videos where I prove this but the site answered it's just an internet problem. I have reported many fake profiles also receiving rebates but unfortunately 99% of the profiles are false."

 This reviewer states that "all paid by letter sites are a scam and a giant fraud!. The business model only works by the local agencies paying the girls money for interacting. Peeing the agency's breach letter and chat minute only serve to knowingly encourage fraud. All of the women on the site are fake and already in relationships. They are paid by the agencies for every chat and letter in this is their motivation for being on the site. Jump4love is trying to hide the information about scammer whores and their boyfriends a lot better. The girls are instructed to clean their social media. This is active deception. This is a mafia controlled business with just one purpose to defraud you out of money."

(Screenshot of the bogus females members on the site.)

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

It really is entirely up to you what you do with your money but if you want to blow through $300 in a quick amount of time then by all means join this website and reply to all the emails that you get. Then you can leave a comment below and tell us how that worked out for you. We're sure it probably won't work out very well at all.

 We strongly suggest that you not purchase credits on this website. If you want to check out J4L do so BUT as a free user and make sure not to upload any picture on your profile page and sit back and see what happens. We can promise you that you'll still get inundated with large amounts of email messages from beautiful women.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 20 comments

  • Greg says:

    Yes! This site is a total scam! I was communicating with a woman named Ksenia, who first sent a number of messages to me! Her I'd. number is 429069! She was very nice! A beautiful woman! Check for yourself! She would never agree to send me her contact info, she would not talk about anything other than meeting a man for real love! She would send pictures although she would never say where or when these pictures were taken! She would never tell me any names of her friends but did tell me her sisters and mother's names! By the time she did this I was already at the point of not believing anything about her! At times it seemed that she was not the person who wrote the previous letters! In these letters she would say or ask some random statement or question! Like, " Do you like sweets?" Or "What do you like to do on the weekend?" This was after we had already discussed such things! Now you have to realize that there is a different way of communicating what they ask or say! When she would ask what I liked to do on the weekend she could have meant " what are you doing on this coming weekend"!

    It also seems that when we discussed a topic that I would always get letters from other women asking or commenting on this same topic! If I talked about the summer heat and swimming the next letters from a few women would mention this! Cookies are not there for no reason! Yes, they use these cookies to their benefit! 

    It also always got very busy with every time that I purchased credits into my account! Now I am not and did not worry about the amount of money I spent on purchasing credits! I eantew to see just how far things would go on the site! My own personal learning experience! And I learned just how far these women will go to take your money! They might seem hesitant at first but just give it some time and you can go broke! 

    I once wrote to the site support and told them that I was having problems paying with my card! Their support told me that I could pay via Western Union! So I decided to check this out! Their support gave me the recipients address and told me that a woman there would get me straightened out! So I went to Google and did a search for this address! The search led me to nothing! I went to Google Maps! I punchefin the address in Kyiv, Ukraine! It took me to a place that looks like the ghetto had forgotten about it! Maybe those cookies would not allow me to do an accurate search! I don't know! I still have this woman's name and the address they gave me! I recently did a search again for the street, now it seems the street doesn't even exist! 

    Now about the women… I was able to get some of them to send pictures! If they think they have you hooked they will be nice clean girls! But when they suspect that you are about to go to another woman or just stop communicating they will begin to be provocative! Talk about sex, send pictures of what they say is them but obviously not them! Yes! I did ask for pictures of some of them nude! Some would send pictures of women and never show their faces in the picture! I would compare pictures from one woman and these pictures were obviously not the same woman! 

    I have dabbled in the science of profiling people for years! I am pretty good with reading into what people say and write! I notice almost every difference between any two letters I received! Pay attention to the context! Pay attention to to the personality of the woman you communicate with! These women are very good at what they do! They fool most men! They are experts at keeping a man hooked on them! They will become very emotional and very defensive if you try to let them know you caught them! They sit there for hours chatting with men all around the world! If you ask them about it they will become very defensive and say they have their desires too! I can go to the site at this very moment and see that the women who I communicate with are there, "waiting"! They have nothing to do but wait for the man they have been talking with! If you think she is really only communicating with you just have a friend join the site, have him to message the same woman! You must not use the same ip address as yours! Their cookies won't allow two men to communicate with the same woman from the same location! Also, they offer you a 20% bonus for recommending the site to a friend! They do in part so that men won't set up a fake profile and catch his love chatting with someone else! 

    I found that the support is not so good with this site! When I would write about a problem it sometimes would be days before I got a response! And you may as well forget it on the weekend! 

    Now I'm sure the woman who always told me that I was the only one who she chatted with and wrote letters to is only trying to make some extra money! She claims to be a clothing designer! I don't know her amount of pay at this job! There seems to be many clothing designers in Kyiv! She would never tell me where she works! I went to other sites and found her pictures, her profile and very similar information about her! She is on Charmerly.com, I'd number 9701520, same name just spelled different! She is also on Victoria Hearts, same profile number! I asked her some very specific questions at these other two sites! Either she lied to me or it's just a totally different woman on each site! So there is much more I can tell you men who think you can find a good, truthful woman on any of the sites I have mentioned! I will tell you…D Don' fall for the beautiful faces and bodies these women have! They will lie to you! They will promise to give you their personal contact info for months! They are not going to leave their country and come to you on just the info you think is important to them! If a woman is serious about you she will ask you questions about the things that are important to her! This woman I talked with most never asked about my family, friends, health or anything else that should be important to her! Looks for these things!!! Get the big picture!!! Don't be scammed!!! They never ask for money because you are giving it to them!!! Wake up!!!! This has been a very interesting, fun and rather expensive little project for me! Now I have to decide whether i will continue to explore this and find the real info on this woman and others or just call it quits! As I said… I was not so worried that this would become a money pit! It has been worth it for me to learn just what happens on these sites! Beware! Be careful! Just go on and ignore them! I hope you will take this advise! If you don't believe me then it will not cost you a bit to go check this one profile out on all three sites, find out that I tell you the truth!

    • Tabitha M. Broadway says:

      Please help with this so that I may pass this info on to these dirty little dogs who think wondering and lalee gagging around with random women is a death sentence waiting to happen look for the one who captures your heart and soul and completes you and if you both have the same feelings you will feel it cause you will enjoy each other’s company .You will live life loving and laughing all the way till death do u part.PS AND NOT BY TAKING SOMEONE ELSES LIFE AND FIGHTING TO GET ONE WOMAN PAIR UP WITH SOMEONE A FRIEND AND DOUBLE DATE ITS ALOT OF FUN TRY IT.BUT SOME LIKE TO BE JUST A PAIR AND THATS OK .WEED OUT BAD ONES IN YOUR LIFE AND ENJOY THE ONES WHO TRULY CARE FOR YOU.ILY ALL BUT THERES ONLY ONE WHO CAN HOLD THE KEY TO ONES HEART.SEARCH AND YOU SHALL FIND BUT BE OBSERVANT. PEACE TO ALL.

    • Brian says:

      It`s a right attitude! In pandemic time it`s still a lot of fun to chat with these girls, just don`t take it too serious

    • Jeff says:

      This website is a scam. Today is 2/20/21, I just sent the staff members an email to close my account. After receiving over 60 letters from a lady, which only requires 15 or so letters, to receive her contacts.

      I kept asking the lady if she was ready to exchange contacts, all I would get from her reply letters, is that she has to overcome her fears from a previous marriage. She never gave me a date when she might be ready to give me her contacts.

      Just only after 2 weeks of chatting with her, she told me that she loved me and misses me so much. I’m thinking how could you miss someone that you never met before. This website is misleading and you will never meet these ladies.

      Stay away from websites like this one please!!!

    • Maury says:

      What’s amazing is that sites are still operating! There are still that many stupid men out there who do not get the level of deceit that these bastards will employ to get your cash! Some of these whores don’t even have enough class to hide there wedding ring…..I’m glad for you that you get it…but don’t waste any money at all trying to get to the bottom of this cesspool of humanity.

  • Richard Szczesniak says:

    I was on a website called Your TravelMates.com, and for 8 months I communicated with a woman named Valery. After a while I became suspicious of her activities, such as her telling me she was going to sleep, which, ok she is tired, but at ther exact same time every day! So, I started to research other websites, by opening a free account, just so I could search the data base if the websites.

    After searching dozens of websites, I found her photo and profile on 9 different websites, all with the same profile, but with a few differences, such as living in different cities, different careers, different English language abilities. But all saying she had one child, but some said she was divorced, never married, or widowed.

    So, I thought I would have some fun, and purchased a small amount of credits on various websites and began to start conversations with the person with the same photos. By the way she used different versions of the same name such as, Valery, Lera, Valeria, Valera, and different versions.

    I found her on J4L and ID number 464155. I finally asked her if she knew me, and she denied knowing me. So, then I sent her photos that Valery on Your Travel Mates sent me, including one of her daughter with a basket of sweets that I had sent her. She immediately claimed that her computer was hacked. But she made one mistake, she told me that the photo of the girl was her daughter.

    It is of great interest that on all 9 websites, it claims that her profile information was validated. How is that possible when each profile has a different city of residence, but the same profile photos?

    Here is a list of websites this woman is on……….

    Jump 4 Love       464155

    Bridge of Love   124772

    Charm Date        C784221

    Your TravelMates            23412523531

    Anastasia Date  1904524

    Top Lop                Wonder_Girl *Y/O

    Love me.com     173602

    Dream Singles   3369718

    Victoria Hearts.com         16126630

    And please note, all websites show this woman having different residences, but they all have Validated profiles.

    So, I started to demand a selfie be taken of her, holding a piece of paper, with my name and the date hand written on the paper. Will they all have disappeared, and never contacted me again. HAHAHAHA

    This is my experience. I have a good friend who works for The US State Department at the US Embassy in Kiev, and they have a active program to harass and crack down on dating agencies in Ukraine, that’s is how big this problem has become.

    If you go these websites, please be careful, don’t send flowers, don’t send a single thing, these woman are nothing but professional daters and online hookers.

    • Scott Bruce says:

      Great detective work. I’ve spent quite a bit of time and money and came to the same realization. It’s amazing how these so called companies- scams are still operating and thriving ! Even worse, the same fraud is happening on local.sites like sugardaddie and seeking. Lots of wasted time and money. I think they keep track of your email and know how and when to target you, what kind of woman you like, etc.

  • Gordon says:

    I know that there are some scams on those sites. But some are legitimate. I have been to Ukraine 3 times now and met many of the ladies. Most are even more beautiful than the photos. I found that the dating agencies are the real rip-off. But I finally found an honest one in Dnipro. I dated some of her ladies and liked most of them. Finally I met one and fell in love. We lived together for months and are going to get married. So, I just want you to know that there are some honest ladies that are really looking for husbands.

    • Jay Andrews says:

      That’s nice to hear! I went through about 15-20 girls that were wasting my time but I met a girl there that has been video talking on telegram with me for a couple of months. A couple of good ones.

  • A US Man says:

    Fellas, this is a scam site.  I write to tell you this as I have found my own Ukrainian bride and wife.  We met on a more legitimate site and she has pulled her profile from this and other sites.  When I am bored, while waiting to make my next trip to spend time with each other before we are married and as we work towards creating a child "ahem",   I will search other sites to find her profile listed. 

    The sites that were legitimate, that had her profile, have removed her credentials.  Here on this site, her pictures are still listed and show her logged on.  Once again, not possible as she is already in bed.  She must awaken early to get our son ready and off to school.  We are best friends, by the way, already and he calls me "Dad"!

    Today while we are texting each other, I can see that this sites shows her logged on.  The pictures, that they show, are from years ago and are not current as she does have a instagram account where she will place pictures from time to time.  We just laugh about these fake sites and the mistruths that they tell unsuspecting men.  So you have now been warned as to this site! 

    Happy Hunting.  And you must understand one basic fact.  Until you make the trip to meet your chosen woman in person, until you secure each other's personal email accounts, you are wasting your time and money. 

    Спасибо за внимание и хорошего дня.


    • Admin says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment “A US Man”. Jump4Love is definitely is a scam site. Everything we saw prove that it’s not real.

  • Robert says:

    So true about this being a scam site but if you can get them off site you may have a chance but still you gotta have chemistry and a plan
    Matchmaking companies like Dream Connections or Match Guarranty or Prime Match and others have a reputation to preform for
    so do the math a lot of guys writing are birds of the same feather and get what they pay for
    the pay to communicate sites are scam site universally but some women there are legitimate
    Good Luck is being prepared for your opportunities so find the right fishing hole and get the best fishing advice
    Capesh ? !
    Relying on your self has gotten you to where you are at so WISE UP do it differently and WIN for ONCE
    Get some expert match making women to clean you up be better looking than a monkey as they say coach you educate you and screen the Helen out of some love hungry good women there are 8% more women than men many men there are selfish alcoholic jerks you have a better chance than here in the USA to find a great catch besides America is a big lure

  • Jeff S. says:

    I had the same experience that Greg, above, explained. I would get a ton of automatically-generated letters. When I talked about a subject, other girls contacted me mentioning the subject in their letter. I finally earned the right to ask for a woman’s contact information, and she just had excuses. I almost fell in love with her. To boot, I’m a widower with 3 kids. They knew who I was, and still had no compassion. Their skin is beautiful, but their hearts are the lowest in the history of humanity.

    • Pete says:

      So True. .these woman are real. But so EVIL.I had not be lived it .But it’s all true. If you have a good heart you don’t act like the Devil. They are the lowest whitetrash liars cheaters scammers of humans you want to avoid.

  • Paul says:

    I had some similar experience with this website. Definitely a gorgeous woman and somehow I was lured by her after many letters from her. She was really good at sounding smart without coming on too strong and her looks … Well, for me special. Before I cancelled my profile when it seemed we were never going anywhere she had written over 100 letters to me. I’ve had people who have tried to scam me before and after a while they don’t seem to be attentive to your replies. She was very good at replying to what I wrote. I wrote about 9 letters and when I suggested she ask for my information she either avoided answering about that or said we will figure it out. The rules said after a certain amount of letters you can request information. She was well over that number and I was glad I didn’t spend more than next to the minimum amount. Truth be known … I really miss how well she convinced me of her sincerity. I really came to like her a lot and it will be heart ache a bit but to see others who have dealt with this I hope Will make it easier to let those feelings go.

  • Ola says:

    Worst site ever . Scam scam.
    Fake paid girls. Most of them are on many sites. Even escorts sites.
    Stay away.
    Joined the site to try. I put Nothing in my profile.
    Just the name: mytitsarefake
    You know its a scam when girls start writing you..” Hello dear ! My tits are fake.
    A computer write this strange letter everybody gets in the 100’s
    Sorry to say,there are many lonley men out there ! Easy to scam.

    • forlon says:

      I have taken time to thoroughly read vast comments on this platform about the odds and eventualities of the dating sites in Russia, Ukraine and I can conclude that all were PATHOLOGICAL LIARS of all ages witchhunting their own individual lives because of their short comings.

  • Ola says:

    Go to ukraindate.com russiandate.com and the others that are in the cupid family.
    I meet some very nice girls there.
    Girl that are normal and have a normal co versation with.
    I meet my girlfriend there. Been together 4 years now !
    Good luck and stay healthy !

  • John says:

    Complete scam, stay away! I could have saved a lot of money if it weren’t for Covid. She used it to keep me on for nearly 9 months until things she was telling me were not lining up. I found her Instagram and facebook accounts and sent private messages about communicating for free. Of course I asked her about it and the next day I was blocked from her accounts. I told her I wasn’t going to do this anymore because I couldn’t afford to keep maxing my credit cards. I deleted my account. The next day I got a phone call from a woman in Ukraine claiming to be her, it wasn’t because the voice wasn’t the same as the real Tasha’s voice. I had heard it on a reality show she was on in 2017. The women on the phone said I’ve broken the heart of a woman in Ukraine that will always love me. I said your English has gotten much better then the last time I talked to you. She hung up on me, lol. The next day I set up a fake account with my friends picture. I looked her up and began chatting with her, you get 20 free credits for joining, she suggested we meet some day, that I was very nice. 😆 I then sent her a letter saying I was John’s friend and I’m going to tell him you have no interest him. I checked my mail for a letter from her, nothing. I deleted that account and now yes I’m a bit hurt, I’m also pissed for spending so much money, but sometimes lies don’t come to the surface right away. But I’m also relieved that it’s over. Natasha Egorova is her name. I’ve since found her on two other sites and laughed.

  • Jon says:

    As a current member of J4L I can confirm that this is a 100% scam site.None of the women can share any of their personal details,such as personal email addresses,but only until you’ve spent a king’s ransom in credits & then you’re still not guaranteed.I spent just over £200 GBP & have no intention of investing another single penny towards these con artists.I’ve got 19 credits left & I don’t intend to use them,because since I’ve taken down all of my photos,changed my name to Mike Hunt & made my written profile totally unattractive to the opposite sex,I’m still getting letters from women telling me “I’m a very handsome man” or they loved my profile?????.I still get regular letters from a woman called “Tatiana” but she signs off every letter “Tatyana”.We all make mistakes in life,but spelling your own name wrong everytime is not one of them.I corresponded with a woman called Natalia,so I got her to send an attached photo holding up a placard saying “Hello Jon”.To be fair she obliged to my request,but it taken 14 hours before she sent the photo.I waited till she was online again & asked her to send another photo holding up another placard saying “hello Jon have a good day”.I got no instant reply & she went offline.I have no doubt that some of these women are real,but are on the books of these scammers getting paid a commission.The so-called “Live Video Chat” function on this site is anything but live.There is no sound & you will soon discover that you’re watching a video on loop of your desired woman.A lot of these women also have profiles on “FindBride.com”,another credits based dating site.For example,on J4L they’ve got “no children” & then on FindBride they’ve got “2 children”.On J4L they live in New York or London & then on FindBride they live in Kiev or Odessa.I’ve since learned that any dating site that works on a buying credits based system is a pure scam & you will probably have a zero chance of engaging in a real relationship with any of these women……………………It’s not all bad news.I was once a member of “Elenas Models”,a pay per month subscription site but can be quite expensive.The women can share their personal email addresses or any other personal details,such as,WhatsApp or Viber etc..I used to have regular live video chats on WhatsApp with 2 of these women,but sadly nothing more meaningful transpired from these conversations.I know a lot of people give the Cupid sites bad reviews,but I enjoyed a few conversations & live video chats on WhatsApp with women from across Central & South America whilst I was a member on “International Cupid”.I found their monthly payment subscription quite reasonable as a premium paying member.The big downside of this site though was the amount of Nigerian & Ghanaian scammers,I won’t deny,it is littered with them.Just use your common sense & do not reply to any account that only has 1 profile picture or no written profile whatsoever,because 9 times out of 10 it will be a scammer………In no way am I here promoting “Elenas Models” or “International Cupid”.What I have written is based on my own experiences.

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