Dream-Singles.com Is Deceiving Lonely Western Men Into Spending Their Money

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This site uses a credit based system combined with a monthly membership.

  • Silver is $9.99 per month.
  • Gold is $29.99 per month with 30 free credits.
  • Platinum is $49.99 per month with 50 free credits.
  • Diamond is $99.99 per month with 100 free credits.


If you’re looking for a Russian or Ukrainian female that you can marry bring back to the United States and live happily ever after you need to understand it’s all a pipe dream. Unfortunately every single International bride dating site has turned out to be a legitimate in our opinion. The mail order bride business is massive, these websites taken literally hundreds of millions of dollars per year. In this investigation were taking a close look at a mail order bride site called Dream-Singles.com. We joined the site and documented everything by taking screenshots as well as other evidence for this report. Below you can read the full review.

Why Did We Received 123 Emails From Beautiful Russian & Ukraine Women

We’ve had an account on Dream-Singles.Com since April 2018. This review was done one August 28, 2018, 5 months after we created our initial profile on the website. When we logged into our account after 5 months there were over 100 email messages waiting for us! You can take a look at the screenshot we have provided as evidence below. Circle in red you’ll see the 100 plus messages that we received.

As soon as we saw we got over 100 emails we knew right away something was not on the up-and-up. We’ve done literally hundreds of dating reviews and the number one way that fictitious dating sites including mail order bride sites mislead and dupe you with tons of email messages. It’s quite ridiculous when you think about that we received over 100 messages. The women look like models, they don’t look like regular women that you would see walking down the street. The women are all very attractive, all dressed up, with huge breasts etc. It just seems very suspicious (even to people who’ve never used a mail order bride site) to start getting not only 100 email messages from women of this caliber. It doesn’t make any sense. Obviously this deception must work on some men or else they wouldn’t be doing it. But for people who have a little bit of common sense it’s easy to see that this isn’t real.

You can take a look at screenshots we provided of just four of the different women who have emailed us, every single girl was a bombshell. Take a look at the evidence you will be shocked. Dream-Singles.com wants us to believe these women are emailing us. Why would these type of women send out emails to us? Are these women really that desperate in the Ukraine that they will do absolutely anything in order to leave their country for a better life in America? Personally we don’t think so. From our due diligence and research what we think is going on seems to be a lot more sinister which we will get into further down in this investigation.

(A screenshot of the over 100 email messages we received on Dream-Singles.com.)

Below are the screenshots of the four different women out of the over 100 that emailed us. Does anyone really think that these women’s already emailing us, we don’t!  We are including the screenshots as evidence to show the world the ridiculousness of this website.

(This is a screenshot of a female who supposedly emailed us. Are we really to believe that she is at the spur that she needs to email a person who doesn’t have a picture in his profile.)

(The same thing goes for this screenshot. Does anyone really think this girl emailed us? Does she not look like some sort of adult film star.)

(yet another example showing how ludicrous this website is. People falling for this need to realize this is not real, it’s all misleading and used to get you to upgrade.)

(A screenshot of a beautiful brunette who emailed us. Did she really email us, we don’t believe it!)

Real Reviews From Angry Dream-Singles.com Members

Thousands of men have already joined Dream-Singles.com. Some of them have gone online leaving negative reviews with their experiences on that dating platform. Below we’ve taken screenshots and included them as evidence. These screenshots are real reviews from disgruntled members of Dream Singles who feel like they’ve been ripped off, scammed, deceived and played for suckers by the dating service. If you read through the reviews they are shocking.

The first review says, ‘”Stay away from this site the most fake site ever. Wake up, girls are paid to chat with men. The engage and sweet and romantic talks its money menteng machine. Fake promises, fake love letters everything is fake here.” This is something we read about over and over about all different Russian mail-order bride kind of sites. You start getting inundated, and bombarded with so many email messages from all these beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women that promise you the world even though it our particular case we’ve never use a profile photo. But somehow miraculously we received over 100 emails from these attractive Eastern European women (even though we had no profile picture).

Do you think the site is a scam? Would you be okay with getting over 100 email messages when your dating profile didn’t have a photograph of you? It doesn’t make too much sense does it! What does make a lot of sense is that the emails most likely are not real and they’re used in order to deceive you so you purchase a membership package and credits to Dream-Singles.com.

(Screenshot of a real review from a disgruntled member.)

This next review discusses how Dream-Singles.com uses a third-party Ukrainian marriage agencies that receives a commission from Dream-Singles.com. This reviewer states that “ladies in many cases are on basic Ukrainian wages of approximately $130 per month from their normal official employment. But the deal is that the ladies will receive a small percentage of the Ukrainian marriage agencies commission which helps their living cost etc.” The people receiving receiving all the money are the criminals at the top operating the fake mail order bride sites, not the women.

(Screenshot of a real review from a disgruntled member.)

This next reviewer says “totally bogus site, I wasn’t unfortunate who got duped. I was dating the same girl for over 3 years. During the relationship she admitted that it was not her that wrote me at first.” He then goes on to state that he spent a lot of his hard-earned money getting to know this girl even traveling many times to Nikolaev. We went on holidays together and even introduced me to her son.” He goes on to state that he got engaged but then he noticed that near the time to get married her correspondence and time towards me was getting less and less. Within a couple of months it was all over.” He states “it’s a totally bogus website stay clear you have been warned!” This guy sounds like he spent thousands of dollars only to get scammed. He flew to the Ukraine, ended up getting engaged but the end result was absolutely nothing good. He lost his money and the girl that he was supposed to marry disappeared. The truth being that the girl he was supposed to marry was acting all along. She was never interested in marrying him, all she was doing was stringing him along so he would spend more and more of his hard-earned money!

(Screenshot of a real review from a disgruntled member.)

This review says “Dream-Singles.com site is a ripoff! All pay per letter sites are! To get a woman’s contact details a man must have retained a paid membership for three consecutive months or more and must have at least 1200 credits per lady to obtain contact information.” He gave Dream-Singles.com a 1 out of 5 star rating. And he is correct that Dream-Singles.com does work on a pay per letter system where you need to purchase credits in order to read or reply to email messages.

(Screenshot of a real review from a disgruntled member.)

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Contact Information :

Final Decision:

If you have any experience with Dream-Singles.com please leave a comment below. We value our readers and value your opinions. From what we read from other members of the site (and our own personal experiences) we would never purchase a monthly membership or buy credits on Dream-Singles.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 42 comments

  • Ali says:

    Yes Dream Singles a complete ripoff! 

    They charge for every single letter sent, never let video chat based on my experience and for every single letter sent to any girl they charge about $5 on average,  stay away from it cause it’s nothing but a ripoff . You would easily know the fact that those love letters are not sent by the ladies as soon as you chat with them, they just waste your time by trying to remain attractive during the chat but it can be easily seen that the feelings expressed in letters don’t not really exist and those letters are generated by the site runners, 

    nice appearance you see in this site but nothing is real 

  • Alex says:

    Maybe its a real percentage of scamers there. But I found my love there. And its the fact. Maybe I’m a lucky one. I agree that hundreds of letters annoy you.

    But there is a chance to have a really good wife)

    • Jad says:

      You are right. I did my research of a model and the woman’s profile showed what I found about her like her job and the pictures were different from her profile. I am still suspicious about the site. They need to be real and not have women send messages when you log in. I get it every days.

    • Bob says:

      But how do you reach the real ones. Thanks

  • steve says:

    Whenever third party translators are involved, that's a red flag. Communication is always weak between the man and woman, even if they are speaking the same language! The objective should be to exchange contact information as soon as possible. The site loses revenue, so bots and photoshopped pics constrict any real progress leading to a face to face.

  • Carl says:

    i been on the site for a year and corrisponding with a few woman here resently one of them I found on social media when I tried to contact her there directly repeatily and used traslators messages there was no reply. Even  after I posted many of the same pictures as on this site, why she doesn't anwer? not real, mabe a man Im creating a love story with?It has got me thinking she's not real and being paid to chat with me. She keeps me in chat with long breaks of silence in between my questions. Also a few ladys have just dissapeared off of this site with no warning after spending hundreds corrisponding with them. I will file a  my complaint very soon. Im sure there might be some valed relationships from here but too many russian and Ukraine scammers as well

    • tina says:

      my husband it’s on this site talking to some women thanks they are real. his been on it for 9months ask and I played and begged to get off this is destroying our marriage living together 46 years this 46 year has been the hardest on nightmare. and get up with it I want to take all these days sites to court I’m addicted misses our daughter.

  • DeMarco White says:

    My experience with Dream Singles, was a horrible experience! I’ve been in a 9 month relationship with someone I found out was fake! I found their social media account on instagram, she told me the profile on dream singles was fake! The website paid her for her photos, videos and info to be used on the site! She was also on the show Kiev day n night, yeah she was famous! I decided to give dream singles 2 more chances, yet they were both fake profiles! A famous fashion model and actress and a famous singer from the band hot chocolate! Who I found out both of them on instagram! Please, don’t waste your time on the site dream singles, I wasted over $1000 over the course of 9 months! Take care and don’t let your emotions take you down an onward spiral down dream singles lane.

    • tina says:

      sounds like Sasha last news to talk to her love swan she supposed to Themis singer which is not he spent so much money on that site or in debt for life

    • Don says:

      The same thing happened to me. I found my 6 month romance on DreamSingles on OnlyFans. Send the girl on OnlyFans some messages and found out she is a victim also of a stolen identity. DreamSingles used her pictures and videos to setup a fraudulent profile. I spent $15k to $18k because of the Russian invasion for food and medicine for her children and Mother. Now I find out it was a fraud. Fooled beyond belief. I’m investigating getting a lawyer. The girl is willing to make statements she was paid for her profile.The site is a total fraud. I’d love to prosecute them to recover at least some of my money. I have been crushed since finding out. Maybe sue for damages.

  • Arthur Collins says:

    Yes, I agree with you guys, it is a scam. I have only been on the site for 5 days and noticed it.
    It is a shame that they mess your feelings and mind.😡

    • Mike Jaxkson says:

      I’ve been.on this site about 5 weeks Now Iet a wan.who.is a Dr .and I know a large majority just there to make a buck but then.i sifted through the happy letters the llettand I talked to Anastasia .very genuine .told me about ex cheatiing .and then eventually hitting her
      her up. Anger as days went on the staff know who are serious on chats and email So.any obstacles in.tje way of a good strong connection .they deleted this other woman’s acct .for 2 days because they felt strongly that this woman.will ruin any chance of me dating the woman.ive been talking to.fr 5 weeks so they really pulled her acct just so

  • JED says:

    It is pretty much a scam they try to bait you into thinking that you are the only one for them when you know they are lying like a rug.

  • Ann says:

    My brother is on this site, He says the gal he is talking to is coming here in mid June to Marry him. I have been trying to tell him this site is a scam. Who ever it is that he is talking with has him believing it is all true. My husband says he is thinking with the wrong head, How do I get it through his head it is all false. He is wasting his money.

    • tina says:

      sorry this is happening to you and your brother they just realized I put me in debt for life. and just drive families and where do I send children to process when they become the victim so so I know my husband is on this site they are real at times the times feels like they’re not.

    • Matthew says:

      If you do the research of the pictures they use, you will see that they are married already, have their own families. Luxky to use a European Browser, and their social media’s. You’d be surprised what they say. All have said they was on ds long time ago but now married with children. And they agree it them in picture but no knowledge of it being used and quite pissed its being used all this time later

  • PK says:

    It’s a scam. Stay away from this website. It took me 48 hours to realise that it’s a waster of money. There are other legitimate dating sites that I’ve used in the past and fortunately I could quickly spot the difference. Every woman is model material and you can’t contact them other than the website. Massive ripoff.

  • Marvin Meeker says:

    A word of advice. If you want to spend some of your hard earned money on any dating website, use a disposable debit card. They won’t get a penny from you unless you left it on the card.
    You know they have a lot of shills writing fake letters. What’s a shill? An old, old, OLD bar ploy to keep men buying drinks. The bar would hire girls whose only job was to talk to customers, string them along, buying drinks, usually buying drinks for the shill as well.

  • JED says:

    Look at their BBB Accreditation they have none and probably couldn't get one either!. Off and on I was a member since 2011; wishing for the pipe dream and illusion! Since I cancelled my membership many of times they somehow comeback up to sucker you back in by keeping your profile to resell their snake oil! I stated to converse with one member ****** ID:*******, so I bought into it hook line and sinker, Then I found her on Charmerfly ****** ID:*******, SO THEN I ASKED HER YOU ON HERE TOO?, SHE SAID THAT SHE DIDN'T KNOW ME AND YOU HAVE ME MISTAKEN FOR SOMEONE ELSE! So red flags stated to fly, doing some internet exploring I found her profile on a NYC Escort Service as SARAH and knew I got duped by scammers! Thank goodness I didn't make arrangements to try to meet her in Ukraine/Belarus! I made a review on sitejabber and immediately had my account suspended and the only way to get it unsuspended was to take a negative review down! They will do their Dog and Pony show to discredit anyone with a negative review of them to save face while they are able to dupe so many single men with their scam promotion. If you read their Rave reviews you hear how positive they are with no real proof or evidence of any success stories.

  • Jason says:

    Two recent incidents on this site. I was in contact with Maria 4381559. I identified that photos being sent were not even of the girl but from a Canadian model – DS admin told me that it was the fault of the "translator". No action was taken. They just stopped the photos. Maybe they are using them again? If you are talking to her and she sends photos wearing LuLuLemon sportswear you know it is fake)). I spoke to Julia 3661137 for months. I then found her on Instagram – mo_na2016. In chat she advised me she was in Kyiv when at the same time she was posting videos/selfies of her time in Portugal. Clearly I was talking to a "translator" all the time. This site is full of fake profiles run by people pretending to be the girls. They will also use whatever means available to manipulate emotionally so you continue to spend money on the site. They send out fake letters using fields that will use your name from the information you put on the site. These letters might seem personal but they are not. You are simply being misled.

  • tina says:

    sounds like Sasha last news to talk to her love swan she supposed to Themis singer which is not he spent so much money on that site or in debt for life

  • tina says:

    sorry this is happening to you and your brother they just realized I put me in debt for life. and just drive families and where do I send children to process when they become the victim so so I know my husband is on this site they are real at times the times feels like they’re not.

  • Rocky says:

    I set up a second profile AMD used a picture I attached on a couple messages. Did not even use free 3 days. On both accounts every messages from every girl is exact same content only changing two separate names I used. Also they used to have a feature where you could google search their photos. They have since updated and the feature is gone. I have sent several messages to the real ladies to inform them. I am sure they already know, but whatever.

  • John Salvidge says:

    I have been on this site Dream singles for about 3 months now and conversing with a lady called Ruslana..she is from Kremenchug/Ukraine..I would have to pay 100 credits for a ten minute chat with her and a translator will be present..although I don’t need one as she speaks English
    Does anyone else know this ruslana?..she is attractive but I am
    Suspicious that she is not for real, and I saw her picture on an Escort agency site..how can this be?
    Is she real or has she had her identity stolen?

  • Robert says:

    I use dream-marriage.club couple months and it is pretty much ok, but last week I ask lady move from this site in private email and she said “no” 🙁

  • Ralph says:

    I got real suspicious and googled “Does Dream Singles pay the woman on the site?” It was clear to me that they were being paid. All the videos were scripted, deceitfully seductive, and the chats overwhelmingly professed love, but no connections to a real person, no exchange of personal information, not even a phone number ever! It’s a huge fraud to scam money.

  • David Long says:

    I have made a comparison of many sites, not just “Dream Singles”…. isn’t it curious how few times your own “profile” goes unread?…and where do so many English -ignorant women come up with the line ” I should like some RECIPROCITY from you” ? I never came across that word in my lifetime of speaking American English! Where did these supposedly potential brides ever see the Russian or Ukrainian equivalent of it? No, there’s too many questionable statements made for me to actually believe so many women can’t get married and live where they do…such as promising me a Ferrari, a Rolex watch, or the father gifting his potential son in law with a home in the Maldives as a dowry! It is balderdash and hokum of the highest order!

  • Mikev. Jaqson says:

    ivev been on Dream singes.mitevthan 5 weeks. And I’m.now starting to see the obvious i knew and laughed cat repeated into lines from women sometimes up.on board 3 times. If you. answered question on. Into board. She wouldn’t know what I was .talking about .. I did meet a few woman. that thru all the bs may be. the. the real deal. Its a really pretty woman Anastasia. A Dr from.Kiyv or. Kharkov. the..2 more popular cities with s large university .medical studies are the main colleges She’s divorced. from.an abusiive. Ex. asking me about. my past. and how I felt about all if theess. Well obviously I’m.nitva fan of domestic abuse but. It turns out her story is all true. She very nieve it seems and is coming over here for studies. And thru
    takjing to a certain individual. other than her. that made meetings into dating her all legit It sounds unbelievable. but its true..And shes coming over here for her clinicals. and I could tell that she seemed to be different in communicating., her feel.for other woman. as in jealousy ??/!//Because her cheating ex did a number on her Her friend met her husband from. US av few years ago They are now married with 1 kid and in US for 3. Years Go figure and she wants to do what friend did. The same. But. here’s the thing shes coming here real soon. Its a rare thing for this site. I found her right. Away. and I had nice slow going conversations with her .coming off that divorce. Most of this site may be. Bs. But this was different from.day one !! Stay tuned

  • Dennis hankey says:

    I did this dating for the first time. Today will be one month with Dream Singles and less than 400.00US invested. My sense of something not being right raised and I decided to push a test. First out of five girls, none would go to text or email direc or provide any information that would lead to them direct. Next I made arrangements with a florist to deliver flowers and gave her the phone number an order nember to direct the florist where and time to make the delivery. A child could have dreamed up better excuses than she. The florist told me it was a scam. Since she never called I told the florist to give the flowers to a deserving person. He said no he was going to refund my money. I must tell you there was something uplifting about knowing there is honorable business in Ukraine. I did some other moves in calling would-be ladies out on what was going on. They stick to their guns with illogical comebacks. Just remember guys and gals those pictures are real people, it’s what’s behind them that is the question. Some of these girls are being used in hopes of finding a better life. If they would only communicate on a private system and not through DS’s system, be clean about their intentions they would be better off. Corruption my be a way of life to some of them. Cheers

  • Dennis hankey says:

    So what was wrong with my story that I posted yesterday and got taken down?

  • Joseph Kelleher says:

    I like what you said about all of these woman on this website have huge breasts, i thought it was only me that noticed it!!! Every woman on this site want men to just come and caress,fondle,and suck their tit’s because all women know it really turns them on to have a man to do it to them. Every woman who messages me has huge breasts and send me provocative photos just asking me to give them IT. That’s the impression i get, and i get about 50 to 80 messages a day which i don’t even want because i have known a beautiful woman for 2 years, whom i met on this site the first day i came to it and regard myself as being so lucky to have found her on my first day on this site. We intend to marry at some point, which i am reluctant to do right now because she has a habit of telling me white lies and intend to get the whole truth out of her.
    l tell her i ain’t stupid y’know and am saying that for all men on this site to be careful who you chose and do not send them a penny of your hard-earned money. i have not sent my woman a penny in the 2 years i have known her and she has never even asked me for a penny so in that respect i find her to be a genuine person.Good Luck to all the other men on this site and i hope you find genuine love

  • Ray Karl Hall / Kinetikindred TM says:

    It’s a fantastic site, if you realize you’re paying for the fantasy aspect idea of being in love with a beautiful woman, from a foreign Country that you could never actually meet and score in real life, otherwise you would. I prefer the old fashioned way of meeting model women in person and actually dating them. However, this site can be fun, as every so often, they allow you to read and view all the present and past letters and photo attachments free for a few days. Enjoy! as long as you are aware what you signed up for….

  • Thomas Stults says:

    None of you have taken this to the FCC, a Federal Prosecutor, or any other authority. Why?

  • Jim Smith says:

    I’ve! Always been skeptical about online dating sites. Even the legitimate ones. I started using Dream Singles earlier Nov 2022 and I’ve had hundreds of emails from the beginning just pouring in. Women telling me they want to be with me and that the could make a good wife for me. They know nothing about me. My profile was mainly blank. I had nothing written in my ideal relationship space. I had a breif description of me and two pictures. And those was not the best either. I looked through several and didn’t answer and until I came across Julia. We sent letters several times and I even sent contact information to her through these letters. She kept telling me she wished there was a better form of communication with me but when I sent it, she would still write me on the DS platform. It’s a money thing. Keep draining the suckered into spending everything on nothing. She introduced me to her children, Karina and Marina. I caught her in a lie when she responded to my letter and she signed it Olga instead of Julia. She claimed it was the translators fault. When I would write back I would go through her letters and respond in one letter as much as I could so I could save credits but she would send very short, one paragraph letters. How could she afford to do that when it costs me so much? Good luck doing a facial search on most of these women. The photos have objects in them to throw off the search such as necklaces, earrings, background images, photo shop touch-up. All B.S.find alocal woman and take her out.

  • Jim Smith says:

    You definitely need to keep an eye out for fraudulent activities with your credit or debit card with Dream Singles. It seems this company has been attempting to charge my car over 25 times without my knowledge or authorization. My cards are now frozen or canceled due to these scammers. It needs to be shut down and the owners held accountable for all fraudulent activities to unsuspecting members. If you have an account with these people and you have money missing from your account or charges made that you were unaware of them 90% probability is with Dream Singles.

  • Eric says:

    They had a “glitch” in their IT system on time, when I rec’d a message. Instead of my first name, it had {name} where your name would appear. I’ve seen this kind of scripting before in IT, as the Data Base will insert the members name in {name}, and then the sender can select multiple members to send the message to, and the system inserts your first name into the message. Who knows how many members are getting the same message, in order to drum up income producing replies from the guys. I myself, have not “surrendered” my credit card info with them, as I was hesitant to do so from the very start, because of “red flags” that popped up such as the above, … as well as other indicators. I made a screenshot of the {name} issue, and stored it on my laptop, … as well as screenshots from other issues.

  • Eric Miller says:

    I suppose one could “sign up” as a women, and then see what the inner workings are like, and what kind of incentives they give the girls, etc. A little covert operation to find out how they really operate.

  • David Claytor says:

    Oh yes,& very sad how devious Dream Singles is.
    I am disabled.
    My girlfriend & i went our seperate ways during the pandemic.
    That situation left me very lonely.
    DS ad appeared on a cleaner app for my phone.
    I initially contactacted a lady whose profile was quite different from all others.
    As time went on,i began to feel as if i was communicating with several different personalities.
    They cunningly baited me into believing i could get their personal contact info thru a site feature that is listed as “new”.
    However,after much $ and time,i was denied such info.
    So i “blocked” her.
    Actually i blocked 100s of profiles.
    However,months later i unblocked them,read their messages only to find they had continued to send me messages after being blocked for many months.
    I have many friends & aquaintences from all walks of life.
    I am currently looking into the possibilty that this U.S. business has violated the “Americans with disabilities act”
    I also have connections with other groups & organizations i
    n the world that are highly disturbed by this fraudulent company,among others of the same scheme.
    So far i have not found any concrete evidence that the BBB,FTC,FCC ,or others have made ANY concerted efforts to deter these such companies from playing on mens emotions to get them to what they refer to as “willingly” spending their money.
    Even the “bloggers” & so-called “site jabbers”,or “dating scouts” of this virtual dating scam industry are somehow connected.
    It will take years,thousands of people,much research,time & money to bring these businesses down if relying on on governmental entities and watch-groups to bring such businesses to a screeching halt!
    So,it will require thinking “outside the box” of such organizations of the “not so legit” groups to make a difference with these high-tech grifters.

    Since it appears that so very few can be trusted on the resolution of this issue,it requires that “old-school” traditions & resolutions will have to be implemented to resolve such matters.
    Its an extremely large group of persons involved in the “dating site scams” & they are ALL connected!! With government officials included!
    One would think after the Jefferey Epstein ordeal these people involved would realize nobody involved in such unethical organizations are untouchable.
    Love of family ,DNA related or not,its unwise to piss-off some groups of people in this world.

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