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Website Details:


The Ukrainian mail order bride industry has a very bad reputation. Men join Russian and Ukrainian International bride websites looking to meet women who are looking for love and hoping for a better life in the USA or other Western countries. Can you really meet Ukrainian women on websites such as or is all of it just a pipe dream? Finding love halfway across the world seems like nothing more than a fantasy. In this investigation we're focusing on Ukrainian Charm to see if it's a viable, legitimate and real way to interact with Ukrainian women who are seeking to meet and marry Western men. Is Connected To Untrustworthy Sites

When we started investigating UkrainianCharm the first thing we realized was its similarity to another mail order bride site we just reviewed called Both of these websites have the same layout, they look exactly the same when you log into the members area. The only thing that seems to change is a few small graphics besides that they look identical. All the functionality is also exactly the same.

Based on our investigation of Charmerly we concluded that it was a deceptive web service. You can read our full review by going to this link. The bottom line is that the website not only sends people emails that are written by staff as well as third-party contractors but the female profiles used on that website were purchased from a third-party supplier.

We Got 42 Messages From Women That Are Paid To Chat With Us

This is how the chain of events works. We registered on the website as a free member. Then, we logged into the members area of the website and shortly thereafter we were inundated with message after message after message. As of writing this review we received 42 messages from 42 different Ukrainian women.You might be thinking that's fantastic, 42 different messages from beautiful women who are interested in our profile. Unfortunately not everything is as it seems. First of all you can take a look at a screenshot that we've provided below as evidence. You can see there's a small example of some of the women sending us messages. These three examples and the 39 other women who have messaged us are amazingly beautiful. These are the kind of women that when they walk down the street turns heads. But we asked ourselves how is it possible that every single girl who messaged us look like a model? What is the likelihood that every women is drop dead gorgeous in the Ukraine?

(Screenshot showing the type of women sending us messages.)

 And not only that but why are we getting so many messages when we've never correspondent with these women before. In fact, we just joined the website but we're getting bombarded with messages every 30 seconds. Something seemed very fishy. We've literally done hundreds of reviews on all kinds of different dating sites including Ukrainian mail order bride websites. One of the most popular deceptions used by phony dating sites is to send people fake messages.

The con works like this, you get emails but since you're only  a free member you cannot reply to the messages. In order for you to correspond back to these women you need to buy credits. The more messages you reply to the more credits you need to purchase. Obviously it can get very expensive and the end result is that the owners of UkrainianCharm will make as much money as possible.

"Incentivized Communications" (Female Members That Are Paid To Send Men Messages)

As part of our investigation we always read through the terms and conditions page.We found a sentence where the website admits that they pay female members to communicate with male members of their website. This gives the website a huge reason to want you to reply to messages. These messages are being sent from women who are getting compensated financially to chat with you back and forth. This was found in the "Risk Notice" section of the terms and conditions page where they talk about "Incentivized Communication". We think we have the answer as to why we're getting so many messages, it's all in a massive push to get us to reply so they can make money off of us.  We strongly urge you to read the "Risk Notice" page because it will make you fully aware as to what's really going on!

(Screenshot of the 42+ messages we've received from women who are paid to chat with us aka "Incentivized Communication".)

"Validated Members" (Female Members) Are Paid To Send You Messages

Below we've included another screenshot. This is a screenshot of the members area of the website showing just a sample of the different Ukrainian women you will come across when you are a member of UkrainianCharm. As you can see, every single girl is very attractive. In the terms and conditions page specifically in the "Risk Notice" section the website confesses that they use something called female users introducers. These female introducers are third-party companies that refer female members to register on the website. They call these female members "Validated Members", these female members like we've already stated are paid to chat with you. They receive revenue sharing. The website openly admits that "Validated Members" communicate with you "because she is paid for that incentivized communication".

What this leads us to understand is that there's a third party company supplying these beautiful women to the website. These women register as members on Ukrainian Charm and receive compensation when they communicate with you. Communicating means sending emails and messages back and forth with real male members such as yourself.

The bottom line is that these female members are not joining to meet Western men. They only view their membership on the website as a way to make money. It's a form of employment for them and you should be aware of this before you purchase any credits to communicate with these "Validated Members" aka fictitious women.

(A screenshot of beautiful women that are supposedly members of the website but they are most like "Validated Members" aka phony female members.)

"IceBreaker Messages" Aka Emails Are Sent By "Validated Members"

Something else we found out while reading the terms and conditions page is that they also use these "Validated Members", the woman paid to message us to send "Ice Breakers". An "Icebreaker" is a message sent from these paid employees AKA validated members to real male members such as yourself. So in essence any message you receive is considered an ice breaker message. 

If you want to learn more about the Icebreaker messages you can read the terms and conditions page specifically go to section 7F of the website to read all about these fake messages.

The Terms & Conditions Page

Below we've included the most important parts of the terms and conditions page to provide you with as much evidence as possible. We've included the section where they discuss the validated members and how they send people Icebreaker messages. We've also include another section where they admit to creating profiles that are managed by their employees.Also included is sentences from the terms and conditions page where they admit that these paid female members also known as validated members "communicate with you because she is paid for it". You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or click on this link to be taken directly to the terms and you can read it for yourself.

  • Section #7F We may allow our Validated Members (as defined in Section 12 (Suppliers. Validated Members) below) to choose to send the same message (an "Icebreaker") to a number of other Members, who are selected by an automatic algorithm in order to allocate the attention and activity among Members of our Service. You may receive Icebreakers from the same Validated Member more than once. Icebreakers may be sent through the same channels as ordinary messages, including as a chat message and as a letter.
  • Section #11A: We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”).this means that there is a risk that on our Website, as well as on the websites of many of our competitors you might be communicating:
  • with a person directly or indirectly interested in increasing your spending on the website
  • and/or with a person different from the person shown on the profile, and possibly of a different gender from that person.
  • This may lead to a situation where a Validated Member is communicating with you because she is paid for that ("Incentivized Communication").

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1 (844) 835-1963
  • Addresses: Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, 57, Koursaros Court, Flat 201, PC 3076, Limassol, Republic of Cyprus
    Attention of: Customer Support.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online Support:

Final Decision:

Based are all the evidence that we've dug up we cannot recommend this website. Your chances of meeting a real Ukrainian women and marrying her and bring her back to your country is slim to none. We read about too many horror stories of men spending thousands and thousands of dollars buying credits to chat with women on mail-order bride type websites. We strongly suggest you take our advice and look elsewhere for real women to interact with.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Bill Roberts says:

    This site is totally bs. You'll spend a fortune on it talking looking at members pics, video etc. $600 to just request contact info, and they don't have to give it to you. I bailed. 

    • ERIC says:

      I had them open an investigation into two different scammers…of course they said everything was good…IT IS FLAT OUT IMPOSSIBLE TO MEET SOMEONE IN PERSON UNLESS YOU PAY THEM TO SET UP MEETING…BUT YOU WILL NOT GET A SECOND MEETING ALONE

  • Mike says:

    There are (at least) four sites you can join up with, and in each case the "women" are the same ones, with the same IDs, so you can search one you're interested in. The point about that is that you get 20/30 credits each time, maybe if you clear your cookies and disguise your IP using a (free) VPN (what I did!) and a different email, name, password, age, etc. etc. each time. 1) VictoriaHearts, 2) Ukrainiancharm, 3) Charmerly, and 4) MatchTruly. The fact that they're all the same is a red flag in itself.

    There are some pictures of fabulously attractive women here, mainly seemingly Russian and Ukrainian. They obviously spend a large amount of money on each profile. The outfit may not even be a Ukrainian scam… it's probably being run from somewhere in Brooklyn.

    Despite having had some nice, short, flirty conversations (with my FREE credits), I have now sadly come to the conclusion that every single photo, even of the older ladies, is almost certainly not the person you ever get to speak to. Lets look at a case study, "Ekaterina", 30, ID 27782767 (on all the sites), is the model Katerina Rubinovich. Surprising then that she spends about 20 hours a day on all 4 sites simultaneously talking to men in their 50s, particularly given that she is, how shall I put this, married!

    The crew behind this outfit even have a handy stock of "natural" photos (by that I mean without glamour or make-up, just relaxed selfies) of the individual women, which they produce if you engage for a bit, obviously to inculcate trust in the suckers who pay. I also strongly suspect that most of the "comments" received are in fact generated by a script: clicking on photos or sending a "wink" (both free) seems to keep the comments coming, and only when you're logged in. Only if you actually have credits does an operative seemingly get involved and start talking (probably a man).

    This isn't the end of these people's uber-cynicism/true professionalism. They have also set up a number of fake "review" sites to review online dating, Eastern European mail-order brides, etc. These all say these sites are a "good option", and list a couple of minor negative points.

    Need more proof? I tried twice to join posing as a woman (new IP, new email, new browser, cookies deleted). It wouldn't let me: instead I got a message saying "we review all our applications carefully and will get back to you". They didn't get back to me.

    Every non-Ukrainian male here needs to read this: My heart bleeds for the guys here who have spent 000s of $/£/ and even flown out there. I personally wouldn't pursue a conversation if it means paying unless you can get some more proof that the woman you're talking to is the same one as in the pictures (e.g. ask them to send a picture up with a piece of paper showing your name: but of course such lack of trust might destroy an embryonic romance. Hahaha – the management have really thought this one through).

    A cruel but undoubtedly lucrative business model. I suspect that in most Western countries this is actually indictable criminal fraudulent deception. Presumably they have offshored these activities. But if the actual people behind it can be traced one day, and live in the US/Europe, etc, they may one day be sent to gaol/fined heavily. Probably not though. ENJOY the pictures of these tantalising lovelies but PAY NOTHING. YOU ARE TALKING TO A MAN (IMHO).

    • Scam Killer says:


      Yesterday, I swapped texts with an impossibly beautiful woman, whose photos were scanty, showing lots of skin.  I tested "her" (probably a guy at the other end) and said, "Let's talk in more detail at [my personal email address]"  Her response?  "We hardly know each other.


      She shows ample bosom to millions worldwide, sends me additional suggestive photos,  and somehow I'm out-of-bounds when I request to go to email?  WTF?

      I deleted my profile this morning BEFORE spending a penny on this massive scam.

  • Rick says:

    Site does not work once you enter Ukraine.  Beware ! Unless you stupidly  pay money to obtain a ladies personal information  you have no way to contact her or any other woman once you are inside Ukraine.   " no such number" error message????. Do not waste your time or money.  Prostitutes  are cheaper and more reliable. 

  • rufus says:

    are there ant legitimate sites?

    • Mike Yazbek says:

      UA Ladys is a very good site. I have been with them since 2003 because I have made friends with the site staff in Kharkov. They did everything they said they would do, and they have staff in the US. They’re heavily regulated both here and in the Ukraine. Plus, they have webcams in each of their offices so that you may see who you’re speaking with while online. While I didn’t get married, I am still very close friends with the two ladies I DID meet. We chat regularly via their own cell phones, not through the office. I just never removed my profile.

  • John says:

    My bank called me that the same payment transaction was duplicated by another company
    So they cash in more than you pay from the credit cards that you operate on their scam sites

  • Robert McNabney says:

    I went to the website and found the exact opposite of what you said about the women being paid. It clearly states they cannot be paid by the website or the”suppliers”

    • Mike Yazbek says:

      What they say and what they do are two different things. Scammers will ALWAYS lie to you about that.

  • Charles says:

    After weeks of scanning through the profiles and reading the hundreds of messages being sent to me; being severely critical of what was being presented. I started looking surgically Close at each and every photo. If you look not only will you See the massive extent to the painted up efforts to make these women look flawless. Like any magazine will do. But. You will actually see how many of the heads/faces of the women Don’t anatomically match the body they are pasted on. Where the head is extremely slightly OFF alignment with the body. IN what world do you see women with a perfect set of Breasts and cleavage. And yet (almost) every single woman on UkrainianCharm.con. DOES
    What a scam. I’ve hosted beautiful teenage female exchange students. Those girls Had NO wish to move to another country They were perfectly happy and content in the lives they had at home
    There should be a law against this type of thievery Preying on the lonely and desperate emotions of lonely men (or women) in this world
    Oh. I never spent a $ on their site. So this isn’t anger speaking Just common cents

  • James Cove says:

    I was researching a documentary on child trafficking, and ritual child abuse, it led me to international dating sites, Thailand, Columbia, eventually Russia, and Ukraine, 1st site, I’d Just divorced, so pen pal’ing with these women, btw, Ukranian women are in fact voted ‘the most beautiful women in the world by a voting poll of global ‘men’, in any case I got pulled into one lady who claimed her father was a millionaire and wanted to buy us a house for our wedding gift, That was intriguing ;o). I paid the $650 for her contact info, after which we wrote emails free of the site, and in the end she said she’s too busy with her business to continue talking, she sound honest about this, an before that, she asked if I would pick her and her mom up at airport to bring them and their baggage to their hotel, long story short, spent near $1,000 for nothing, but lucky the fees were paid for as film research costs, beware, because one can fall very much in love in such a pen pal situation, after two years of this research I was on the ‘favorite lists of 300 women, and over the two years I had near 3 dozen favorite girls’ profiles of my own. BTW, their stories are compelling, and intense, one said she’s a 44 y,.o. lawyer, and sent me actual photos of her badly bruised arms, she said she bumped into her ex in the street who grabbed her tight and said, “next time I will throw acid in your face, my heart felt deeply for her. Another 25 y.o. said her dad recently died, from alcohol, and he beat her and her mom, further probing by me suggested he sexually molested her as well, many interesting stories, and truly the most beautiful girls in the world, I had constant supply, 18-75 y.o., the last one, 73 y.o. looked gorgeous. In the final analysis I don’t think they’re all fake, one lady 37, sent a photo of her son, a remarkably beautiful 12 y.o. blonde boy, others had kids as well, and sent pix of them asking, “will you hug my child as if he, or she is your own?” Many of these are women in pain, divorced, and worse, one cried about the roof in her apartment that was leaking. I would love to sponsor one of these ladies, I have more than enough room in my large house, but how to trust any of them? I don’t know the answer to that yet, I only know I wouldn’t pay to visit Ukraine to meet anyone associated with the Ukraniancharm site, wherein you must pay a translator and chaperone to accompany you on your dates with the lady. That all said, after my divorce it was very therapeutic writing back and forth with beautiful, ‘articulate women’, these women who sound very caring, interactive, compassionate, loving, caring, and desirous of meeting and marrying an American, and or whomever, but beware.

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