If you're here I guess you want to know a little about the people behind DatingBusters.com. Dating Busters was created to expose online dating scams that seem to plague the industry. It's hard to distinguish legitimate dating sites from scams. Just because a web site looks professional it does not mean that it is a trust worthy place to find women. There are many methods in which scammers use to deceive people and rip them off.

This site is different from all the other review type sites because we actually explain exactly how web sites rip people off. We provide the proof and evidence to back up any  allegations that we write about.

The Process

The typical process that goes into doing our reviews includes signing up to the dating site we are examining. From there we read the terms and conditions to see if there is any information regarding fake dating profiles, computer bots and the automated sending of email messages. We also do reverse image searches on Google to see if the images have been used anywhere else online. From there checking out the contact information of the web site as well as who owns the domain name can usually lead to information on other sites the people own and where the companies are located.

Overall it can be time consuming to research the frauds but once exposed it becomes easier and easier to investigate other sites associated with the first scam sites. Many dating sites are owned by the same people and companies over and over again.

Hopefully this site saves you from becoming a victim of a dating scam. If you have any information on a scam targeting online daters please contact us so we can investigate it.