Our Review Of LoveSwans.com Explains Why You Can’t Meet Real Russian Women Here

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Website Details:


  • $1.99 a month for 15 credits.
  • $19.99 a month for 50 credits.
  • $44.99 a month for 125 credits plus 50 credits free.
  • $99.00 a month for 350 credits plus 125 credits free.
  • $199.00 a month for 750 credits.


  • Search: You can search for women on LoveSwans according to their age if they're online as well as the country they're from, their marital status, religion, if they drink, if they have children, their level of education and even if they smoke.
  • Faces: The faces section of the site enables you to click if you like a girl or not. It's like the Hot or Not website.
  • Messages: The messages section shows you who has sent you messages, and emails.
  • Mail: The mail section shows you who has emailed you and also you can email people from this section as well.
  • Credits: If you want to purchase credits to communicate with other people just click on the credits page.


LoveSwans.com is connected to VictoriaHearts.com , as well as VictoriaBrides.com. We investigated VictoriaBrides.com last year in May of 2016. After reviewing and investigating VictoriaBrides we concluded that the site was not only fictitious but also a huge cash grab. The more credits you buy the more money you waste chatting with computer bots and most likely paid employees of the site. What are the chances that LoveSwans.com is a scam since it's connected to VictoriaHearts.com? Do you think  they're in the same category of being fake and using illegitimate profiles as a method to get you to buy credits? We have all the answers for you in this investigation that you can read below.

Why Are Women Emailing Us When Our Profile Is Empty

After joining LoveSwans.com the first thing we did was to create a dating profile. Creating a profile on a dating site includes uploading photos of yourself and filling out the information so when women are searching for someone you will pop up in the search results. But for our investigation we made certain to leave out as much information as possible and we didn't even upload any photographs to the profile page that we used for this review (all done on purpose). Logically you would think that since we never uploaded any photographs and we had limited personal information then we wouldn't be getting too many responses such as messages, emails, likes or favorites. But that's not what happened at all it was the exact opposite! We got an abundance of instant messages and likes and favorites. Why would that happen though? If you think about it, if you're on a dating site and there are thousands of women to choose from would you go out of your way to email someone or send them an instant message or add them to your favorites list when they didn't even have a single profile picture in their profile? It doesn't make too much sense does it. That's the exact scenario that happened on LoveSwans.com. We got tons of emails and instant messages and favorites. It baffled us until we realized what was probably going on. From our previous experience reviewing hundreds of other dating sites this scenario has played out time and time again. And what we found with our experience with doing so many reviews is that all of these websites are utilizing the same thing, software bots that act like real people!

If you don't know what a computerized bot is, it's a software program that's being built for one reason and that is to make it appear as if women are sending you emails and instant messages and adding you to their friends list excetera. It's all a massive trick, deception that only some people figure out. Many men think all of its real and end up purchasing credits to the website the result of course as you end up not meeting anyone while blowing through possibly hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars depending on how many credits you purchased on the site.

You can take a look at the screenshot below of our profile page that we've included as evidence showing you that our profile is blank.

(Screen shot of our blank profile page.)

Bots Sending Us Messages Viewing Our Profile

We took a screenshot of all the mesages, favorites and likes and have included that as evidence for this investigation. As you can see we have received over 16 different messages. We've also got three different women who added us to their favorites list and nine women who've liked our profile. Once again why are these women sending us messages? Why are these women adding us to their favorites list? Why are these women liking our profile when it's empty? It doesn't make sense because it's all a fantasy. These are not real women communicating with us. These are computerized bots that are built to act like a real web user would. They have been programmed to send out phony emails and fake messages and make it appear as if they like you. All of it is a facade, it's a massive deception used to get people to buy credits and nothing else!

(Screen shot showing the amount of emails, profile views and who sending us likes.)

Do You Think These Girls Shown Below Really Messaged Us?

We've gotten over 16 different messages from Russian and Ukrainian women on LoveSwans. We wanted to see who these women were. Maybe they were desperate, fat and ugly and that's the reason they would contact someone who didn't even have a picture in his profile. But as you can see below these women are very attractive. And this only goes to confirm our belief that the website is sending concocted messages using automated computer bots. Does anyone really think that these for women shown below actually sent us messages? Women like this have no trouble meeting men so the idea that these women would go out of their way to send a message to a profile that doesn't have a single photo in it is beyond ridiculous. You can take a look at the screenshots that we took below of the women that sent us these messages. They are beautiful but the only problem is they're not the ones sending us emails or messages it's a computer bot!

Something else that we forgot to mention is the fact that in the terms and conditions of LoveSwans.com they admit that they're responsible for creating profiles on their own website. They tell us it's to test their services and to make sure the site is working properly but honestly we don't believe them for a minute. It doesn't make much sense but what does make sense is that they are responsible for creating profiles that are used throughout their site to make it appear as if there's thousands of Russian women, when it's all fake!

(Screenshot of a girl who supposedly messaged us, we don't believe it.)

(Screenshot of a girl who supposedly messaged us, we don't believe it.)

(Screenshot of a girl who supposedly messaged us, we don't believe it.)

(Screenshot of a girl who supposedly messaged us, we don't believe it.)

The Terms And Conditions The Best Place To Find The Truth

Like we've already mentioned we sifted through the terms and conditions page to see how the site was operating and in section 11 a of the terms they state that they do "from time to time create profiles which are created and operated by their employees". Once you understand their employees are operating profiles on the site it's easy to see what could be going on (fraud and deception). You can take a look at those paragraphs below or click on this link to be taken directly to the terms and conditions page.

  • Section #11A: We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”).

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host:
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 
  • Legal Address: Legal Address: 3651 Lindell Road, Suite D9, Las Vegas, NV 89103, USA
  • Mailing Address: Communitainment LP (12 South Bridge, Suite 1, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 1DD, United Kingdon of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Copyright infringement: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Based on our experience with LoveSwans.com and the fact that they're directly connected to VictoriaBrides.com a site that we have reviewed and proven to be a scam we strongly suggest that you think twice before purchasing credits here. If you want you can always create a free membership to see what kind of results you get but if you start getting tons of emails from attractive Russian and Ukrainian women when you don't even have a profile picture then you probably know that it's all a sham. Stay safe out there!

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If you want to search for real women, then look at these legitimate dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 27 comments

  • Bob Marshall says:

    Good work exposing deceptive practices in the online dating industry.  It took 45minutes of texting on a date site before the software program repeated identical responses giving itself away as a scam.  

  • Shoaib says:

    How can i sign up for loveswans

  • MARTO says:

    Not everything is as it seems;  I have over 5,200 real PERSONALIZED conceptualized Letters from 3 bridal sites in about a year.  What you see is possible for you to get;  you just to need to understand how;  stop thinking like an 'American'.  Ukraine is the most unique dating environment in the whole world.  Men have been harvested for a century by Russia for cannon fodder, as well as the intellectually gifted for Moscow universities.  Men are less than 38% of the population;  Ukraine is the only real Matriarchy in the world.  At a very young 60, I am engaged to a 22y/o supermodel. Moreover, I am dirt poor.  I go there / she comes here.  But we will marry in June and live in Kiev, though she has signed with one of the top agencies in New York.  Watch for the book "Swan of Ukraine" to learn how you too can do what I did:  Shop for and catch one of the 10 most beautiful women in the world.   Be careful, those women play for keeps;  never lie, cheat, or try to steal a kiss from her girlfriend.  Also, many 'Bridal' sites are to be avoided.  Do not cry for the little money;  what would one dinner date cost?

    • OnceBitten TwiceShy says:

      After your Lovely gets finished getting her Green Card, US Citizenship, and her name on all your bank accounts and she cleans you out one day and takes off with her new boyfriend, you’ll say to yourself: “But I thought She loved me.” Don’t be a naive dope.

    • E. NATIVIDAD says:

      And may I ask you sir and be honest…did you meet your Ukrainian sweetheart in Loveswans.com or in real person by taking a trip there using a professional dating company?

    • Dill says:

      I agree with you. A casual dinner date runs me a couple hundred to get to know a chick. Are there scammers on this site? Yes there are a ton but there are scammers in my every day life too. Are there real women too? Yes. I've met a handful but I'm also aware of the kind of person and intentions I'm looking for. If you can't tell the intentions in people then you're gonna be either fooled eventually no matter where you look or live a lonely life from not taking risks. It all depends on what your intentions are and your ability to communicate with another human.  The site pushes the sex sells agenda for sure. It seems they sponsor photo shoots for the women as well as there's a bunch of bored, immature 20 somethin yr olds who will post pictures that aren't even them. With a good eye, you can tell which images they post are real or false. Call them out, there just fckin around being young n bored. With inquisitive questions, you can discern they're intentions as well. The women are putting themselves out there, some more sincere than others buts it's always going to be a gamble for both sides involved. This site is a tool for connecting people as well as a money maker. Know their motives are profit and act accordingly. It's only as useful or not as you make it but you will get played if a chick finds a use for you. The site will fill your inboxes with spammed messages to steer your attention as they wish. Tred cautiously but from my experience, the woman are as clueless to the sites workings just as the men are. The only difference I've found is that messaging is free for women but it costs men. It's a great strategy if you ask me like a club charging men only. It's the  beautiful women on the dance floor that bring the men and their wallets of course. If you wanna play the game then start by figuring out the rules. Is it worth the effort? In my experience, yes. I've made some real, sincere and good intentioned connections and gained perspective in doing so. It's not for the desperate or lonely hearted or the easily manipulated. You get out what you put in like anything in life. What's that law of thermodynamics? Energy cannot be created or destroyed…

  • Jailbird says:

    I signed up listing my career as murderer, my residence as federal penitentiary and my income at $5 a month

    Seems LOTS of hot women find this desiresble from the responses I received.

    That was enough to make the decision never to spend one penny on this website.

  • Karen says:

    How can I convince my brother in law that his "girlfriend" a lawyer from  Ukrian is not real.  He spends all his money on money cards to correspond with her.  He is convinced she is real. At first I was angry at him for being so stupid but now I'm seriously concerned because I cant seem to reason with him. Have you any convincing advice.

    • Admin says:

      Ask him iif he has seen her on web camera, has he? Or has he just seen photos of her? BIG difference

    • Thomas says:

      Many or most profiles on there being fake do not mean theyre all fake so you shouldnt assume she's fake or you ll just hurt your brother and alienate him! Its easy enough to verify by using video chat!Why hasnt be used video chat?Also she should show him her official papers that shes a lawyer along with picture ID!I met my girlfriend on a dating site and for a while i wasnt sure if she was legit but after while it became obvious that shes real.No,it wasnt on LoveSsans,i dont remember the name of the site.Many sites have fakes but also have real people too so you cant really say theyre all fake. I wouldnt waste my money on a site that has fakes though,even if many of them were real,too much time & energy sifting thru bullshit to find the real ones for me to waste the time & money!Thx for this review,im glad i checked,its what i suspected.

    • milyon says:

      Tell him to search other dating sites I bet she’s on them all then keep a track of the times these fake profiles work 24 hrs a day also check all her names of scam sites no doubt she’s in there to , 

  • Karen says:


     He has told me he saw her picture on another site. 

    He says her english isn't good so she doesnt think she can talk to him.

    The sad thing about it is his wife recently passed away and they are playing with his mental well being.


  • tyler says:

    40plus is another scam site,,, just giving out enough to keep you interested ,,having to purchase credits ,,, l soon realised its another scam when l messaged !!!what kind of commission are you on ,,,messaging seased to me ,,,,love swans your sooooo right ,,rip off !!,,,,,,,,,

    • tyler says:

      one other thing ,,alls going well pasport insurance whatever is needed for there travel to you,, then   oh l cant afford the flight money ,,l will pay you back once lm settled ,,,,lots of words of love and wanting to be near you to share your bed and life ,,,even me at 77yrs of age and girls in early 20s and 30s ,,,,its just redicules,,,come on guys screw your head on ,,Russia is the worst country on the planet to find female Scammers ,,$ 100,, or £100sterling is a massive amount to these females ,,,thats all there after dont be a sucker ,,in actual fact they will be in league with there Russian boyfriends wine and dining on your cash ,,,,,


  • Arthur says:

    I have met several of the girls on the site after correspondingh for three months. They are real 100%. However, they dont behave off the site the same way as on the site–and they do not speak much English–you are forced to hire a translator who also works as a chaperon for your dates—this can cost a fortune and last as long as the girl wants to go out with you.


    It as completely false to say that you are talking to a bot–the first messages that all girls send is a genrated message that she sends out to 100s or 1000s of men–but all responses after that are real. The investigators of this thread did not do any real homework besides create a fake profile. There is much more that I know than anything posted on the web about it.

    • Keith Salmon says:

      Yeah I joined loveswans my self but I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the woman were and you could tell right of that the photos looked as if they had all done professionally. I Got message from one girl on there telling me she wanted to come and see me so I reply back to her and then I got nother message tell me how excited she was at coming to the UK. and couldn’t wait to share hugs & kisses with me. Something seemed a miss to me so sent her a message but only this time I said that I think this site is fake and you were not real. The only thing loveswans were interesting in was taking our money.Then guess what went to go on to love swans the next day to find that I couldn’t get on as my iPad could not find the server.Think that says it all about loveswans one big massive SCAM. Stay clear of this site .

  • Dwaightz says:

    Really a big scam!

  • Rocky says:

    The profile I put online for loveswans should only have garnered hate mail had a real person read it. Or may a hooker looking to make some money. After a month of just deleting messages and mail some real person must have finally read my profile and realized it was a scam in itself. All communication from them stopped all of a sudden. I never replied to nor initiated a conversation.

    You are right. Total scam.

  • james says:

    Thank you for the warning and information.

    Much appreciated.

  • Steve says:

    Joined site yesterday

    Put up a photo

    I've had 1,200 replies in 20 hours since joining

    Thats 60 an hour

    What a scam !!!

  • Nigel Dean says:

    One of the members of this site is Marina Zakutnyaya (aka Marina Perednenko). Her profile is Marina ID:10770239. This woman is a well known on line dating scammer with listings also as an escort. She has been forced off multiple sites over the years. There is an Instagram site marinazakutnyaya_the_real_one which lists some of the information about her. Hopefully this will help stop at least one of these scammers from doing more emotional damage to unsuspecting punters. There are also scam reports about this person. https://www.stop-scammers.com/female-scammer.asp?id=12009

  • kam says:

    hey guys check this out after trolling the site in my spare time for a few weeks it finally happened 


    Chat started

    Jayden joined the chat


    Hello, my name is Jayden and I will assist you today.

    How can I help you?


    explain this is it auto communication also wheni block profiles i dont expect to keep receiving messages

    the thing with technology is that it always glitches like humans none are perfect


    In this situation, I advise you to clear your web browser's caches. You may find the instructions below.


    no its not that at all jayden its your site

    i blocked profiles last night and ran a computer cleaner today before relogging back into here so all residual files were wiped

    still waiting for your response

    Chat rated Bad


    Could please provide me with more details concerning the issue you mentioned?

    I have to close the chat because of you being inactive.

    Please feel free to contact us again anytime you need! Bye.

    Jayden left the chat


    yes last night around 4 am uk time i deleted a bunch of profiles for basically being smutty these are meant to be real life professional people doctors admin managers even tv personallities so for them to be smutty i dont agree i blocked them then removed them from my chat and after cleaning my computer today re logged in and im still receiving messages from them also explain that message i showed you

    Jayden joined the chat


    What is the lady's ID number, please?


    haha no you dont get that sorry

    still waiting for your explanation as to why one of your ladies would be using an auto response i have translated it and its 2 messages with different times


    What is the lady's ID number, please?

    So we could check it for you


    im not giving it to you so you can fix your glitch i paid to chat on your site and now concider myself being duped 🙁


    Okay, thank you. I will review everything


    and stil no explination

    Chat rating removed

    Chat rated Bad

    Leave a Comment


    Is there anything else I may help you with?


    how about i get to use your site free seing as its not real anyways haha


    We carefully approve ALL the ladies to be registered on our website. Our lady members' profiles are not confirmed unless our local independent representative personally has spoken with and verified her ID and background.
    Our local independent representatives make sure that there are no bogus profiles, that the lady you look at in the profile pictures is the lady you are actually corresponding with. Also, we make sure that she is single and interested in meeting a man through our site.

    I have to close the chat because of you being inactive.

    Please feel free to contact us again anytime you need! Bye.


    We kindly ask you to help us and improve Customer Service and rate the chat! Thank you!

    Jayden left the chat


    how can i be inactive if im talking to you haha seriously jokes 😀 😀

    Jayden joined the chat


    Is there anything else I may help you with?


    guess not im wondering if your even real too haha


    I'm real

    Can I assist you with something else?


    no its okay i will post it on google for the world to see that your only concearn is linning your pockets and you dont help anyone to find love 🙂 have a good day A.I. jayden 🙂


    I wish you a wonderful one! Bye!

    Rate This Chat


    We kindly ask you to help us and improve Customer Service and rate the chat! Thank you!

    So there you have it if you tell them the numbers they delete that profile and create a new one lets see if they block me from the site that would only prove it to be a scam 


  • Neil says:

    Get me a date who lives near me, dont care if she has one leg and straight hair and curly teeth…PROVE your a real dating site!!!

    Then and ONLY THEN will my credit card come out 👍👍

  • Bob B says:

    Anistasia date is another scam. I was chatting with a woman named Larisa for five months. One morning I got up and in my in box was an email from her saying my darling Michael. My name is Robert not Michael. I confronted her and got some bullshit story that it was a technical error. I got off that site. But I just found her on love swans pulling the same crap. So I started screwing with her and liking her photos. She writes back can we get to know each other better. What a piece of work. Expensive lesson

  • Terrance says:

    Well after reading all these reviews about these Russian Date sites being fakes and phonies and scammers,I won’t be joining any of them………..I think it makes more sense to spend the money on call girls or prostitutes instead ….At least you know they’re real and you get something for your money besides pics and messages…….And if that’s not acceptable,then life like robots are becoming more and more popular worldwide……They’re just as beautiful as the hotties on these sites,they can even hold conversations with you,their anatomy is 100% human like and they will never say no,or try to scam you….Plus you can choose exactly what you want them to look like when you order them…….5-10 $grand will get you  a lot for your money…Instead of nothing but a fake….At least a call girl or robot are real.

  • Nt says:

    Love swans. I Was on the site for less than a week before i decided to get the hell out of there. Ok. I did spend 60 dollars. I requested   My account to be closed with support. 3 hours later my card was empty.  So we will see what will happen. I doubt i will get the money back. 

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