PickYourPlayMate.com Review Explains Why This Site Is Fraudulent

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This review is on a website called PickYourPlayMate.com. As with all of our other reviews we joined this website by creating an account and logging into the members area. In this report we explain the truth of what’s going on with PickYourPlayMate and if it’s a legitimate place to interact and hook up with real women for real life encounters or if it’s a fraudulent scam to steal your hard-earned money.

In the lower portion of the homepage it states:

Even before we created our account on this website there was already evidence that this website was in fact fraudulent and not legitimate. On the lower portion of the homepage it states the following:

“fictional Entertainer profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only, physical contact with these profiles is not possible.” We strongly advise you to read our terms and conditions.”

Those two sentences explain exactly what this website is all about. They admit that they use fake dating profiles that they call “fictional entertainer profiles”. When something is fictional it means fictitious aka real. They use bogus dating profiles on their website and they have a heart icon on those fake profiles. On top of that they see that these fake profiles are for “entertainment purposes only”. These fake hookup profiles are only there to entertain you. This of course means that you cannot meet these fake dating profiles in person for real life encounters. And they admit this stating that “physical contact with these profiles is not possible.”

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website has fake fictitious profiles and you cannot physically meet these profiles in person.)

After we created a username and submitted our email address they wanted us to agree to their terms and conditions as well as “the use of fictional entertainers profiles, marked with a heart icon, with which physical contact is not possible.” We took a screenshot of this statement and it have included it as evidence below. This just proves even more so that PickYourPlayMate.com is a scam. They don’t have real local women on their website. What they’ve done is they’ve fabricated thousands of fictitious female profiles and then uploaded those fake profiles to the members area of their website. Then, when you log into the members area you will see thousands of local women when in fact all of these profiles are fictional profiles that have been created by the websites owners.

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website has fake fictitious profiles and you cannot physically meet these profiles in person.)

Evidence Of Fraud From The Terms & Conditions Page

Even on the terms and conditions page there is even more evidence of fraud. You can see the screenshot evidence circled in red below that we’ve included. The evidence states that their website is a “fantasy entertainment service”. Then they admit that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators. This website is not a legitimate dating website, it is a website used to entertain you. PickYourPlayMate.com was not created as a dating portal to bring people together it was a website created to entertain you in a fantasy world where you interact with fake profiles. These fictitious profiles are run by operators. Operators are employees who work for Pick Your PlayMate and they operate the fictitious female profiles that you see in the members area of the website. These fake profiles have employees that run them. These employees pretend to be the women in the dating profiles. On top of that they act as if they’re interested in you. They string you along chatting with you and sending you messages back and forth but you cannot meet up with the operators because they are not the women in the photographs on the profile pages. These people receive a paycheck to chat with you and pretend that they are interested in getting to know you more, but it’s all a lie.

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website has fake profiles operated by employees.)

Examples Of Fake Profiles With Evidence

Below we’ve included two examples of fake profiles on the website. Circled in red you will see a heart icon. This is how you identify fake profiles on PickYourPlayMate.com. Unfortunately from our investigation every female profile we looked at had a heart icon meaning that every profile is fake. There are no real legitimate local females on this website at all.

(Screenshot evidence that has a fake female profile with a heart icon on it.)

(Screenshot evidence that has a fake female profile with a heart icon on it.)

Connections To Other Fake Hookup Sites

This site is associated with other fake hookup sites such as Twomance.com, FlirtyDelights.com,PassionateNeighbors.com, WhatsFlirt.com, MatureNearby.com, and OnlyFlirtsHere.com.

Final Decision

The website has openly admitted that they are responsible for fabricating fictional profiles that are used throughout their website to track male member into thinking they’re interacting with real women. This website is built on a foundation of lies and deceit. We strongly advise you not to use PickYourPlayMate.com, nothing good can come from it.

How To Contact Customer Service To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Email: [email protected]
Address: White Mountain Online Solutions B.V. Stormsweg 2-E2921LZ Krimpen aan den IJssel The Netherland
Customer Phone Number: none
Support page & online form:

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    Not What I’m Interested In and For

  • Michael D Washington says:

    No longer A Customer

  • James says:

    Your site is down

  • Jay says:

    Thanks for the excellent review and information provided. I recognized the “heart” icon as a dead giveaway that no physical contact is possible so I looked for a review and found your website. Appreciate the work done and help in avoiding being ripped off.

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