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In the lower portion of the homepage it states: is yet another dating service built to manipulate, deceive and rip off lonely men. This investigation goes into detail and provides you all the evidence showing you exactly what’s going on. The website looks professional and it has all of the functionality and pleasing visuals like any legitimate dating site would have. But if something looks too good to be true then in this case it probably is.

On the front page of the website in the lower portion they admit that their website is an “adult fantasy chat service”. If you can understand what that means they’re telling you that the website is used for fantasy interactions with users not for meeting and having real life encounters with other members on the website. They then go on to state that you will chat with animators. If you don’t know what an animator is in this context it means that you can chat with paid employees. Yes, you read that correctly animators are paid employees who receive financial compensation to chat with you. Then they go on to state that real life encounters are impossible with these paid animators. You can take a look at the screenshot below that we have included as evidence.

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website has bogus female profiles.)

Evidence Of Fraud From The Terms & Conditions Page

There is a lot of incriminating evidence you just need to know where to look. With all these fake dating sites one of the first places we check is the terms and conditions page surprisingly they will admit to all their fraudulent behavior on the terms and conditions page.

In Section 1 under definitions they once again confess that their website is a “digital fantasy chat service”, and they admit that their website does contain fictional profiles (fake dating profiles). Right there they’re confessing that they are using fake female profiles and that their website is just a chat service. It is not a legitimate dating site where you can interact with real local women for hookups or casual encounters. This is not the reason that OnlySluzzas was created in the first place. This website was created exclusively to rip you off and no other reason.

You can see a screenshot below that we’ve included as evidence taken directly from their terms and conditions page.

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website has fake profiles operated by employees.)

Examples Of Fake Profiles With Evidence

In section 4.1.3 of the terms page they want you to understand that the dating profiles on this website Only Sluzzas are fake. They also want you to understand  that these fake dating profiles have been created only for you to exchange chat messages with. Then they go on to state that real life meetings with these bogus female dating profiles is not possible.

Please understand you’re not dealing with a legitimate website. You’re dealing with a website that looks legitimate but actually isn’t. You can take a look at the screenshot that we have provided below as evidence.

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website is a scam.)

This Is Not A Dating Site It’s A Digital Fantasy Chat Service

In section 7 under digital fantasy chat service is where there is the most evidence showing this website is a scam. They state that the service is not a dating platform, and it’s not possible to meet the fictional profiles in person, this was found in section 7.1. This tells you everything you need to know about the website they do not view their website as a dating site and rightfully so. This is not a dating site, it’s a scam disguised to look like a legitimate dating site. Then they go on to state that it’s not possible to meet up with the fake profiles for in person encounters. Once again they are telling you the truth you can’t meet any of the women on the website for casual hookups.

You can see the evidence that we’ve included below directly captured from the terms and conditions page.

(Screenshot evidence where they admit that their website is a chat service and not a dating platform. They also admit you can’t meet the fictional profiles for in-person encounter)

This Site Is For Role Playing Not To Meet Real People

In section 7 .2 they admit that the website is designed solely to simulate role-playing with their paid employees that they called animators. Once again they’re admitting that their website is only for you to chat with paid employees and not for you to actually hook up for real life encounters with local women.

Chat Messages Are Automatically Created By A Bot

In section .5 they admit that the messages from their chat service are automatically generated with no actual humans involved in sending you chat messages. Then they confess that they actually have paid third party contractors that could be used to send you chat messages or reply to your chat messages. Either way you’re getting shafted! You’re not interacting with real local women who want to meet you in person as we’ve stated so many times throughout this investigative report.

(Screenshot evidence that the site uses fake chat messages on their users. )

Fake Profiles Created By The Site

In section 7.6 of the terms page they admit that they use something called “digital fantasy chat service profiles” which is a fancy term for fake female profiles. They state that these dating profiles are created for your digital entertainment. But, a dating site isn’t really supposed to entertain you, it’s supposed to be a place where you can interact with real people so you can meet them in real life situations for physical encounters! They go on to admit that nothing in the chat profiles is intended to resemble any real person. This just adds even more proof that is a farce using fake profiles that they are responsible for creating!

(Screenshot evidence proving this site uses fake profiles. )

Chatting To Fake Profiles Isn’t Free

Something to note is that it isn’t free to interact with the fictitious profiles on the website. You can take a look at the screenshot below and the price varies from $1.90 per fake message that you reply to all the way up to $1.59 per message. It can get very pricey to interact with fake non-existent female profiles. Interacting with paid employees is a scam and should be illegal.

(Screenshot showing the cost to interact with fake messages on Only Sluzzas.)

Connections To Other Fake Hookup Sites

This site is associated with other fake hookup sites such as,,,,

Final Decision

Under no circumstances should you trust We’ve given you more than ample evidence proving to you that this website is a full-blown fraud. There’s no chance whatsoever for you to hook up with any women on the website. All the profiles are fake, all the messages are computer generated and they even have paid employees that interact with you. Nothing good can come from using this site.

How To Contact Customer Service To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Email: [email protected]
Customer Phone Number: none
Support page & online form:

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