Shocking Review: Uses AI Chat Bots & Create Fake Profiles To Mislead & Scam You

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Website Details:


  • Discovery: The Discovery section lets you choose which profiles you like and which ones you don’t.
  • Home: The Homepage shows you updates of dating profiles on the site.
  • Messages: If you want to send or receive messages you need to visit this section of the site.
  • Contacts: This shows you the contacts that you’ve added.
  • Profile: This is where you can adjust your profile, including uploading photos of yourself.
  • Activity: The Activity section shows you women that you viewed on the site.
  • TOP-Users: The Top Users section shows you the women that are the most popular in the last hour.


Here we go again investigating another dating site associated with,,, and All these sites look exactly the same. The only thing that changes is the name of the website but everything else is completely identical to one another. All these sites are copycats of SPDate.

We know all the websites are the same, and even owned by the same corporation ( We took the time to join so we could provide you with an unbiased review. We wanted to see if this website truly was different from the other scams that we’ve investigated. You can find out if this site is legitimate by reading the full investigation that we provided you below.

Artificial Intelligence Bots Are Used By The Site To Deceive You

Since we’ve already investigated a few of the dating sites owned by we knew what to expect with Unlimdate. We went directly to their Risk Notice page which is where they openly admit to all of their deceptions. They admit that they use artificial intelligence to make it seem like the website is busier than it is. They tell us that they use “ai profiles” (another word for artificial intelligence profiles) when the website doesn’t have many people using it. They also admit that these profiles are computer created. They also confess that you “may communicate with artificial intelligence profiles”, meaning that you’re actually chatting with an automated computer system not real girls! All of this is outlined directly on their website on their risk notice page.

Phony Dating Profiles Are Created By The Site

Just to be really clear this website creates fake dating profiles that are used everywhere on their website, on every single page wherever you look. They discuss this not only on the risk notice page but also in their terms and conditions page where they openly state that they use and create profiles.

You need to ask yourself why exactly is a dating site creating profile pages? It’s the same as if the owners of Facebook started creating 1000s of profile pages on their own platform, would it make any sense? It’s the same thing here, there’s no reason for a dating site to fabricate dating profiles unless they’re trying to deceive their users ( and that’s exactly what they’re doing). They’re creating large amounts, possibly thousands of fake profiles on their website to deceive you into thinking that the website has thousands of horny girls looking for casual sex. Realistically though it’s all a deception that they use to trick you into purchasing an upgraded membership on their website. This is not the only website that does this, there’s thousands of fake dating sites that are involved in the deceptive business of making artificial female profiles.

Proof Of Where Fake Profiles Are Stealing The Photos From

It’s beyond ridiculous how many phony profiles that we found while investigating We use a bunch of different software tools that helped us with this investigation, below you’ll see 6 fictitious profiles that are using stolen photographs. They steal pictures of attractive women from other sites and then they build fake profile pages around the stolen pictures.

We’ve also included the links where you see where that stolen profile pic has been taken from. These are not real women, their photographs have been copied from other websites. Then they just build a fake profile and fill out all the information including age, location etc to make it seem like they’re real females looking for casual sex when in fact the profile has been completely constructed by the dating sites staff.

Please take a look at the evidence below it will prove to you how illegitimate this website is. Nothing is as it seems.

(This is a profile of an attractive blond but unfortunately it’s a fake profile and the links below show where this picture was stolen from.)


(  Another fake profile using a picture stolen from another website. )

This girl did not create a profile, her picture was stolen and we found her actual Instagram account ( Does anyone really believe that a girl like this needs to create a dating profile to meet man on UnlumDate?


(This is fake dating profile using a stolen picture of an amateur porn star.)


(Another fake profile. Once again who thinks that a girl like this would actually need to join this site?)

  • http://вконтакте

(  A fictitious profile using a stolen photograph found on other websites listed below.)


(A fake dating profile using a stolen image found on other sites listed below.)


Phony Messages From Phony Women

Below we’ve included a screenshot showing the 10 different email messages we received from the artificial intelligence chatbot. The emails aren’t real, they have been sent and also written by computer software AI bots. The reason they send all these messages is because they want you to use their website and to upgrade to a paid membership. One of the most popular methods they use besides creating fake female profiles is to send male members messages that appear to be sent from horny local girls. It’s all of massive scam that dupes men into upgrading to paid monthly memberships.

As we’ve explained, on the Risk Notice page they openly admit that they use chatbots that chat with users when the website doesn’t have enough real people on it. Think how ridiculous that sounds. They don’t have enough real people on the website so they’ve taken it upon themselves and they think it’s okay to use artificial intelligence bots. They send these people phony messages to con them into believing that they’re chatting with real women but it’s only an bot, unbelievable!

(A screenshot showing the 10 email we got from AI bots.)

Our Profile Page Has No Photos In It

And just to prove to you that it doesn’t make any sense that we’re getting any email messages we’ve included a screenshot of our profile page. As you can see circled in red we haven’t uploaded any photographs to our profile. Why then did we get 10 email messages from women interested in us? On any legitimate dating site it’s hard enough to get girls to email you back even when you do have pictures in your profile but on UnlimDate it seems like the girls have to be beaten away with the stick. But realistically we know there aren’t any authentic women emailing us, it’s all a con game as the risk notice page confirms.

(A screenshot of the dating profile that were using for this investigation.)

The Terms Page & Risk Notice Page

Below we’ve included parts of the terms and conditions page and the risk notice page that we think proves the site is a fraud. They admit that they build phony profiles. They also admit to using chatbots to interact with you. The information is available below to read below or click and go to the terms and conditions page visit section 11 to read about the phony profiles that they create. If you want to learn about the AI chatbots they use go to the risk notice page click here.

  • We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained ,  and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”). The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to enable us to ensure our Services are operating properly by testing the Services, features ,  and functionalities, and to research our products and Services. All Staff Profiles will be identifiable as such and ,  in the event that you opt to communicate or interact with a Staff Profile ,  you will be made aware of the nature of this Staff Profile.
  • Because Registering of chatbots as Users you may communicate with Users who are chatbots, normally during the hours of low attendance (“Impersonation”). In other words, this means that there is a risk that on our Website, as well as on the websites of many of our competitors you might be communicating with User who is not real person.
  • we may register chatbots as Users so that you may continue using Website and chatting with other Users uninterruptedly when the number of active Users is decreasing. Such chatbots are labeled with (cb) sign in the upper right corner of profile picture

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information:

Final Decision: does everything they can to manipulate and deceive you. Now that you know the truth about this website why would you spend another minute here. Spread this information all over social media and stop these scammers in their tracks.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 15 comments

  • Zach Nimmo says:

    I agree with the review, I bet none of thses sites are members of the ASACP, raising the concern of child sexaul abuse images being on the site.

    This site (as well as all other non-ASACP sites should be reported at once).

  • seth says:

    right bother amen i am done with all the fake ass date web site  i was a fool  a victum  now i know the turth best thing is to do move far away form this demonic web site like unlimdate and spdate and mwetdate and more thank u

  • John says:

    Lesson learned, not one female on any site ever responded as a human would

    They ARE ALL FAKE..

  • […] written extensive reports on. A list of the websites connected to this one includes,,,, and […]

  • Becky says:

    This is the confirmation i needed. Thanks 4 ur hard work in bringing 2 light the truth about these dating sites & the tricks of their trade. Now if i could only convince my boyfriend these r all scams. He’s in alot of them. Q.. How do u stop notification? We r bombarded by them (184 yesterday alone).

  • Tony says:

    So, what web site can I go to chat to beautiful women?

  • AnNpr says:

    Bade bade

  • Joe says:

    True.100%true.thats not how human beings respond to messages

  • Thomas Mclean says:

    I was on the swipesecrets website about a year ago and thought it was genuine fortunately I left it before I spent any money on it

  • Thomas Mclean says:

    Can you tell me if mydirtyfling is a fake or real dating site or not Thanks

  • Gail Rodriguez says:

    My husband is on this site and he’s on the Government Watch LIST and he needs to be removed from this site and also and he’s a fraud and he lies to these girls and telling them all lies about us

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