Is A Real Site To Meet Russian Women? We Find Out The Truth

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  • $399.00 for a pack of 100 credits
  • $299.00 for a pack of 60 credits.
  • $96.00 for a pack of 16 credits.
  • $52.00 for a pack of 8 credits.
  • $7.00 for a pack of 3 credits.

Overview is a Russian and Ukraine mail order bride service connected to numerous sites such as, and These type of mail order bride type services don't operate on a monthly membership instead you need to purchase credits to interact with women on the site (see prices above). Emailing someone on will roughly cost you $4 to read an email and $4 to send an email. You can read the rest of what we found out in the investigation below.

How Much Does It Cost To Interact With People Using Their Credit System?

The first question we had to ask ourselves was is this all real or just another fake site? Is it realy possible to meet these Russian and Ukraine women or is this all bogus? Sifting through the profiles of beautful girl after beautiful girl, we kept asking ourselves are they real? We honestly had no clue so we just went to Google and start researching this site. We looked on Google see what kind of reputation that had. We ended up finding real reviews from real people who used the service. These were not fake positive reviews written by reputation management agencies to make online dating sites look credible. These are all legitimate reviews from paying customers of

This first review we took was a screen shot (see screen shot below) from a member who joined the site. His indepth review was truly amazing. The reviewer said that actually creates fake profiles using pictures of beautiful Ukraine women that they recruit from online ads. The women are paid for the photos taken in model shoots. The female profiles you see on are not of real members of the site he goes onto say.

This site employs translators who are paid to pretend to be the women in the various female profiles on the site. And this is 24 hour per day business, so they have people working around the clock sending and replying to emails (all to get you to use your credits). The big problem here is that this is a credit based dating service, the more you use the site you more end up paying. The reviewer goes onto say that computer generated messages bombard you when you log into the site. There aren't real women sending you instant messages back and forth, it's all a con game.

And of course the end goal is to get you as a paying user to spend as much money as they can by chatting back and forth with you. They want you to burn through your credits as fast as possible because then you will need to buy more credits. The more credits you buy the more money the site makes.  And the reviewer then explains that not all the profiles are fake but most of the attractive profiles are phony.

(Screen shot of review we found online stating.)

(Screen shot above stating that Charm Date is a rip off.)

We take a screenshot of the review you see below. In that review the member states that Charming Date is an absolute scam. They state that the website employs people to entice men to write numerous letters which end up burning through your credits. And roughly every email cost you about $4 per email so you can quickly burn through your credits if you're sending and reading large amounts of emails and that's the whole goal of this. Sending out automated messages that you then need to purchase credits to read and also to reply to.

The review goes on to state that these women are employees of the site and they get paid per letter so there's an incentive for them to continue to write emails back and forth so the amount of credits burned is fast. You can easily go through thousands of dollars on a site like this if you don't watch it.

In the review they guy goes on to say he's very suspicious of the five star reviews he saw on that are written on the same day with raving reviews about how good the site was. This was our thought as well, many of the positive reviews look very scripted and could very well be written by the same person to make the site seem more legit than it is.

complete scam

The screen shot below is from another reviewer and member of He states that this is an absolutely fake site and the girls told him "they were pushed to sell sell sell". Then he mentions that you could be "out possibly thousands of American dollars" by using the site. He says don't do it, and if you have any questions you can email him at [email protected].

These reviews are all coming from people who have spent a substantial amount of time on the site and probably a good chunk of their own money so it's worth looking at these reviews and understanding they're giving you a warning of what will happen if you purchase credits on this site. This is coming directly from the horse's mouth, members who purchased memberships on!


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  • Address Of Host:  410 Terry Ave N. Seattle, WA, 98109, USA
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Final Decision:

We strongly suggest you take this warning seriously. All the screenshots and evidence we have provided from people who used the site are all legitimate reviews. These reviews written by real men who thought they had an opportunity to interact with real Ukrainian and Russian women on Charm Date.You can see from their own reviews they are less than happy with the outcome. As always the choice is yours but make sure you take into consideration everything that you see in this investigation.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Robert Wilkins says:

    I spent $20 and that was enough for me. The two messages I received back had I think about 8 words. Ten

    bucks for 2 messages, I don't think so. My messages to her were in the 1000 to 2000 words so after the 2nd

    message it was au revoir. She sent back a few responses asking me to reply but never did. I had learned my

    lesson. Short but sweet but I now know better. Take a look at the photo shoots. All professionally done. The

    clothlng is fantastic as are the photographers. We men are so guliilble. Nothing like a beautiful face, along with

    a great set of tits and long legs and we are at their mercy. Just take care.


  • john says:

    Listen i learnt the hard way, was communicating with one woman for a few months and planned to meet..firstly they never give contact details and a few days before our meet a sudden family illness and then was confused about her feelings and wanted nothing to do with me.I did an investigation and found the same photos on different sites yet different people, i even found the real person and she had not use the sites.
    Don't fall for it you'll be a victim and like me lose alot of money.

    • martin kay says:

      hi John same here learnt the hard way I also found the real lady and she told me how it works, they use her photos and some profile and send her a salary every month for using them. You are only talking to a translator.
      any way told a friend here about the site and she has helped me get nearly all my money back, nearly £5000 just Tesco cc been an ass. Hope this helps some guys

    • Mike says:

      how did you find the REAL person

  • Michael Williams says:

    I'm surprised that so far there are so few comments about CharmDate considering how many guys have or are presumably still trying to find their "other half" on their platform. It is not as if this dating site is new as it has been going for quite some years as far as I am aware. Yes the photoshoots for the most part appear to be professionally done, and the videos of the ladies leave the viewer none the wiser with the music drowning out the non-existent sound of the lady's voice. The written part of their profiles are of variable quality according to their fluency and understanding of English attained either at school or later. That is not to say whether or not what is presented is in their exact words or written by someone else on their behalf.

    It doesn't matter how well formulated the presentation and the format are if you are in effect simply paying for an experience and nothing more. One thing that would ingratiate guys with just average-looking profile photos are the sheer number of letters one can receive in a month, depending on how much time they spend browsing on the site. Not that I spent a lot of time browsing for any likely candidates as I was engaged with "corresponding" with no more than 3 ladies for almost 2 years. But one thing new users should ask themselves is whether they can in all honesty believe that the attention they receive from all those ladies is real. If women will not even look your way on Khreshchatyk Street in Kyiv when they are not holidaying elsewhere, what makes any man think they will fare better on a so-called dating site where you have to pay for the letters you send, as well as those your female "admirers" send you?  That is certainly part of a recipe in the interests of generating a lucrative income exploiting gullible men rather than facilitating genuine relational encounters as with some sites where you pay a periodic membership subscription. Another feature of CharmDate that confronts you provided you do not hide your profile are the almost incessant popping-up of these "bots" inviting you to "chat" with "them" – I mean the photos of the ladies complete with comments, compliments, questions, statements, suggestions, innuendo (sometimes crude). How do you know for sure whether you are actually "chatting" with the ladies in the photos, or whether you are unknowingly "chatting" with someone "managing" the profiles of these women? Even if you can see the real women on videochat or webcam, chances are they are being instructed by the employees on what to say or write throughout the process. I have observed this when at least one lady requested a chat with me. Another thing that I can confirm is that ladies are prohibited from sharing personal contact information, and if they do so then they are removed from the site. In addition, letters sent and received are screened and edited for certain words, and you may find as I have that received letters sometimes had unknown words deleted.

    As I mentioned above, I had "corresponded" with 3 women over a period of a little less than 2 years. There was one particular woman whom I had written and received letters and photos over a period of 18 months or so. This woman was real, however I later discovered an embarassing and unpalatable truth which for me cast a big shadow on her apparent sincerity. That is the thing that can get one hooked, line and sinker. It can be hard to prove without concrete evidence that the woman who apparently shows so much "heartfelt" admiration for you is being proportionately dishonest. As I see it, this is the mark of an online "pro-dater" having at least some understanding of psychology and exploiting it. Without disclosing too much detail, it so happens that this woman does have a Master's degree in Psychology. 

    Like I said it can be hard to prove conclusively that someone is taking advantage of you. For me, at any rate, it was not enough to just have a feeling that something was not right. We were exchanging quite lengthy epistles for a number of months before the letters became shorter but more frequent. Can be expensive at $6.50 per letter when that happens. I can only be "grateful" that many of the exchanged letters were at least 800-1200 words each. But that is of very little comfort considering it became an expensive exercise in futility resembling little more than a creative writing course in a dubious context. 

    After some months, I decided to find some way of checking this woman's letters, firstly for plagiarism, then analysing the letters paragraph by paragraph to determine whether the letters were indeed written by a female. Many letters were consistent in that respect, but others exhibited some degree of "male" linguistic bias also. In many letters there was at least some degree of plagiarism, and some showed blatant, word-for-word copying and pasting of whole paragraphs. 

    The upshot of all this "correspondence" was when this woman started sending me some photos that would subtly raise red flags, indicating as it turned out that she was in a relationship with another man. It took me almost a year of writing to discover one of her profiles on social media through one of her photos. Very difficult to track down if the person has blocked or disabled the ability of anyone ever finding them through a search engine. Meanwhile the "correspondence" continued for some months beyond my finding one of the woman's social media profiles. In the latter part of 2016, she decided to part ways and finally stopped writing. The truth is that in the end I was not too sorry this had happened. Later I discovered the awful truth that shocked me in one way, but in another it only confirmed a niggling doubt. One day when I again checked her social media profile, it showed that she was actually married, and had been for some months prior to her decision to stop writing. The only "decent" thing she did was to get her profile removed from CharmDate. I could have hired some detectives in her country of origin for hundreds of dollars, but in all probability the marriage may not as yet have been entered in the public records as these are not updated on a timely basis as far as I am aware.

    I am not sure how acceptable this run-down of my experience with CharmDate is on this format, but I think I would be doing a disservice by not making some contribution and writing about it in order to inform and warn other men who may be vulnerable. I hope that they understand and learn from this sordid example and avoid CharmDate and similar sites like the plague.

    • Stephen H. says:

      Thank you for the "feedback"!  Your information is very helpful, candid and I think relevant.  I have been on for approximately one month and am only talking to two women right now.  These are women who I reached out to and are within a realistic age range to me.  I am 48 and the youngest I'm messaging is 37.  Over this month I have not spent any more money than I would weekly at Starbucks, so in my mind I'm OK with that amount.  My way of being able to compartment things in my brain I guess.  I have been able to get one fo the women to tell me some "rules".  She said after the exchange of 10 messages she would be able to provide personal contact information.  I'm willing to spend the small amount of money to see if this is true.  I will let people know if there is success.  The other woman just answered me this morning and said she was unaware of any rules, but when asked for her mailing address to send you some local swag, she said it would not past the censors, so at least there is a small confirmation about emails being "sanitized".  Again, thank you for your frank words it is greatly appreciated

      • Admin says:

        You’re welcome.

        • Pat Pavoni says:

           I have been on this site for three years and you try and get information from him I’m never answer a question I paid money to get their personal emails to send him things you’ll get one email if you’re lucky they always drag it back to the site to make money I’ve wasted over $20,000 I got to be the dumbest person that they found don’t waste your time or money it is all fake just to wait to suck money out of the All they want from American people is money

    • David Dasilma says:

      This review is spot on. As it stands, I’ve spent $1000 all the while knowing I was being scammed, yet due to human/male psychology, kept going down the rabbit hole anyway. I still have $400 of credits left, so I guess I’ll use them, but the whole endeavor is pointless. I’m a very attractive guy and in real life can usually pull women like this in big cities, but I’m currently living in a small town so there’s just no options.

      I have very high standards, which is why I liked the women on CharmDate, but they are nothing more than “prostitutes” who don’t have to have sex for money because of how hot they are.

      In fact, they’re so hot that men will just pay to see them, like I did. These aren’t good women, they’re all just doing a job like anyone else. I went on camera with these women, I wrote and received long letters, etc. In the letters they seem so loving and kind and special and make you feel like a million bucks.

      On camera, they do the same. Even when I pulled out my junk and started jerking it it’s “Oh wow, so big and sexy” etc. Meanwhile, if you ever meet a real Eastern European woman who is not getting paid and you jerk off in front of her as a first meeting, she’d have you arrested.

      Yet on Charm Date, it’s totally allowed and not frowned upon. Whatever keeps that ticker going.

      I hope everyone reads this review, especially the ones who think they are smarter than the system and can beat it. You can’t. You can’t ever beat the system. It was created by Chinese geniuses and it’s fool proof. You will never do anything except spend money and possibly sit with a beautiful lady in a conference room for 1.5 hrs, when you finally get to meet her.

      Right now, you can’t even be traveling to Ukraine and Russia willy nilly so it’s especially scammy.

      But if you want to pay for this, don’t. If you must, then just jump on the ladies’ cameras, jerk one off— FAST, while staring at a beauty queen, while she tells you you are the man, then sign off.

      Everyone should spend the initial $400 on the site just to get it the hell out of their system. I’m an expert when it comes to this site and if you saw the length and quality of letters I get you’d actually think it was all real… but it’s not.

      Sure, some girls get stimulated etc and fantasize, but believe me, cost of living is pretty cheap in those places and if they even get to keep 20% of the split, they are set and don’t have to “work” a day in their lives.

      Just write a bunch of letters, chat with dudes, and go on camera here and there while guys jerk it.

      Too funny. This will suck all of your money away so unless you’re in a position to burn a few bucks as an experiment, stay away stay away stay away.

      Trust this review. Please. It’s one of the most official because I have gone the distance.

  • B Jamin says:

    This site is a crock of shit. I have done alot of homework and found girls on facebook that are listed on this site yet know nothing about the site.  not aware they are using their photos and making profiles.. and let it be said that you are probably paying to chat to another man over seas somewhere that is taking all your money… money is better spent on yourself. 

  • R Unger says:

    I've been taken for a total fool and taken for a ride, feeling quite sick about it, its no9t enough that we men look for suitable partners only to be taken advantage of this way

  • Nik White says:

    Very useful ~ thanks guys, yep something over the w/e made me think this was the case … I've spent quite a bit of money over 2months … pity I was planning to go to Kiev next month ~ Nik 

  • Marc says:

    Do you want to know the whole truth from the inside? How does this really work? Do you want to save your thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars? To save yourself from total disappointment and time spent? 
    Write to:
    [email protected] 
    The choice is yours!

  • Nic says:

    I too have found this site to be lacking in I, they are clearly photo's of models on the whole. They are sexually explicit with their invites to get you to chat,band this would be demeaning for may ladies. They send EMF mail even when you tell them NOT to as your corresponding with one woman. There are NO age barriers for the women as I'm 47 and have 19 to 27 yr olds sending me mail, even though my search age is 30-60. I feel that it shouldn't be called a dating site as there's no chance of a date. For the reasons mentioned by the prior people who've commented. There is no doubt that it's just a well oiled money making scam. The ladies (?, Interpreters) also don't answer questions put to them and will not send you a photo of themselves holding up an object that you ask them to, even something simple like a wine glass or candle. It's ok if your a billionaire playboy who enjoys playing a game but for genuine men who are looking just get yourself over to the Ukraine . This site is a rip off and not genuine in their actions of calling themselves a 'dating site?'. It's sister site is just as bad 'Asiame', spent about £200 on the both of them and about 14 letters only to learn a hard truth. IT'S FAKE.

    I wish I'd found this sooner …. Sadly I started to have feelings for one lady until realising she'd lied to me. AVOID for your wallets sake.

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  • Mark Shirley says:



    I am with you all guys..totally screwed over before I realised that it was a complete scam. I have lots of interesting stories and information that I have collected about the activities that take place on this site..which prove deception and fraud on a mass scale.


    The translators (intrepreters) plus the girls that are complicit in this deception should all go to jail for mail fraud.

    has anyone started a Class Action Lawsuit..I do not see how it cannot succeed with so many testomonies of absolute deception.






    • Andy says:

      I have had the worse experience and head fuck speaking to a girl in Victoriabrides. Then found her profile on charmdate. And 4 other sites. When you chat to a girl for a long time you know how they chat etc.  Moods everything. They are all nothing but a rip off. Cost me a fortune and tested my sanity to the limit.  We should all get together and bring these people down.  If anyone is interested.  Please get in touch as I am serious about this.  Someone has to make a stand.  We are hard working men that thought we were doing the right thing and got fucked over by clever girls saying the right things at the right time !! Action is called for here !!  


  • Johannes Streicher says:

    Charmdate in my experience is a total scam. Their only interest is to make you purchase those Qpid credits for a long time, and then the girl will disappear. Ghosting. No traces, no explaining, nothing. Stay off. Please, tell me if there are any attempts of a class action. Thank you. Johannes

  • Richard says:

    On your profile it states your full name and Date of birth. With that information these girls if are real can easily track you down on Facebook IF their really look for their true sole mate. Don’t be a sucker. Save your money

  • Pat Pavoni says:

    Been on there for three years spent over $20,000 and every time you think you’re getting close to someone there’s another wall decline I’ve gotten information from three women and all does is get you maybe want to email then you never hear again unless you go on the site and pay you keep tell you by the information the whole thing is a scam needs to be taken down

  • Vasyl says:

    I naively spent about $2000 for one and a half years of communication on Now with confidence I can say that 80% of the profiles on this site work only for pumping money from male clients. I was convinced of this after I tried to contact the girls in their FB profiles. Each of them answered me in the FB that it has nothing to do with CHARMDATE.COM. There are two possible explanations: the girl has placed her profile only for earning money through an affiliate program. She personally spends time online and responds to male clients, earning a percentage of the money paid by men. The second option – the girl sold her profile and photo and all of the above are engaged by a hired worker. I can specify the profiles of these girls. No chance to find real normal women.

  • russell francis says:

    Greetings to all here,

    yes, i've experienced all of the negatives listed here. to cut a long story short, after multiple emails to customer support exprssing my concerns, they decided to cancel my membership. To their credit they did refund my money but in return for this they sent me documentation and wanted me to sign what amounted to a gag order. They didn't want me commenting on my experiences and  threatened legal action if i did. To my mind these are not actions of a company that is genuine in it's mission statement …..

    it's a difficult world out there and when we have sites that seem to be able to operate with impunity despite operating in our contries via the internet and flouting our laws ……… all I can suggest is extreme caution and remember that trust has to be earned

  • Rover says:

    I’m sure glad I only spent $29 dollars for I figure it out yes is short and sweet don’t visit the site

  • Dennis says:

    Wow. Where to begin? It’s a scam, there. I have spent a year on this site. A cocaine habit would be cheaper. I have written 4 women and busted all 4 in lies. The last one said she was in Chicago and would come and see me. When Russia attacked Ukraine the truth was revealed. She wrote me a very panicked letter letter from a bomb shelter, in Kiev. She begged for my help and asked me to send her food through the Charmdate site. Which I did because I’m a sap. Maybe she’s telling the truth now, maybe she’s using the war to make💲as she sips a blended drink in the Bahamas. 🤦‍♂️ Maybe I’m talking to a middle aged fat guy sitting in his underwear? I have sent all girls my personal info and phone number in a coded message to get past the sanitizers. They have all told me the same thing. That they keep trying the number but it doesn’t work. Must be a Ukraine thing they say, all of them…I see them all online at all hours. They ain’t writing me. One is a doctor, one is a lawyer. Yet they need no sleep for work. When I’ve asked them about it they tell me yes it’s time for bed. I have spent alot here, because I wanted to believe. I’m still just as lonely as ever, but now I feel stupid and used on top of it. Had my doubts from the beginning. I don’t know if every girl on this site is fake. I can tell you that I have seen the exact same, gorgeous women for a year. Let’s be honest here. These are not women who can’t find a date. Some of these girls are flawless. Their messages to me are bots. I have seen the same stuff from them for a year, some of it quite indecent. Two girls claimed to be in the USA but every time we were to have a face to face meeting, plans got canceled. I just wanted to find a relationship and I thought that’s what they wanted too. Who the &#@* have I been talking to?? People who prey on lonely, hurting, others-are low lifes of the worst kind-run from this site gentleman. God bless.

    • David Dasilma says:

      I feel for you bro. I wrote a big review on here that everyone should read. This was just all bad. If anyone needs some support or wants to talk this over, email me at [email protected]. I can save you a LOT of time and money.

  • Rob says:

    I got scamed to no more

  • Robert Gavin says:

    Have been on Charmdate for more than 3 years, some women seem legit, but for the most of them, they are all prostitutes. They are making income on camshare. I personally have found the same pictures of these girls on Facebook, but with different names and using for their nude pictures, requiring you to sign up and pay to view them. These girls do not even know you, their real names are kept secret. They are professional thieves. If you think about Ukrainian women, most are poor next to United States, but they use the best make up and dress pretty well, and they never hook up with anyone. Some of these girls are already married with families. They need to support themselves and will do it, even if it’s a lie. These women play on your emotions and could care less about you really.
    Charmdate a Chinese owned Company is a money scam, they use many of these prostitutes to lure in the men, paying them a small salary. After these girls get experience from these Dating Sites, many go out on their own to lure men. When seeing these Beautiful woman, if it seems to be too good to be true it is most likely a scam. Beware!

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