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  • $399.00 for 100 credits
  • $299.00 for 60 credits.
  • $96.00 for 16 credits.
  • $52.00 for 8 credits.
  • $7.00 for 3 credits.

Overview is what we consider a feeder site. A website created solely to send people to another site.  Date night Russian is being used to funnel people to a specific dating site called A few years ago we investigated Charm Date so we know all about that site. In this investigation we will explain the partnership with DateNiceRussian and You can read the full review below.

The Connection Between DateNiceRussian & CharmDate

The first thing you need to understand is that DateNiceRussian is not a dating site. This is simply a website used to get you to go through their maze (the questions that you need to answer). Once you finish answering the questions on you are then sent to Charm Date. Most of our investigation will focus on as this is the source of what we need to discuss.

After you answer the questions on you are redirected to Like we've already mentioned we have done a full investigation into Charm Date where we have outlined why this website isn't really a place where you can interact, find and hook up with Russian women. If you're comfortable with spending large amounts of money purchasing credits to chat online with people who could possibly be Russian woman then go ahead. However, if you are looking to find a Russian girl that you can meet in person, possibly date and eventually marry then Charm Date isn't for you.

The owners of DateNiceRussian want you to believe that you can find hot looking Russian women that you can meet. From our deep investigation we found this not to be the case. We found many members who purchased credits on the site angry, disappointed and let down with the dating service. operates on a credit-based system and you need to purchase credits that cost roughly $2 per credit in order to interact with "Russian women". Every email you receive costs you roughly $2 to read that email, for every email you send to a Russian female it cost you about $2. This can add up to astronomical amount if you're not paying attention.

Read What Members Are Saying About The Site

Many members who joined have complained about the website on various review services. Lots of people have called out the site for being a scam. Other reviews say it's a deception and warn people to be careful when joining the site. And more reviews call the site "fake and not to be a sucker don't waste your money". Below we've taken screenshots of various reviews from real members of CharmDate. These are people who joined the site and purchased credits. We ourselves never paid to use the service because we refuse to waste money on what we consider to be a phony dating service.

This reviewer says he "feels so sick that the site is a total scam". He goes on to say "it's not a dating site, it's an unethical way to steal money from men who are looking to find a lifelong partner". Then he mentions that he's been "burned by the site in a very bad way and he didn't think that the dating site could be so cruel".

This reviewer says "the site is fake 100% fake, ripoff scam, fraud". He then states that "CharmDate is a total scam. The chats, the emails, and the phone calls all of it". Then he claims the website is run by the Russian mob. This is something that we've come across before we're not sure if this is accurate or not. But he states that "this is run by the Russian mob and the employees scammers to run all aspects of the business. Don't waste your time or your money".

This reviewer gave CharmDate 1 out of 5 stars. They go on to mention that Charm Date "is not a place for any self-respecting man looking for love". He then mentions that "80% of the women on the site aren't real". He states that "if anybody wants to question this all you need to do is create a new account under any new name and upload the worst photo you can find and see what happens". What happens is you'll still get inundated with many email messages (this was our personal experience). It doesn't really matter what you look like, it doesn't even matter if you upload any pictures in your profile because the name of the game on is money.

This reviewer states that the "few girls that he's spoken to on / are easy to track down through Instagram or Facebook". He states that "they are online models and sell themselves". This is something that we've heard about time and time again that these are paid models who receive money to use their photographs. If you take a look at the photos on you should ask yourself why is it that every single girl in the website looks like a model and the answer is of course because they are models!

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  • Address Of Host:  410 Terry Ave N. Seattle, WA, 98109, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

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Final Decision: is just a front for the fictitious dating site called After reviewing Date Nice Russian and reading reviews from people who have purchased credits on the site we can say without any qualms that this website should not be trusted at all. By the way we've already done an extensive review of that you can read here.

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