Shocking Review – Can You Meet Real Ukraine Women On OR Is It All A Deception

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If you're one of those guys who thinks that you can find a girlfriend or maybe even a wife halfway across the world in the Ukraine using websites like then you're going to want to read our extensive review. In this review we joined Match Truly to see what the site was all about. Specifically we wanted to know if it's legit or if it is a fraudulent scam. We've done many reviews and all types of different Ukrainian what we call "mail order bride websites" and after all our investigations we can't really say anything positive about any of them. All of them failed miserably.  If you want to know if MatchTruly is a good place to meet real Ukrainian women read the full review below

Did You Read The "Risks Notice" Page?

Did you take the time to read the Risks Notice page? Do you even know what the Risks Notice page is? If you don't know about it, don't worry because 99% of the people are in the same boat as you are. We're here to go to bat for you. We are here to read the fine print and explain exactly what it means so you can stay safe when looking for women online. In the Risks Notice page they talk about sharing revenue with the companies that are supplying them with the female users.  The first thing you need to understand is that the female profiles on this site are purchased from what they refer to as "suppliers". On the Risks Notice page they tell us that they share any revenue (with the providers) when you purchase credits to communicate with the female profiles. They share that revenue with the suppliers that give them female profiles. Once again the suppliers are the people who are supplying the female dating profiles to the website. All of this is a money-making operation, first and foremost.

The Risks Notice page link can be found when you first created your account on the homepage of the website. You can see the screenshot below.

(A screenshot of where to find the Risks Notice page.)

The Women On The Site Are Not Who You Think They Are

The women on the website are not who you think they are. Something they mentioned in the Risks Notice page is that the female members that you communicate with could very well be getting paid to write messages back and forth with you. They say that they may be getting a share of the money you spend when you communicate with that validated member. So the problem here is that it's in their best interest to get you to spend as much of your money as possible because they receive a cut of all of the income coming in.

To make it completely clear the female dating profiles that you interact with in this website and the people who operate them are paid to chat with you. This is nothing more than a job to them. You might be looking for the love of your life, but they're just looking for their next paycheck, which is you!

The Female Profiles Are Nothing More Than Candy To Lure You Into Buying Credits

If you take a look at the screenshot shown below circled in red you'll see just some of the female profiles on this website. Almost every single female on this website is beautiful. They all look like models! And the really crazy thing is they have absolutely no qualms and could care less what you look like. We've done many reviews on different Ukrainian mail order bride sites, it doesn't matter which site we've joined it's always the same thing. We start getting tons of messages. It's like the Ukrainian women are so desperate to leave their country they will do absolutely anything OR is there something more sinister going on here? Since we've already discussed the Risks Notice page  you now know that these dating profiles are what the website calls 'Validated Members". These are dating profiles purchased from a supplier in the Ukraine.  If you interact with any of these profiles they make a lot of money off of you. We've read on different review sites that the females are paid to take model shoots. That's why you see so many attractive looking women on MatchTruly. They are paid for the use of their photographs. In the end it's our honest belief that you can never really meet up with these women, you can never have any type of relationship and you will never, ever marry them! All of this is very misleading. Most men have some vision in their mind when they join these websites thinking somehow they're going to sweep these women off their feet and live happily ever after with them. This is the farthest thing from the truth. All you're doing is draining your bank account!

(A screenshot all of the profiles on Match Truly.)

"Validated Members" Send "IceBreaker Messages"

The terms and conditions page talk about something called "Icebreaker" messages. These are automated messages that are sent from the validated member profiles. Remember a validated member profile is a profile that has been purchased. We highly doubt that validated members are real women looking for real relationships. These are profiles that have been created exclusively so you can exchange messages with, the end result is the company makes money every time you exchange a message with these profiles. Icebreaker messages include the sending of letters as well as chat messages to you. In the terms and conditions page they state that these profiles are able to send automated messages to more than one person at the same time (multiple people at once). You may think that you are having a personal conversation with a female but chances are that the person operating that dating profile is sending the same message to multiple men at the same time. It's a form of mass messaging where they can send messages automatically to large amounts of male members on the website at the same time.

Over 99 Messages While Being On The Site For Under 3 Hours!

Below we've included a screenshot showing that we've received over 99 different emails. These are the Icebreaker messages that we were talking about. The reason we're getting so many emails is because the website makes money every time we were reply to any of these emails. For the record we didn't reply to any emails but if we did reply to all of the 99 emails it would cost us hundreds of dollars!

( A screenshot of the 99 different messages that we received.)

The Terms Page Explain Alot

In our opinion all of these Ukrainian mail order bride websites are pure garbage. They are nothing more than money making operations that offer little value to the end user being you. In the terms and conditions page they admit to sharing revenue with the people behind These profiles. They also admit that they purchased female profiles from providers. On top of that they also confess to sending people automated messages. And lastly they also admit that their are profiles which are maintained and operated by their own employees. You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or click on this link to be taken directly to the terms page and read it on their website.

  • Section #7F We may allow our Validated Members (as defined in Section 12 (Suppliers. Validated Members) below) to choose to send the same message (an "Icebreaker") to a number of other Members, who are selected by an automatic algorithm in order to allocate the attention and activity among Members of our Service. You may receive Icebreakers from the same Validated Member more than once. Icebreakers may be sent through the same channels as ordinary messages, including as a chat message and as a letter.
  • Section #11A: We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”).

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +1 (833) 882-7763
  • Addresses: Cellar Door Limited (Suites 2b 143 Main Street, Gibraltar GX11 11A)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online Support:

Final Decision: is the same as,,, and, they are all the same. None of them can be trusted.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 8 comments

  • John says:

    Not only is clearly a scam, but they have fake positive reviews all over the internet, to convince you they are legitimate.

    I’d say they are waging a successful SEO campaign, since this article was hard to find.

  • Keith says:

    How can i deactivate my account from please help me 

  • jonno says:

    After 1 Month and $4000 lighter in my wallet I can confirm that a majority of those beautiful girls are models probably getting an incentive to chat with you and burn all your credits with platitudes and compliments. I connected with 6 girls and got their contact email address. I wrote to them and even found their Instagram accounts. They did not respond via email or any other of their social media platforms that I discovered, but kept pushing me to keep chatting on that dating site. It's a very sophisticated way of cleaning out your wallet with nothing to show for your efforts. Buyer beware…….

  • Will Jacks says:

    Okay, big surprise the ukrainians are scamming you out of your money. First thing you should always do, is ask yourslf can I get a hundred or more smoking hot model types with legs for days and asses to kill for all swarming and fighting over me here in the US of A (ie: the conutry with more smoking hot chicks per square foot than 'any' other country)??? No, of course not, that's why your ass is over in some other country where it doesn't belong, getting taken for a ride and to the cleaners. Guys, I get it, American chicks are pretty bitchy and pistol-mouthed, etc, etc, etc. It's only because the feminists managed to win with a landslide the sexual revolution and have turned the majority of 'men' into purse toting, pony-tail sprouting, whimpy-manicured beard-wearing, sweater-vest and birkenstalk wearing limp-wristed yes-boys, that don't have a clue what a woman wants let alone their even missing this vital information. The feminists got what they wanted and legislature even backed em up after the win. What nobody figured on, least of all the non-feminine progenitors of 'the destruction of gender roles in the US' was that without a strong and reinforcing 'model' to follow (Men need a leader – it's not good or bad it's just a fact. Men are dogs, you hear it all the time – and you should be proud of this – we are dogs, we act, behave, react and we have very simlilar social orders with our four-footed Best Buds, who I would die for in a second and he for me likewise! It doesn't get any better than that guys!!! NOW LISTEN UP, REMEMBER THIS NOTE OR YOU'LL DIE A WHIMPY FEMINIST'S BITCH!) men scramble around in a panic, looking everywhere for this 'model' , life is unbearable without A LEADER TO FOLLOW!(Dont get it twisted, guys, by applying the crew-cut-girlz mantras and preachings that have beaten you down for years! A good MODEL, LEADER, EXAMPLE, WHO THE FUCK YOU SHOULD BE TRYING TO BE! Here are your official, Man-Shared and Approved 'Manly Role Models' (Yep, you can mix and match, pick and choose, anything by anyone on this list. It's encouraged actually, because real men do what the fuck they want, how they want and do it for only one reason… 'Because I want to, motherfucker!' As a matter of fact, this is the first lesson on your journey back to Manhood. For one month,randomly answer anybody's questioning of what you're doing or why you're doing with this exact phrase! Example: You're digging a hole in the front yard and tore up the grass bad. The woman comes home and storms out of the car and marches right up to you and asks: yabbida-yabbida-yabbida-dabbida-slickamarou-foo??? Look, we get it, it fucking terrifying, god knows what she might do, right? Here's what you do: Stand absolutely perfectly still, yes, facing her, and just stare at her. The only other thing you do is flex your dick muscle, yup, only you know you're doing it so don't whimp out. Flex it hard, envision you're bench pressing 250Lbs with your dick. Tighten, release. Not only is this effective psycological reprogramming reminding you 'Who The Fuck You Are' but it's also getting that bad boy in shape for a time thats down the road not too far in our future… That's right, reclaim your balls and you get to fuck the bejsus out of your woman – and she will abso-fucking-lutely love it! Okay, snap out of it top-knot, flex to live and live to flex… It's what we do, baby! Don't breathe, don't squirm, DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH FOR ANY REASON, PVT. PYLE!!! Just watch her, watch what she does and then exercise that ball of mush into actual thoughts and real thinking and realize what she's doing. Look close, it's not anger, boys, you're seeing now. It's a bitch in heat (men=dogs & women=bitches / Camus Lupis (wolf) derived terminology. Sorry everyone nothing to whine about here!) If you can handle it, look dead off directly into her eyes, and don't get all squirmy and uncomfortable and wanna run home to your mama. Check out what's going on in her eyes, seriously dumb-ass, and knock off the stupid comments, too. She is sizing you up, my friend for breeder duties and if you can hold that stare and not move a muscle – except for you know. Keep it working, boy – you might just prove to her that your breeding material. No, idiot, you're not having kids with her, you're going to get the green light to mount her, possibly biting down on the hair on the back of her neck as a dominant control over her and put all them flexing exercizes to the test in the best way possible! For the dumb and slow ones out there (don't trip we, you're good men, too – one day!) Whimp out, start babling about god knows what 'who gives a fuck shit' and she will make a mental note of your absolute uselessness and turn and walk away and from that point forward you will always be that wierd one who she swore was 'a really good one' but then just wierded-out and made me kinda queezy, guy, that will NEVER MOUNT her!!! (let me just say here, that the real women are suffering just as bad as us, if not worse. If you weren't a non-man presently you would have carnal knowledge of just how bad women NEED A MAN to feel and BE A WOMAN. They're pissed, but not at what you think, guys. They outnumber us somewhere around 11-to-1 (think about that, get your shit together and out of 11 women you're going to get at least half f which the same number are guaranteed very attractive. Turns out you're a STUD (Breeding Male) you get all your eleven, plus all the other 5 or 6 from hundreds of Non-Studs in your territory! ALPHA MALE's get whatever they want whenever they want and with whoever they want, No Contest (Nobody challenges you, ever!)) Understand why their pissed, now? There's no LEADERS hardly anywhere and so they are becoming just as screwed as we are. We, by being Men, enable them to be women – AND Vice-Versa – they enable us to be dominant by being submissive (No moron, we're not talking leather and chains, but that is the concept. One step at a time, Pvt. Pyle!) These are our natural, native states of being. Do you see dogs going around and swapping, mixing-up and making a goulash out of their social order and gender roles? NO YOU DON"T!!! Keep flexing and don't you look away, boy! (So, by now you know the problem, how it happened and what needs fixing and how to go about it – and the just rewards for all!!! Well, maybe those ugly, dumb confused chicks what started it all. Don't hate em, they just never got a MALE to STARE em in the EYES is all. It's our duty as the only true minority on the planet to make sure no woman anywhere, anytime and for any reason doesn't get her stud to keep her on course…. to keep us on course… to keep us all the dominant species on this floating rock) OKAY, takes care of that! Yep, I see it, you're all wondering what the jesus on a unicycle has this to do with anything here??? You're instincts have been dulled, my friends. This is exactly what's needed and opportunity is smacking you all in your blind eyes. Okay, follow me now, this might get a little dicey – in more ways then one, he he he!
    How many times you approacha girl, make your move and suddenly there's flames, smoke and a horrible crash at the end? Yep, be lying if i said it didn't happen, too. Man, that one time back in 1983, ill never forg…. 😉 We've all been there, agreed. So how do you get good at anything? Flex it!!!!!! That's right, practice. Sports, cars, bikes, plane, trains and automabiles, all that. We practice. Now ask yourselves how many times were you able to get pratice-sessions for your Super Model Aquisition Techniques, say in the last forever??? Yea, me, too, 1 and not exactly super!!! Mine went psychologically traumatizingly-well, lol! MatchTruly and about 35-40 other affiliated sites. All use same software, AI, Bots, etc. What nobody seems to have noticed (yea, I've been at this 6-7 months) is they share sites. You can be on MatchtTruly and off to the side you'll get a Ling-Ling wants to chat (dont laugh thats her name and she is fucking unbelievably gorgeous, empress material, I'm telling ya!), so you click on gorgeous Ling-Ling's face and of yu go. If you have an account at the site you're auto loggged-on/in and at her profile straight away – and she wants to chat, go figure. 😉 If you don't have an account, it's just a couple clicks, yep, the same one your had to agree to at the root site, but them you're in and there awaits the beautiful and completely intimidating Ling-Ling wanting to know some irrelevant detail of your comparitively insignificant life! So, me being the ALPHY i am, my eyes instantly went wide as the light bulb lighted. You can piggy-back accross all there sites, just have to wait for the right girl to click.After a day i had it wired and was world wide! Saudi arabia, turkey, china, korea, philipines, the list is quite impressive, just like the girls. Now, think about one username and all those sites and each will give you 20 credits free as a welcome package + 10 for confirming/activating your email. You want to confirm the email, too, you know why (Admittedly im a privacy paranoid storm-trooper and will stormtroop your ass, profile r entire site if i think your after my privates, lol!) Being of sound mind and KnowinG 'just because you dont see em, doesn't mean they're not there' if an operational fact, it took me a bit – and running out of credits with the most naughty red-headed russian girl – to discover once email is confirmed…………………….. wait for it…………… The freaks are set loose!! Yep, activate and the the profiles become riddled with porn-hub style freakish-goings-on and pics and i will also admit to alkost blushing at some of the conversations then. So, look here, ive just handed the keys to the Super-Model/Super-Freak/BDSM-Goddess Pick-Up Practice & Alpha-Male Conditioning Worldwide Facilities. I can honestly say, gentlemen, six months ago I was a semi-nerdy computer/network tech with about as much game as Beavis and Butthead, but some decent intelligence and I'm old enough to remember what Men used to be like and was able to hang onto some natural traits and resist the ever powerful pull of the desire to please a woman for no other reason than simply seeing her smile before kicking me in the teeth, shaking her head disgustedly and walking away! MAN TRUTH HERE: (this means I loose my extremely powerful flex organs if I'm lying!) I have somewhere around 14 unbelievably super-model or deviant-super-freak Goddesses that i can and do get my cyber-freak (and i dont mean txt-ing dirty, i mean 2-way live streaming and damn near able to touch hours long 'freak of the week how sick can you get' hookups) on with regularly. Three have offered to come to the US because 'they see what they don't with their local guys'. I have officially contacted my first US-based 'OMFG 5' 10" Black-haired, bronze-skinned Latina Clothing/Magazine Model, my best fantasies didn't come close to, who's sexually frustrated (women love to talk and traditionally men hate to listen. Believe me, you want to listen they tell you everything if they think you're really listening and won't ever throw em under the bus by telling another bitch her secrets(BITCHES tell, STUDS LOOK & BREED) and thinks she sees something different in me and is so fed up with all the talk of men and then not satisfying her in bed. YES, we actually had this conversation and I swear I almost pissed myself two or three times durring the course of because of the stuff she just went through(talked about) like it was the thing to do (ie: why do all those bitches talk like they dont want the shit choked out of em while their getting fucked hard, they do, but they wont admit it because they scared guys will see em as a choker chick. I wish a guy would fucking choke my ass good and rough and maybe that way I could get fucked good, too! Then she laughed like an angel (which really fucked me sideways and upside down and i couldnt remember my name) puts her hand palm down on top of my knee, looks dead off into MY EYES and says, I bet you know how to choke a bitch proper, eh, Will? (when she says it is sounds like she saying 'wheel' and it makes my dick get hard, lol! Thank god, too cause I'd of pissed my pants otherwise) and grabs my shit with her other and as she starts getting busy says with her mouth full, I choke on you, Will…… then you show me how to properly choke a slut, O-K? I just stared into her eyes and didn't saya fucking word, not a single fucking word. She stared back for a minute or so and then smiled slightly as she lowered her eyes!!! Lowered her fucking eyes, not just looked down, but made a point of lowering her face first and her eyes had to follow. and proceded to literally choke the ever-loving-shit out of herself on my brick-hard and just as red fucking cock!!!  Now just so you don't Biff the entire point of this long-assed mini-novel I've been laboring over for hours (I suck at typing) I gave her three of the most terrifying orgasms I've evr seen (Ive got thousnads of videos watched on porn hub, so yea, terrifying was the right word) among a handful of other pretty epic ones, too. The point: when they have a spiritual /religious experience and see fucking god while cumming, they don't ever forget it… and niether do you, I would have sworn she was possessed by el diablo himself, no bs, scared the crap outa me the first one – and about ripped my arm right off my body trying to smash more of me into her, lol!
    THERE YOU GO: Everything you need to get everything you want from these sites and thensome….. YOUR WELCOME
    PS: Don't bad press these, protect em!


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