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 Jan, 18 - 2023   6 comments   ReviewsScams claims it’s “a platform for adults, with thousands of members signing up every day.” But, we had our suspicions about this website. So we did a review on it to see exactly what was going on. We wanted to see if NeighborsWhoPlay is actually a legitimate website or if it’s indeed a fraudulent website created to siphon money out of the bank accounts of lonely men. You can read the full investigative review below.

On the homepage they admit the site has fake profiles:

On the front page of Neighbors Who Play it shows that it’s an illegitimate website. In the lower part of the page they state that “fictional entertainer profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only, physical contact with these profiles is not possible.” This means that they are openly admitting that they are using fake profiles and the way to identify these fictitious profiles is that they have a small white heart logo on them. They go on to confess that physically meeting up with these dating profiles isn’t possible. This makes perfect sense because the dating profiles are fake not real women who have joined the site. All female profiles are completely bogus.

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website has fake fictional entertainer profiles.)

The Terms & Conditions Page Has Proof Of  Wrong Doing

On the terms and conditions page they once again admit that profiles that are “marked with a heart icon” are fake. They state that these are “fictional Entertainer profiles rather than member profiles”. What reason is there to join this website if all of the profiles are fake?

This website even though it looks real is completely fabricated. There’s no point joining a website that is full of fake profiles. When people join a website their intent is to meet other people. If you are a guy you’re intending to join a dating site to hook up with local women. But that’s not possible on NeighborsWhoPlay since all of the female profiles we viewed were in fact fake with a heart icon on it. You can see the screenshot below taken from the terms page.

(Screenshot evidence that shows the website has fake profiles operated by employees.)

Bombarded With Bogus Email Messages

We received so many emails it was beyond ridiculous. Sending emails is another trick that fake hookup sites use. They will bombard you with email messages, and to the untrained it looks like you’re getting legitimate messages from real women. But all we had to do was see the profiles sending us the messages and we found that all of the different female profiles sending us messages had a heart icon on it. This signifies that those profiles are in fact fictitious. If the profiles are fake then the email messages might be fake as well because those profiles are not real women looking for hookups.

It’s Expensive To Message Fake Women

It’s expensive to reply to fake messages from fake women. The price costs anywhere from 99 cents per message all the way up to $2 per message depending on which package you buy. But there’s no point buying any package because all the women on the website are fake, and all the messages we received were fictitious. But this is how they make all their money is by manipulating you into believing your interacting with real local women when in fact they’re all fake females!

Examples of fake female profiles

Below we’ve included screenshots of two of the thousands of fake female profiles on Neighbors Who Play. We know they’re fake with 100% certainty because the website has already emitted that fictional profiles have a heart icon on them. And as you can see circled in red both profiles have a heart icon signifying they are both fictitious!

(Screenshot evidence of a fake female profile with a heart icon on it which is circled in red.)

(Screenshot evidence of a fake female profile with a heart icon on it which is circled in red.)

Why would an empty profile get soo many messages?

The profile we created for this investigative report was left empty. None of the information on the dating profile we used was filled out. We never uploaded a photograph to the dating profile, our filled out our interests, age, or location purposely. We wanted to see if we would still get messages even if our profile was left intentionally blank. Of course we were still inundated with countless messages because this website is a scam. That’s the exact reason we left our profile empty with no info on it. If women were messaging an empty profile then we knew the website was fake. Why would any women want to contact a man who has no photo on his profile and has left all of the information empty? It makes no sense until you realize that it cost money to reply to messages and that’s why these fake women are contacting our profile. Tthey’re trying to lure us into spending upwards of $2 per message to reply to them.

In the end it’s all about money. NeighborsWhoPlay was created to scam you out of your hard-earned money by tricking you into replying to fake messages from non-existent women that’s all.

(Screenshot evidence that shows our profile is empty.)

Connections To Other Fake Hookup Sites

This site is associated with other fake hookup sites such as,,,,,,, and

Final Decision

How can you trust when it is now proven this website was created solely to defraud men looking for women for casual encounters. There’s no point joining this website, everything about it is fake.

How To Contact Customer Service To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Address: White Mountain Online Solutions B.V. Stormsweg 2-E 2921LZ Krimpen aan den IJssel The Netherland
Customer Phone Number: 31854000994
Support page & online form:

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 Comments 6 comments

  • Butch says:

    Neighbor should play is a fraud! They stole my off of me!

  • James says:

    I was only there a short time I know what you mean about bombarded I thought it seemed like it was the exact same method of fraud as they use on casual milf it’s the same tactic glad I figured it out before I spent money

  • mickey styxxx says:

    i was superexxxcited,very impressed with the site the targeting ws very precise and the program that ran kept me scrolling for more long hours into the night with message after message from beautiful women who seemed to know exxactly what to say and how to say it to to get me there.and i also like to think that in all my searching i ws awarded insite and understanding into the mind of the smart fun and funnysuper sexy wonderful amazing humanbeing that created the expierence for me that will last a lifetime…two thumbs up five stars and the creator…

  • mickey styxxx says:


  • Arthur Ametrano says:

    They ask you to sign up and pay for messages, all well in good. But what is considered in messaging, one line, 5 lines how many before I use up my messaging time?

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