Our List Of The Worst (Fake) Hookup Websites & The Best Adult Dating Sites

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Dating Busters has written exhaustively and reviewed hundreds of hookup sites. Everything is available for you to search on our website. This investigative work has taken us thousands of hours to compile, backed up with evidence, screenshots and much more proving which dating sites are legitimate and which ones are out right scams.

On this page we have listed with short summaries a variety of popular hookup sites that we have reviewed. Almost 97% of the hookup sites that we have investigated came back as fake scams using fictitious profiles, automated computer bots and other deceptive tricks. Most fake dating sites operate in the same fashion using pretend profiles created by the staff of their organization. They also utilize specialized software that is used to send people that register on their sham dating services automated emails and bogus instant messages making it appear as if local women are contacting them. We have outlined this hundreds and hundreds of times exhaustively and repeatedly. Below you can take a look at some of the more popular hookup sites, most of which are unfortunately fictitious. We also list legit sites below the worst hookup sites.

Some Of The Worst Hookup Sites:

Here is our list of sites that openly admit to using fake female profile pages, and some of them even confessed to using software bots and computer scripts to simulate that you're interacting with a real person even though you're not. Many times this information is found directly on their website in their own terms and conditions pages. You can click on each link to be taken to a review of that website.

  1. FreeHookupAffair.com – A fake dating site that charges your credit card $179.00 per month to porno sites without your consent when you "verify your age" Probably the most financially destructive site because of the $179 monthly charges they bill to your credit card. .
  2. FreeHookupSearch.com – This site confesses to using fake female profiles called "Fantasy Profiles", so it shouldn't be trusted.
  3. HookupCloud.com – Hookup Cloud also admits they use fake female profiles called "Online Emissaries" all explained in our review.
  4. FreeHookups.com – Free Hookups isn't free and you will have a tough time hooking up there since they also admit they use make believe profiles.
  5. XMeets.com – This website confesses they use virtual profiles called "Fantasy Cuties" and it says so right on their home page! Our review explains the whole thing.
  6. LocalMilf.com – A site connected to XMeets.com that also uses "Fantasy Cuties". LocalMilf.com is a newer dating site but unfortunately nothing about the site is real.
  7. XDating.com – Xdating.com is a veteran in the adult dating industry but once again this is a fictitious dating site using all kinds of tricks to try to get people to purchase a membership on their site. Unfortunately finding real women who want who want to hook up with you on X Dating is almost impossible.
  8. EasySex.com – EasySex.com is totally fictitious, even though even though their name insinuate that you can have "easy sex" if you join their dating service that's the farthest thing from the truth. This website uses a variety of tactics like fake profiles and automated bots to mislead you. Read the review here.
  9. WantUBad.com – This site in our opinion is completely useless, why? Nothing about this site is legitimate, fake profiles, fake emails and fake instant messages you have a better chance of meeting someone in a cemetery.
  10. PassionDesire.com – Passiondesire.com is the same garbage, no real female profiles, computer bots sending you messages and the run-around.
  11. FuckSwipe.com – This is a notorious dating site. This website and the many other sites connected to this site are all massive scams. Nothing about this website is legitimate. As soon as you log in to the member area you are bombarded with instant messages that are completely automated, fake emails and all the profiles on the site of women are completely bogus.
  12. SwipeFuck.com – Swipe Fuck is connected to FuckSwipe and operates in the exact same manner using bogus profiles, fictitious emails and instant messages and they try to triple bill your credit card to adult porn sites without your knowledge!
  13. SteamyDates.com -Yet another fake dating site that in their terms and conditions page outlines how they use fictitious profiles and automated chat messages and instant email messages to deceive you. You can read the full review of SteamyDates.com here.
  14. XSocial.com – XSocial is connected to SteamyDates.com and it operates in in the exact same manner using profiles created by their own staff. This site uses highly sophisticated artificial-intelligence to send people phony emails that look like the emails are from legitimate female members. Read the full review here.
  15. IAmNaughty.com – A very popular adult dating site but unfortunately this one is totally fake as well. The moment you register on the site and login to the members area you are bombarded with instant message after instant message and email after email. It's beyond ridiculous how many messages we received while logged onto the site.
  16. HornyAffairs.com – HornyAffairs.com has been around for many years but is nowhere near being a trustworthy dating site. Using all types of Tricks this website does everything in their power to mislead you into wanting to purchase a membership. Read the review.

Legitimate Hookup Dating Sites:

Unfortunately the majority of hookup sites are phony. It's not just our opinion if you read our reviews we have a lot of evidence to back up everything we claim about each and every site that we have dubbed fake. With the amount of easy money in the adult dating industry it was inevitable that shady players would come onto the scene trying to get a piece of the pie. New adult dating sites have a tough go at making a profit simply because it cost them so much to get new users in the door (advertising and marketing are very expensive). That's why a rule of thumb is to use hookup sites that have been around for at least 10 to 15 years. Why? It's because these type of adult dating sites have been around long enough to build a legitimate database of real people who have registered on their dating sites. Two of those websites are listed below, both sites have been around for almost 20 years and that's the reason they're not fake. In that time frame they have built a legitimate member database of women, men and swinger couples looking to meet one another. They don't need to resort to cheating and lying to people to get them in the door.

The sites listed below don't have to try to scam and trick people into joining their dating services. 20 years ago there weren't very many dating sites so getting people to register on your dating site was very easy and these sites both have millions of real users registered on them. So, if you're looking to search on the most legitimate get laid dating sites online those two site are going to be your best bet in our opinion. They don't use automated computer bots, they don't create fake dating profiles and they have standed the test of time by being around for almost 20 years online which is historical.

By the way if you want to learn how to spot fake dating profiles read our tutorial here.
  • PassionA hookup site that been around since 1996, yes 19 years. A real adult dating site that has standed the test of time.
  • FBookHookups – No staff created pretend profiles and no fake emails to lure you into upgrading.

File A Report

If you have been taken advantage of conned or ripped off by any of the sites listed above then it's your duty to fight back. You work hard for your money and if you want to get your money back you can do so. One method is to contact your credit card company/ bank. You can explain to them what happened and they should easily be able to reimburse you for the fraudulent charges that have appeared on your credit card resulting in financial losses from dating scams. If you lost money you can retrieve it. We also suggest that you contact the Better Business Bureau to make them aware of your situation, you can file a complaint with them.

 Comments 26 comments

  • Shagcity.co.uk scam written all over it

  • Jake says:

    Lonelyhousewifehookup.com I think it's a scam? Is it

  • Jon Tom says:

    What about Playingdates.com? The chatting reads like they read your prior message, some of them can answer questions about the locations on their profiles, but I remain concerned.

    I would typically have 2 women chatting w/me at a time. When they were done, chats would end about the same time.


    There are small grey circles at the top right, of all the female profiles. Not on mine, though. TOS reveals emoloyees may interact for entertainment and compliance. Says their status is indicated on their profiles.


    Anyway, what does DB admin think about that site? It appears fairly new, sparsely used, and I cant find any reviews.

  • Alan says:

    Hi there is clickncontact a fake site?.

  • Martin Stahl says:

    What about nostringsfun,flirtlocal,xcheaters and localhussies?

  • Martin Stahl says:

    Megaflirt is also another scam dating site. Filled with bots sending you fake emails and likes. I think it is connected to scams like Passiondesire, xCheaters,xDating, xPickup, xSocial, Flirtlocal among others. 

  • Gegg Fletcher says:

    http://www.sexwithmilfs.co.uk This is too good to be true.  ALL five of my messages have been answered and all the people respond within an hour or two.  Has anybody used this site?

  • Vladimirs says:

    What do you think about wantsexnow.com? Is that a fake website ?

  • Dan says:

    I ain’t looking to date anybody but there’s just one thing I don’t get about all these “free sites”.
    They say that signing up for them is all free but yet they still want money. Makes no fucking sense to me. Does it make sense to anybody else on here by chance??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Jay says:

    Unfortunately in my experience with these sites nothing is for free. It’s all about quick money! Most go to these sites including myself, because we want to get rite to the point to our intentioned desire, sex! This is how the scam begins. They have to get you engaged on the site first, build your confidence then bam take advantage of your desire! Free to look and get reply’s, but you can’t reply back unless you join! Mean while you think there is hottie waiting on the hook for you, so You join. Now you are the hooked one and the sites mission is accomplished, emails slowly stop and your hunt continues with no success! The money is made and most will not ask for a refund. Imagine how much money is generated just by people who know after the fact they were scammed and don’t ask for a refund! I can tell you from experience most these sites will give you your money back if you ask, they don’t want the hassle of there secret scam getting out!!!

    You realize very quickly though even on one of the reputable adult sites the process of hooking up and the time frame in which you do is not so different from a regular dating site! You can have just as much success on a reputable dating site as you do on a hook-up / adult site if you go about it properly . In my opinion most people fail, because of there lack of patience ! Also, just because it’s an adult dating site doesn’t mean you go in to captain caveman man moad……lol ! Many go into this venture assuming just because you meet a woman looking to hook-up you can be a disrespectful pig unless of coarse that’s what they like! It pays to do your research on sites like this one! It takes an incredible amount of time to do all the research this site has done and I have had great success on there recommendations. Unfortunately common sense ain’t so common anymore! That’s my 2 cents worth! Happy New Year to all and best of luck in your journey!

  • Roland says:

    What about

  • John says:

    mingle2.com is real.

  • […] investigating and reviewing dating services we know exactly what to look for and how to spot fake hookup sites a mile away. One of the quickest ways to identify if a dating site is fake or not is to create an […]

  • Bobby says:

    I’ve come across ‘Wantsexnow’  legit or a scam ?.

  • Tommmy says:

    Just got ripped off by Ashley Madison. I had just recently ran out of credits and all of a sudden I receive not one but three collect messages from different woman that I had sent private messages to. OMG, I quickly purchase more credits thinking one of these will come through. When I go back to check out the messages, they're gone. I called AM customer service. They tell me my history shows I never received any messages. WTH, I know what I saw. Don't know who or what to vel anymore. Going back to the bar scene. I don't think there are ANY legit sites period. They have you over a barrel. You get ripped off. What's your recourse… nothing.

  • Bob says:

    what about Randy filings

  • Ed Says says:

    Attention Please? I am just a guy that been looking for some female woman to spend time with in the evenings but yes I’ve been going on adult sites for the past 7 years just looking and needing a female friend ages 20-47 and have No Luck meeting that someone female Very Beautiful Female to hookup with in my area darling lady’s and yes I don’t like to be scammed by Websites Its The Owners That Need To Be Lock UP TO and That May Stop Them All From Not Being Honest With US Men But That I Dough Its All Greed Guys and Females Lady’s Well Then Go Figg’r

  • F'ed again says:

    Hookup Stop is fake. Lots of hot & pretty bodies. No one to talk to, but yourself. Don’t waste your time or money

  • Alan says:

    i spent 3 monts money on benaughty.com and i found out (after my subscription ran out)
    that it was all a SCAM!! every woman on there was a FAKE profile, with (probably) hired help
    replying to my chats on this site….what a waste of time! DO NOT give them ANY money £$

  • Mike says:

    I have yet to find a good dating web site POF is real but very conservative adult friend finder was real at one time met lots of woman there now is flooded with fakes. Now before I drop a penny I search by review and site name has saved me boat loads of cash

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