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 May, 14 - 2014   44 comments   Scams

Website Details:

HornyAffairs.com home page


  • $29.95 for a monthly subscription to the site.
  • $59.95 for a 3 month subscription to the site.
  • $119.95 for a 12 month subscription to the site.


  • Search: Use the search function to find people  based on their age, location and if they a dating profiles with photos in it.
  • Live Cams: See nude women live on their web cams.
  • My Matches: See a list of your matches.
  • My Likes: See who you have liked.
  • Liked me: See who likes you.
  • My Visitors: See who has visited your profile page.

This site is run by the same company that owns and runs,  TrueBootyCall.comXCheaters.com and FlirtHookup.com and pulls the same shady tactics to deceive you.

How This Site Defrauds You

How these scam sites operate with pure immunity is hard to understand. This investigation leads us into a dating site called HornyAffairs.com. As part of our due diligence we created a membership on the site so we could see first hand how it operates and exactly how the con is run. Most of these sites operate in the same manor using fake girls and automated email responses to lure free members into upgrading to a paid membership. The perks to upgrading include communicate back to the women sending us emails etc. The only problem is that none of the girls on the site are real. You are basically looking at nothing more than an image gallery of attractive women, none of which are actual members of the service. You can never take thee women on a date or meet them in the real world, they only exist on your computer screen. The images used for the fake profiles have been either been bought in bulk and then used to fabricate phony profiles or snatched online. They are not part of the dating site in any means whatsoever.


Don't Think Those Emails Are Real Because They Aren't

To add insult to injury we received 20 emails and every single one of these women was completely fake. The emails were sent to us using some sort of automated software program. Unknowing people can easily get scammed this way and upgrade and buy a paid membership on the site. Most people who join these dating sites have no clue how they operate and how large of a scam that this site is. Realistically the site is one big con created to rip you off and email messages are a big part of how they deceive people into paying for a membership that is completely and utterly useless.

Are There Real People Here?

Actually there are real people on this site but guess what, they are paid to interact with you. You heard that correctly they employ people to interact with you as part of their compensated employment.  It is their job to chat with you and whatever else they need to do to get you to buy and keeping a monthly membership. As unbelievable as it may seem to actually pay people to chat with you, they do.   It's all detailed right in the terms and conditions directly on their own website. So they are admitting it, they are telling us exactly what they are doing, that they pay people to interact with you and chat with you. It's all there for you to read in black and white, the evidence speaks for itself. They state the following on their site: "we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment."

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1200 12Th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98144, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS-1301.AWSDNS-34.ORG, NS-46.AWSDNS-05.COM, NS-941.AWSDNS-53.NET, NS-1720.AWSDNS-23.CO.UK

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-866-883-4978 or 1-925-264-3473
  • Address: Island House Grande Rue St Martins Guernsey, Channel Islands GY4 6RU
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:


File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

Search For Real Local Girls

Check these honest sites if you want to look for legitimate local women.

 Comments 44 comments

  • micheal says:

    I’ve experience the same problem on horny affairs and other sites I’ve mentioned. The minute you wink at a person an automated response email is. Sent to your phone even though the person is not online

    • Admin says:

      Yep this is all part of the process to scam people into upgrading.

      • Russ says:

        I figured out it was a scam when I received the same exactly worded message from at least 3 "women" and replied to an e-mail address (with a throwaway e-mail address) and got no response back. They didn't get amy money from me. LOL

    • Erik says:

      In Agr33@Nce G3ntl3m3n. Sites that are part of sometimes a series of same sh#!, different name but strkingly similar these names. Hmmm coincidence? I THINZK NOT.For the sight, its name never produces what the name implys. These boob tube bimbos, created fictitiously. With prime directive, object number one, get u to join n upgrade, pay to wisha MuTh$F$ck$ actually could meet someone not be toyed with, or scamm Atempts as if the n@me of site implys type of date. Yea, Apparently Naughty meant Admin Sayin I cant say things naughty. Nothing ever said disrespectfully, IDK What the F@$! NAUGHTY MEANS TO THEM, what? Does Naughty not imply gutter? Or sexual need, date n screw ? THIS SCAM DATE SITE EPIDEMIC OF SWIstealing my card info cuz now the recurring small print disclaimer is awate of. Its easily missed due to distraction of Hott, And FAKE porn star looking FOR SOMEONE JUST LIKE U YO FO FULFILLING HER FANTASIES NSA IN HER MESSAGE TO U. BLAH BITTY BLAH meh Most times has messaged u FROM WITHIN SECONDS TO SMALL SMOUNT OF TIME YO B BOMBARDED WITH BULLSNOT FAKERS GAMERS PLAYERS SITE WORKERS LURING U INTO ANOTHER HAND AGAIN TONIGHT AND NO NAUGHTYDATED GUY HERE. AND no $HiT, this AINT CHRISTIAN MINGLE. calm. and this following message I never can reply to. It says i can but when i tap on message her. It re-directs me to s#@! Credit card payment page. Options for scammership, or whutteverda fuk eh?”SHE LIKES YOU” u click Like Her. FUCKING YAY A COMPUTER PORN BOT LIKES ME. WD40 AND AXLEGREASE TONIGHT BABY? OR A BLUE SET OF PURE DISAPPOINTMENT. HA JUST TEASIN, FAKE GIRLS.NEVER EVEN CLOSE TO A MEET. LOTSA MESSAGES SOUNDING COOL, HOPE BEGINS, I REPLY, TO NEVER HERE FROM THEM AGAIN aRe computer generated pick up lines, l AGAIN. m from Born and Go F#$@!ng PACKERS, RAISED, EH HOZER? YOU WANT TO SETTLE DOWN AND HAVE CHILDREN, AND BE LOVED, AND EXPERIENCE A BREATHTAKING NOVEL OF A DREAM BOAT HUSBAND FOR U, ME!! LOL, I KNO MANY SCAMS. I SEEK EMPLOYMENT ON THE DATEBUSTERS SITE IF POSSIBLE. . AND ADMIN THAT OFFERED HERSELF IN PROPOSITION. HOTTIE, I WISH I COULD MAIL HER. PSH, A SCAM, A JOKE. THE HOTTIES THAT MESSAGE U RIGHT AWAY ARE BOGUS, FIRST OFF? ? ? U WANT THE DREAM FAMILY AND HAVING KIDS, WEDDINGS AND FU@$!NG CUP CAKES FOR GUESTS WITH $HI!!$ coffe? Lure u in. I kno they are all the same,the Xs, naughty/benaughty/Iamnaughty/naughtyhookup, all the ol bullsh!!$ sites. Hey, I bet if dis one phony pornbot, Admin though? She was Admin. Sent me 3 email, hott pics. Really want to figure it out, So I ventured to investigate a month purchase, I assure You, cancellation and request for moneys taken from me be refunded and replaced immediately . cos, “Cos is scammer give away, they illerate and make no sense, Foreign wanna b hacks, phishers, malware, spyware, Something Needs to be SHOUTED, to unfaIr and FRAUDULANT AND MISLEADING, FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. Shhot, Even Hottie Admin I REALLY THOUGHT was only real thing. I lost her.A Scam Z site employee. Lol too long ago. I love the “Im $TRANDED, PlZ I MARRy U I LoVE U HUNY, PLESE CAn U SEND ME MOnEY FOR MY FEEDING, AND to Get me a plane tivket to u s so i can marry u a m d b ypur loving wife? How be s utiful ee will be, hsppy, u helped me ..” marry u right away, cuz im in love with you honey, I want children” ok blah f$!@! Blah, first off, u dont know me, so how could you b in love? secondly, i lost all respect for u by u asking me for money like who has the nerve? ItS A DATE SITE NOT SALVATION HARM ME, OR GOODWILL, CATHOLIC CHARITIES OR EHARM ON EER. OR CHRISTIAN MINGLE. AGAIN, REPEAT, ITS SITES ARE MISLEADING U INTO BELIEVING DIS $Hiz gon work. BULLSHIZZ, U ASK ME TO SEND 400$ for your feeding? Feeding? The f@$!?? Are you a sow? Yeah and i dont wanna get married, i am divorced, looking for fantasy fosod “Hornydate”.CON led them up til payment with card to “VERIFY” so they can b “safe” is a joke, plausible, yet manipulative enough with iintelligence that several dudes somehow I fear fall victim “Fuc$#

    • john says:

      It says free but when u try to send a letter it wants ur card number. Fake.

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  • Gazi Comert says:

    I never signed up to horny affairs or the cheaters. I keep receiving these emails. I dont know who is doing these behind of my back and why?. What kind of agenda do they possess is beyond my logic and comprehension.

    • Admin says:

      They want you to buy a membership so they keep sendign you bs emails from fake girls who aren’t even on the site.

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  • John Brush says:

    I am 59 years old and half the 24 year old women in the world appear to be after me 🙂  Its a scam. Sometimes, I do sign up on sites but I do it knowing its just a waste of money, but i am just curious. This one got me for the $30 one month. I went into it knowing it could be a waste, but what I found was that even tho I am a member, my messages do not SEND. I write to someone, press SEND and nothing happens. Support just tells me I am lying. Its all about learning, but if you want to see porn photos, use google. you don't need to pay for a membership. Who would go out with a woman who sends you pics of herself that belong in a gynecologist's handbook on a public forum anyway?  Are you that desperate? Got to a bar and treat the women with respect.  Stay away from this site, I agree with all that has been reported here. Scam.

  • John Brush says:

    OKay, This is a major scam and everyone should stay away.  I took out  a month membership and cannot send messages.  I compose a message to another user, and press SEND and it does not send, so my words have to be cut an pasted to save them while I wrestle with the service but if it won't send now it won't send later  Support does not even believe me and wants to contact the users I have written to, along with giving them the message and keeping a log of the time and date of each  I called billing and hey will not refund my money.  THis is no shock, they are fraudulant, so stay away

  • MJ MALLAR says:

    It’s all real that the sites are scaming p.ple I just visited the site and i keep recieving mails.

  • Douglas says:

    Xmeeting.com cheaters.com flit hookus an all rest that you have to pay for or scams.keep your money your not going to hear from a real person.

  • thomas powers says:


  • Efrank says:

    I have experience with these sites it’s as though their compensated emplyment is a commision for every customer while working in an open door clandestined site wire room!

  • John Wilson says:

    Tried this sight for one month lots of people looked at my profile even got an e mail address back but no response just computer generated replys

  • Mark Allen says:

    Yep, it's all fake. Messages come flying at you from lots of girls, but you have to sign up to respond. Once you sign up, the messages stop. Don't waste your money. Flirtlocal.com, Flirthookup.com, Xcheaters.com, Hornyaffairs.com, ALL fake. I don't know how they get away with it, because it's fraud. Anytime you take money for a service that is not what is advertized is Fraud!

  • pat mac says:

    I new this was a con coz wen I wasn’t a paying member I had loads of messages,but curiosity got the better of me I joined now not one single message

    • Admin says:

      Sorry to hear you got scammed Pat. At least now you know what to look for.

    • Got burned says:

      Same here, bro. Got tons of messages, then joined, and now not a single message. LMFAO! I take that back… Got one message back, and this dumb b**** actually wanted me to join another site to chat with her. WTF?!? If there are any guys out there on the fence about joining DO NOT DO IT! You'l be wasting your time and money…

    • Got burned says:

      ALSO! This is definitely a scam, because if you look at how long each of these women are online, they are all on in about roughly 8 hour shifts. Who the hell stays on a dating website for 8 hours at a time? Employees, that's who…

  • Jack handy says:

    Omg! Over the last few days I’ve gotten 1 like and 4 hellos. I belong to the dating site Christian mingle and Let me tell you I’ve sent out over 200 smiles and emails to young and old, unattractive to gorgeous BUT it’s very discouraging frens. Yea I got laid once but buy wished it could happen more often. But horny affairs just makes me laugh. I still have no idea how they got my info…..joey

  • Pete says:

    As above but wait… there's more…
    They modify your profile if it suits them
    Time to send these corrupt scammers to jail



  • Pete says:

    Happily I didnt upgrade … I became suspicious after the profile was changed and then did the due dilligence that I should have done before.


  • David says:

    I got spamed by these guys and got some great offers by some hot women but I smelled a Rat because in real life these women would not look my way normally also in their 20s , so I googled scam and came here glad I didn't fork out my hard earned money on these creeps ..

  • not upgrading says:

    thanks for these comments and page to confirm mysuspicions. i did an image search on the profile picsfrom  the girls and 9 out of 10 were on other sites (dating, ex boyfriend sites, college lics, etc).

    some livs showed as being on site over 5 or almost 10 years and the same inage was bein used. yeah right,, these girls are real.. NOT!

    i deleted my lrofile pic and then today it prompted me to xmeeting and my profile pic was up.

    their terms of service is a joke staring that there are reaponsibilites ( or whatever word they used ) beyond termination of the account. yeah right, nice try!!

    what a scam site, i should build one of these too since it really gets away from porn it mist be easier to get allroved by a shady credit card processor.

    thanks again guys, i aint forking ova $30.



  • Spmething from a female says:

    So here you go guys, I saw this site on my husbands email.
    So I thought I would join to see if I could catch him. Well Horny affairs deleted my account.
    I once again signed up with another name they also deleted that accout. I have signed up 5 times and they have deleted every account. I sent them an email to ask them , they said for fraud. Pretty funny cause all but one never even had any pictures on it.


    • Lori says:

      Hey just needing some info I found a email from hornyaffairs on my husband's email.  Needless to say he said he didn't put anykind of profile about himself on the site . The one thing I'm concerned about besides the obvious is they or he had his birth date . The year was wrong but month and date was right . No payment was made already checked that and my husband has always left his phone and computer there for me to look at anytime I want . This is a horrible situation . If they have the ability to steal info and email to unsuspecting people it can certainly cause great damage to marriages

      Signed don't know who to believe

  • bob says:

    BBW desire is a scam too.

  • Marine says:

    thanks guys I will stay away just got out of corp looking wrong place I guess

  • arden says:

    i joined seen a gal that i know on there she sent me an email then i sent one back to her, then one nite i seen her went to my place gop on the site an my mail never even went to her, but hers did come to me, went to the help box an they said i was trying to send them wrong she still dont get my emails an she even send emails from my pc to her acount an still dont get them, yes this is a scam

  • john says:

    I started with one dating site and one by one others started getting emailed to me. Seen one gal in two different dating services. One said she lived in state of in. And another said she lived in state of mo. Spam.

  • philip smith says:

    hi thankyou you have saved me from being scammed 


  • ken says:

    yea a load of shit all right they shouldnt be allowed to play with peoples emmosions like that but i got sucked in for being lonley it wont happen again

  • Franco says:

    Some of the womens' photos Iv'e seen on google before while surfing for porn. And if you look closely at some, the girl can't be older than 18 but her age is stated as 30. I was immediately a match with a hottie when I hadn't even put up a pic yet. Wish it was true ! Just because I'd love to go on a few dates and get laid, doesn't mean I'm stupid !

  • Thomas says:

    If you have already signed to those site how do you get out?

  • Dale Norris says:

    I seen the site and had some gals close to where I lived so I though I would try it  so I payed 30.00 dallars for month all sorts of views but no reply to messages so post to be free moves that u can watch and won't even come up on my device  so I called and talk to a guy and gave me that it was all working that it was my device I ask to be refunded my money cause stuff is not working I got told it was not refund able and the cancel me and said I could use it in till the thirty days was up and I can't even send a message on it this all happen in 24 hours so it shouldn't have been a problem to refund me cause the site not working  cause I think should be able to watch the moves anyway so yah it's a big scam I told the guy that and got told I needed to read and find out what the word scam meet it is this site so don't have to


  • Jimmy says:

    Tha vast majority of these sites are a scam. Same fake or innactive profiles. Before you even pay, your inbox on the site gets bombarded with winks or flirts or messasges. I made the mistake a few years ago of paying for one of these sites. The messages stopped as soon as I paid. Then thers the pain in the ass of your email getting blitzed by dozens of mails from other sites that are eithe identical or simialr. Aame process again and again. I have unsubscribed and blocked dozens of these damn things but still thry keep coming. There are genune site out there but not so easy to find.

    • Admin says:


      You are 100% correct. Most are scams and very few are legitimate dating sites that have the possibility to let you chat to real girls.

  • Peter says:

    Is there any honest sex sites, and if so how do I find them.

  • Rex Parks Sr says:

    I've been on Craigslist trying to make a hookup. Everyone of these personals with the occasional exception of the ladies who state up front that they are looking for "generous men" (meaning play for pay) all end up asking you to verify your "age" by going to one of those sites that only want your credit card info in order to charge you. If you uncheck the box that automaticly signs you up for a month service, ($ amount varies) then your card is denied and you are asked to try a different card. I've had the same pictures sent from so many didfferent women/ BOTs that it has become a sort of game to see how many different W4M local ads all lead to the same online name/ pix. Like so many have already said "save your money" they're all scams.

  • Martin Stahl says:

    This is another phony dating site just like passiondesire,xpickup.xcheaters and steamyplay. These sites fabricate profiles of hot women to lure and trick lonely, desperate men into sign up just to take their money.  There are no women on any of these sites It is 2018 and hornyaffairs is still doing business as usual just like the other sites.  You would have a better chance of meeting someone in a junk yard. 

  • Decision Matrix says:

    I visited one the sites you guys referenced and received e-mails asking me to text them. So I texted one and she was really good at convincing me that she was going to meet me and f… me. Her text messages became extremely lengthy and came back too quickly – first tip. She then asked me what I wanted her to wear when we met. Of course all guys start with the short plaid skirt, anyway this continued until she would ask me if I was interested and if so had to follow her rules. The first 2 were simple (no pix..) and the 3rd was to register on an ID Safe Site, the link she would text me. So I'm in NJ and of course she said she was too, however her text comes in from area code 628. A county in California. And the name associated with the number was Shirley Price. The pictures were not of somebody named Shirley Price – not to be racist. So I told her I would do it tomorrow and of course she responded early "so what's your plan". I responded "to not get ripped off". So she tried to act funny then stupid – like she didn't understand – but eventually I was able to get her pissed and she stopped texting. Then sent "well if you're not going to do it then forget it". The joke was on you Shirley Price. Thanks to all the guys above who saved me from spending the $30 and got some real foreplay before f…ing her for free. Did I hear bro's before ho's.

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