FuckSwipe.com, Just Like SwipeFuck.com Are Both Scams That Look Exactly The Same

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Website Details:

FuckSwipe.com home page


FuckSwipe.com is the exact same web site as a site we have exposed a few days ago called SwipeFuck.com which is just Swipe Fuck reversed. The sites are 100% exactly the same. The only thing that's different is the name of the website, everything else about the 2 sites are identical. The company behind all this misery is Nautell Capital Limited. They own tons of sites that include MilfCheaters.com, Free2Cheat.com BBWCheaters.com, Flyrts.com, GhettoCheaters.com, Hookupsxxx.com, FreeLifeTimeFuckBook.com and Freefuckbookdating.com, all of which are complete cons.

How They Scam People

You may be wondering how exactly does FuckSwipe.com scam people? This website uses every trick in the book to deceive you. These include using fake profiles of women to lure men into registering, automated email messages and employing people to chat with you. If you want to know all the tactics and tricks this website uses please visit our full review of SwipeFuck.com.com here, there's no point reiterating the exact same information.

The Terms And Conditions Of FuckSwipe.com

And one thing you should also look into read is the terms and conditions. FuckSwipe.com like all dating sites has a terms and conditions page that you should always read before purchasing a membership. For your convenience we have included the terms and conditions of FuckSwipe below. We suggest you read it and understand exactly how this site rips you off. To our astonishment this website along with almost every other website details the methods and tactics they use to deceive you. It's all in the terms and conditions, so please read it!

  •  You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious or models or bots related to our "Love Stars" program.
  • You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the information, text, and pictures contained in the LS profiles do not pertain to any actual person or member, but are included for entertainment purposes only.
  • You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that, from time-to-time, LS may contact Website and Services users and members via electronic messaging, including for example, email, instant messages, and SMS, for purposes of encouraging further or broader participation in our site's Services and/or to monitor user activity.
  • Messages from LS will contain the uniform designation "LS" or Love Stars to notify the user or member that a message has been received from Love Star(s).
  • You understand, acknowledge, and agree that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and LS, and that the exchange of messages between you and a LS is for entertainment purposes, as well as to encourage further or broader participation in our site's Services and/or to monitor user activities..

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 30077 Agoura Court, First Floor, Agoura, CA, 91301, US
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information:

Final Decision:

FuckSwipe.com is a scam disguised as a dating site. It is not a real dating site. These crooks are after your money, they do not offer a real dating service. It looks like a dating service but it's not. Use this site at your own risk.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these real dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 26 comments

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  • siphiwe says:

    Im glad people like you exist to tell us the truth,since you guys know which dating sites are scam,can you please send me a list of the legitimate dating sites.



    • Allan says:

      Can u send me a list of real sites not scams,what can I do,if I get took for my $,

    • Calvin King says:

      I'm looking for a coupe that want to get high fuck. Suck and have be young sexy bodies  and  like older men couple both wanting to be fucked an love sucking cock 

  • Jon says:

    Fuckswipe site is same also as Megafuckbook. 

    1. Samegirls/women

    2. Same Girl same identical responses

    3. Same faces online on each site

    4. Girls almost are too good looking for area and to many for this area is impossib

     so I noticed they said same thing gs like robot and thought funny this town was all at once Invaded by hot and horney beautiful women wanting sex from me all in 24hours 209 messages excuse me what planet is this?? Ha-ha 

    I thought hilarious … Any way I sent the. Email aski g why all billing done overseas and why couldn't bill be from USA based office … No response 

    I searched and found ur site and wish to add my experience 

    I did have fun exposing them not costing me one cent yet I can see how guys could get hooked also

    Their costs were not clear at all Thank you 

    I suppose match dont cum excuse me com or something else.

  • Phil says:

    Hi, I read the T&C page and saw the hidden language you spoke about. So, what I did was I had a debit card that was loaded for only $5. I attempted to use this, and it was declined. I first chatted with a representative of theirs, so called, and asked her why it was declined since the site advertises it – 1. free for the first 3 days, and 2. the card is only used for purposes of identifying if someone is 18 or not. OF course, no legitimate site needs this proof, and neither does these sites. It's a dating site, not a registration to vote. I got nowhere with the young girl in chat, so I called them. I told them IF THE ONLY REASON for the credit card is to make sure I am 18 (and, how does a valid card do this to begin with since any kid can use a credit card from Daddy's wallet?, etc), then why does it matter at all how much money is in the account? If the ONLY reason to ask for the card info is to verify age, and no other reason as they claim, then let me have the free 3 day trial period? Of course, they said they needed to have the funds in case after the 3 days expired, and I did not cancel the membership, they would be able to bill me starting the 4th day. That's bull shit, of course, because I asked them why don't they have a policy where they just CANCEL my membership after the 3rd day if there are no funds to cover the monthly fee? You get the picture. This site is FAKE, All fake women and the owners should be prosecuted.

    The bottom line is this: if the only reason they asked for credit card information was to verify that a customer is 18, they would not need to have funds to cover a monthly membership. They would simply make you a gold member for the three-day trial period, and if there was no money to pay starting up the fourth day, they would just cancel you, reverting your status back to a basic member. 

    • Admin says:

      Yep FuckSwipe.com is all one big scam, no doubt about it..

    • Rawhide says:

      You were lucky. I was wise enough to lose interest in the site, as soon as I saw the credit card verification. Straight away, I simply Googled is swipefuck a scam site, which brought me here. Thank God for Google. I'd advise anyone else to do the same.  Thing is, if you were to use your regular credit care, they would probably clear out your bank account. 

  • tommy says:

    What a scam..I was chatting with this very attractive girl..at least a photo of an attractive girl..and every time I asked a question her responses seemed staged. I don't have a credit card so whatever site I tried to join (which,of course, wasn't the one the girl said she found my e-mail on) never was completed. so during the chat she kept asking me where I lived, hoping I would give out my address. I didn't give it because it seemed like there was some hidden agenda like maybe a place they could send me the bill…..for what exactly I'm not sure…I didn't hook up with or meet anyone….

    what a scam….

  • Damo says:

    There are so many fake sites out there. Can you send me a list of some legitimate sites?

  • John B. Gage says:

    BangSociety.com is another fraudulent site run by the same poeple. I was dumb enough to join BangSociety.com for free, but pretty quickly I realized that it had an incredible number of good-looking, welll-built women members who listed their residence as my home town of Lawrence, Kansas, the not-so-sleepy home of the University of Kansas about 45 miles west of Greater Kansas City of 90,000, 30,600 of which are students. faculty and staff at KU. At first I thought maybe KU co-eds had swelled the ranks of Lawrence women, but I already knew from prior experience that college students have no need to join dating sites. I then realized that every single member has an "LS" up in the right corner of their profile indicating they were fakes, were "Love Stars" mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. I also just improvidently joined Fuckswipe, and realized just from the site's design that it was put up by the same criminals as BangSociety.com. Just to be sure, I ran a search of 18-40 year-olds within 100 miles of my ZIP in Lawrence, and started looking at what the search produced. The very first woman was apparently real, but ALL of her communication buttons–Chat, Message, Flirt, Wink–were grayed out. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE REMAINING 129 PROFILES I SAW—BEFORE THE SITE SOMEHOW DISCONNECTED ME–WERE LOVE STARS. Somebody really outta sue these bastards. I don't care if it warns you there will be "LOVE STARS" in the Terms & Conditions, NOBODY getting into one of these sites has ANY CLUE that there ARE NO REAL WOMEN MEMBERS, and in fact the membership is comprised of NOTHING BUT LOVE STARS!!! These sites aren't "Dating Sites" or even "Adult Hookup" sites if we have in fact developed a whole new category, but FANTASY SITES created by the con-artists behind them. 

  • vikaash says:

    Please help me i want to joing the group

  • rana.sbb says:

    i want to join i am from pakistan but my credit card i not acessing ..


  • Allen Spears says:

    Here is an idea to use on these fake sites. 1. Set up a free account on google, yahoo, bing.com or any site that you can set up a free email account that is temporary so you can dump the account at your convenience. Because each time that you seemingly are communicating with a female member of the site ( which will likely be a site employee or robot) the site will invite you to go to your registered website to retrieve an code to either see photos or chat with your choosen site (Female Member). When you do that likely at some point, you'll be asked to upgrade your membership to a higher status with your credit card to continue the chat. DON'T DO IT! Save you money. When you realize that you are being lead in a circle, break the routine by dropping your temporary e-mail account with the sites of google, yahoo, bing, or any site which allows free e-mail accounts to be set up or an e-mail account that you know of that is still active or has been deactivated that the fake site is not familiar with or had been registered with. Then watch the fake dating site keep asking for your e-mail address. Then move on with your life or go to one of the sites that this site recommends you to go to for real dating sites to meet real women. Just a suggestion from myself to you.

  • temple says:

    how do get ma password

  • George says:

    I'm glad that I ran across your site, and thank you. Not only for the exposure of fake dating sites, the LS in the aformentioned site, but also taking the time to set up a website that helps folks to not be scammed. You should be commended.

    I have a gal online emailing me back and forth, and her verification link goes to Fuck swipe. Her last email said that she had a girlfriend over, and that I could ride them both. As appealing as that was I thought I'd google fuckswipe, and see what comes up.

    Glad I found this.

  • Js wood says:

    FUCK Swipe is a joke. The VERY FIRST TIME I looked at profiles about the 3rd or fourth was a very well known PORN STAR that claims she lives in my town? LMFAO RIGHHHHHT. 3000 PEOPLE…..RIGHHHHHHTTT. So I took the next 3 and compared pics to Google image search…GO AHEAD TRY IT AND SEE HOW FAKE THAT SHIT IS. And thw ones that appear real will want 300.00 am hour.


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