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Website Details:


  • 1 day trial membership costs $1.00 which will renew at $39.95.
  • If you use a prepaid card it’s $39.95.

Overview as we’ve learned is associated to a very well-known dating scam that we exposed many, many years ago. This site is called and they are still continuing to scam people as of this very minute. We wanted to give you that information before you read the full review just so you understand what you’re up against. If you had your suspicions about MyHornySingles then you weren’t wrong. If you want to read why it’s not legitimate (backed up by evidence) you can continue reading the full investigative report below.

Why Would Anyone Email A Guy With An Empty Profile?

Part of the process of doing investigations involves creating a free membership and then logging into the members area of the dating site that we’re investigating. On My Horny Singles we did exactly that. We created a profile but when we created our profile we didn’t upload any photographs. This was done on purpose to see if we would still receive any messages. Because, why would any women want to contact a man who doesn’t have photograph of himself on his profile page? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we shouldn’t be getting ANY messages from women since our profile has no photographs on it and on top of that we didn’t fill out any of the profile information. It was essentially a blank profile. But surprisingly we were inundated with messages! In our opinion this proves that something fishy is going on. We’ve done over 400 reviews so we know what we’re talking about. With years of experience investigating and reviewing dating services we know exactly what to look for and how to spot fake hookup sites a mile away. One of the quickest ways to identify if a dating site is fake or not is to create an account. Don’t upload any photos, don’t fill out any of the personal information and then wait and see if you get messages. If you receive messages then it’s big red flag that the website is a scam.

(Screenshot of the blank profile page we used for this review.)

Bogus Profiles Created By The Site!

As we all have already explained we got a bunch of different messages from all different types of women. The total amount of messages we received was 59, and that number continues to rise. You can take a look at the screenshot below showing you just a small example of the different emails we received. Why would these women contact a guy who doesn’t have pictures in his profile? All of this is a fraud. The email messages aren’t real at all. And we have the proof to show you that this is 100% true. In the terms and conditions page in section 6 they tell us that “may respond to communications to these accounts through employees, agents or chatbots that impersonate the manage person portrayed in such profile.” What that means is that they reply to your messages using employees, third-party contractors and they also use automated chat bots. A chatbot is a software program created specifically to mimic real web users. These chatbots can send and even reply to messages. Using a type of artificial intelligence (AI) the messages look authentic even though you’re actually messaging a software program back and forth not A real girl!  Do not fall for their scam. They admit they’re defrauding you write on their terms page, what more evidence do you need?

(Screenshot of fake messaged thst we received.)

The Terms Page Proves They Create Fake Profiles

We just told you that in section 6 of the terms page they admit that they are using chatbots as well as employees to send messages to you. They also admit that  employees and third-party contractors are responsible for fabricating fake profiles. They want you to acknowledge that My Horny Singles creates and maintains some of the profiles on their own website. If you get messages from hot looking local women guess what they are not real members of the website. These profiles have been created like they’ve already told us by their employees and also third-party contractors.

Examples Of Fake Profiles

We’ve included four different examples just to show you the type of fraud that’s on this website. They use images of attractive looking women and from there send you fake messages all used to trick you into purchasing a monthly subscription to their phony hook-up site.

We use a software program called TinEye that does reverse image searches to search for fake profiles. A reverse image search enables you to search the internet and find links to where any image is located online. It lists all the links where the fake dating profiles are hosted on. This is a great tool because it shows us where the original photographs have been stolen from and then used to build fake personals on their website.

(This fake dating profiles using an image of Audrina Patridge who is a celebrity that was cast on a reality show called The Hills.)


(Fake profile using a stolen photo taken from an adult image site.)


(Fake profile using a stolen photo taken from an adult image site.)


(Fake profile using a stolen photo taken from an adult image site.)


Paid Emplyees & Agents Operate The Fake Profiles

Like we’ve already explained the website admits that fake profiles are created by their employees and agents. This means that they actually have people sitting at computer desks making fake profiles all day long. Using fake images stolen from other websites and then building fake personal profiles. Adding a fake age, adding a fake location, etc. All verified in the terms and conditions page (section #6).

The Terms And Conditions Has The Best Evidence

The terms and conditions page has more than enough evidence proving with 100% certainty that this website is a scam. Below we’ve included the most important parts of the terms and conditions page that prove this site is a full-fledged fraud. They admit that they create “some” of the profiles on their website. They also admit that they reply to messages to these fake profiles using paid employees, third-party contractors and they even use automated AI chatbots. You can see the evidence below or click on this link and visit section 6 of the terms page.


Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-888-638-9462
  • Addresses: Indica Portal LTD – Office F, 21-27 Hollands Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8PU, United Kingdom
  • Email: (unable to find support email address.)
  • Web Page:
  • Online Support Site:
  • Note: if you bought a membership on this site it will appear on your card statement as LOQIY.COM-8886389462.

Final Decision:

It was easy for us to prove this website was a scam since the fraudsters that run this fraud admitted to everything on their terms and conditions page. The website was never intended to be a legitimate hookup site, it was a scam from day one. no👎

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

Other Sites To Be Aware Of:

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  • Jason says:

    Yeah this website is a complete scam. I signed up for the $1 24 trial and now I'm out $120 because they supposedly have boxes to check and uncheck for "bonus memberships". Their customer service billing manager, the one who makes the final decision on refunds is only available by email and the actual billing department that you can speak to only takes your initial complaint and nothing further. I literally cancelled my membership the same day, thinking I was only getting charged a dollar. Now I don't exactly know what to do or if I'm going to be able to get any of my money back.

    • Admin says:

       yeah it’s a scam is totally fake. Thanks for leaving a comment. Too bad you lost $120 but hopefully your comment is seen by lots of people so you can save them from the same grief that you’ve encountered. All we can do is spread the word and hope people find this information before it’s too late.  👍👍

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  • Oluwatobiloba says:

    Same here they charged me $42 and they refuse to pay it

  • Juan Morales says:

    Yeah its a scam I was taken for funds I didn’t expect to have taken out of my acount. I signed up for a 1 day trial and was charged the full months fee,and all the womem from my town don’t and have never lived in my town.

  • Master Bastard says:

    I’ve been to 100s dating sites my self. I started screen shooting profile pics&name most sites give 3-5txt B4 signing-up.Id disguise 📞# into a txt saying2 them2txt.A human would know that it’s my#and2txt.Never once have I.I also would say things like, Do you like to take showers with your shoes on. if its a bot.It don’t know how to respond.Bot would either ignore what said an answer with something else flirtatious that didn’t make a sense to the QUESTION.

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