A List Of Fake & Legitimate Fuck Buddy Sites That We Have Reviewed

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Over the years we have done literally hundreds of reviews of fuck buddy sites. Some people call fuck buddies sites "hookup sites", NSA (no strings attached) sites or casual sex sites in the end they're all the same thing. Websites designed to help you find women or men for sex encounters. Over the years the overwhelming majority of reviews we've done have pointed out that most hookup sites are in fact scams in one way or another.

Most of these "fuck buddy sites" utilize all different types of techniques. Everything from using paid employees that sit behind computer desks and chat with you and try to string you along, all the way to using highly sophisticated computer software bots that are designed to mimic real females and then send bogus email messages used as a way to bait you into buying a paid subscription to the site. We've come across this scenario hundreds of times over and over again!

Now we are listing the worst and the best fuck buddy sites we have come across in the past 4 years. A comprehensive list of the most popular sex buddy sites (many of which are in fact fraudulent). Everything is listed below with a short summary of why the site should not be trusted and a link directly to the review of that particular sex buddy website.

A List Of The Worst Fuck Buddy Sites:

  1. BeNaughty.com – BeNaughty has been around for many, many years but since their inception they've always tried to use dirty tricks to get people to upgrade including phony profiles and automated bots.
  2. WellHello.com – Wellhello.com is another con that has been operating for a long, long time. This website even confesses to using fake profiles on their terms and conditions page that they refer to as "Love Hostesses".
  3. WantUBad.com – WantUBad is also using fictitious female profiles and sending their members fabricated email messages to dupe people into buying monthly memberships to their website. Our review explains all of it in detail.
  4. ShagCity.co.uk – ShagCity targets people in the United Kingdom and also uses the same dirty tricks such as fabricated girls, fake emails, computer bots and on and on. Our review breaks the scam wide open and can be read by clicking on that link.
  5. Kismia.com – Kismia is another dating site that is filled with fake profiles and ongoing fraudulent bogus email messages.
  6. SPDate.com – SPDate is free to use but as soon as you step into the members area it's a constant flurry of fictitious females sending you phony messages.
  7. FapChat.com – FapChat is one of the nastier dating scams out there that also uses made up female profiles, combined with bogus email messages. They take it one step further by triple billing your credit card when you purchase a membership on their website. You end up getting billed to 2 adult porn sites on top of a useless membership to their fake dating service.
  8. BangLocals.com – You would think with the domain name Bang Locals that the website would help you find local women who you could end up banging. This is the farthest thing from the truth and is the exact opposite of what goes on in the website. BangLocals uses the same sneaky tactgics as every other website listed on this page, phony profiles and automated emails etc.
  9. InstantHookups.com – If you thought you could find an "instant hookup" on InstantHookups.com you're sorely mistaken. Although the name gives the impression you can hook up with woman instantly that's not going to happen. The website has been built on the premise of deceiving you and pushing you to an upgrade page where they want you to buy a membership to communicate with other members. Unfortunately the only problem being that all female members on the site are fictitious.
  10. XMeets.com – Xmeets is making millions of dollars using all kinds of lies and gimmicks to get you to buy a membership. The end result is no date and lots of wasted money.
  11. BlackWink.com – Of course fraudulent dating services come in all niches including black dating in the form of BlackWink.com. Blackwink uses faux profiles of black women and then sends you bogus email messages from these black females.
  12. NaughtyDate.com – Naughty Date has been robbing people blind for many years now with no end in sight. They are still online and still doing the exact same thing as when they first opened up their site.
  13. OnlyDTF.com – If you want it to find women who are down to fuck on Onlydtf.com think again. The site is nothing more than a haven of computer bots and concocted female profiles built to scam you.
  14. IGetNaughty.com – We reviewed IGetNaughty in April 2016 in our interview we found out the many of the fake profiles are even using stolen images found on adult porn sites. This website should not be trusted in the least.
  15. LocalMilfSelfies.com -We did a review LocalMilfSelfies 3 years ago a website supposedly a MILF dating hookup site. Unfortunately right on their homepage they state that they use artifical profiles called "Fantasy Cuties".
  16. LocalMilf.com – LocalMilf.com is connected to LocalMilfSelfies.com. This is a phony MILF dating service used to get your credit card information and dupe you. If you want to meet real local milfs this is not the place to do it.
  17. XDating.com – Xdating.com is one of the oldest fictitious dating services. This website has been running for a long time without any problems from law enforcement. What you need to know about XDating is that it's fake from start to finish nothing on the website is real.

Legitimate Hookup Dating Sites:

Although few and far between there are actually some legitimate fuck-buddy sites to meet people locally. At least 80% of the hookup sites out there are fictitious so there's a couple of ways to identify real sites to find a fuck buddy. The first thing you need to do is have some common sense if you start getting emails from super hot looking girls 2 minutes after joining the site then that's a big red flag the site you just joined is fake. If you don't get emails right away and the women on the site don't all look like super models and porn stars that's a good sign.

On top of that another thing you need to do is read the terms and conditions page of every single dating site you plan on joining. Usually you can find the terms and conditions Link at the bottom of every single page on the dating site. Read it and look for red flag such as self-created profiles, fictitious profiles, automated communications. These will all tell you that the website is using deceptive marketing tactics to get you to the payment page.

There aren't very many legit fuck-buddy sites out there. Below we've listed two that we know for sure are legitimate that you can use to find girls for NSA (no strings attached) fun. These two websites have been around since 1996, making them 21 years old. That may sound unbelievable but the internet was gaining popularity in that time frame and these two websites are the pioneers in adult casual sex dating.

Real Sites To Find A Local Fuck Buddy

These web sites attract legitimate members because back in the 1990s there was no need to create fake dating sites. People by the millions joined these hook up sites because they were the very first casual dating sites to find fuck buddies. Both of the sites have millions and millions of real people looking for casual sex and one night stands.

That's the number one reason why these sites are legitimate they never had to use dirty tricks to get people to upgrade because back in the late 90s the competition in online adult dating was very low compared to today. Today you have thousands of adult dating sites vying for your attention. Unfortunately there aren't enough real women to go around so these newer phony dating sites create fake women. The two websites listed below never had to do that because they were the pioneers in the adult dating industry.

  • PassionA fuck buddy site stated in 1996!  A legit hookup site with million sof real users.
  • AFF – No staff created pretend profiles and no fake emails to lure you into upgrading.

File A Report

if you've ended up purchasing a membership on a website and you know you've got scammed you can fight back. There's a different ways to do it. The first thing you should do is cancel your membership and also contact your financial institution. You can explain to them that the online dating site you joined was fake and it's a fraud and you want your money back. From there you can contact your local Federal Trade Commission or consumer advocacy group and you can even contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

 Comments 87 comments

  • byron cooper says:

    How do I stop transactions 

    • Chris Whitehorn says:

      I would really like to stop these fake Date site

    • Klebn says:

      Send them an email stating that you no longer want to continue the service. Better to have this as email, i.e., in writing.

      Then contact your credit card or bank and inform them that you have requested that service be discontinued. The next they charge you and you truly did not use the service for that period. Contact your bank or cc company and file a complaint for fraudulent transactions against the site. Good luck.

    • Dana says:

      Hi. What about local fuck.com.

  • Howard P Dambrose says:

    What about Adult XXX Date? All the review sites rate it #1 real sex-date site.

  • d says:

    So glad you’re here doing what you’re doing. MAYBE there COULD be 1-in-1000 legit dating sites of the now 100’s that pop up EVERY week – but even THATS a stretch for me to believe — and I ESSPECIALY for One am SO Completely DONE with the rip-off BS. No more attempts from me that for sure.

  • Justin Case says:

    I surprised you didn't list fuckr website.  Monthly fee and apparently you have bribe the girls with gifts in from of tokens that you purchase in addition to the membership fee.

  • Dave Morgan says:

    Any suggestions for older guys? I'm coming up 73, still horny,still full of energy and drive. I'd like to meet a similarly inclined mature gal. 

    • Joe Wu says:

      Mingle2 and okcupid would be for you, but okcupid is not free if you have no photo. I personally met 4 ladies through okcupid and even my long lost girl friend from 1977 !!! We are friends again ONLY because of Okcupid !!! I MAY be meeting a lady because of Mingle2. She will let me know tonight. Watch out for hundreds of scammers, though.

    • John Sandvig says:

      I would like to find the same thing

  • Joe says:

    What about flirt.com?

    • Harold says:

      I found it to be a scam.  I'm 65 and received some likes and messages from local women.  Never got a response back after answering.  After that I got nothing buy messages from girls under 30 from all over the country. Unfortunatly I recognized some as porn stars.I would stay away as I made the mistake of joining.

  • Mary says:

    Plz stop all of them because it hurts to see someone that you are in a relationship with get this and than you think that they are cheating on u

    • Pam says:

      I agree Mary it does hurt I found out my husband was on these sites and what's sick is these girls are so young and u got old men watching them 

    • Mike says:

      Men don’t cheat on there significant other if your showing him the attention you want. If it’s only one way when kids show up or when the lady gets a job well men only be pushed away for so long .

  • Helni says:

    What about Shag Me Tonight? Are they real or scam? 

  • blaster hamilton says:

    so which ones are real . I need names , and e-mails

  • ric says:

    fake fucks ,just signed up again still fake

  • antonio says:

    Fuck Book is a scam, I looked at the pictures and names looked more real and north American, so I signed in now nobody is answering and I am not showing my dick =< I am showing my face and its a GQ look. No answers HUM ???

  • Robin Lee says:

    Is there any single, straight, or bisexual male out there that actually physically MET someone they contacted by phone number or email on Anal F*k Buddy? I have been "in contact with many members", but never got to physically meet a single human being from there. I am not going to fly a thousand miles to meet nobody existent !!!

    Please let me know.

    I am REAL. If you are a HUMAN female 21 or over or MF or FF couple 21 or over, you can find me there by going to Las Vegas, 89110,  69 years old , look up username 4aBiChristianWoman. If you send me a "like" withOUT viewing my profile, I will believe you're another of the over 95% scammers that contact me.

  • Tim says:

    Could you tell me about Free Horny mils as they use a CC check for age verification and I'm a bit dubious about it. Thanks for the help.

  • Rog says:

    I have registered for adult xxx date, you can pay different amounts for what best suites you, but I just want to make sure this is a guniwin sites and actually works 

  • John says:

    How about megaflit.com…is that fake???

  • Tom Watson says:

    F-Buddy UK is a total scam. 99% fake profiles computer generated each time you go on the site.

  • kevin harris says:

    Joined ,fuck buddy’s its cheap $10 a month im 64 all 30somethings hitting me up ,all say age just a number all want long tru love all askrd for $sooner or later get hpt nude pics then when i insisted on talking they had black broken english voice ,havin fun now tho till it runs out just fucking with them all

  • kevin harris says:

    Already left a comment on how fake fuck buddys isjust wanted to ad most all of the women ,bots whatever want you to get on google hangouts which i dont have and after reading about it google hangouts sounds dangerous too,and the fact all the women on there are scammers i definatly would never get on google hangouts

  • Douglas Endsley says:

    How about matchtruly & hotdailyflurts, are they real or fake?

  • Rick S. says:

    Thank you so much for your much needed research to tell the truth I am one of those Catfish they are angling for. I’m 70 ears old but still have a large sexual appetite. Twice I have actually sent money for (gas). It isn’t the $ so much, although that does hurt, it is the time & psychic energy-and the time- which is wasted. What can you tell me about ‘aly.com’ & ‘fetlife’ & ‘bdsm dating’?
    Thank you.

  • Jerry says:

    Is a WantingFucks a scam or is it legit?

  • Robert says:

    Is local fuckclub.com legit or fake

  • Leland Potter says:

    hello, I’ve enjoyed(?) not sure if thats the proper emotion and made use of your work here to avoid some adult quicksand in the past. and have read many of your reviews. I wanted to ask you your opinion on Yamvoo. They’ve got some cookie cutter cheesy opening lines that have been dropped on me. I had the impression it was less bot and combination of laziness on the person making contact and the ease of the precut icebreakers they have aat the ready.

  • Stuart says:

    What about nostringslocally.com

    fine? Or fake?

  • Bill Scott says:

    Seems Passion and AFF are scams, too. None of the women ‘close’ location-wise really hookup. all computer BS.

  • Rome says:

    I am guessing FindMyFling is a scam? I have found noone on the site who does not have the gray heart on their profile which indicates they are fictitious members who are “unavailable for physical contact. That and they are “contacting” all day everyday…They should be illegal but I guess if they tell you about the fakes in the terms and conditions its not illegal to get ripped off?

  • Stew says:

    Morning I am 65 horny as hell still Looking I was wondering If FuckBuddysHookups are real or fake to find out .

  • Michael says:

    what about Sex with sluts

  • Bigballer shotcaller says:

    Passion and AFF seem to be the same site. Same look and layout and identical users. I have hooked up on AFF but it cost me too much time battling through the fake bullshit on the site and going a long long time not having any luck. Years on that site for just a single hookup or two but mass amounts of fakeness not worth it. I miss craigslist personals.

  • Hiram P. Maxim New Zealand says:

    From the comments here it seems that the fuckbuddy game is all about money and exploitation. I looked over a score or so sites and realised that the outfits were nothing but scams. All that time, expectation and money down the drain. My solution, I found a very good local brothel. After a visit or two the madame and the “girls” knew me. I paid for my service and when things were quiet Played cards, chess, chatted, and generally had a most enjoyable time. I knew how much I was to be charged, we knew what the transaction was to be, and most of all we become good buddies. No more chasing imaginary pussy at vast expense. Not all brothels are as good as “my” one, but shop around. And NEVER forget, the “girls” are/were someone’s daughter and are deserving of respect. I see them sometimes in town, I ask them if they have time for a snack or a coffee. They usually say yes. I find that nice. I’m 84, and really living the dream. Try it !!! A couple of “my girls” are in their 60’s. Best of all as fuckbuddies and companions.

  • JohnnyHiccups says:

    * As of 2021, the best hookup site/app is Tinder. I think the immediacy of it scares a lot of dudes, but you all need to get over that. You want to meet a gal tonight — over drinks — or whatever? Swipe. Tinder is still the best app for quick easy pickings.
    * AFF isn’t a scam, but as the author mentions, it’s a long run for a short slide. Most women on AFF just want to chat, be flirted with, feel sexy. I’m guessing 10% actually hook up IRL. And it’s just too damn expensive. I get “flirts” and “want to meet yous” pretty regularly but I refuse to drop $40/mo (!!!) on AFF.
    * Again, I’m guessing the immediacy of this old standby makes many dudes reluctant but here’s the thing, if you’re not good talking to women, esp horny women, LiveLinks is a great venue to get better at it. Build some confidence. Yea, it costs money, but I’ve personally hooked up on Livelinks line a dozen or more times, esp. when I used to travel to cities I didn’t know. I’d ht the bars, blah blah, but I’d hook up w/ more success meeting gals on the phone. Not familar? Check it out. llivelinks.com
    * Despite what you might hear, hiring an escort provides you w/ exacty what you want. Easy, reliable sex at your convenience. When you want. And how you want it. Does it cost money? Oh yea. Do you get what you pay for? Moreso w/ escorts than anything else in the world. But right now? It’s a buyer’s market. And more women than you can imagine are part time pros. And if you’re worried about STDs? Don’t date escorts who offer bareback. Always wear a condom.
    * Fling is legit. So are all the big dating sites. Zoosk, OKCupid, Match, Plentyoffish, etc. But these are filled with women who want relationships. Hell, even Tinder and AFF are filled with women who want something serious. A piece of advice: To get what you want, pretend youre serious too or use one of the options mentioned above.

  • Billy Bob says:

    How on earth do you even find a brothel or a real independent.?
    I’ve been on AM for a year now. 4 conversations and 2 meetups. I think they have plants or bots to squeeze cash out of you. Ugh.

  • Pat says:

    The sites in the TOS explain the use of online Cupid’s, and the entertainment aspect of it but they are still breaking the terms of their own contract. Yea we all get the use of online Cupid’s, and we always run into fake accounts whatever dating site you go 2, and it’s pretty easy to tell the scammers from the real gals. The sites that use these tell you that “some” of the profiles are fictitious and are provided for entertainment and are identified as online Cupid’s, so that makes the user think, alright just don’t respond to the online Cupid’s but you’ll still be able to find real women to talk to right, or so it seems because not all the profiles are fake according to them just some of them. Well I guess not, because the only women you can literally find are online Cupid’s, they are all fake profiles, you can’t search or find a real gal on these sites. To me that’s a break in contract and civil action should be allowed against these companies if refunds aren’t given back to the consumers. I’m no lawyer so if I’m wrong here lmk but it seems relevant to me.

  • JJ859 says:

    How about sexwithsluts is that real or scam

  • pappy says:

    Iamnaughty has some real people but they try to trick you into going to a different sites. I saw some people I actually knew and after questioning them I found out they were who they said they were. However there are alot of ladies that arent looking for physical sex they just want to talk dirty only and masterbate.

  • Sam says:

    AFF is trash too I’ve had 3 ppl try to scam me on there and I’ve only been on the site for maybe a week

  • Kimbo says:

    What about https://www.mylocalcrush.com is it legit??

  • Mr mark hill says:

    Is instantfuck buddies a scam

  • Peter Slocum says:

    There is a site called analsexbuddy… real or scam??? I was stupid enough to blow like 400 on city sweeties! Don’t ever fall for that one

  • Brad says:

    What about Ihookup?

  • Dan says:

    Hookup69 fake or legit also
    Feeto.com fake or legit

  • Grady Randall Beaty says:

    Can I call you…we can do a video call really get to know each other…(765) 581-2388 here’s a link to some recent pictures of me…

  • John says:

    Two more scam sites mylocalcrush.com and crushnearby.com

  • Darryl Emmerson says:

    Region Sex is fake No girls ever meet in person because they live in a separate city Also watch if they use USA or Canada language Not Uk blokes and shags etc I give away plus if you say your city is XYZ then they magically become a resident of XYZ

  • Darryl Emmerson says:

    Yummy Affair is a fake and Region Sex you can screen the fakes No girls are available for an actual quote Date unquote just saying tokens are $ two dollars but still these girls will tell you anything that you want to hear text tease flirts if that’s your deal then go for it text till your fingers fall off I’ve been on both sites since June 2021 No

  • Ronn says:

    Fuckbuddies.club even with the guarantee date apears to be a scam i got 10 messages within mins of signing up with 0 info and to make it worse there no guys not that im into that sorta thing but something to be on the look out if ur the only guy and they all respond at the same time

  • William says:

    AFF and Fetlife are real sites. Not 100% free of scams but not all scams all the time.
    FuckBuddies.com and One Night Stand are the same site, at least a LOT of the same women with same MO. No messaging off site and you’ll never really meet them.

  • Storm says:

    Why does everyone feel the need for someone else to make them feel better at any cost 🙁 it’s actually rather heartbreaking 💔 Love thyself and save your money and your health! Join a swingers sex club if your bi or into swaps, Go to a bathhouse if your gay, or a brothel if your straight. With swingers clubs and bath houses you pay a modest entry fee and you can have sex there until dawn with as many randoms as you want! Online dating and sex sites are All scams in one way or another even the legitimate ones! Stay safe be happy 😃

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