Learn The Tricks WantUBad.com Is Using On People, Read Our Investigation

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Website Details:

WantUBad.com home page


  • $2.97 for a 3 day trial membership to the site.
  • $24.99 for a 1 month subscription.
  • $41.97 for a 3 month subscription.
  • $65.94 for a 6 month subscription.


  • Friends: Check out who's on your friends list, block people and more.
  • Activity: See who sent you winks
  • Match Feed: Shows updates and news about your nearby matches.
  • Chat Rooms: Chat with women and men in the online chat rooms.
  • Like Gallery:  Choose who you like by clicking the "like button", just like Facebook.


WantUBad.com is a new hookup dating site that we registered on recently, what we learned was something we wanted to warn our readers about. We feel it's our responsibility to inform the general public of dating sites that we deem a threat. The threat we are exposing comes in the form of fraud, deceptions and lies. We did a detailed investigation that you can read here. 

Our Profile Is Empty But We Still Get Messages

Part of our investigation process is to create a free account on WantUBad.com. But a tactic we use when creating a dating profile is to make sure not to upload any photographs or videos into our member profile. We never upload any photos so in theory there would be no one interested in contacting us. If you look at it this way would you contact a girl who had no pictures in her dating profile? We would assume you wouldn't, why would you? But when it comes to fake dating services that use automated bots it doesn't matter if our profile is empty or not.

What Is A Bot: A bot is a computer program that carries out automated tasks for other programs or users, especially on the Internet.

A computer bot doesn't know if your profile has photographs or is empty. It just does what it's told to do. In this case the computer bots are programmed to send automated emails to all the male members on WantUBad.com that have a free basic membership (regardless of if your member profile is bare or not). This is the first sign that this dating service is a scam, receiving communications even if your dating profile is void of any information.

(Screen shot of our blank profile, showing there would be no reason for women to contact us.)


Phony Messages And Emails From Fake Female Members

As we mentioned this site uses bots to perform all type of tasks, the most important one being sending their free male members automated email messages. In a period of 24 hours we were sent 8 emails from different women. Take note and remember that our profile is blank, why are we getting messages then? They are bots of course NOT real women! Real girls wouldn't be sending us messages but an automated bot would.

You can see some of the fabricated fictitious women who sent us emails below.  Something else we should mention is that WantUBad.com is involved in fabricating fake female profiles. They create phony female members that look like real girls to people who have no experience with fraudulent dating services. We however has lots of experience exposing dating scams. For us it's easy to identify fictitious profiles a mile away. Anytime a hot looking girl contacts you especially if you have an empty profile take that as a huge red flag that something fishy is going on.

(Screen shot showing we have 8 messages from make believe women.)

(Phony message used to entice free member to upgrade.)

(Screen shot of fake emails used to deceive people so they upgrade.)

Automated Bots Used To Browse Our Profile And Send Us Winks

Automated bots can perform a multitude of tasks besides sending fake emails to male members. There also used to send male members fake winks and also they use the bots to make it appear as if attractive looking female members are browsing your profile. This is all fake and completely automated. Once again these techniques are used to lure you into a trap of buying a membership in order to communicate with other members of the site. We took screenshots of the various "winks" and women "browsing" our profile as more proof and evidence to be included in this investigation.

WantUBad admits they use automated bots to send all forms of communications to their members, this is a 100% verifiable fact that can be found in the terms and conditions page. It's quite shocking to think a dating site would stoop this low but you need to understand this is an actually a website designed to APPEAR to be a dating site. There is a big difference.

(Screen shot of the automated bots browsing our profile and sending us winks.)

Fake Profile Photo Of An Escort Involved In A Sex Scandal

One female member who contacted us was actually an escort named Ashley Alexandra Dupre. She is an escort involved in some sort of sex scandal with us Governor Eliot Spitzer. You can take a look at the evidence below and we have also provided links to the direct locations where that exact same photo was found. Ashley Alexandra Dupre didn't actually contact us a fake profile was created with her stolen photograph.

Phony profile

(This photo is of Ashley Alexandra Dupre a hooker involved in a sex scandal with US governor Elliot Spitzer.)

But, we are supposed to believe that Ashley Alexandra Dupre actually contacted our profile? Why would a hooker involved in a scandal with a governor contact us? The answer is, she didn't it's all phony! Someone created a fake profile using her photograph. And from previous investigations the people that have the most to benefit from creating fake profiles is usually the fake dating site.

Fake profile photo copied from the links shown below the used to fabricate a fake profile:

  • http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/crime/photos-eliot-spitzers-hooker
  • https://mediaoutrage.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/ashley-alexandra-dupree2.jpg
  • http://media1.s-nbcnews.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photo_StoryLevel/080312/080312-ashley-alexandra-dupre-bcol.grid-6×2.jpg

The Terms And Conditions Is The Smoking Gun

We saved the best for last. The smoking gun that proves without a shadow of a doubt how this dating service really runs their operation in their terms. This website admits to everything we discussed and we can prove it. The terms and conditions of WantUBad.com explain everything you need to know about how they run their operation and they admit to creating fictitious user profiles, they also admit to using computer generated messages and much more. Read the terms page on WantUbad.com section i paragraph 8 on there site or we have also downloaded their terms page (in case they change it) and can be found and read here.

  • We create user profiles for use by our customer support representatives for the support, marketing, improvement of the Service…
  • Our customer support representatives are encouraged to speak with our members and also to stimulate conversation between members by making introductions or recommendations or just to chat with Users, for entertainment purposes.
  • Additionally, the Website utilizes automated system profiles to communicate with Users to enhance our Users’ entertainment experience.
  • From time to time, and in our sole and absolute discretion, the Website’s created profiles and automated system profiles may be designated with a designated symbol.
  • You acknowledge and agree that some of the profiles posted on the Website that you may communicate with as a Registered User may be fictitious.
  • The messages they send are computer generated. Messages from the user profiles we create attempt to simulate communications so that should you become a paid Member you are encouraged to participate in more conversation and to increase interaction among fellow paid Members.
  • The user profiles we create are not intended to resemble or mimic any actual persons.
  • We may create several different user profiles that we attach to a given picture.
  • You understand and acknowledge that we create these profiles and that these profiles are not based on or associated with any Registered User or Member of our Service or any other real person. You also acknowledge and agree that the descriptions, pictures and information included in such profiles are provided primarily for your amusement…

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 75 Broad Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10004 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns1.p14.dynect.net, ns2.p14.dynect.net, ns3.p14.dynect.net, ns4.p14.dynect.net

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

This is the same story as countless other sites that we have reviewed. Fake bots and fake girls, WantUBad.com is no different. We suggest you think twice before joining this site to meet women.

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If you want to search for real females, then look at these legitimate dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 45 comments

  • anon says:

    i signed up like an idiot after 2 hours on the phone they "canceled my subscription" and sent me a "verification" saying it stopped i ttried calling customer service about deleting my account and getting rid of the payment details on my aaccount but the hot line blocked my number im worried about fraud what do i do?

  • I747Capt says:

    Very interesting research — thanks for the info — now hte real question is — can you name a sight that is for real 

  • Fred Derf says:

    wantubad regularly spams craigslist and probably other sites with fake posts

  • Savanna says:

    How do u delete your account

  • […] The list of sites includes LocalsGoWild.com, IAmNaughty.com, ShagTogether.com, HelloHotties.com, WantUBad.com, and numerous other […]

  • Becca says:

    My friend signed me up as a gimmick and didn't read the terms and now I can't remove my account. Can someone please help! 

  • Tim T. says:

    Deceptive low-life slimeballs ever seeking to steal your money. Payback's a bitch for the turds.

  • Anon says:

    Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it, saved me some cash, I fell for another scam like this a little while ago and I'm glad I decided to check a review first

    Good Job!

  • David says:

    This site goes way beyone anything that resembles scum, it has inbuilt rebilling, aoutomatic upgrades to membership & the most hidden unsucsribe & cancellation policy.


    • Jay kay says:

      you are right on the money David. These bastards hide your ability to cancel. In frustration I em them a cancellation notice..they ignored it and proceeddd to clean out my "top up" master card. 75 transactions in 30 day. They stole $300.00. I think they are a terrorist organization and must be busted

      • Admin says:

        Have you tried to contact your bank to get your money back?

      • RodHammer says:

        Never ever use a credit card with these places.  Instead go to grocery store or supermarket and buy a low value DEBIT card worth at most twice what the sites you want pay for viewing and texting the sites you want to do  business with.  You should know you most likely not get what you are wanting but at least you won't get cleaned out.

  • […] list of sites includes JustGetNaughty.com, IGetNaughty.com, IAmNaughty.com, ShagTogether.com, and WantUBad.com, to name only a few! The company behind MakeItNaughty.com (Timespace Holdings Limited) has the […]

  • pat says:

    Hi i have just been scamed i payed for 3 day trial cancelled before the 3 days were up next day they took 31.78 of my credit card i have e-mailed and tryed to ring there number no reply.DONT GO NEAR THE SITE

  • Delinda Turner says:


    I am a real female and I believe these sites have posted a picture of me on their sites that I didn't go to, my cousin's brother in law saw my picture on a dating website in North Carolina I didn't post on any dating website in North Carolina. Help how do I get rid of my profile another person contacted me and said he saw my profile on naughty.com I didn't post on their site either.



  • Tyler Williams says:

    I want to delete my account but can't get into the website 

  • ek says:

    I created my account.

    but I didn't push upgrade button.

    Is it no problem?

  • […] WantUBad.com – WantUBad is also using fictitious female profiles and sending their members fabricated email messages to dupe people into buying monthly memberships to their website. Our review explains all of it in detail. […]

  • Harry Wilson says:

    Can someone help me i signed up to this site and i believe its added me to other sites as well and i need to get payments to stop 

  • R Rankin says:

    I am a member of the shit site I will be going to the bank and block anymore transactions 

  • R Rankin says:

    Thanx for your information it as saved me being taken for some fool

  • Gypsy says:

    I got several emails from multiple dating sites of people claiming to have met me there. I asked what site did they meet me on and they put want u bad. Com  . So I emailed back asking for the website link to my profile. I am waiting to see if they reply. I contacted the support center so far no reply. 

  • Paul says:

    I was over billed several times , automatically from my account Leaving me with 28 cents 

    wantubad admitted they’re fraudulent people on the site , however , my bank info was compromised 

    wantubad admitted double billing to me 

    they can’t return money to my acct that they took it from is their response , instead offered me 8 months free membership 

    i said no thanks since I have never meet a legitimate person on the site


  • Christina says:

    It's a crap and full of fake profiel

  • Bruce says:

    Do you guys associated with bulova invest or massinteractive services?

  • Richard Watts says:

    I’ve been asked to verify and if I don’t I will get fined. I have spent 400 0n preloaded mastercards so far.

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