XMeets.com Review – They Confess To Using Fictitious Profiles To Scam Their Own Members

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Website Details:

XMeets.com Review


  • $8.91 to purchase a 3 day trial subscription.
  • $34.95 to buy a 1 month subscription.
  • $83.97 to buy a 3 month subscription.
  • $119.94 to buy a 6 month subscription.


  • Home: Find member tweets here, see women near me, watch live web cams, see recent chats, featured members, newest hotties, best matches, who viewed me and amateur member videos.
  • Search: Look for women according to “who’s online now”. The newest members and best matches. Also find other members based on age, location, and if they have photos in their profile.
  • Messages: Read emails and send emails from this section.
  • Quickie: This is a scientific match making service.
  • SMS/Text: Read text messages you receive here.
  • Newest: Shows the newest members on this site.
  • Friends network: In this section can meet your mutual and related friends, view your private photo albums, view your private video albums, and receive your network broadcast messages.


XMeets.com showed up in our spam box and that’s how we were notified of this dating service. Doing some very quick research we noticed this site was connected to numerous dating services that we have already exposed. The fake dating services include LocalMilfSelfies.com, JadaParks.com, SmashYourFriends.co.uk, and BBWDesire.com, these sites are all associated with XMeets.com. After we learned of these connections then we decided to register on the site so we could do a full and thorough investigation of how this site operates.

We registered on the site as a regular web user, creating a profile page and then letting it sit. For this investigation we have provided overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing, lots of lies and deceptions. It wasn’t very difficult to prove this was a bogus hook-up site with all the evidence provided by XMeets. Our review determined this was an illegitimate dating site created to rip off thousands of web users. The full investigation into XMeets.com can be read below.

This Site Admits To Fake “Fantasy Cutie” Profiles Operated By 3rd Party Contractors

The first thing we noticed was directly on the homepage of XMeets.com. We took a screenshot as evidence that you can see circled in red (see evidence below) talk about something called “Fantasy Cuties”. These member profiles are operated by independent contractors which have been hired by the site. Remember, this is on the homepage website. Contractors are people who are paid to perform a duty. So why are they hiring people to operate “Fantasy Cutie” profiles? It’s because these profiles are totally fake and run by the dating site. What you’re looking at is an admission of guilt by the administrators of this website. XMeets.com is telling you that they pay people to operate member profiles. Why would they pay someone to operate a female profile on their website? We will get into this further along in this investigation. Understand that you are on a dating site that is completely rigged against you. It’s a fraud designed to steal money out of your wallet.

(Screen shot of the “Fantasy Cutie” profiles confession.)

Phony Fabricated Fantasy Cutie Profiles Made By The Site’s Staff

After we figured out what this website was up to with their “Fantasy Cutie” profiles and hiring contractors to operate those profiles we started digging further. We learned that the “Fantasy Cutie” are easily identified by looking for the fantasy cutie logo Fantasy Cutie logo. If you take a look at the evidence below we have provided a few examples showing you how to spot a fictitious profile that’s been created by the site. Circled in red you will see yellow star with the letters FC in the middle of it Fantasy Cutie logo. This is how you identify fake profiles on XMeets.com. To our astonishment all the profiles of females we reviewed on this website had the “Fantasy Cutie” FC logo on it, fake!

There’s a couple reasons why they create these profiles. The main reason is that there aren’t many real women registering on this hookup site. This is a massive problem for a dating service that’s trying to target men to join their site. There’s no way that a man is going to join a dating site that doesn’t have any females on it. Their solution was to create fake profiles that they are responsible for operating via other third-party contractors. This is all about money. Another reason they create these profiles is if you try to communicate to anyone this site you need to pay a membership fee. So you as a male join the site looking to hook up and have casual sex with a girl located in your city. You find an attractive-looking profile but you can’t communicate unless you upgrade. And that’s how they get you. If the male members who joined the site don’t realize that all the profiles are fake the site can make that much more money. By tricking people into upgrading the amount of money they can make is astronomical. It cost about $30 for a monthly membership on this site, if thousands of people pay a $30 monthly membership it can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars per month!

(Screen shot of a fake “Fantasy Cutie” profile made by the site.)

(Screen shot of a fake “Fantasy Cutie” profile made by the site.)

Proof Of Phony Female Profile Photos Stolen From Other Sources

It wasn’t hard to prove that this website was creating their own fake profiles they outline everything they do in their terms and conditions. But now we’re proving and showing you with evidence and links where these photographs are being taken from. The large majority of fictitious female profile pages on XMeets.com are stealing photos from amateur porn sites. With these amateur porn photographs they build and create fake profile pages that are then uploaded to their website. You can take a look at the evidence we have provided below. We have evidence in the form of screenshots of female profile pages on XMeets.com, and all the corresponding web links where are these photographs have been taken from. Add this to the outstanding evidence proving even further how fraudulent this dating services.
There are number of different software services provided free for web users that enable you to identify fake profiles. This technology is called reverse image search software. Reverse searching is the process in which you try to identify where dating profile photographs are taken from. By a simple click of the mouse or uploading or photograph the software program can spit out all the links were that exact same dating profile is located. That’s how we were able to determine that the dating profiles listed below are fake. Some of the software programs you can use include Tineye.com, and also Google reverse image search software. This article lists the best reverse image search software programs.
(Screen shot of amateur porn star stolen from adult video site.)
  • http://media.fuqer.com/galleries/53eddd9a5a591/14.jpg

(Screen shot of amateur porn star stolen from adult video site.)

  • http://thumbs.bigtitsjuggs.com/st/thumbs1/576/gWePbv1jGV.jpg

(Screen shot of amateur porn star stolen from adult video site.)

  • http://galleries2.adult-empire.com/79/7963/9/th/thumbnails/tn5.jpg
  • http://thumbs.bigtitsjuggs.com/st/thumbs1/707/lHjN8FyF8V.jpg
  • http://img2.xxxdessert.com/xxxdessert/hairy/picsa/672.jpg
  • http://t2.lustfulpics.com/pictures180x240/ad/78/fe/63/ae6ffaf56b585b85ba8addb25f495983.cache.003.jpg
  • http://thumbs2.oneclickchicks.com/8/1/0/0/2/1060219.jpg
  • http://www.milfdatabank.com/st/thumbs/114/qcU2QMhn2o.jpg
  • http://seeexgf.net/galleries/girlfriend_on_kitchen/rl6cjx/180-240/high-heels-food-sex-in-the-kitchen-pics-617.jpg
  • http://galleries2.adult-empire.com/80/8012//xmas/thumbnails/tnbusty_girlfriends_12583.jpg

(Screen shot of amateur porn star stolen from adult video site.)

  • https://31.media.tumblr.com/a6d0226d4490b442fcdab03e6c246566/tumblr_mx8tewKQOr1s5rdqvo2_1280.jpg
  • http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?page=934&t=491780

Phony Fantasy Cutie Profiles Used To Send Fake Messages

Another thing that this website uses besides creating bogus female profiles is computer software systems.Unlike a regular software system this website uses computer robots automatically generating instant messages and sending those messages to members registering on the site. We saw firsthand how it all work. We registered on the site and within a few minutes we started receiving computer-generated messages from different women. Take into account that our profile for this investigation is blank (no photos no information) there would be absolutely no reason that anyone would want to contact us. When we tried to reply back to the instant message that we received a message popped up on our computer screen stating that “to communicate with other members we would have to upgrade our membership”p and we would have to buy a monthly membership. If you are receiving any chat messages on the site be warned that it’s all fake using computer programming. You’re not receiving legitimate messages from real people on the site, it’s all a con job.

The computer-generated messages already have precomposed messages built into them. The computer software has many different messages that are then spit out in instant messages and emails that are used to trick you. This is one of the main reasons that it’s really hard to identify when you’re interacting with a computer program or a real person. It’s because the messages have been written by a real person and then input it into the computer bot. You can take a look at the evidence below showing how real the instant messages are even though it’s all computer-generated from a bot.

(Screen shot of a fake computer generated instant message sent to us.)

You Need To Upgrade To Read Phony Emails From “Fantasy Cuties”

Email messages are also part of the same con job using the same type of computer programming that can send people who register on XMeets.com computer generated email messages. If you take a look at the emails they appear to be real however they’re missing one important factor and that is a real person sending you the emails. It’s all bogus fabricated emails used as a marketing gimmick to get you to try to reply back to the emails at which time you will be asked to upgrade and purchase a VIP pass to read the concocted messages.

All the email correspondence we received was sent to us using computer bots. The computer chat bots are highly sophisticated computer software programs that are designed and then used to trick people who register on Xmeets.com. These bot programs are disguised and made you trick you into believing that you’re chatting to real females who are registered on the site. It’s all a scam! It’s ALL a trick so you will want to purchase a paid membership to chat with “Fantasy Cuties” that you think are real females. The bottom line here is no one is actually sending you erotic emails,. It’s all of perception deception.
(Screen shot of a fake email messages we received.)

XMeets.com Is For “Entertainment & Amusement Purposes”

The administrators of Xmeet.com consider there website an entertainment service build for entertainment and amusement purposes (read section #4 of the terms). They Don’t consider their website a dating service build to find real people to have real life encounters with. Their site has been designed to “entertain you”. That might not sound like a big deal but if this was a real dating service they wouldn’t go out of their way to tell you that it is a place built to entertain and amuse you. Their sole objective here really is just to entertain you using their fictitious profiles and computer-generated instant messages. Once you find out everything is fictitious then the entertainment level is not there at all. Instead you’d be pretty pissed you wasted any time or money on this site.

No In Person Meeting Is Possible With “Fantasy Cuties”

The terms and conditions page even admits that no in-person meeting will ever happen between you and the people providing the fake Fantasy Cuties functionality. This is obvious, how can you meet a fake profile, or a contractor who is paid to lie to you. Obviously you cannot meet these people in person for any type of sexual encounter. The fact that they’re telling all of this in their terms and conditions page goes only to prove even further how illegitimate this dating service is. They go on to state that the interactions with Fantasy Cuties is only for entertainment purposes and to encourage broader participation in the Site Services. Once again this only goes to prove even further how much of a fraud this website really is. What point is there in purchasing a paid membership if you never have the possibility of meeting someone in a real life situation?

The Final Piece Of Evidence Is The Terms & Conditions

Probably the best piece of evidence we can give you and the most incriminating is directly from their own website. The administrators of XMeets.com thought it was a great idea to outline and write about how they rip everyone off and put it all on their terms and conditions page (section 4.c)! Their terms and conditions are amazing because they reveal exactly everything that we have discussed in this review. They confess that they use third-party contractors to operate fictitious profiles. They also admit they use computer-generated messages And lastly they admit that you can never have an in-person meeting with a “Fantasy Cutie”. None of the “Fantasy Cuties” are real people. You can read the terms and conditions below or click this link (section 4.c) to be taken to the terms and conditions page.

  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that some of the profiles listed on the Site may be operated by our Site or third party contractors and are fictitious. These profiles and interactions generated from them are clearly labelled with the Fantasy Cuties logo: Fantasy Cuties functionality is offered to help the Service 1) enforce Service rules and policies, 2) monitor use of Site, 3) illustrate to users the features and communication tools of the Site, 4) enhance your online communication, companionship and entertainment experience, 5) and to promote increased use of the Site such posting of profile information and/or additional content to users’ profile pages.
  • Interactions originating from Fantasy Cuties functionality could be computer generated or could be created by the Site or third party contractors hired by the Site.
  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that the interactions, profile information, and content utilized by Fantasy Cuties profiles do not originate from any actual Site member, but are present for entertainment, informational and Site monitoring purposes only. Any similarity between Fantasy Cuties profile information or interactions to any real person is purely coincidental and fictitious.
  • Staff of Site or third party contractors hired by the Site could operate multiple Fantasy Cutie profiles and associated communications features.
  • You further comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that, Fantasy Cutie profiles may contact both free users and paid users with computer or human generated interactions for the purposes listed above. These interactions may be initiated to several users simultaneously or in a small time frame. Should a user respond to an interaction from an Fantasy Cuties profile, said user may receive one or more human or computer generated replies from the Fantasy Cuties profile.
  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that no in-person meeting will ever happen between You and the people providing Fantasy Cuties functionality, and that the interactions You have via Fantasy Cuties functionality is for entertainment purposes in addition to encouraging participation in our Service and to help monitor use of the Service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 410 Terry Ave N., Seattle, WA, 98109 US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:  NS-1986.AWSDNS-56.CO.UK, NS-847.AWSDNS-41.NET, NS-1172.AWSDNS-18.ORG, NS-44.AWSDNS-05.COM

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 877-919-1567 +1-727-755-7249 OUTSIDE USA
  • Addresses: Heywood House, South Hill Anguilla
  • Email:  [email protected]

Final Decision:

The evidence is overwhelming and damning. There’s no shadow of a doubt what XMeets.com is up to. They have constructed a site to appear to be a legitimate dating service when in fact it’s a completely fraudulent safe. It’s not legit, there’s no real women on it.  XMeets.com has been designed exclusively to line the pockets of the owners. All the evidence is there for you make the right choice!

If you wasted money and purchased a membership on XMeets you should get a hold of your bank and credit card company. You need to fight back, you work hard for your money and if you lost cash because of the fake profiles that duped you into upgrading then fight for your money. The bank will be able to help you out because this is a well-documented fraud. All the proof is in their terms and conditions page. It’s clear cut. You should have no problem getting reimbursed from this con.


We took another look at X Meets 2 years later to see if anything had changed. Was the site still involved in creating fictitious profiles or had they changed their deceptive business tactics? Are they still involved in sending emails using automated bots? These questions and more can be answered by checking out our updated investigation.

Read the update here: Datingbusters.com/xmeets-com-review-they-confess-to-using-fictitious-profiles/

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.
  • Contact the FTC. You can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by clicking on this link. The Federal Trade Commission is there to protect consumers. It’s their Duty as a government agency to respond to dating frauds and online dating scams.

 Comments 18 comments

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  • richard johansson says:

    what is members dating telephone number so i can call you

  • Angry guy says:

    Fake motherfuckers them sites should be closed down. There all fucking bullshit, feeding of lonely desperate people. They should find them fake fucks and chop there bullocks of 

  • Dan says:

    I have explored Xmeets and found all you say to be true and annoying. My question is this, what can you tell me about the blue stars, the site member stars, are these people real? I have shared some conversations with them, and although they seem to be real, I find myself questioning some of their responses, maybe I am paranoid? I want to have a little fun here, but only with real women?

    • Nick says:

      I have same question the standard member sounded a lot like FC girls and once my tokens were up she vanished too and never sent anymore flirts or messages. Has anyone ever even received a photo? They say they are ready to swap pics but don’t even do that!

  • Bob says:

    Oh yea they are fake alright. Before you pay I had dozens of gals that said they wanted sex but not true, they want you to buy coins to chat but that hot light browned hair doll I signed up to meet ignored all my contact attempts. So paid like forty bucks and not so much as a meeting. We should be able to file class action against at the least, deception.. 


  • Ron says:

    Xmeets.com, TrsutedAssist.net, and Livehelpnow.com, are all tied in together. \

    Xmeets ( scam site) that had charged and withdraw $69.90 form my bank account for which I did not authrize, they continue to deny refunds, but will give me credit, but I would need to keep the account active,

    TrustedAssist.net is the Xmeets link on their site for support and billing …Useless, and they are the ones who decide upon refunds.


    Livehelpnow.net – same thing as TrustedAssist.com….also tied into Xmeeets, and handles their billing and support..

    I had tried the site for about 2 hours, and realized when you do a search, everyone is out of range from where you are located…When you search withing a 50 mile radius, There is NEVER anyone within 10-20-miles……


    Overall I realize it is scam site and DO NOT recommned that you waste your time and money, and the risk of them charging you WAY more than what  you had approved of…You will NOT get your money back……And I  never signed up for a 1 year term….but they withdrawn $69.90 from my bank account.



    I will be filing complaints, and contacting my bank for their Fraud

    My Bank to claim fraud

    Better Business Bureau


    Federal Bureau of Investigation


    Federal Trade Commission


    The NJ State Attorney General




  • peter harness says:

    i seem to be having money taken out of my account monthly inetfee.com dont know what dating site its from not happy though

  • dave johnson says:

    thank you for your expanded explination, i was curious myself, it didn't seem right somehow, no money exchanged, but you're right, it can be a very inviting environment, good to see that there are still people out ther looking out for the others, basically, that was a damn good report, everything i thought, 

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  • David doty says:

    This is a fake fating site I I would like to be rembursed for my sign on profile and the 4 Updates for tokens. This is a scam and if I have to I have a well established Attorney that is my friend. He is in Toronto and dealing with similar situations . I you would like a fight it can happen. I am get asking for total reimbursement. I can’t even get on the site it gives me a 501 error for the past few days. Please refund my money and I will not have an approach from my attorney. Not threatening you but he can sink you in compliance and regulatory positions.


    David Doty

    • Admin says:

      XMeets.com is totally fake and unfortunately it’s still running strong. That’s too bad, we were hoping that with our review one way or another it would be shut down. But, Unfortunately they’re still making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month misleading and deceiving people!

  • Patrick says:

    This my email add. [email protected]

  • Willism Halterman says:

    Ok not happy they call and get my money its the rong Email and i cant get a hold ove no one there to fix ghis problem and i thank it rell sucks get my money and run that bull shit and yall better not charge or tack money out ove my account in tell this fix nit payinv for something i cant use ..

         FIX THIS NOW

  • Jayson Williams says:

    I am fucking fuming and I'll be getting the fraud team involved today join subscribed for a month plus I bought 50 fucking tokens which is a fucking scam, it's all a fucking scam they wont let me on and o av the same fucking name and password and more money as been taken out of my account which I did not authorized, it was taken out by Billerprotect.com, do not take any more money, I will b intouch with you and the fraud team if this is not sorted , that's all I'm trying to do is look for a woman and you are conning and stopping me from doing that, sort it out.

  • Mr. Lee says:

    I have been on there for close to 2 years and I have noticed some odd things I did realized they recycle their pictures I also know that they used my picture in another profile for another state which was california, and when I registered, information was changed. I did meet a girl there who's picture she sent me caught my attention she was registered in tempe arizona and also san pedro California and she was online all the time and I had some with her and found out she one person in az and another person in car but in actually it is the person  and the picture she used I know ain't her because  I got a picture from that same girl 5 year ago under another site, and when I had showed her that picture, she didn't react,, so I know that not her on the profile,  but I am going to take action.

  • Phillip says:

    Hey when done yall update on xmeets.com was same as was  if so they sure me thinking to real woman i brought tokens  3 already then almost 200 dollars im glad i have this or gave probably  got more money from can u give me up on this please 

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