Learn How IAmNaughty.com Uses Fake Profiles & Fake Emails To Scam You

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Website Details:

IAmNaughty.com home page


  • $3.18 to purchase a 3 day trial membership.
  • $24.49 to purchase a 1 month subscription to the site.
  • $48.99 to purchase a 3 month subscription to the site.
  • $83.94 to purchase a 6 month subscription to the site.


  • Search: Search for people according to their gender, age, location, if they have photos and if they are online now.
  • Online: See who is "online now".
  • Mail: You can read emails
  • Chat: Chat with local women through this section.
  • Activity: You can see who has viewed your profile, sent you emails,  sent you chat requests,
  • My Account: You can upload photos to your profile, update your email and update your password.
  • Live Cams: See girls nude women on web cam.

Instant Messages From Local Girls

We have been harping on this for quite a while now. If you get instant messages right after you sign up, the site is going to be a fraud. Review after review, it's the same thing over and over again. The majority of the dating scam sites are owned by about 5 or 6 corporations. All they do is create new dating sites with the same software, using the same fake members and same fraudulent scams to trick you into purchasing a monthly subscription. IAmNaughty.com is no different at all. Minutes after registering on the site we already received 5 chat request from supposedly local ladies. Using automated software programs this website can make it appear as if you are receiving instant chat messages from hot local girls. Unfortunately the truth is you are not receiving real chat messages. These phony messages are used as a marketing tool to get free members such as yourself to pull out your credit card and purchase a monthly subscription so you can communicate back to the fake women who sent you those instant messages. Please understand no women are sending you those messages, a dating service is behind the whole con. Take a look at the evidence below of the phony chat messages we personally received.

Automated chat messages

Phony "Viewed Your Profile" Trick

IAmNaughty.com uses a multitude of techniques to trick you into believing you are popular and girls are falling at your feet. Another technique they use is a "view my profile" con. In one section of the site you can see who has been viewing your profile. Within 15 minutes of being on the site we had already 11 views of our profile. But, this is all a trick to get men to look at who has viewed their profile. In all cases it's always an attractive looking local girl. But once again don't get tricked because this is all a con using automated software. With the help of software programs they can make it appear as if all these attractive looking girls are viewing your profile. The problem is that the girls that are is looking at your profile are all completely fake, and they have not view your profile whatsoever. The reason they have create fake profile views is because you will want to communicate back to the girls who supposedly looked at your profile. When you do try to communicate back you are of course send to the upgrade subscription page where you need to purchase a monthly subscription. That is why the fake profile views are created and that's why these automated software programs make it appear as if local women are looking at your profile when in fact it's all a trick.

fake profile views

Automated Emails From Girls Who Are Nonexistent

Fake emails are another widely popular technique used to trick men into upgrading. You can take a look at the evidence below and see all the emails that we received in a very short. If we try to read any of the emails we automatically are redirected to an upgrade subscription page. Every single girl that emailed us was in fact fictitious. They are not real, their profiles have been created by the dating service. The site also send outs emails that appear to deceive users into believing that the correspondence is coming from legitimate local women looking to hook up with men. This is all a scam and used to of course trick you into upgrading to reply back to the emails. Take a look at the evidence below showing the automated emails we received from these fake girls.

phony emails\

Dating Profiles

Adult hookup sites are more popular with men than women, this is just common sense. But when you are on a website like IAmNaughty.com it definitely looks like there are thousands of local women who are ready to hook up with you at the drop of a drive. Unfortunately all these profiles are completely fabricated by the dating service. On the terms and conditions page actually admit to fabricating profiles. All of the emails and text messages you have been receiving from beautiful women are in fact faked. The woman in those profiles are completely made up, and all the information provided in the dating profiles has been created by people who work for the dating service. This is all an attempt from the dating site to make it appear as if the site has thousands of real girls, when the truth is the number is much less than that.

Exposing The Scam Wide Open

When doing any type of reviews or investigative reporting it's important to find factual evidence that backs up your statements. With this review we were able to find detailed information that proves this company is behind all the fraud. We have provided the direct link where you can read the exact text where they describe creating fake profiles, using phony emails, computer generated messages and everything else we have discussed. We have included the most important sentences from the terms and agreement page (section I) below.

  1. We create user profiles for use by our customer support representatives…
  2. the Website utilizes automated system profiles to communicate with Users to enhance our Users’ entertainment experience.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that some of the profiles posted on the Website that you may communicate with as a Registered User may be fictitious.
  4. The purpose of our creating these profiles is to provide our Registered Users with entertainment
  5. The messages they send are computer generated. Messages from the user profiles we create attempt to simulate communications so that should you become a paid Member.
  6. The user profiles we create are not intended to resemble or mimic any actual persons.
  7. We may create several different user profiles that we attach to a given picture.
  8. You also acknowledge and agree that the descriptions, pictures and information included in such profiles are provided primarily for your amusement.
  9. Additionally, we will utilize our automated system profiles to communicate with Users.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: Office 22, 6 Tassou Papadopoulou, 2373 Ag. Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns1.hwtool.net, ns2.hwtool.net

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-800-868-5182 or 1-800-848-5413
  • Addresses: Dositheou 42, Strovolos, 2028, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

There is too much evidence showing that this site is indeed a full scam you should cease using it. Take caution if you plan on using it.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 136 comments

  • Minh vi vo says:

    Can u please close my account . I have paid for it . But now wish it to be cancelled . I don't care what u have charged from my credit card . But now want it cancelled the whole account. Thanks msg me or call me on 0428453326 thank hope to here from u soon

    • Admin says:

      Contact IamNaughty.com:

      by phone at 1-800-868-5182 or 1-800-848-5413 or email [email protected] . FYI we have aboslutely nothing to do with IAmNaughty.com/

      • John says:

        I just want to shut this, unnecessary nonsense down. I'm going away, and sincerely tried to explain this!  What now?  I don't have HERPES!  AND I DON'T WANT THIS!  PLS HLP IF YOU CAN. THNX .

        • Angry says:

          There are 3 steps you need to take to close your account.  First: cancel repeat billing, Second: Cancel the Upgraded member billing, Third: remove men=mbership.  Each step reuires you to receive via email a code which you need to put into the cancellation filed, then wait for their email confirming cancellation before going onto the next step.

          This site is a major scam and they do not care about how they screw over the general public/their customers.


      • David says:

        I went onto the site for a laugh I'm not a member, I want to unsubscribe, BUT MOST OF ALL THERE WAS AN ADD THAT WAS COMPLETELY DISGUSTING AND WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL. YES A CHILD, Fucking disgraceful please remove me from this evil awful site, why is it so hard, I have not entered any credit card details nor would I, im in two minds to contact the police. 


      • Arnold says:

        I know that your site is all one big scam , and the girls and women want your phone number to go off the site to messaging !
        And all of the girls , or women are trying to run scams , with one lie after another ! Trying to scam you out of your debit , or credit card numbers , using third-party verifications and you got a pay this or pay that too to make sure that everything is safe for y’all to me they all have TextNow phone numbers none of them can be reached on the phone numbers they all live out of state they don’t live anywhere near me soon as you tell them where you live , they claim , oh no I’m in Slidell La. too ! but they have text now numbers with area codes from New York Las Vegas Arizona Alabama all over the country but not in the state you’re in at all they tell you nothing but lies and promises a meeting up hooking up having sex blah blah blah it’s all a bunch of lies and bulshit ! And it took me an hour to unsubscribe , but I finally had to call an operator and speak with the customer service representative , and they gave me a free 7-Day trial again like I really want to go back on that site when your filters don’t even work , and it wouldn’t allow me to change the ZIP code where I live , and none of the girls I ever saw , not one girl that claimed they were from Slidell Louisiana I mean why would anybody want even use your sight ? Because it’s so fake , and phony , and counterfeit ? And your site has gottt bad reviews all over Google man ! And all you do is Google I am naughty and Google will tell you how fake phony , and counterfeit your site is ! And the corporation that is running it , is running it with fake profiles , the same picture on different girls names ,. on down the line man ! Your site is all just one big rip-off , in a complete and total scam all the way across the board !

    • curious george says:

      I read this article with great interest as I have joined 10 minutes ago, and already have an email I cannot access, so this is going to be interesting on a lighter note perhaps this scam branch of whoever this is should change there names to "Bots R Us"

      However taking into account the reviews I have read here,I shall not be purchasing a subscription and if I cannot close my account ,I get all there emails sent directly to my spam folder, it's not much in the way of revenge but I will get a little comfort knowing they are spending money on an email I won't get.

      Unfortunately I find as a general rule ofthumb, any dating app you have to pay to use is a scam, does anyone know any that work? 


      ive removed my credit card info from itunes & cancled my account through IAMNAUGHTY go to the desktop version of IAMNAUGHTY & click on "My settings" which is located at the top right when you click on your profile picture "My settings> scroll down> & somewhere just under all the little blue checked boxes it will say> Cancel my account or Remove my account in a Grey link text. its next to "Billing History" go through the steps itll make you enter you password then ask you a couple questions just blow through that until you get to the point where it says its emailing you a cancelation code…. it takes a second for the email conformation code to come through keep checking your spam fold too. when it shows up repeat the steps on IAMNAUGHTY My settings>scroll down>click remove account> itll make you enter you password again but now itll ask for your cancelation code after Type it in & make sure when youre answering their questions that you remove all you information along with the whole account. theres a tricky spot in there so read closely. once youve typed the code in it will say youre all canceled & removed. now youre at the phase im in. just be sure to remove your credit card info from you itunes account through Itunes. the desktop version is easiest to navigate your itunes payment infromation. just go to your payment info where all your credit card info is & where it gives you the choice of picking what card provider you have "VISA>MASTERCARD>AMERICAN EXPRESS…ETC" Click the option "NONE" no im going to wait and see if i get charged again but i am also going to follow up with my bank & let them know that these charges are no longer me & that my account subcription is deleted. I hope this works, & i hope this helps you guys. 

      • Allan wade says:

        Thanks for the info…I fell for this site this morning should have checked what you had to say first…if I lock my credit card will that be enough…oh btw…All the girls I spoke to siin said they had to go running late was their reason…make this know that this sit is phony spread the word and get them off the net…thanks mate for the info

      • Allan says:

        I got my bank to cancel my card…was told by bank this company is in China..they have the AFP… Australian Federal Police onto them…

        what do you know…who would have guessed…bloody Chinese have a lot to answer for…makes you not want to trust any one on the net anymore…


      Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.

      Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

      Tap View Apple ID. You might need to sign in or use Touch ID.

      Tap Subscriptions.

      Tap the subscription that you want to manage. …

      Use the options to manage your subscription.


    • aurangzeb says:

      please canceled my membership and my billing payment.i want to leave this page 

    • Mlgbox1 says:

      Ok? Wdym

  • Francis says:

    Hi, I just purchased the 3 day trial, and the site didn't want to cancel may payment, please help me, f you have any news please e-mail me at : [email protected]

    • Admin says:

      Call them bank and tell they you are ging to call your bank and report IAmNaughty.com as a scam.

    • Nvv says:

      If you pay for a 3 day trial they charge 50$ as well and won't give it back

      • Tim WIlliams says:

        I tried this site all the girls on the site tell you any thing they act like they like you and want to go out I tried a three trail I was talking to the bank I was charged thirtyfive dollars something I did not order now I can't get a phone number to ask and get the charge removed I never ordered anything







    • Alan says:

      stop your card I have it's the easiest way, I signed upfor three days but tthye wanted to take a for a full subscription, 



  • Andrew Hadjilouca says:

    Will it help if you destroy your bank card?

  • Anonymous says:

    How do i delete my account?

  • Ludie DeVaughn says:

    Cancel this shit and put money back on my card keeps asking for upgrade

  • Mark Sprinkle says:

    this site has used old info from a previous dating site to enroll me. My bank will be notified

  • Steve says:

    I briefly signed up more out of curiosity but I never once tried to upgrade or anything realizing it was fake, I chose to remove my account immediately, that said, will I get billed? I never gave any credit card information but I'm paranoid. 

  • moewil says:

    i gotten a lawyer fuck them they are a scam and my lawyer checking their ass out dont fucking give your info  these scamming companies always fucking getting bover on people no more i will keep everyone posted


    • Jimmie says:

      Good luck I have done it once the three day trail  after that I could no long sign again  because  I my bank refused them block them

  • Paul Levasseur says:

    There site is also filled with cam girls whom want nothing better than to take your money. These girls are professionals at what they do and they'll trap by following a link to a supposed cam site where you are charged or they will make you think that they are in love with you. 

    • jackie says:

      sounds like the whoes that are running a under cover, in there case under there blankets.slut ring all in the over all gain of course of bleeding men dry.. and they fall in love with your cash

  • lucky says:

    How to delete my bank account and refund my money how to plz tell me plz iamnaught plz

    • Admin says:

      call your bank they can help you cancel your credit card.

      • Vera says:

        I found in my husband's email that he signed up for iamnaughty.com and when i confronted him he lied to me saying his email was hacked then i found his bank statements  was charged big money like i read from other's but the bank statements gives websites where these come from paid memberships and free trail subscriptions and he was getting recurring charges so last month he cancelled his card  but says he has no idea what the charges was i called and he did make a profile and picture then thats all i could find out i seen all types of email messages from girls fake sexy messages 

    • david says:

      cancell your bank card get issued a new one iv had to do this a couple of times for the gymm i signed up to they keep taking money out long after i quit the gym 

  • Sean says:

    I wish to stop receiving emails from them.

  • Luke says:

    Please help. How do I unsubscribe

    • Admin says:

      Hi Luke,

      I found this in the terms and conditions page of IAmNaughty.com:

      You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. To ensure the security of your account you have to complete all steps of the subscription cancellation procedure in accordance with the security policy of our company. To start your subscription cancellation, enter the “My Settings” section, click on the “Billing History” tab and follow  our site instructions to proceed. Once you have done this we will send an email with further instructions to the email address you used to register with us. Should you have any questions, contact us by sending an email to: [email protected].

      • iamanidiot says:

        I just tried what you said above and it seemed to work from the setting but as soon as I got out, I tried again and my account is still active!


        I think the best way to ensure you WILL NOT be charged in future is to report it to your bank as a SCAM and or cancel the credit card you have used. 

        JUST A SAD SAD SAD world — this is written on behalf of a guy who got caught out by his loving partner.  This guy is now in psych ward on involuntary commitment as he is messed up in his head.  I believe that EVERYONE who has been on the iamnaughty site and similar ARE MESSED up in their head totally! 


        Having said this, good luck to all of you. I wish you all well and hope you have learnt your lesson.


        By someone who cared about some idiot who joined and paid AUD$65 for a 3 month subscription.


        • david says:

          i got on the site by chance like someone said before i was on there no  more than two minutes i  got three messages. The one that made know it was full of shit was from a very nice looking girl stating i was the best looking guy on here which was amazing because i didnt have a pic up guys if it seems to good to be true its not 

        • Jamie says:

          Can nobody get that these sites are for entertainment only!! One chat and it is obvious that you are talking to a bot! BTW  some are way better than others  ???

        • Allan says:

          I have learned my lesson mate…ripped up my credit card and phoned the bank to send me a new one…

      • IAMAROBOT says:

        WOEE WHAT AN EFFORT TO DELETE THE ACCOUNT so i sent them a email saying that i will notify my bank also, got an email with instructions on how to delete account which i couldnt navigate to at first because of the messenger window (full of messenges from software code at that), finaly got to it then it tells me to go back the path where its called cancel subscription, then i have to do a mini crap survey and then still have to phone them up, while on the phone she trys to sign me up to another web-site couplesmeet.com,,,,what Joke!!

      • Jamie says:

        All these sites have the same profiles. .the "girls " are all bots.some will ask for email or direct you to Webcam. Your cc provider can help you if being robbed . But….it can be fun for 20 bucks a month. Want to meet girls? Go and do what you love to do in the real world. 


      • lewis says:

        Hello I have been locked out of my account whilst trying to delete it it was a prank by my pals to set it up thinking it was on a 3 day trial I didn't mind today is the second day I have tried to delete it they won't let me and as I have already said I am blocked out now can I just phone my bank and ask them to block any further payments? 

  • kumar says:

    Is there any way i can stop this membership subscription i live in new Zealand ive tried everything and nothing is working i just want this to stop but nothing is working

  • Jen l says:

    someone has used my name and email address to make a fake profile on that site how do i report them to get my info removed it is not my account i didnt open it and i dont want to be associated with it but have tried emailing but made no difference still keep getting emails from them please help me

  • Wise up suckers says:

    If you have used your credit card to register or join, then simply report it as lost or stolen. go to your bank and report the site as a fraudulent site and ask them to cancell the payment. You will get a new credit card and all previous arrangements for that old card will cease to be made because it has been deregistered and no further deductions can be made to it.  If you have other legitimate businesses that deduct money from the old card you will have to re-authorise new payments to the new card. Your membership will cease immediately you cancell the old card. before you register to join any dating service , google it and ask if it is a scam site. As stated above if you read the terms of service, they tell you that all the females are fake. These sites prey on lonely and vulnerable men to con them out of their money. 

    If you have even the remotest idea how a woman's mind operates you would know that women do not act like the profiles in these sites. Genuine women talk a completely different language to that used in these profiles.

  • stuart says:

    The site is a complete rip off avoid it i kept getting emails from admin saying they would close my account if i did not up grade so i said do it they never have this so called dating site is just a big scam 

    • Jamie says:

      What is funny for me is in the chat room i posted that this whole thing was just a bit of sex chat with bots. And they kicked me out!!!!! i have some sympathy for the genuine guys looking for someone.  But if you look at i am naughty, bedesreet, wivesgonewild, etc. Then  come on? Really? Just see if it fits in your entertainment budget. I am on bedesreet and having some ridiculous sex chat is really fun!!!even have to cut off some chats because the bot is repetitive and boring. 

  • Gary says:

    Hey guys just wanted to post what I did to stop getting the annoying emails. First off I didn't enter any billing info just email address with them and kept getting emails. So all I did was set up a fake email with another company, yahoo, gmail, hotmail. Went in the site and changed my email address on the site to my burner email. Seems to have worked…

  • rich says:

    I hooked up out of curiosity, next day i phoned to cancel all future payments, advisor told me all done but will get a free site called myBBWmatch. I told him i did not want this and insisted to make sure no money comes out of my account. 7 days later a payment of £1 and a payment of £39.99 came out of my account, i phoned the bank who told me bcuz i signed up they can not reimburse money but from now we can put a block on it, to get my money back i must phone number. I was told on phone that the free 7 day trial for bbwmatch had expired and now i being charged full membership. I currently disputing this.

  • John says:

    Greetong I was on your site an was perfected by you. I did get a naught day girl have my age but didn't get the sex. She offered really sexy. But I wasn't going to pay for sex though tempting no. What site are good for getting laid any free

  • Viv says:

    PLEASE can somebody tell me if they can only get your email address and send you emails if you register or just enquire? Or can people who have never visited the page or site also receive emails?

  • karl says:

    I've been on here at think it's a scam some lady wants me to pay 200 pound to a hotel.mananger in the phillipines for us to meet by bank transfer 

  • justin says:

    Hello my name is justin i have had email from total networks holding limted base in manlia  through the website i am naugty i sign up for one months membership of $31 and send me this email on website someone called denlise she threatened me with my account being closed and fine 200 dollars a month on my account possible being blocked and banned  i  was thinking that they was a member but i dont think so i have already canceled my master card spoke to my bank they will get my money back thanks cheers.

  • paul says:

    i was curious about this site, and stupidly signed up to a 3 day trial at $1.16 per day which I was charged, then I noticed I was charged for a full upgrade $21.99 pm and a 1 month subscription of $39.99pm which I difantly didn't sign up to, have been getting loads of emails asking to confirm email address which I had done at the start. and threatened me with $200 & $300 per month charges and being banned,  wondering if these are scammers then got a cancellation link which tries signing you up to other sites and asking for credit cards details which, I didn't feel out, I have sent an email to there admin asking to cancel the whole thing and the subscriptions, not too bothered about a refund as long as I don't get charged again next month! 

  • robert says:

    this is a scam site-do not sign up am now receiving threats to charge my account a 2000.00 dollar fee-fuck them already cancelled card-i recomend that any one who has signed up cancell your card now as the bank can not refund u money because u signed up–they will empty your account


  • Fred Jones says:

    28/11/15 – They took the $4.45 from my debit card account without my authority so I transfered all my money from that card to another account and then went about cancelling my Iamnaughty account.

    I was shocked to see they'd taken funds from my account without me even giving them the authority or even sippling the numbers, how is this possible and is it legal?

    Iamnaughty account is now closed 

  • vikas sandhu says:

    Please contact me 0894085064 how can i cancell my 3 day trail and block me from this website and i do not want any balance cut fro my account please help me

  • Dissatisfied iamnaughty lady says:

    I'm a female and was a willing participant on the iamnaughty site, I posted some naughty pics, got a couple of msg's and participated in about 6 msg's with men, with out any explanation I was barred from all msg'ing activity, and a couple of my new 'friends' were not happy, so I paid the upgrade fee(that women don't have to pay) and was told the temporary technical issue would be fixed. Still unable to MSG and dealing with unhappy 'friends' had to get out, and that wasn't easy either. Real women are on there but can't communicate with the men, it's purely a porn site

  • pa says:

    link to video to show how to cancel doesn't work. have cancelled card … have mailed many time and not got any confirmation that they have recieved or cancelled my subscription or account

  • pa says:

    link to video to show how to cancel doesn't work. have cancelled card … have mailed many time and not got any confirmation that they have stopped my subscription or account

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  • G.Damien says:


    I have only clicked on the start now pattern. I'm not quite sure whether I was subscribed to iamnaughty site or not as I did not give any credit / debit card info to that site. However, to be discrete I have requested for the account removal by using the tutorial of dailymotion clip above.

    In this case, I suppose I will not be chaged a penny? Am I right?


    • david says:

      yeah you should be fine im in the same boat i signed up but gave no information so cant read messages or send then either 

  • stuart smith says:

    yeah those dating lets just fuck web sites are a con in an hr and half i nhad over 130 messages and no shit there s no way there are that many single women in my area and when i got messaged i went to see iof she was on lined and how funny she wasnt so if she just messaged me she must of shut off instantly once the message was sent     ah come on guys it could happen like 60 odd times in on e night if it was true every chick out there would be thinking i got 24 inch chocolate coated cock and i m a studx of my area its to over welmiing to be honestly true so io say fuck thesed sites and i hope there kids are being roited by some some where or there got a massive drug hab it which is just ripping there parents hearts out just like there bullshit companyies are doing to guys out there ya fucking lows life scum peices of dog turd shit   infact thesed company owners prob bat of there own fake shit evedrey night cause they get no acvtion at home or trhere partneris out fucking there best friend while they run hrs of work time running these scam com panys    to all you company owner s of these sites hey SUCK MY DICK YA SCUM

  • Johnny says:

    Iam Naughty , Benauthy  same scammers, these guys have sri lanka accent base in Cyprus according them or some village
    they are not just scammers they are thieves. Even after you cancel they continue to charge you $0.25 , $2.33 . $1.88 . $5 small amounst but consistant . The Best way is to Change your Credit Card Right the way else they will steal from you as long as it takes 90% of the women on the site do not exist . they create the fake profiles  themselve and the sad part is the fake profiles are managed by Guys the Fake girl that you think is chatting with you is actually  some Ugly Tamil Donkey answering all your questions.and pretending to be a Girl.Anyone who read this eamil should stay out of the sites Iam Naughty and Benaughty basically same owners . They make millions of dollars ripping people off and use that same money to migrate to Canada or US as foreign business guys. DO NOT USE your credit card on this site you will regret it happened to me , luckily the card i used was Prepayed Credit Card and i leave small balnce on it but still this thieves will try a $1 if they fail they go 0.25 cents a Quarter?  it shows these guys are desperate and thieves there is nothing that cost 0.25 cents on their site yet i continue to see 0.25 every day till my $2 balance was ZERO.

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  • LEE TAVINER says:

    I have similar experience:  I joined on the Janurary 2nd this year for 1 month ( £24.99)Jan – and i don't like this site so i cancelled this on the website – i said that i'm not paying any more!  However i didn't know that they continued to bill me ie: Jan 2nd -£28.99, Jan20 £4.24, Jan 23rd £41.41,Jan 24th three payments of £1.41, Jan 27th £41.41, Jan 30th -two payments of I) £24.99,2) £41.41…?

    It's a con – they are criminals – simple as that!  The statement of my transactions is either Cyprus or Malta..!  I presume many people have duped about this site – i'm one of them!!!

    • Daniel C. Airozo says:

      I recently joined for 6-month $47 fee.  Then on 9/27, they charged my cc $19.99 for Access to VCD,,,I asked them what that is and got no response…so I cancelled this whole site.  I also will contact my cc company fraud department…and I might have to cancel my cc.


  • dave says:

    its all a con..I joined on the 18 jan ..and could not get out..they had charged me 85 euro for lies…only way to stop was to cancel card payments with bank..

    Unfortunately wont get money back but at least no further payments..please be very careful of these dangerous sites

    all are a rip off..

  • […] numerous dating sites that we have exposed for fraud. The list of sites includes LocalsGoWild.com, IAmNaughty.com, ShagTogether.com, HelloHotties.com, WantUBad.com, and numerous other […]

  • Mick says:

    Yes its a scam all to lure into more charges on card even just to message someone n then they sceem u for not entering full card details n want to charge $500 for not complying big scam 

  • Erin says:

    I checked out this site, gave them my cc info, and within 2 wks, they hit my card for $200, 6 times, for $30-40 increments each time. They just kept hitting it. I had to close the card, and dispute the charges. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY PERSONAL INFO. IT IS A SCAM!!!

  • goa says:

    Nobody ever got in contact with any scammers for real..like personally? i would kick his or hers ass and put them in the hospital…

  • John Velisek USN (Ret.) says:

    The company that runs all these scam sites is Bulova Ltd in the British Virgin Islands. The women that are on there have told me that they have to register as "cam girls" and are required to take tyou to a pay site "Firecams" before they are even allowed to set up meeting anyone. There are a few that are not camgirls,but after speaking tothem for about a hlaf hour they suddenly have to leave and are never heard from again. If you ask them if they are "cam girls" they either refuse to answer the question or lie. Another scam they use is verification. They want you to go to another paysite and been verified becuase they have suffered some indiginity in the past. In the time I have been on the site, I have found three or four women who were real, and like I said before they were gone within an hour. There are a slew of these sites, but all are run by Bulova Ltd in the BVI.

    • Admin says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the information on Bulova LTD. You are correct they are behind many phony dating services. They hire 3rd party contractors to chat with people as well.

    • Jay says:

      Exact thing happened to me saying go to this site and get verified I don't know you and ever heard of the Craiglist killer and I have been hurt in the past. If you do this you get my cell # and we can meet up but how is having a credit card prove you are not a killer?? They don't run background checks on you it's all a scam I didn't fall for it and yet they continued to email me and I ended up blocking their email..

  • MrCarrera says:

    I had the same experience with a site that is called Maxxdate.com. Once you enter, you are bombarded with nice women. I noticed that they all responded the same to my questions. When I mentioned the phrase "date bait" for the site, the "women" got angry. Once I said I would report the site, they closed my account. So a warning : STAY AWAY FROM M A X X D A T E . C O M as well 🙂

  • josh says:

    I didn't pay for anything, but I did start an account. I didn't give them any information, besides my email and location, can they steal my money, or am I safe?


  • josh says:

    I didn't pay for anything, but I did start an account. I didn't give them any information, besides my email and location, can they steal my money, or am I safe??


  • daniel says:

    i Just contacted my bank to cancel my credit card and reissue a new one , shouldve read up on this before signing up

  • Calvin says:

    I've never seen a more stupid group of people and their comments in my life. Seriously, some of the most ignorant and just plain stupid comments on any article ever. Apparently 90% of the people signing up for IAMNAUGHTY.com have the average IQ of a small rodent.

  • david says:

    tell me how you really fell bud lol 

  • king says:

    The messages pops up in some live streaming sites and it is disgusting as where local girls would want you but wants you to register first. I have had a lot of these chats and all they ask is register and I laugh because a local within my area wants me to pay before i meet her. it is laughable why people fall for this I'm sorry for your loss anyway

  • pauloh says:

    Yep,they got me for 21.99 & 25.99.Then caught on to them.Went head to head emails with Administration. Til they messaged I be charged 200 every month unless I finish another Confirmation account BS.Told them I see them in court.They didn't reply back.

    • Pauloh says:

      The next email threatened me with $700 a month charge & some other BS for breaking account.First message ever received was from a Bot cause the pics used were from a gal,I personally know.Next morning email they sent Confirmation # & return $.

  • Joey says:

    A total scam, worse yet just by installing to look at it, they improperly charged me a subscription – with automatic renewal!  $astards should be banned from the app store

  • Shane mcglede says:

    They got me aswell how do you get your money back 

  • Karl says:

    All dating sites are scams they are full of fulse profiles,con merchants and gold diggers! These sites are designed for lonely ugly men that are unable to date women in the conventional way! Unless a woman is very old or hidiously ugly she can get sex and dates any time she wants! I myself am an ugly man in my late fourties I have never had a girlfriend and am a virgin.I have been using dating sites for 19 years and despite sending thousands of messages to women all I have had back are emails from Admin or women in foreign countries who are attempting to extort money from me.

  • Daniel says:

    What's the 1800 number to cancel

  • Ken rudiolp says:

    Close my account and delete my profile.I can never login without wiating 10-15 min for I even paid $40 to update browser and still cant login

  • roberto271193 says:

    how to make acount?


  • Jay says:



    As soon as I signed up for the 3 day trial I had 5-6 local girls messaging me but when I would ask them a question they would neverr answer or answer my question with a question. Then 20 minutes later dissapear and never hear from them again and they are online 24/7 I called after 4 hours and cancelled my 3 day trial but I could still use the site until my time was up and never once spoke to a real girl. Then I started getting messages from cam girls wanting me to go to their site and pay and the site was owned by the company, they also own flirt.com and benaughty.com and the same girls profile is on each site. It's pathetic they do this to people and hope they get shutdown.

  • […] shady dating services. The long list of sites includes SaucySingles.com, SteamyLocals.com, IAmNaughty.com, BeDiscreet.com, FlirtyMilfs.co.uk, CougarPoirMoi.com, GetNaughty.com, NaughtyFlirt.com and […]

  • Brooke says:

    There is a fake account with pics of me up I want it removed now

  • jim says:

    This is also a fake site run by finders! That site also puts up fake profiles to trick you, this is a scam!  Hopefully a few will see this before it gets deleted by the scammer…They are all FAKE.

  • […] bogus online hookup sites.The number one site that it looks like it's sending traffic to is IAmNaughty.com. We know IAmNaughty very well since we exposed this website many years ago (4 years ago to be exact […]

  • […] sites. This list of fake dating sites being promoted by them includes Loveaholics.com, Flirt.com, IAmNaughty.com, BeNaughty.com, and […]

  • BOB says:

    Take me off your list I don't not have a credit card I'm not interested I do not have plastic I cannot be a member

  • […] all the info is there for you in the review where it explains that Plenty Of Hoes redirects to IAmNaughty (a fictitious dating site). In the review we did we give you all the evidence showing you piece by […]

  • Luke Collins says:

    I don’t know who they paid off for the positive reviews. 11 proven scammers with stolen pornstar or model pics 10 yesterday. I am a professional investigator on the local state and federal level. They ignored the proof. They also say no contact information. 90% of the women have text me on their name or profile pictures. Tomorrow a report will be filed with the FTC AND FEDERAL BANKING COMMISSIONS. Final point the entire string of sites they own worldwide are scams

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