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Table Of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Connection To Other Dating Scams
  3. SimpleFlirts Admits To Creating Fake Profiles
  4. Why Do They Create Fake Profiles?
  5. How To Spot Bogus Profile Pages
  6. Examples Of Pretend Profiles
  7. Fake Emails Used To Trick Their Members Into Purchasing Credits
  8. Why Would Women Email A Guy With No Photo On His Profile?
  9. Terms And Conditions Has More Proof Of The Fraud
  10. Our Final Decision
  11. Video (Recap Of the Written Review)


  • 10 credits has a price tag of $14.99 costing you $1.49 per message.
  • 25 credits has a price tag of $34.99 costing you $1.39 per message.
  • 50 credits has a price tag of $64.99 costing you $1.29 per message.
  • 100 credits has a price tag of $119.99 costing you $1.19 per message.
  • 200 credits has a price tag of $199.99 costing you $1.99 per message.

Overview, is it legitimate or yet another fraud? We’ve done all the homework for you. We registered on the site and in this investigation we’ve documented everything that we’ve seen (good and bad). One of the biggest misconceptions people have is when they think something is real just because it seems real. That’s the big problem with fake dating sites they look like legitimate dating sites and they function like legitimate dating sites but there’s always one key ingredient missing from phony casual sex dating sites and that is real women. If you want to know if SimpleFlirts has real women on it you can read the full report and everything we’ve uncovered below.

This Site Is Associated With Tons Of Other Dating Sites, All Of Which Are Fake

This web site is owned and operated by a company called Meteor Interactive. By doing a little digging and research we found out that we’ve already exposed 2 websites connected to this corporation. Those two websites include and We did reviews on both of those websites in August of 2019, just a few months ago. Both of those sites look exactly the same as Simple Flirts. They look identical, the only thing that’s different is the name of the website and a very few small select graphics. Basically what your looking at is three websites that are identical, they operate in the same manner, and they are owned by the same company. And all three websites are fictitious. None of these websites is legitimate. None of these sites is a place where you can find real women for real life encounters.

The Site Openly Admits To Creating Fake Profiles

What if I told you that they admit right on the front page of their website that they are the ones responsible for filling their website with fake profiles. This is the truth! If you take a look at the screenshot that we’ve included below as evidence circled in red it says “fictional entertainers’ profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only. Physical contact with these profiles is not possible”. That tells you everything you need to know. This is them admitting that they are responsible for creating possibly thousands of fake profiles that most guys think are real women looking for casual sex! It’s all a facade.

(A screenshot showing that they create phony profiles.)

This Is The Reason They Make Fake Profiles

If we dig a little deeper we need to ask ourselves why is it that this website is responsible for creating fake dating profiles? Why would they do that? The answer is this. It’s because there is a shortfall between the amount of male members and female members. There are many more male members on this website than females. The website has recognized this as a  problem and what they’ve done to alleviate the situation is fraudulent to say the least. They’re building an army of fake girls so you think their website has lots of hot horny women looking for casual hookups!

How To Identify Fake Profiles On This Site

The way to identify if a profile is fake is to look for a grey heart icon. If you look below you will see circled in red there is a grey heart icon next to this profile. That’s how easy it is to spot fake profiles on this website. Here’s the problem if you don’t know what you’re looking for how can you ever find it? Who would ANYONE ever think to look for a grey heart next to a profile? Unless you took the time to go and read through the terms and conditions page etc. Regardless of if they are marking fictitious profiles with certain little icons the fact remains that this website is responsible for creating fraudulent profiles trying to trick people into purchasing credits on their website.

(Screenshot of a fake profile with a grey heart icon next to it.)

Examples Of Pretend Profiles

Below we’ve included a bunch of different profiles that are all fake. These profiles have photographs that have been copied from other websites. Then what they do is create a fake persona on the profile page, upload the photograph there and walla you have a fictitious female profile that looks legitimate! We’ve included links to where you can see where they stole the profile pictures from. Warning some of the websites are adult image websites. Fictitious profiles on are ridiculous. What women would upload nude photos of themselves? Even if it is a hook-up site legitimate women wouldn’t upload fully nude shots of themselves. The people uploading these photographs are using images of nude women to lure you into trying to contact them. It’s all a scam on top of another scam!




(Screenshot of a phony profile page.)


Fake Emails Used To Trick Their Members Into Purchasing Credits

Another dirty trick this website uses to dupe you into buying credits is to send you fake email messages being sent through the phony profiles. When you log into the members area of the website you’ll be inundated with tons of messages all of them coming from profiles that have a grey heart next to their picture meaning they’re not real profiles. We received over 100 different email messages and many more continue to pour in as we write this review. The reason they send people fake messages is because if you want to reply back to the message. But you need to buy credits to message people and that’s how they make their money.

(Screenshot of some of the fake emails we received.)

Why Would Women Email A Guy With No Photo On His Profile?

We reviewed hundreds and hundreds of different dating websites exposing them for being frauds. And Simple Flirts operates in the exact same manner as the 300 other fake websites we’ve documented. One thing that all bogus websites do is send people fake computer-generated emails. But from a logical perspective why would the dating profile we’ve created for this investigation receive over a hundred different email messages? Our dating profile is empty, there’s no pictures on the profile page. There’s no real logical explanation that we should get 100 messages. The only logical thing going on here is that this website like so many others that we’ve exposed in the past is using computer-generated software programs to send people fake messages. You can take a look at the screenshot below showing we haven’t uploaded any pictures to our profile page.

(Screenshot of our blank profile page.)

The Terms And Conditions Has More Proof Of The Fraud

We save the best for last, the terms and conditions page has even more evidence that proves with 100% certainty that this website is a scam and the website owners are the one facilitating the scam. We’ve included the most important part of the terms and conditions page below. This is where the admit that profiles are fictional you’re actually interacting with paid operators of the website. And they also go on to state that profiles that are marked with a heart icon are fictional and they are not real number of profiles. Physically meeting with these profiles is not possible.  You can click on this link to go to the terms page and see the evidence for yourself, or you can read it directly below this paragraph.

  •  “You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment service and that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.”
  • “Profiles marked with a heart icon or fictional entertainment nerves profiles rather than members profiles, physical contact with these profiles is not possible.”

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision: is a joke. A bad joke to say the least. This website is a scam through and through. We’ve given you all the proof and evidence you need to prove to you without any shadow of a doubt this website is not legitimate.Not only do they admit to fabricating fake profiles, mentioned on the terms page. But also every footer on every single page of their website they admit to creating fictitious profiles.

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 30 comments

  • Rob Bransford says:

    Is there any way ti hurt the owners of these sites financially and will any law enforcement branch pursue the owners of these site. It appears the women are all aware of the scam. How would they be compensated? 

    they have ripped off some elderly men I know who were somehow sent the web address on their cell phones. 

    This has to stop please tell me who I can contact that can take action against this site.


    • Admin says:

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for leaving your comment. I’m not sure if any law enforcement cares or is focussing on these fake dating services. has been writing about these scams for over 4 years now. You can try contacting the 👉 Better Business Bureau or the 👉 Federal Trade Commission.

      • Bigg Dave says:

        Admin Dating do you know u are a f//king life and money saver thanks so much for ur awesome hard work and Latin dummies like me know what’s really going on!!!!!

        • Admin says:

          Your’e welcome! That’s what we’re here to do, protect you from dating scams. Thanks for leaving a comment.

          • Jeffrey May says:

            Me Spending about over 1500 dollars! Makes me sick! Person i have talked to! Keep forgetting everything we have talked about! Same old same old story! But Really got me hook!! No more!!th

          • Kenneth. Parker says:

            I was a dumb ass too.but I got out pretty fast..they didn’t get me for to much..but something needs to be done about it..FAST…been hemn.d up in my house for about a yr now..this pandemic going u know how much money that they r pull back in a years time would be…

    • Jeffrey May says:

      Me Spending about over 1500 dollars! Makes me sick! Person i have talked to! Keep forgetting everything we have talked about! Same old same old story! But Really got me hook!! No more!!

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  • Gary says:

    I have been ripped off by simple flurts

    • Admin says:

      Sorry to hear that Gary. If you bought a membership / credits call your bank to get your money back. They should be able to reimburse you since SimpleFlirts IS a scam.

      • Jimmy says:

        I just sent a payment in to my credit
        Card company for $1440 dollars
        for Simple flirts, on 08-11-20 , is there
        anything I can do to dispute this??
        Thank you

  • Hornie84 says:

    Where are my credits that i paid &64.99 for that was charged to my credit card this afternoon

  • jeff says:

    I was ripped off by simple flits this is the biggiest rippedoff

  • lee says:

    I too have bought into the scam, but I still have credits paid for and I will not get the money bac, so I will use them to post about fraud. This and many foreign type of dating sites that are not subscription all prove to be phony, and you will never meet anyone or ever have any type of contact information. I didn’t know about the grey heart infor so that was a big help, but another rule of thumb is to look at the response you get back. If it is just very quick 1 liners and deflect away from any question you asked to ask a question of you it IS a scam.

  • Neal Schrecongost says:

    As an advocate are there any legit dating sites??

  • Mark H Fuerst says:

    Are there any sites that are not scams that will take PayPal?

  • leeedwardphillips says:

    Are there any legitimate dating sites of this type or all they all just sams?

  • Frealway says:

    One thing most of you men on here dont understand is first you do not and I mean what I m saying to you from the bottom ofvmy clicker use your regular bank card for these kinds of websites I mean simple flits is a fraud in know that because of way woman come at and I have ton of profiles all of em start with frealwaythen I fallow with a number anther thing you should look at is where these picture are taken it swear if im right most of the profiles pics are in Europe in mean we dont have checkered streets here not in seattle atleast also look at how they all will say where you are like if you live in say. F city they all will say things like oh my man is no where near F city so can you we hookup im nearby F city just all of them making shore they repeat that three in your city which then will trigger your dick tonyout wallet and thats how they got yaa my point is used pre-paid cards I do and there constantly trying to get money out i just keep transactions open for them why because aint nothing but 1 or 2 dollars in there ok thats how you play with dirty websites like simple flits all flits mild f tall of bye takevcare

  • brad says:

    Thanks for the info. I spent way too much money on ‘simple flirts’ and assumed (too late) that it was kind of a scam. I did think that when a women commented on my photo, especially if she claimed to be in my town that she might be real? I even asked a few if they are ‘paid’ to keep men talking on there? And yes, when they would ignore questions that was when I finally caught on, thanks for the info !
    ly ignore

  • Ray Chapman says:

    Simple flirts is a scam. I bought 1235 or somewhere close to that , they recommended. Talked a little to one supposed woman. When I tried to message a second , I’m out of credits?
    Messaged them about it & no reply.
    Then tried to buy a few more because she asked for my #. Couldn’t get site to purchase credits to come up again.
    Messaged them again & no reply once more.
    Stated checking them out & all bad.
    So here I am.
    Stay away. Though why would she want my #?

  • Markus Wilson says:

    I think im making money for these sites,I get alot of likes and never spent any money knowing the way these sites work ,makes me wonder if women are really purchasing credits and really complaining to me for no reply back ?

  • Bond007 says:

    Out of almost 75 tokens spent. Not one hookup, meet and greet, Meet for coffee at some local place. NOTHING GUYS, SAVE YOU HARD EARNED MONEY!!! SCAMMERS!!!

  • Harvey says:

    I spent a lot of money on women that put me on their favorite list. Wrote to 30 or 40. Never could pin any woman down to meet. They all had excuses of being busy and many said you have to be patient. Some said come over right now. When I said that I was ready. They made an excuse why I couldn’t, come over. It’s all BS.

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