SwipeSecrets.com Is A Full-Fledged Fraud & We Have All The Proof In This Review

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Website Details:


  • A 1 month membership is £10.00.
  • A 3 months membership is £25.00.
  • A 6 months membership is £39.00.
  • A  12 months membership is £45.00.


Find out the real truth about SwipeSecrets.com. We went undercover as members of the website to see what we could find out. We wanted to see if SwipeSecrets was legitimate or not.  We joined the site, and started to gather evidence and documented everything in our investigative report that you can read below.

Fantasy Profiles Are Created By The Site

It didn’t take very long for the truth to come out. Even before we accessed the members area, even before we joined the website within 20 seconds of being on their homepage we realized the site was fake, why? Because they told us so! If you take a look at the evidence below you will see circled in red the proof to their fraud. They want you to acknowledge that their website includes “fantasy profiles” that are created and also operated by them. They also admit that “individuals appearing in photos in the fantasy profiles might not be members of the website”. If you add all this together it just means that the website is 100% fake. What other reason would there be for a dating service to create phony fantasy profiles? There is no honest reason for a dating site to create fake profiles on their own service. Their job is to create and operate the dating site not manufacturer fake profiles. It just proves the website was created to scam you.  The website has ill intent and was designed from the start to con people.

(Screenshot from the homepage where the website admits they create fictitious fantasy profiles.)

(Screenshot where the website admits the profiles are fictional and physically meeting with these profiles isn’t possible.)

This Is An “Entertainment Site”

Even before you gain access to the members while we were creating our account we needed to agree that we understood that the website was an “entertainment site that uses fantasy profiles”. They called their website a “fantasy service” meaning this is not a real website. If you take a look in the terms and conditions page in Section 8 they even tell us that the website is a “fantasy entertainment service”. Most of the profiles are provided for the entertainment of their users. They even admit it’s not the intent of their site to establish real life contact between users. If you put it all together they’re telling you upfront the website is a scam over and over and over!
(Screenshot showing that the website admits that this isn’t a dating site, they consider it an adult entertainment service.)

Phony Emails Used To Dupe People Into Buying Credits

Below is just an example of two different emails of many others that we received. If you take a look at the images of these women are very attractive. Can anyone explain why such attractive women would contact us? The answer is that these are not real female profiles. These profiles are fake fantasy profiles and on top of that is the fact that these email messages are computer-generated. The emails are computer-generated messages. There is no hot girl sending us messages. It’s all scam to trick us into purchasing an upgraded membership.These emails were not written from real women looking for sexual encounters. If you go to section 8.2 of the terms and conditions page they even state that “initial messages from their fantasy entertainment service may be automatically generated with no human involvement.” And this is an example of those automatically generated email messages.

(A screenshot of two different computer-generated emails we received.)

Even Their Terms Page Admit They Create Phony Profiles

In the terms and conditions page they even admit that the hire third-party contractors that write emails and reply to instant messages on their behalf. That information is found in section 8.2 of the terms page. The people behind Swipe Secrets do everything they can to rip you off.

This scam takes it to a new level actually hiring people to pretend to be interested in you. These third-party contractors actually sit there and write fake email messages all to string you along. And for what purpose? All to get you to upgrade and purchase a monthly membership!

The Terms And Conditions Explains All Their Frauds

Below we’ve included the most important parts of the terms and conditions page. This is all evidence proving that the website uses fictitious profiles, they reply and send out computer-generated messages and they even hire people to pretend to be interested in like you. Take a look through the various paragraphs below or click on this link and visit Section 8 of the terms and conditions page to read it all for yourself on their website.

  • Yes, we use fictitious profiles for testing behavioral/social studies and for entertainment purposes. These user profiles posted on the Website are fictitious and are associated with our “Fantasy Entertainment” (FE) service. Our Fantasy Entertainment service is part of our efforts to stimulate conversation with users to encourage further and broader participation in all the Website’s services, including the posting of additional information or pictures to our users’ profiles.
  • Initial messages from our FE service may be automatically generated with no human involvement, and third-party contractors hired or contracted by us may generate messages or correspondence from then on.
  • You acknowledge that the information, text, and pictures contained in the FE service profiles do not pertain to any actual person but are included for entertainment purposes only. Nothing contained in any FE service profile is intended to describe or resemble any real person-living or dead.
  • On one or more occasions, FE profiles may contact users through computer-generated messages to encourage further or broader participation in the Website’s services or to monitor user activity. These messages may be transmitted to multiple recipients at the same time.
  • You acknowledge that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and the individuals providing our FE service and that the exchange of messages between you and the FE is for entertainment purposes, as well as to encourage further or broader participation in the Website’s services or to monitor user activities.

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Final Decision:

SwipeSecrets is a scam from start to finish. This website was never ever intended to be created as a legitimate dating service. All the evidence points to it being a fraud on a scam from day one. If you were ripped off by this website please contact your bank and try to get your money back.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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 Comments 3 comments

  • Darren smith says:

    It’s a joke. Save your money

  • Peter says:

    I didn’t buy credits for this site. I just wanted to watch for similar messages, wording and phrases the British people don’t use, before making my mind up. A 55 yo british woman would not use the phrase ‘hit me up’. I received similar messages from different IDs, some nasty if you didn’t reply. Photos taken from porn sites, saying they lived in your area. A total scam from start to finish.

  • Jamesomalley says:

    I have payed them 10 pounds for vip they took it of my card but I never got it. It was for the month

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