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  • 10 credits is $23.99 with a cost of $2.39 per message.
  • 25 credits is $54.99 with a cost of $2.19 per message.
  • 50 credits is $98.99 with a cost of $1.98 per message.
  • 100 credits is $179.99 with a cost of $1.80 per message.
  • 200 credits is $419.99 with a cost of $1.39 per message.


This is our 582nd post on! Over the years we’ve exposed hundreds of different fake hookup sites and the scams keep on pouring in. There’s a new dating scam every single day. For today’s investigation we’re looking into whether is legit or fake. Read the full review that we did below.

Connections To Other Dating Frauds

Using some of our online detective capabilities we were able to find out that MySecretHookups is connected to a bunch of different fake dating sites including,,,,, and also All these sites look the same, all these sites operate in the same fashion. All of these sites are connected, and all of these sites are scams. All these different dating services are created to rip you off and this site is absolutely no different than the others.

All these websites and countless others are owned and operated by a corporation called Graham Web Services BV. This company is located in the Netherlands. Here is their contact information if you ended up purchasing credits on any of the sites that we’ve listed above. Reach them at +31854000348, or by email at [email protected]. Their address is Bergweidedijk 38, 7418AA Deventer, The Netherlands. Of course no surprise that their address is nothing but a virtual office and not their real corporate headquarters. Obviously if you’re a scammer you need to hide your tracks and not disclose your relocation like these crooks have done.

The Site Confesses To Creating Fake Profiles

 Even before we gained access to the members area of the website we started looking around for clues of deception and lies. We found it very quickly. You can see circled in red it states “that are profiles are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible.” That tells you that they’re using fictitious fake dating profiles and that you cannot physically meet up with these fictitious profiles. This was found on the bottom of the front page of the website. The people running these type of phony hookup sites are nothing but shysters, liars and masters at deception.

The whole agenda of this website is to mislead you into buying credits on their web service. When they started this website it was not their intent to build a legitimate place where men and women could find one another.

(A screenshot where they admit to creating fictional profiles.)

We Got Inundated With 772 Bogus Emails

 We want you to look at the screenshot that we’ve included as evidence below. 772 emails is the amount of messages sent to us on this website, 772! All of this is a farce. Every single email was generated by a chat software program. None of these emails was written by real women looking for casual sex. You might be asking why was a website using automated software program to send 772 emails to us. The answer is that if you were to reply to all those messages they would make a ton of money.

If we wanted to reply to every single email message it would cost us over $600! Now do you understand why the website is doing everything they can to con people into using their website. They badly want you to fall for their scam and buy credits so you can communicate with the women sending you the emails. But there’s no point, since the emails are fake and the women sending you the emails are also fictitious, as we’ve already outlined above.

(this is a screenshot showing the 772 phony emails sent to us!)

Below we’ve included a screenshot showing you a small sample of the emails that we received. Remember all these emails are sent from computer software bots, not from real people. But as you can see circled in red the emails look like they’re coming from real women and done purposely of course to get you to purchase credits. Now you have been told the truth about what’s really going on with this website.
(this is a screenshot showing a sample of the emails sent to us.)

Screeshot Of Our Profile Page

Below have included a screenshot of our profile page circled in red it you will see it says “no profile picture”. This means we haven’t uploaded any photograph to our profile page but 772 different women emailed us? How ridiculous is that! Why on earth would 772 women email a dating profile that has no pictures on it? Probably no women would email a guy who doesn’t have any pictures in his profile BUT an automated chat bot would mail someone who doesn’t have pictures in his profile because a bot isn’t a real person. A bot is a software program created to perform a task. This just proves even more so that it’s website is indeed a scam and nothing more than that!
(A  screenshot of the profile page that we used for this investigation.)

The Terms Prove They Create & Use Fake Profiles & Send Fake Emails

Even in the terms and conditions page in section 5.3 they admit that they’re using fictitious profiles that they’re responsible for creating. Take a look at the evidence below which is a screenshot that we’re including as evidence into this investigation.

The Terms Prove They Create & Use Fake Profiles & Send Fake Emails

The terms and conditions page also states that they “send calls through self-created profiles.” What the hell does this mean? It means that they use the profiles that they are creating to send fake emails through. The 772 emails are 100% phony. And this is proven just by reading that little excerpt in section 5.3 of the terms and conditions page.

(A screenshot of the terms page proving they send us fake email messsages.)

The Terms And Conditions Proves It All

We’ve already talked about this but we have include excerpts from the most important parts of the terms and conditions page, and we also linked to the terms page so you can read the evidence for yourself. In Section 5.3 of the terms page they state that they have the “right to send calls” on This means that they’re telling us they have the right to send us fake emails and instant messages. And they also admit that they create fictitious profiles and send the fake emails through the self-created phony profiles. You can read the few sentences below or click on this link (section 5.3) to be taken directly to the terms page where you can read it for yourself.

  • 5.3. Graham Web Services B.V. explicitly reserves the right to send calls on through self-created profiles. These are fictitious
    profiles with which no physical agreements are possible.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Concluding this investigation we’d like to warn you about not using this dating site, not purchasing credits and staying as far away as you can from the website. There’s nothing good to gain from joining it whatsoever!

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Ox says:

    I’ve been on and of these sites for 3 years if not more. I’ve spent hundreds of $ and have jot meet a chick to fuk. Can u guys please help

    • Rick says:

      Sorry, Ox, but if I meet a real girl, I’m keeping her for myself. I think we’d both be better off just putting an ad in a local paper.

  • R J Arpin says:

     They are operating a new site called Secret Adultery SA  The same format charging for credits The profiles are fake You are inundated with messages from these asswipes all FAKE  Do not subscibe It took me two days and $200.00 cdn to realize it;s a scam  I have reported them to the RCMP Fraud dept. These Rodents need to be arrested 

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