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This article discusses the review we wrote about just last month. We didn’t get enough traction so we’re trying to shine the light back on this particular investigation so people don’t get scammed. It’s important that everyone read this review and share it on social media. 40PlusMatch is fake, in the review we did we break it all down and will give you evidence and prove to you that they use fictive / fictitious profiles and they admit to all of it on their website (on their terms page). We also show you that they’re using fake emails and how they use bogus profiles. We even give you evidence where they’re found the photos on other sites that they use to build fake profile pages. There’s a lot of evidence here to show you this website is in fact a total scam so please take the time to watch the video and read the review most importantly.

Don’t fall for these shysters and their lies, they built a fake mature dating site so they can line their pockets and for no other reason whatsoever. ย The people who operate 40 Plus Match also operate other sites like,,ย,,, and So watch out for those scams as well.

๐Ÿ‘‰ If you want to read the review on go here.

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