Does Have Any Cuties OR Is It A Scam? Read This Review To Find Out!

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits costs $23,99 enabling you to send out 10 email messages ( $2,39 per message).
  • 50 credits costs $98,99 enabling you to send out 50 emails ($1,98 per message).
  • 100 credits costs $179,99 enabling you to send out 100 emails ($1,79 per message).
  • 300 credits costs $419,99 enabling you to send out 300 emails ($1,39 per message).

Overview is supposed to be a dating site.  Today we’re digging deep to see if we can uncover any illegitimacy, any deceit and any fraudulent behavior within this website. Can you meet women or not? We will find out the truth and have it all explained in our scam report.

MapleCuties Is Connected To A Host Of Fake Sites

Maple Cuties is connected to many different fake dating sites many of which we’ve already reviewed and concluded to be scams. The sites associated with MapleCuties include,,,,,, and  What you need to know is that it’s very easy for these corporations behind fake  dating sites to create thousands and thousands of cookie cutter dating services. These websites are a very small sample of the sites owned buy a corporation called Graham Web Services. They create different websites that use exact same graphics and then they purchase domain names for these websites and then start sending web traffic to them.  Maple Cuties is one of the websites they’re using to defraud people.

Site Tells Us That Are Responsible For Creating Fake Profiles!

In the frequently asked questions section of the website one of the frequently asked questions was “does the website contain fake profiles?”

And the answer was the following, “the website contains both real and entertainment profiles. Entertainment profiles are fake profiles with which meeting isn’t possible.” They’re openly stating that their website does have fake entertainment profiles and you cannot meet these people for real life encounters! This is massive evidence that the website is a scam. We basically caught them red-handed openly stating and admitting that they have fictitious profiles on their website. They don’t state that they try to stop these fake profiles. They don’t tell us that there trying to combat this problem, no! The reason they’re not trying to combat this problem is because they are the ones behind all of it! They are responsible for building countless amounts of bogus profile pages all over their website. There are many reasons why they’re creating phony profiles but the real issue here is that they are the ones responsible for creating fake profiles meaning that their whole dating site is a scam.

We can get to the reasons why they’re creating fake profiles now. The absolute number one reason is because there aren’t enough real women joining their website. And since they’re trying to make money with their website they need large amounts of women to join the site because then the men will want to join to get laid. But since there are no women joining the site they create fake profile pages of women to make it look like a website has thousands of horny girls looking for casual sex. That way men will join the site and they will purchase credits to send messages to these women that they believe are looking for casual encounters. But they’re actually wasting their hard-earned money sending messages to fictitious profile pages.

( Screenshot have the fake profile admissions that we found on the FAQ page.)

Over 100 Emails From Bots Used To Deceive Us Into Upgrading

If you take a look at the screenshot below you will see circled in red that we have so far gotten 108 different messages on this website! This unfortunately is all part of their fraudulent agenda to mislead you into purchasing credits so you can reply back to the woman sending you messages. But, as we’ve already stated the website admits on their FAQ page that they have fake “entertainment profiles” on the website that you can never meet in person. How it all fits together is this. First they create fake profiles and from there you as a real user will start receiving messages that are coming from these fictitious profile pages. If you want to email any of the bogus women you will need to use your credit card and purchase credits to reply back to these women. If we wanted to reply back to the email messages that we got it would cost us $179.99!

And this is the exact reason that fake dating sites like this are everywhere because if they get enough people falling for their scams they can easily make millions and millions of dollars with the fake profiles and automated computer bots sending people fake messages.

One thing we forgot to mention is that in the terms and conditions page they also admit that they are sending people what they refer to as “calls” (messages). They stay that they “reserve the right to send calls on Maple Cuties through self-created profiles”. That means that they’re sending people fake email messages through the bogus profiles that they themselves are creating. This is found in section 5.3 of the terms and conditions page.
(A screenshot showing that we received over 100 emails.)

Fake Profiles Found On Multiple Sites

The website has already admitted that they are responsible for creating what they call “entertainment profiles” which are of course not real members of the website. The profiles are fake but the photographs are of real people. So where exactly are they getting these photos from to build the army of phony profiles that they’re using on their website? Below we’ve included 1 example of a fake profile that is using images taken from adult image sites. These fake profiles are using photographs that have been stolen from porn sites. This is not the first time we’ve come across this but we feel it’s very important to document every aspect of this fraud to give you as much evidence as possible.

Below you can see links to where you can find the exact same pictures found on the fake profile pages.

(Fake profile using a photo taken from adult porn sites)


The Terms And Conditions Has All The Evidence

Below we’ve included the most important parts of the terms and conditions page as evidence. These are the most important paragraphs because in these sentences that you can read below they admit to creating profiles and they also admit to sending people messages through these fake profiles that they create. You can also click on this link and read it directly on the terms and conditions page in Section 8. 5.

  • Graham Web Services B.V. explicitly reserves the right to send calls on through self-created profiles.
  • These are fictitious
    profiles with which no physical agreements are possible.
  • Graham Web Services B.V. is not responsible for Profiles that violate
    the law. Graham Web Services B.V. does not have the means to permanently
    check the content of Profiles.

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Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Unfortunately here we are exposing yet another dating scam. There seems to be no end in sight to the amount of fake dating sites that we can review. There are literally thousands and thousands of these different website and is just another fish in a sea of scams.

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If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

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