Review: 3 Reasons Why Is The Last Place To Find Real Local Women

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits is $25.99.
  • 25 credits is $59.99.
  • 50 credits is $110.99.
  • 100 credits is $199.99.
  • 200 credits is $389.99.


We have to tell you point-blank that is really trying to pull the wool over your eyes. The first thing we realized was the many connections to all kinds of different fake dating sites owned and operated by the same exact corporation which is called Gate Switch Development. Sites such as,,,,, and are all connected to HotLocalFlirts.

Hot Local Flirts is nothing but a cookie-cutter website with nothing to offer. It looks like so many of the other sites that we’ve sounded the alarm on for being scams. As part of our review process we registered as a free member on the dating site to see if the site was legit or not. What you will find out about this website is probably going to shock you. But, It’s important that you know the truth so you don’t waste any of your time or money on websites where you shouldn’t be spending any time, or any of your money.

Fake Fantasy Profiles Created By The Site

If you know where to look there’s lots of evidence to prove this website is a scam. For instance there are multiple locations that prove that this site is directly involved in fabricating fake, fictional dating profiles. We’ve taken screenshots and have included them as evidence in this investigation. Circled in red it says “profiles are partly fictional physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible.” This means that this website is using fake dating profiles and if you want to physically meet the women in these profiles it’s impossible. The reason it’s not possible is because the profiles are fictional, they’re not real women who have registered on the website to look for men. These profiles have been created by employees to specifically trick you into believing that you’re interacting with real females.

(The site admits they use fictional profiles.)

(The site admits they use fictional profiles.)

Fictitious Profiles Made By The Site

The whole reason for the site to be created is for the owners of the website to make money off of you. They do this primarily by creating fake profiles and then using those fake profiles to send messages to you. How they get you is when you reply to the messages because you need to purchase credits to interact and email any people on the website including the fake profiles.

(Screenshot showing that the whole purpose of their website is for you to chat with fake profiles.)

(Screenshot showing that the whole purpose of their website is for you to chat with fake profiles.)

Below the website admits that you can’t physically meet up with the fictional profiles.  The same type of notice is all over the website, if you know where to look. But unfortunately most people aren’t paying attention.

(Screenshot showing that the website uses fictitious fantasy profiles on their web service.)

Phony Profiles Using Stolen Photos Taken From Porn Sites Etc

HotLocalFlirts, has told us on numerous occasions that they create fake profiles, we’ve already proven that fact. Below we’re showing you where the fictitious profile pictures are being taken from. Many of these websites are adult image sites as well as regular social media sites but one thing remains true is that all the pictures using the fake profiles are not of real women. The people making these fake profiles copy the pictures from other sites and then they build a fake dating profile on Hot Local Flirts to mislead you and everybody else into believing this is a real girl looking for a casual hookup.

(Screenshot of fake profile using a photo of an amatuer porn model.)


(This photo is of an amateur porn star, the photograph was stolen and then used it to build a phony profile page.)


(Screenshot of fake profile using a photo of an amatuer porn model.)


(Screenshot of fake profile using a photo of an amatuer porn model.)

  • https://fastpic. ru/view/71/2015/1004/a367daa2538cc5d033fb6f572259b751.jpg.html

We Were Flooded With Over 750 Emails & Counting

Can you believe that we received over 750 emails! This is incredible. To receive 750 email messages is beyond ridiculous. Why would there be 750 different women emailing us? Are all these women locked up on some desert island with no men? The truth of the matter is these are not real messages coming from real females looking to meet men. It’s the exact opposite the fake profiles are used to send us email messages have been generated by a computer. The end goal here is to get us to purchase credits to reply to the 750 email messages. If we were to buy 750 credits it would cost us over $1,200! This is why they send out soo many email messages because they want you to reply to as many emails as possible so they can make that much more money off of you.

(Screenshot showing we received 750 emails.)

Proof Our Profile Has No Photo In It

Below we’ve included a screenshot of their profile page that we were using for this review. You can see circled in red it says no profile picture signifying that the profile doesn’t have a picture in it. But somehow we got over 750 email messages. Are we to believe that 750 women would go out of their way to email a guy who doesn’t have any pictures in his profile? That makes absolutely no sense and the only thing that really does make any sense is that this site is using automated messages and sending them to us, why else would 750 different women email a guy who doesn’t have a picture in his profile page it’s absurd!

(A screenshot of the profile page showing that we have no profile picture)

The Terms And Conditions Sum It All Up

The  the terms and conditions page sum it all up. On the terms page they tell us in section 5.3 that they have the “right to send calls through self created profiles”. This means that they have the right to send phony messages through the fake profiles that they are responsible for creating. They even tell us that you cannot physically meet up with these fake dating profiles. You can read that sentence below or click on this link and read it directly on their website.

  • 5.3. Gate Switch Development B.V. explicitly reserves the right to send calls on through self-created profiles. These are fictitious
    profiles with which no physical agreements are possible.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,

Contact Information :

Final Decision: is all fake and a fraud. Trying to find real women here is like finding a needle in a haystack. We’ve given you all the evidence that should prove to you how fake is site is.

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 6 comments

  • Jeraldine Anderson says:

    I have been contacted by men who say my picture is on the following sites: MomsGetNaughty
    FuckBuds HookUps
    I was put on Tendermeets by my daughter. I’m 73 no young beauty so how can they use my photos with out my concent? I don’t know how to handle this! I never heard of these site’s till I was told, they are disrespectful, discussing and should be against the law!!!
    Also I would like to add, I am a victim of a scammer from Tendermeets. The man I was chatting with was in Dubai, a engineering contractor!!! Fake
    The same photo came up by accident from Tendersingles. Different name, age, address & location. All Fakes!!

  • Eddie liang says:

    I concur the fact that hotlocalflirt is a con site and should be banned. Making money is one thing, but playing with people’s emotion and vulnerability is the lowest form of behaviour. Immoral, unethically behaviour. It is dishonest, making money on false pretences. The law should prosecute and not turn a blind eye. A crime has been committed.

    • Steampunk says:

      I agree, this site is a despicable con. Using in some cases disabled people in fake profiles. The first 2 messages are well crafted and mostly written by paid participants, most likely on commission. Following messages are often poor in English standard. Disjointed and evasive toward meeting. Key words of location, your location, are used to convince you they are real. Further chatting is encouraged thus credit charges are on going. Messages can be abusive. Innocent people are certainly being hurt and ripped off. The Australian government should be informed. It should act and the site should be closed down which is job for the ACCC.

  • Sam says:

    If you really want chekt up how much is all that true, just give them some fake or real phone number, and tell them that is only way which one  you accept for conversation,  you won't  bee never  contacted, even won't get any comment.  Isn't it more simplyer to talk ower phones?. It is, but not good way for them to make money. 

  • Thomass Burget says:

    If your real about giving up the pussy hit me up

  • Oliver says:

    I see that you have something on all your articles about contacting the Better Business Bureau if we’ve been scammed. How soon after the fact do they accept complaints? Also does this really do anything? I kind of feel like I deserved paying as much as I did. I paid for each and every one of the messages I sent.
    Ok that don’t sounded better in my head. I guess what I’m worried about is it these people behind all this have scammed so much money out of people, wouldn’t they be possibly too powerful to get any kind of vengeance on our any kind of compensation?
    There’s so many out there and I’ve investigated so many, I don’t remember which was the one I was dumb enough to pay for. I spent I think $500-600 on credits to message with. I kept thinking I needed “just one more” set of message credits to get someone to meet up with me. When I finally stopped to look at how much I’d spent that’s what I found. I should’ve known then it was all a scam but I still thought some might’ve been real (one pretended like they’d seen me before then kind of dismissed it when I asked to meet up for proof of that). Now that I look back on it, another hint I should’ve taken is that I messaged back and forth with “girls” on the site from like 10pm all the way through like 5am. I’m pretty sure most people are trying to sleep at least at some point in that time, especially on a weekday, which is sometimes when this would happen. I guess it’s that insane obsession that makes me feel guilty about trying to get my money back.

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