Our Investigation Shows That Fish4Hoes.com Is Connected To Various Dating Scams

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A couple days ago we did a review of a dating service called SlagStreet.com. Today we’ve come across another site that’s associated with them called Fish4Hoes.com. Both websites look exactly the same, they are identical! The only thing that seems to have changed is the domain name. In this investigation we’re going to tell you that the actual truth about Fish4Hoes (that they don’t want you to know). Can you really meet local women here who want to hook up with you? Or, is the website nothing but a fake dating service created to rip you off.  Logically with a name like Fish4Hoes what kind, if any women would join this website? Common sense should tell you that it’s a scam right off the bat. Obviously this website is targeting men with a name like “Fish 4 Hoes”. We have all the answers for you, just take the time and read our investigation below, it’s very eye-opening.

The Fish4Hoes Connections To Scams

The first thing we noticed when starting our investigation into Fish 4 Hoes was that when we clicked on the American flag on the home screen of their site we were sent over to another dating site called MeetWild.com. We know MeetWild very well because we exposed them for being fake back in October of 2016. In the review we did we joined Meet Wild and documented everything that we came across. Any evidence, any proof of fraudulent activity was all documented and put into our scam report. If you take the time to read our MeetWild review you will clearly understand why we marked it as a fictitious dating service.

Here’s The Problem With Fish4Hoes.com

The big problem we have with Fish4Hoes.com is that they’ve aligned themselves with dating services that they know are nothing but scams. The reason they’ve aligned themselves with me MeetWild.com is because they’re making money by referring people over to it. They receive a commission to promote that website. And the owners of Fish4Hoes.com don’t care how many people get ripped off based on there promotion of a scam. All they care about is making money off of your gullibility.

Another site that they’re promoting is HelloHotties.com. We did a full investigation into that website in February 2016, over 2 years ago. Just like the review we did of Meet Wild we went undercover and registered as a member on Hello Hotties to see if we could find out what was really going on. What we found out was that the adminstrators of HelloHotties are responsible for sending people fake messages. And the site is responsible for fabricating fictitious dating profiles of women. Please take the time to read our full review of HelloHotties.com so you can become familiar with what they are truly all about.

Proof Of Phony Profiles On The Site

In the terms and conditions page of both phony dating services they openly admit that they create profiles that are maintained and operated by their own employees! The terms and conditions page may have been updated since 2016 but that doesn’t erase the fact that they did openly tell us on their terms page that they were creating dating profiles. Why would any dating site take it upon themselves to create fake dating profiles? It’s not there responsibility to make dating profiles on their own website. Dating profiles are supposed to be created by real members. If a dating site is creating profiles then they are involved in fraud plain and simple and that’s exactly what’s going on with Looking4Hotties and MeetWild  Since Fish4Hoes.com is promoting these to pretend dating services we can only call them a scam!

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Final Decision:

It didn’t take us very long to figure out that Fish4Hoes.com is a fraud. Unfortunately this website is very popular and the amount of people getting tricked into wasting money and time here is high. Hopefully people will find this review so they can save themselves lots of time and grief. You can do your own part by sharing this information on social media and help us stop this fraud in it’s tracks!

Please leave a comment below with your experience on Fish 4 Hoes. Did you meet any women through the website that they promote? All positive and negative reviews are welcome.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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