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AWebsite Details:


  • £22.50 to purchase a monthly membership to the site.
  • £49.50 to purchase a 3 month membership to the site.
  • £127.75 to purchase a monthly membership to the site.


  • Home: Get access to all parts of the site from the home link.
    Search: Search for women according to age, location, hair colour, height, online status, ethnicity etc.
    Profile: Update your profile from the profile link. Upload photos of yourself, change your username, age, location etc.
    Inbox: Check your emails and reply to emails here.
    Who's Viewed Me: See who has viewed you.
    Diaries: You can write a "Diary" aka blog posts in the "Diaries" section.
    Encounters: The encounter is section enables you to choose which women you'd like to meet and then the website tries to make it happen. You either click yes no or maybe if you're interested, not interested or possibly interested in a profile on the website.


Venntro Media Group is a large dating network that operates and runs hunreds of different dating sites. Some of these sites includes,,,,,, and to name a few.

This is only a few of probably hundreds of other sites owned by Venntro Media Group are in our opinion not totally legitimate. You can click on the links of each website to read our full review on that specific dating service. With this investigation were focusing on

In order to do a proper investigation we went undercover and registered on the website as a regular member to see what we could find out, and to document what regular people would encounter when they join the dating service. Is the site legitimate? Is it a scam? Can you actually meet and shag real local women using this online dating site? All of those questions will be answered and more in the investigation which you can read below.

Fake Emails Used To Dupe Us Into Buying A Subscription

One of the most popular tricks used by phony dating sites to make money is to start sending you emails. We've come across this tactic hundreds and hundreds of times. In the case of Shag2Meet so far we've gotten five email messages which isn't too many but on legitimate dating sites you will usually receive very, very few if any emails at all (because women never initiate email correspondence).

The reason is it's important that we point this out because if you try to read or reply back to any email messages you can't until you upgrade and buy a subscription package. And from our own experience with reviewing hundreds of different dating sites this is probably the number one way that misleading dating sites dupe their free members into upgrading to a paid subscription. Alltough we don't have concrete proof that the websites owners are responsible for sending the phony email messages you need to logically ask yourself who else would benefit from sending us fake emails? Yes, it could be romance scammers which are random scammers located in third world countries like Nigeria who pretend to be women. But from our due diligence it's almost always the dating services that are responsible for sending phony email messages. For the record we aren't certain the website is responsible for sending the bogus emails. Regardless of who's responsible (romance scammers or the website administrators) is the fact that the emails aren't real.

The reason we know the emails are not legitimate is because if any of these women actually took the time to check out our dating profile they wouldn't have emailed us. Our dating profile doesn't have any pictures in it and also we don't even have any personal information. So you need to ask yourself why are these women emailing us asking us about "sex positions" and "looking for a well hung guy" when we don't have any pictures in our profile and there's no information. It doesn't make much sense until you realize that the emails are not being sent from real women. The emails aren't written by real women looking for casual hookups but by computer bots.

(Screenshot of the phony emails we received.)

The Terms & Conditions

One of the things that it says in the terms and conditions page is that their site is an entertainment service. They don't say their website is a dating site for a reason because they truly believe and are openly admitting that their website is designed only to entertain you. This website has not been created for you to interact and find real people to meet in person. This website is designed for entertainment the same as when you watch football match you are being entertained that's exactly how they view their website. This only goes to show that shagged to me.Com isn't a legitimate dating site it is an entertainment site and that's a big difference.

They also tell us that member profiles may not be geniune. The reason they might not be genuine is because the website is most likely the ones responsible for creating bogus / fake dating profiles. The website is most likely responsible for sending people phony email messages as well. You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or click on this link and read it on their website.

  1. The Site is an entertainment service.
  2. By using this Service you accept that any member profiles, messages and communication may not be genuine

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information:

Final Decision: in our opinion is untrustworthy. We just don't trust the site based on what we've seen and what we've documented. Why are women emailing a dating profile that's empty, it doesn't make any sense. If you plan on using this site we suggest only creating a free membership and not upgrading and purchasing a subscription (unless you want to waste your own hard-earned money).

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Emmett says:

    Do you know any trust worthy adult dating websites thank you

  • […] Ltd. Venntro Media owns thousands of different dating sites some of which we have reviewed such as,,,, and Other sites connected to Slag […]

  • peter says:

    you will find the emails are from women who are encouraged to send an intro message when you join, do your homework

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