What’s Up With Fish4Hoes.com Is It A Scam? See This Review We Did That Explains It All

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If you want to know the truth about Fish4Hoes.com you’ve come to the right place. We’ve already done a review on that website. We’re shining the light back on it because we want people to understand it’s all a scam. Lots of people are getting memes that look like screenshots of text messages. What you need to understand is that these are not real text messages, it’s all fake. All of this is all marketing trick, a marketing strategy to trick people on social media to share these fake memes because it will send visitors to Fish4Hoes.

Social media sites and apps like Facebook and Snapchat are flooded with these phony text messages that end up going viral.

Fake Text Message Example Below:

Below is an example of a fake text message that promotes Fish 4 Hoes. In the fake text message it looks as if one guy is telling his friend to go try Fish4hoes.com by “entering his zip code and then it brings up all the hoes in your neighborhood.” Then his friend says “these stupid sites don’t work”, you can read the rest in the screenshot below. It’s a funny text message but it’s not a real text message. This is basically nothing but an advertisement disguised to look like a funny text message between friends but it’s all phony and used to promote a dating scam.

(Screenshot of a bogus text message making the rouds on social media sites.)

It’s all a trick to get guys to visit the site and click on the link on their web page. What happens then is you are redirected to another site called MeetWild.com. That website is  a scam, it’s not a real place to meet real women. The whole thing’s a very elaborate deception created to dupe you into joining the site and buying a membership.

A certain percentage of people will fall for this con job, even if it’s just 1% of 100,000 people visitors then they’re still making money. You have been warned.

👉Read the written review of Fish4Hoes here.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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