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Website Details:

Overview is the site that we're investigating today. We've seen the memes on Facebook and we wanted to know if this was a real website and what was really going on. The first thing we realized was that this website was connected to a bunch of different dating scams that we have already exposed for fraud. These sites include, and  All of these websites use fictitious memes. In fact all of these websites are exactly the same, the only thing that changes is the name of the website but all the graphics are a copy of one another. Do you want to know what's going on with Zip Code Hoes? Learn if it's legitimate or a scam by reading the review below.

Step #1: Fake Memes Used To Trick People

The first part of this con is the use of memes. These are not real memes, these are fake memes that have been created to look real. If you take a look at the evidence below they look like screenshots of people's text messages. All of this is contrived,  and it's all 100% phony. What they're doing here is fabricating bogus memes that are funny and they appear to be real text messages. Then they are posted on social media sites like Facebook through various Facebook groups including Savage Memes. Then these memes are shared and go viral across social media websites. People see these memes and a small percentage of these people actually end up visiting Zip Zode Hoes (since that's the website in the fake memes).

What you need to understand is that all of this is a very crafty, sneaky and deceptive marketing trick. What they're actually doing here is promoting their website!  And, all of this advertising is completely free because because the fake text message memes go viral on social media. It's completely free advertising that is actually a scam disguised to look like real memes.

 The first meme below makes it seem as if some guys texting his friend stating that he tried that dating site last night called the He goes on to state that now he "needs a ride to the clinic" supposedly because he got some kind of disease. Then the joke is that he actually ended up getting some kind of disease from his friends sister. It's very funny stuff, but it's not real and it's just a fake meme used to get free viral traffic to their website.

(Fake meme used to trick people into visiting ZipCodeHoes.)

This second meme is another one that's completely fake. If you look at it it's funny because an attractive looking girl takes a selfie of herself but her room is completely messy. Once again it's funny but all bogus. This is how they get these fake memes to go viral and generate free traffic to their website.

(Fake meme used to trick people into visiting ZipCodeHoes.)

This last phony meme makes it seem as if some guy used ZipCodeHoes and he ended up hooking up with his friend's mom. Obviously If this were real it would be very funny, but all of this is contrived and phony like all the other memes. Once again it's a bogus meme used to go viral to generate free traffic to their fake dating site.

(Fake meme used to trick people into visiting ZipCodeHoes.)

If you want to see more examples of fake memes with Zip Code Hoes emblazoned on them go here.

Step #2: You Visit Their Site

 Step number two in this scam is to get you to the visit the website. Once you visit the website they want you to click on whatever  country you're from either the UK, USA or Australia. Once you click on your country you are then redirected to and from there sent over to the actual fake dating service called

What happens then when you visit MeetWild you register on the site to start meeting local women. What nobody realizes is that Meet Wild is a fictitious dating service. This is not a legitimate dating site with real women joining the service, all of this is a deception. All the profiles are fictitious and have been created by the staff of Meetwild. The website also uses high-tech chatbots to send you fictitious messages that are used to manipulate you into purchasing a paid membership. Communicating with anyone in the site is impossible UNLESS you have purchased the monthly subscription to their website. And that my friends is the scam in a nutshell. They need you to pay for a membership, that's how they make hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of dollars! Is Epicenter Of The Scam

We did a review on way back on October 25th, 2016. In our extensive review we explain piece-by-piece exactly why it's not a real dating service. We explain how they use fake profiles. We also show you all the different instant messages we received from computer bots. We also give you all of the evidence to show and prove to you why you shouldn't trust this website.

Should The Goverment Intervene With These Scams?

Having government intervention is always a slippery slope. Nobody really likes the government involved in their affairs. But what do you do when fictitious hookup sites operate like it's the Wild West and have been for over 10 years.  We've been doing this for many years and what happens is the people behind this website will just create a new site when they feel too much negative attention is on them. It's very easy for them to purchase an $8 domain name and continue scamming people with a different website.


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Final Decision:

Hopefully now you understand why Zip Code Hoes is a sham.  Think before you do. The saying goes "if something sounds too good to be true it probably is", and that is very relevant in this situation. Understand that even though we've exposed this website for it's fakeness, there's another one coming right after this one. We've been doing this for 5 years now and we always have a new site to expose.  These people stop at nothing and will  continue doing everything to get what they want, which is money.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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