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Website Details:


  • A 6 month membership will cost you £10.83 / month.
  • A 3 month membership will cost you £13.32 / month billed every 3 months at £39.95.
  • A 1 month membership will cost you £19.95 / month  billed every 6 months at £64.95.
  • A 1 year membership will cost you £7.50 / month which is billed anually at £89.95.


  • Home: The home section evils you too get access to the various dating profiles including search options.
  • Search: Search for women based on age, location and if they have photos.
  • Profile: From the profile link you can edit your information and add photos to your dating profile.
  • Inbox:  The inbox link takes you directly to any emails that you've received. You can also reply to emails from this section of the website.
  • Who Viewed Me: The "Who Viewed Me" section of the site shows you who has checked out your dating profile.
  • Diaries:  You can read dating Diaries from this section. You can also create your own dating diary if you want.
  • Encounters:  The "Encounters section enables you to tell the website who you'd like to meet and they will tell you if the feeling is mutual.
  • Favourites: The "Favorites" section shows you which profiles you added to your favorites list.

Overview is operated by a corporation called Venntro Media Group Ltd. Venntro Media owns thousands of different dating sites some of which we have reviewed such as,,,, and Other sites connected to Slag Hub include,, and All of these websites operate in the same manner. The design and look of all of these sites is exactly the same. All these sites are identical the only thing that's different is the website's domain name.

These sites are what we call cookie cutter websites. Websites that can be created very quickly because they're using the exact same template the only thing that's different is the domain name. The company operating these sites has over 3,000 other websites just like this one.

The question you're probably looking for answers to is if Slag Hub is real or if it's a scam. We have all that information below in our investigative report.

One Method To Dupe People Is To Send Them Fake Emails

We joined and from there we logged into the members area to see if there was any funny business going on. You should know that we're experts in dating reviews having reviewed over 300 different dating sites.

We know exactly how to identify fictitious dating sites. One of the first things a fake dating site will do is to start sending you emails immediately after you join their dating service. You'll get large amounts of emails. On Slag Hub we've only received one email message so far. This is a good thing. It doesn't mean the site is not a scam but it's not a blatant scam. On other dating sites we sometimes receive up to 700 faked email messages in one month. For the record we've had an account on for only one hour and in that time frame we have received one email message. Do we think slab Slag Hub is sending us phony emails? At this point we're not sure if that's happening or not.

We're not completely convinced that the single email we received is real for one reason that's because our dating profile is empty. We never uploaded any photographs of ourself, so why is even one girl emailing us? Would you ever email a girl who didn't have any pictures in their profile? And that's one reason we're kind of leery to claim that is legitimate. We're not quite sure if it is or if it's not.

 And, if you want to read even just one email on the site you need to purchase a membership, something we didn't do. But, this is an easy way for fake dating sites to make money which we've proven time and time again on other reviews that we've done. They send you fictitious email messages and if you try to read them you can't until you upgrade. It's very easy to scam ignorant web users. We're not saying that's happening  on but it definitely could be happening.

Proof Of Phony Profiles On The Site

Another method used by dating scams is the creation of phony dating profiles. These are fake dating profiles created by the site and used to manipulate you deceive you and make you believe that their website has real women on it. And we have come across this scenario hundreds and hundreds of times. To the point that the dating sites actually admit that they're the ones creating these fictitious profiles.

For the record we did find some information and the terms and conditions page of slag hub.Com that could be deemed that the websites admitting to creating fake profiles. It states that people may not necessarily be who they say they are and that people may provide information that is unreal reliable misleading or illegal. You can construe that in a few different ways they're saying people may provide information that's misleading. They don't say who these people are are the people the ones operating their website. They are not blatantly admitting they're creating phony profiles like hundreds of other dating sites that we investigated but as with all reviews we try to give you as much evidence as possible. This does not mean they are creating profiles for sure but never the last we have included it as more information for you.

Bogus Profile Using Photos Copied From Adult Websites

In this part of the investigation we've included screenshots of 2 fake profiles that are using photographs that have been copied from adult image sites. We've come across this exact same scenario hundreds of different times. Circled in red you can see the 2 phony profiles below. We've also included the links where you can find these bogus dating profiles on the adult image sites listed below.

(Screenshot of a phony dating profile using a stolen picture found on multiple adult image sites.)


(  Screenshot of a fake profile using a picture found on an adult image site )


The Terms And Conditions Enlighten You To What Is Going On

 We read through the terms and conditions page and we've taken the most important parts of those terms and conditions and included them below. The first part States at this site as an entertainment service the reason we've included that is because they don't consider their website a dating site. They also state that "dating profiles and messages might not be genuine". You can click on this link to go to the terms and conditions page and read it directly on their website.

  1. The Site is an entertainment service.

  2. …be aware that people may not necessarily be who they say they are and that people may provide information or behave in a way that is unreliable, misleading or illegal.

  3. By using this Service you accept that any member profiles, messages and communication may not be genuine…

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information:

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: 59-60 Thames Street, Windsor, SL4 1TX, United Kingdom.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • If you bought a membership and want to cancel your account contact [email protected].
  • Web Page: Contact Page
  • Any charges made on your credit card will appear under: "SecureSafePay", so watch out for it.

Final Decision:

We're up in the air about if is a full-fledged scam. Yes we found some indicators that site's not totally real but mostly it's more circumstantial than not. We still personally would not purchase any membership package on this website based on what we've seen.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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