Is A Fraud Pretending To Look Legitimate

 Jan, 16 - 2020   10 comments   ReviewsScams Isn’t Real Learn Why In This Review

In the video that I recorded about Iexplain why this site is not real. I show how they’re trying to blanket the 1st page of Google with fake positive reviews to make it seem like the site is legitimate. What most people don’t realize is that all those reviews sites are either owned, operated or affiliated with Jolly Romance. The truth of the matter is that all those reviews are not real reviews. The various websitea make it appear as if JollyRomance is a fantastic place to meet women across the world when in fact it’s ALL bogus

This website is connected to many other phony dating sites (, that we have exposed in the past. The people behind these websites don’t give a damn about you. They created a bunch of fake cookie-cutter mail-order bride websites in order to lure you in to their bogus mail-order bride service. They run mail order brides scams using images of Russian and Ukrainian women, as well as Asian and even Latin American women. They have a multitude of different websites that target people living in English speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand).

Their “Risk Notice” Page Explains How Their Con Works

In the video I explain and I show you their risk notice page where they admit that they pay people that operate the fake female profiles. This is a very elaborate scheme that’s targeting vulnerable man who are lonely and looking for women in foreign countries.

They even admit that people that they call “suppliers” are paid fees depending on the amount of money that YOU spend on the website communicating with these fictitious women.

This is a hundred million dollar a year industry and that’s why they go to great lengths to mislead you into believing you’re interacting and chatting with the women in the profile pictures. What’s really happening is that the women in the profiles many times are paid for their photographs but they are definitely not the women that you are chatting with. And you will never ever meet the woman in the photographs in person!

And the real problem is even as we expose Jolly Romance for being a fraud there will be another website taking its place the very next day. We’ve been chasing these people for many years now, and they just continue pushing out new bogus websites on a constant basis.

They want to string you along  for the greatest length of time possible. Since this website is built on a credit based system the more you chat with women on the site, the more money you will spend. The more emails you reply to, and the more emails you send out the more it will cost you.  In the end resulting in a lot of money for the people that operate and other mail order brides scams.

So far, little has been done by government (FTC) or law enforcement to slow down or shut down these internet scams. They’ve been operating for 10 to 15 years with no problems. Part of the problem could be that they are possibly located offshore. But they seem to hide their tracks fairly well, so it’s hard to know exactly where they are located.

If you’re looking for real women you should look a lot closer to home. All of these mail order bride sites are almost all fictitious garbage, not real foreign bride services.

If you’re interested in searching for legitimate local women in your city go here.

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    • V. Cerabino says:

      The biggest scam sight going if ur dumb enough to go on use a prepay card. Had the biggest fun at work exposing the sight, with the guys at work.

  • […] you click “I agree” then they redirect you to a site called This is the actual dating site, JollyRomance targets men who are looking for women in overseas […]

  • Ricky says:

    Jolly Romanace are the biggest hidden fraud
    On online stay away stay there’s is nothing real

  • Dante A DeFalco says:

    I would like to see you put a stop to this so this can not happen to know one.

  • Nolan Bolding says:

    Jolly romance and loving feel same owners, they make fake profile of woman talked to you

  • Dan says:

    TOTAL SCAM SITE! This site is a Total Scam! They pay beautiful women/models to use their photos for the site, then they pay other women to pretend that they are these beautiful women, and stay on line night and day, answering messages from men, while they pretend to be these models. You have to buy Credits to talk to these women, to send and receive pictures and videos and of course they all try to get you to buy them presents!
    Every conversation you have with these women on their site is monitored. You cannot send them your information so you can get off of the site. You have to keep giving them money by buying credits and buying them presents before you can supposedly get this woman’s information and get off of this site! But, don’t forget, these are still just women or in some cases men that are posing as these models.
    Even when you send them presents, the scammers will go to the model and take a picture of her receiving the present and send it to you to make you believe she was real and really getting the present!
    The fact is, the model doesn’t really get the present, the person that you are talking to doesn’t get the present, the money you paid for the present is actually split between the scammers, the model and the voice you are talking to.

    Once you have purchased and spent enough credits on this woman, is when you are finally able to request this beautiful woman’s contact information. What they give you is always just an email address. And, the scam doesn’t stop there!
    You can email them or move to a texting service like Telegram or WhatsApp, but the scam continues! Don’t forget the woman or man you are talking to is not that beautiful woman you think you are talking to. The scam continues as they suddenly need money. Or, they tel you that to meet, they want to be sure that you are really serious about them and a present from the site would make them trust you more. Or, a common scam is telling you that to be able to leave the country, they have to $2000 cash in hand to leave customs to show that they will not go somewhere and not be able to take care of themselves. So many excuses as to why they need money.
    The fact is, the person you are talking to is just a voice paid to try to get as much money from you as possible. It might be a woman, It might be a man (that you think is a woman). But in either case, they will never video chat with you and have a thousand excuses as to why they can’t!

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