Is / Legit Or Just A Scam To Make Money From You?

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This site uses a credit based system, not a monthly membership.

  • 1000 Credits $399.00 (With 1000 credits you can do the following, 1000 minutes of live chat, or 500 minutes of live chat with video, or 170 minutes of CamShare, or send or read 100 emails.)
  • 500 Credits for $249.00
  • 320 Credits $185.00
  • 160 Credits for $96.00
  • 80 Credits for $56.00
  • 40 Credits for $30.00
  • 20 Credits for $2.99


  • Mailing System: You can read and send emails from this section.
  • Ladies: You can search for ladies, watch videos of them, see ladies who live in the USA, as well as see who is online right now.
  • Services: In the services you can call women, send them flowers and presents. There is also live chat and cam share available through this section. There is something called “Date A Lady”, where you can fly out and meet the Asian girl in person. You can also arrange romance tours where you fly and meet Asian women in introductions provided by The cost for the romance tours includes premium hotel accommodation, hospitality center services and an American representative that is available 24/7. The cost for a full tour is $3895.
  • Customer Service: You can contact customer service through this area.
  • My Account: The “my account” section enables you to purchase credits, access your profile, change your account info and change your settings or password.

Overview aka aka all redirect people to  This is a mail order bride service for Western men interested in meeting Asian women.

Emails Right After Registering

Right off the bat we were bombarded with chat requests from Asian women, that’s the good news. The bad news is that this site uses a credit based system that you can burn through credits very quickly if you don’t watch it. You can take a look at the prices above in the “cost” breakdown. We received 5 emails and based on purchasing a thousand credits it would cost us $4 per email to reply back to the women. Sending emails back and forth at $4 per email can add up very quickly.

Chat Messages

When we were logged on the site we received quite a few instant messages. You can chat with women for free and surprisingly the chat messages are not automated on this site. We asked specific questions such as what time it was and we received the right response, so there are real people on this site. You can send about 4 free messages before you are asked to upgrade and purchase credits on the site. The problem we have with the chat messages is that you really don’t know who you’re talking to. Yes, you see a photograph of an attractive looking Asian girl but is that who you’re really talking to?

The chat messages constantly pop up from new girls all the time. As usual you can only send them a few lines and then you need to buy credits to continue. We didn’t upload any photos to our profile purposely just to see the kind of response we would get. Even without any photos in our dating profile were were still bombarded with chat requests constantly. This seems a little suspicious, wouldn’t the girls want to know who they were sending messages to?

Real Women Or Paid Models?

The problem we have with the chat messages is that you really don’t know who you’re talking to. Yes, you see a photograph of an attractive looking Asian girl but is that who you’re really talking to? Almost all the girls on do look like models. Obviously we have no way of proving these are actually paid models or just attractive looking Asian girls looking to meet Western men. If you look at the Asian population as a whole, most women in Asia do not look like this attractive. So, this leads us to believe these are models who were paid for the use of their photographs possibly. Below are just 4 of the women who contacted us. Another reason of concern is that our profile for this review had no photos in it. Why would any women be interested in contacting us if they don’t know what we look like (see proof of of empty profile below)? Is it possible that they get paid to chat with us and string us along so we burn through credits that much quicker?

models or real women



Not only can you chat, email and video chat with women but you can also take romance tours directly to Asian countries such as China and Thailand. The cost for these tours range between $2695.00, all the way up to $3895.00. The question you need to ask yourself is are you actually going to meet someone through these tours, or are you going to spend thousands of dollars and be left wondering what the hell you spend your money on?

Online Reviews, Fake Or Real?

We also went online to read other reviews from members of the site to see what they had to say about this site. Unfortunately we were left wondering if there were any legitimate reviews at all. We did find what seemed to be legit reviews complaining about the service and how it seems to use professional model images (see evidence below). All the positive reviews seemed to be written by people who are not native English speakers. The way the reviews were written it’s very easy to see that the reviews are not written by Western men. We personally feel that the majority of positive online reviews that we came across were actually all phony. scam con

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: Drake Chamber Road Town TORTOLA SZ VG
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1 (800) 311-7598
  • Addresses: Cyprus, Nicosia, 1 Stasinou St. Mitsi Building, 1, 1st floor, office 4, Plateia Eleftherias
    551 5th Ave New York, New York 10017 USA
  • Email:

Final Decision:

We suggest you be careful when dealing with this service. Please don’t take our word for it, go online and read other reviews, but make sure that the good reviews you read are legitimate. Most good reviews that we found seemed fabricated and not written by people who use English as their first language.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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 Comments 167 comments

  • Dave K says:

    I wasnt directly scammed I had my tablet and credit card info ripped while i was in hospital. In a perion of 10 days someone managed to run up about $2200 on my card. I went to make a small charge and found my card was laughing at me so I pulled up my online statement and found pages of $65 charges. A quick call to the credit card company and I wasn't sure if i was going to get stuck for it or not. However while I was on the phone to them worrying about that, the security officer goes "no problem don't worry about it, they have tried to charge the card three more times since we have been talking!.  So other than a bit of worry and a few days while my new card gets here I manged to outscame the scammers! Someone anyway. Still havent figured out how they got all my info but at least now I am aware.

    • stallionjames says:

      Simple test

      Ask specific questions to get specific repluies.

      Have her send you recent photo selfies specific backgrounds you choose.Outdoors, in fromt of her car. at her work, At Least three. A REAL person will do this. Models will send you professional photos and excuses and vauge answers.

      If after the first contact with any woman she wil not exchange private email address's and or phone numbers then it is a scam to make money.  You may have to pay ffor the first contact. Never pay for the second.

      Now will someone find me a woman ???

      • Bob says:

        I concurr, this is the best way to find out the scammers. Asiandates been spamming my junk mail for years but a recent birthday they gave me enough credits to start talking to someone combined with the join up fee of $2.99 I thought what have i got to lose.

        By the second responce amongst other idle chit chat I asked the girl to send me a picture with her holding the date written on a peice of paper. Nothing obscene, I even explained it was for my own protection against scammers, appealing to her sense of reason.

        She replied to me but did not send a photo. So I decided fine I'll pay for the next 20 credits just to confirm I was being scammed, specifically so I could come on a forum like this and warn people.

        Next I asked her skipping all chit chat to send me the photo again but this time for her to make a hotmail account or something like that which as I explained to her in detail how it will still be private for her as the account will be disposable. So no direct ISP's still very much anonymous.

        Since then I have not heard back from her which is no surprise.

        Summary and theory

        This is probably a half truth site there are or where originally a few legitamate women on there enough to get a few good client  interview reviews but the rest is all scams, probably employees paid to keep you spending cash. I would even say that they are not even asian either. I support this because of the time frame that the letters where reviewed by the "girl". Being in Australia I share rougly the same time zone yet the reviews always seem to happen some time in the early morning. This suggests that the person was in some other time zone. I may also add it took usually 2 days for the review of the letter each time, something that is persistant with a person going through a work load like a help desk.

        • Drek71 says:

          While I cannot say if the women are real I can say that the turn around on replies is due to the time it takes them to edit them. All corrospondence is monitored and edited, especially if you start taking the conversation off their site. They support this in their terms and conditions by blacklisting a whole heap of things your not allowed to say. So no last names no emails web, sites you cant even mention facebook. I tried the trick of sending photo with my email on it. Only to have the girl reply that she couldnt see it. So I uploaded it to my profile picture only to see it later cropped out or on later attempts just deleted. I would dare to say that the males on this site are not the only victim here imagine how much money is made when these girls sign up have the photo's done.

          This site is designed to forever throwing money into correspondance with no hope of ever meeting.

          This site its so red taped to run legitamtly and yet so illegal as it will not deliver on its very purpose.

        • figjam says:

          Well the girl I'm spoke to on can last night got naked Nd showed me all her bits. I didn't even ask it freaked me out and made me think that's the hook. I'm not complaining but I'm not sending her flowers for £300 per pop. This site will send you broke.

        • Randall Etter says:

          That is exactly what Asian Date is! A bunch of paid employee's paid to keep teasing good men and weman to keep spending their hard earned money! This has just started happening to me. I was bothered by this site for years and I finally gave in and tried it. 2 kept saying they was on their way here. Then one claimed she was victmised in her country and could not come. The other one claimed she was in LA thinking I was there. Just tonight, the second one messaged me saying she made here in Ohio and could not wait to see and be with me. I replied with where was she, what hotel or at what air port. All she did was messaged me back saying she was waiting on me. No directions of where to go nothing! Every so called female I get messages from claimed how much they missed me and wanted me. First a person has to get with someone before they can be missed. It was just to get my money that goes somewhere on a Island that is a part of China. The entire world USA, Germany, London, and all of our allies needs to team up together and tell China that they need to put a end to this AsianDate scam site and return every victoms money or we will all blow up China sky high and plus that Island. They are all nothing but a bunch of low lifed theives! We do all our best to help China and keep trying to find ways to deal so to make North Korea happy and all the whole world and we get is jerked around.

      • giorgos says:

        hey hello may ask something is something wrong happen i go in this side i'm not spend money yet but alwash have massage from women's and sometimes are the same massage with ather's photos and sometimes ather's womans and i want to ask this side is ok or is one big fraud??

      • RZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

        I believe that most things on the internet are Scams! Remember there are many People out there thagare looking for ways to get their hands into your pockets and get the Cash! Ne er send or give out any Information to any one that you are not FAmiliar with! IMThink the Internet was Designed for Good, But the evil in this world is Exploiting the hell out of it, and when they are Across state, or country Borders they know there is Nothing that anyone can do to help You! Look in the Mirror and see that their is a Sucker Born every Minute and the Next one may be sitting in your Chair! Sorry, but You can trust No One In this world, Unless you can Touch then and choke the breathe out of them!! RZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Mike says:

        Good luck Pal it sure won't be on Asian Date!

    • Jax says:

      hello Dave K, i have been on this site since the first day i registered on 2014 or 2015 till yesterday. yes, eventually i have ever since wasted or burned my hard-earned money about USD 15.99 x 4 to 5 times and 2.99 bout 2 Xs. in addition, i have said things that meant not be said like, ".. i searched on google about these site with the same name is a scam.." and also that "this site is so expensive and not user-friendly" also "are these women real or fake?" and all that may came to your mind.  her name Julia accounts manager said something like, ".. AsianDate will not be responsible for your action here..". why i joined was because i found a women whom i have so much interest in.. but after all said and done.. i just apologize and requested to close my account. whats your advise? tq 

    • Jax says:

      Dave, sorry. Jax here, will i be in trouble? i asked is because of my safety as the IP address can be traced as because i said things like "this site i found on google is a scam" and all.. pls advise.. tq

    • Fred says:

      the latest one is i paid three good times so i asked them for there contact the stop talking, next is the hardly respond to direct questions, the will rather keep asking you something out of point till you run out of your credit, never exchange contact detials, this site is absolutely the same with

  • […] we finished registering we were automatically redirected to We have already done an extensive review of here. In that review of we identified many fictitious online reviews through Google. […]

    • Mike says:

      The only ficitoitious reviews you're goingto get are those saying it's a great dating site which it certainly is not! If you like spending lots of money with no results while fattening the wallet of scammer site owners yes go to Asian Date, Asian Beauties, Asian Charm, and so many other clone sites owned by the Asian Date site scammers! Go ahead be a fool! They will un mercifully scam you and relieve you of any cvoncerns about money because you will be fleeced!

  • […] just like are both redirecting people to is used to drive traffic to the real dating site which in this case is […]

  • John Holdcroft says:

    Perhaps a literaly " pretty " Lie I would prefer to get lost in than be in the reality of loneliness.

  • tyson says:

    I think this price credits are ridicules, they should at least give out some free credits for maybe at least 1month. There is a girl that I've been talking to thru email and sometimes my account goes so low I can't buy credits. Like some one said are these girls for real or what. This site is I think a big time rip off.

  • georgedt says:

    100% scam. Don't give any money to it. You will never get a real date. Agents are everywhere. Letter are altered or writen by the agency. Chats are cleared from the private info. Personal profiles are altered, what you write and see for your profile is not what the ladies will see. Pictures are altered. Videos are prerecorded. If you get on trip you will meet rundom selected by the agency ladies to meet. Don't waste your money and time! As they claim, they have 1200 agencies, most of them are "free", but they are only traps for colecting info. So be very careful when you search anywhere, it could be them again! I can recommend you my number one, it is "connectingsingles". Good luck to all of you!

    • Didiervd says:

      Hi Georgedt 🙂 

      Surprising : talking od Asiandate you say : 100 % scam ! 
      Then you wrote : "….I can recommend you my number one, it is "connectingsingles"
      I have just clicked on that site and I bet you woudn't guess the first thing I see on their page : Meet Asian Women ! till dare it's ok.
      the bad thing is … (this is written large caracters) : "AsianDate"
      So what do you mean by your number 1 site ?
      Anyway ! Have an outstanding day, to-day !



      • georgedt says:

        See how smart they are! Putting commercials everywhere. I had a lot of fun playing tricks on this AsianDate and family of scam sites.  I never gave a single cent to it.

        I use addblock and don't see any commercials.

        Connectingsingles dot com is a site free of charge. You pay nothing. African IP addresses are blocked. That way you don't deal with nigerian scammers too. If a scammer is detected, his/her profile is erased. I know about 15 free of charge dating sites. I put connectingsingles on the first place. That all! It's just an advice.


        • Jax says:

          hey george, i would like to hear from you. which site i can visit for all that ppl shared here scam-free sites?? pls advise.tq

  • karl says:

    asianbeauties,anastasia date,amolatina and all sites from same owner are the biggest scam of internet history

  • Steven Fox says:

    I have been monitoring this site for a few months just as an interest in a potential scam site.

    Today I received an identical email message from two diferent women.  At least, the teaser message was identical, but the names and photos were different.  This appears to be pretty obvious evidence that someting is wrong.  Probably a canned message sent out twice to the same account through an oversight.  I wouldn't spend seven or ten dollars just to find out if the rest of the messages were identical too.

  • Ben says:

    Asiandate is a total scam! There is no way in hell that asian girls who are very pretty are attracted to… A guy who is described as 65 years old, no picture, three kids, and is listed as unemployed in his profile! I used this fake profile and I still received tons of letters saying they wanted to meet me! So, I decided to change my profile from 65 years old to 75 years old and no one even noticed? LOL! The same girls kept writing me saying they like me and cannot wait to meet me? One very pretty girl wrote me 127 times and I never wrote a single letter to her?! That's crazy! However, NOT a single girl from the site asked anything about my sudden 10 year age change or if I was really 75 years old?! Ha! Save your money fellas — This site is a total scam!

    • Jax says:

      Ben, yes same here.. omg.. i have been getting 120 plus letters from the same lady as you said.. but i only sent a few to a one woman whom i like. therefore i did not put my pic.. well, which site is suitable? pls advise. if you are looking, share pls. tq

    • Matt says:

      Agree!  And some of the women who may be real use photos that are 5, 10, even 20 years old it appears when they finally send updated, non-airbrushed photos.  One women, whose profile has reappeared in my favorites even after I've deselected her over 20 times, has sent me 297 letters!  Another woman who sent me photos subsequent to our exchange of about 15 messages, actually is looking for a husband but her profile photos must be from her twenties.  She is real, but is 20 years older then the photos in her profile.  Scam!!! and unfortunate because I believe there are some well-intentioned women who are greatly outnumbered by those it seems are in league with the site to simply make money from lonely guys.

  • Stephen1958 says:

    Asian date .com  I nearly fell for it. I had the card details on my screen ready to proceed but at the last moment I came across this hellpfull site. How is it that they can keep getting a way with the scams. It is time that some governing bodys started to trak down the scamers and jail them. They can cach people that download stuff so why can they not catch the scamers ?

    • George says:

      Because they don't think catcking scammers is worth their time to mess with or the government is in evolved in these scams and allows them to do rip people off.

    • N says:

      This site is not real i have spent alot of money!! the lady tells me she is trying to contact me with flight information and arrival, i go to the airport and nobody shows up, take pictures with your phone of letters, chat, and phone call and ladies profile thats "confirmed" after she sends you messages about flying to you and does not show up file a missing person report with the FBI they will find your lady when she is missing!!! take pictures of the site and of the lady profile and city, city and birthday since the profile is confirmed and lady does not show up then she is missing!!!!! file a Missing person report for each lady that goes missing from the site file the report we all need to get our money back or the lady needs to arrive that we spent thousands of dollars on that they are real confirmed profile then they will show up when they say they are flying if not then file a missing persons report we need the FBI to find these ladies ASAP

  • Jim says:

    Asian Date is a scam, I also thought I was chatting with a real person, i chose a age 45 thru 55 and chatted with 5 different women the bill rose to over $500, I had one lady saying she was from Upland California, I lived close to there and kept asking her questions about the area different main streets she could not get back to me with a answer that would justify her, than another changed her profile address from Loa Angelas to China in one afternoon, I canceled the Credit Card and the Bank is going to try and recapture some on my money, thank you to sites like this that makes us awary of the scams, only i was late to check it out, beware of Ghanda scams also go to ghanda photo scams if a good woman contacts you from Ghanda lots of scams there also.

    Just to bad that they must go to scaming people  

  • John says:

    Forsure a scam.  Notice now none of the positive reviews mention that the lady is living with them now?  After spending a bit of time on the site one lady I was talking to forgot about some basic details about my life that I told her about a couple days before.  So obviously it was not the same person I was talking with and probably a paid employee. 

    • Laercio says:

      friend; what you said is exactly what happened to me. This site (Asiandate) two days ago, I talked to a lady, which at first I thought it was real. I bought some credits to talk to her, after a while shut up. After two days, I went back to talk to the same lady; and amazingly, it was as if the woman had never talked to me. I talked to her just two minutes later, and I could see (fraud). The woman made it clear to me; during this short period of conversation, I had never talked to me. Greetings.

  • scam says: is scam. i was 3 years in site. i send email to girl. she say me i am sorry this is the block. A single and Separator word I wrote. try she say me i am sorry this is the block. i say by she you send me email. Was written 15 dollars to continue chatting. I thought that I’ve found my favorite wife. but this site is scam.

  • Andrew says:

    My two cents after medling around this service:

    – by their own admission, the Australian company just provides web services. The girls on their site (profiles) are provided by "Contractors" (aka local dating agencies). At no time are they able to directly verify the girls. The contractors are required to offer documents, from what I was told. The company declines all liability when it comes to what the contractors say or do.

    – these "contractors" also provide translation services for the girls. It's very unlikely that you are chatting/writing  with the actual girls. On the phone (and even when actually dating, although I haven't got to that part nor do I know anyone who got there) there's a translator involved.

    – there are no conditions specified as to when you'll be able to communicate directly. I know a fair deal of Chinese so I wouldn't need a translator yet this 'service' puts the entire Great Wall of China and then some between you and whoever you think you're talking to.

    – there's really no way to tell whether there's a real person somewhere because with all the intermediaries it doesn't really matter if the girl exists or the pictures are real (they could be, all are professionaly made and with the culture of makeup in China, the only thing you need to know is that even if the person exists, that's not the sight you'll have every morning) – you won't get pass the firewall.

    • N says:

      This site is not real i have spent alot of money!! the lady tells me she is trying to contact me with flight information and arrival, i go to the airport and nobody shows up, take pictures with your phone of letters, chat, and phone call and ladies profile thats "confirmed" after she sends you messages about flying to you and does not show up file a missing person report with the FBI they will find your lady when she is missing!!! take pictures of the site and of the lady profile and city, city and birthday since the profile is confirmed and lady does not show up then she is missing!!!!! file a Missing person report for each lady that goes missing from the site

  • Tony says:

    I communicated with many women on Asiandate for 8-9 months. I had a long relationship with 2-3. We exchanged emails, photos and occasional on-line chats. They were very "real" women. I received detailed information, selfies, job related and casual pics taken locally and with others. I got detailed info from each women. Many shared their daily "life" and what they were doing with jobs, travel, family and friends. Yes it can get expensive  if you're not judicious in your use of your credits. "on-line" chats cost 1 credit per minute. I would try to limit these "chats' to @ 20 minutes which would translate to a cost of @ $10.00. If you write an email (no limit on length) and send one photo it will cost 10 credits or @$5.00. So I would usually write one letter for every 2-3 received. Of course it would cost 10 credits to read a woman's letter and see her new pic. I received @ 30 new letters a day . 10+ were "free' to read. You could also visit the woman's profile page and see her pics for free. I paid 100 credits twice to "talk" (through a translator) to women on the telephone. This would produce the woman's email address and possibly phone number. However in both cases continued communication was sparce in this manner. I think women were not comfortable reading letters in English without the help of a translator which they had on the site. I also found the customer support very helpful and truthfull when asked technical and otherwise questions. This service could be used 24 -7 on=line (live) or on toll free phone. Very fast replys.

    In conclusion I found the site to be not a scam , very real, and honest with great possibilities to communicate with beautifull women ages 24-50. However it is addictive and can become expensive if you are not carefull. I paid with different sources without problems. Now even paypal is accepted so there is protection.

    • david says:

      yah right, you got suckered!  Show me a real date that led to marriage out of the thousands of girls on there, Just one even, and then maybe I'll believe it.

    • Nick says:

      Your a liar, I found this site to be a scam I have done just as you have and some woman sent me the same pic as if it were them in erritic posses whith out the face, These woman lived far from each other and could not of sent me the same pics, and one woman sent me a pic of a vagina it is of a pre teen and then she sent me another pic of her vagina and it is hairy one of the pics can not be true. I have been on there for 3 years and still no date just about the time they are to arrive they will out of nowhere drop you like a rock. I thing the woman you are texting with are either being paid or they have been kidnapped and being forced to work for free.


    • Kingmonkey says:

      Yea u were right it not scam and I figure out where I went to support really clear explaining to me everything  unless guys not attention or not try call support for question like wise 

    • Brooks says:

      I agree, though I'm pretty new to their site, I'd say the women & profiles are legit for the most part, and you do chat/email with real girls.  The scam is how ridiculously expensive it is to buy credits($96 bucks for 110 credits I believe it was) and each email to read or send costs 10 credits…$96 for 11 emails is fucking ridiculous!  Also it's bullshit that you cannot exchange emails or any other contacts/social profiles.  It's a shame because there are a lot of real girls there looking for men, who are probably getting ripped off as well.  I like how some guys here say they "know" for sure its a scam, yet they spent years & no doubt a ton of $ on the site.  If it is a scam, and it took you that long & that much $ to figure it out then you really are a sucker….sorry

    • Naccinen says:

      I have a mixed opinion about the Asian Date site. In many ways I see red flags that indicate a scam, however I have successfully met and dated a girl via that site, went to see her and we almost got married. The reason for our breakup had nothing to do with the site, it was her mother's doing. I am now corresponding with another lady from that site and while some indications for a fake I can see, I could see the same before with the lady who was quite real, when I review the letter history.

      Some ladies on the site indeed look like clear fakes when they write the same kind of letters all the time and do not answer to simple questions like a normal person would. The lady I am corresponding now with gave coherent normal answers from the beginning and was very different from the clear fake ones.

      Still, I could be suckered this time and she is found to be fake, I will see that soon. The chat however has clear indications of being talking with a machine intelligence. Could be also just bad understanding of english. I chatted only once and was thinking all the time is this an AI…

      I was able to exchange contact information directly in the regular letter at a point where I was going to fly to her, I wrote on the letter that I need this information displayed for her, and looks like it did.

      I give props to their censoring system. Even in the chat their software can very intelligently inhibit on the fly any kind of contact exchange, even if you write your phone number in Chinese number words. Try to send a photo with the contact info, she 'cannot see it'. I tried every trick in the book and was unable to send any contact information.

      Even saying one number at a time failed. When you try to do something 'smart', that is when it starts to look like you are talking to a machine, as it does not understand at all what's going on. Then again, the woman can just be stupid and her English level not so good.

    • Doc Vega says:

      Tony, you are full of fucking shit! Asian Date is a scam! People like you are paid liars! I was a member for 3 years and got fucked so bad I am embarassed! I wrote a hundred or more letters to their customer service it's all a damn joke! People if you see Tony giving a thumbs up for Asian Date you can be assured he is a fucking liar paid by them! I asked for a list of successful couples that had met at Asian Date and they would never give it to me so I know they are a fucking lie! Save your money, your heartache, your wasted time anmd effort! Don't become a member you will be screwed shitless!

    • Doc Vega says:

      Tony, sorry Pal but you are a fucking liar! I was on the site for 3 painful and costly years believing their bullshit! You are a liar because I know they will not allow the exchange of emails or personal infiormation and you will pay at the very least 140 credits for a phone call that may or may not yield a phone number or email address that does'nt even work! If someone paid you to make this comment you really do suck! ASIAN DATE IS A SCAM and a criminal enterprise! They blame the fact that the great Wall of China is responsible because of the Chinese government blocking western email traffic but it's Asian Date lying! These bastards should be in jail!

    • mgtenter95 says:

      This site is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than this Tony tries to get you to believe.  I wanted to make a couple phone calls to girls.  Firstly, you have to have a "translator" whether you need one or not, causing excess baggage, hence, raising the price.   The cost to make ONE phone call was nearly 700 RMB { 96 USD }.  So the rep told me to use chat.  Bought a phone card, costing 85.88 USD.  I only got 4 ten minute chats out of it.  When I started a 3rd chat, I was cut off in less than one minute!!   65.88 down the drain in only 40 minutes!!  The exchanged e-mail addresses were erased by asiandate!   That's an intrusion into privacy!  There are laws against what they are doing!  Also, asiandate is charging just to open letters and pictures!!   These dudes, a company based in Australia, are PIRATES and need to be indicted, tried, and, if found guilty – hanged!

    • Gary Drop says:

      Disagree. One can never exchange personal information of email addresses or one’s cell phone number in any part of their online platform. Thus one can never really meet and this site only perpetuates the $$$ profits of the owners of this site.

  • asdas says:

    guys how to deactivate my account in this site? 😀


    • Jax says:

      asdas, i am also scared if my IP got scanned.. i requested my profile to be removed.. but not sure if they had done it. i remembered that i have sent a message with my profile.. shit, and got suckered

  • Ian says:

    I can assure you, having known people who have worked on Asiandate and other similar sites that it is a scam.  You are rarely, if ever, actually talking to the lady you see in the picture.  There IS a real girl, but they are assigned a translator (for want of a better term) and it is the translator that you are talking to.  The translators are on contracts that encourage them to chat with as many men as possible and the more credits they get the guys to spend, the bigger their pay check…

  • Dexter B. says:

    I think Asian women are lot more beautiful than American women.  Not trying to be mean either. They will take good care of their family, and children. Moreover, we just need to work hard to support the family and respect her for what she is doing for the family. We got married two years ago; we have twin baby girls. Besides the loyalty, respect, love and after I come home from my working day, there will always some excellent Chinese soup or a nice hot coffee waiting for me. Guys, I wish you luck on this site.

    • Doc Vega says:

      Dexter, I don't believe on fucking word out of your mouth! If you have a devoted Chinese wife she damn sure didn't come out of Asian Date and if you did not meet her there then why are you even commenting here? This is all about the Asian Date scam dumbass! Not about your opinion of Chinese women! I have been married to a Chinese woman for 12 years and I dated a couple before her and I will tell you that they are not the perfect subservient little angels that the advertisements tell you! Not at all. In fact, everyone of them I met had severe problems with their families, suffered from a lot of guilt, and had attempted suicide! They even told me something is extemely wrong in their society! Asian Date is an example of how little ethics and morality exist in China and even now as they mondernize their morality will not modernize2 along with the material apsects! Wake up! You are forewarned! 

    • tozy says:

      The 2 main scammers are google store, apple store, they set all the prices , as l was told my asiandates live support, l was so stupid, fell in love with a stunning girl, promised me the world, then l realised l had spent £7500 , l  e-mail  both cheif exects, nothing in return post, they need serious damage to the owners

  • ImJustAvg says:

    Until very recently, I was a member of the  While at first it was an ego booster, but it didn't take long for me to catch on that it was all a scam.  With one lady I managed to give her my QQ ID and we had been chatting on there for a couple of weeks, but then I got notified that she had sent me a letter on so I opened it but did not reply, it was about her visit with friends at some cafe.  So I asked her on QQ why she had sent me the letter on instead of telling me that on QQ which she knew was free for both of us.  She said she had NOT written that letter to me or anyone else!  Which pretty well proved that either the site or the translation agency connected to that site had generated the letter.  So then I asked her how many men she had chatted with on the chat feature of and she said ZERO – interesting since "we" had chatted two times for sure and possibly three!  No wonder "she" told me in chat that she would not write me directly only on the site!  So I stopped even going on and found alternate REAL and free ways to communicate with Asian women.  Then I get a computer generated message saying my mail box was full and I needed to go on the site and clear out or answer the messages there.  The first change I noticed was that the first letter was no long free, but there were a few interesting profiles among the messages so I decided to write but had only a few credits left, so went into my account to buy credits and that is when I found the new subscription fee!  $2.99 the first month and $9.99 there after.  So now they wanted a subscription fee plus expensive credits to write someone.  BUT there was no information about this subscription fee in the New Question area.  So I wrote customer service and asked them about it.  It took a couple of weeks for them to answer and then it was to say that the fee helped their staff VERIFY each and every profile on their site and to support 24 hour a date customer service.  BULL!  If you run Tineye and Google Image Search on some of the photos you generated hits for models, hookers, actresses, etc.  So much for verified profiles!  And if they now have a 24/7 customer service why did it take two weeks to answer my message and why haven't they updated the instructions to tell clients about the subscription fee?  SO I TOLD THEM TO DELETE MY PROFILE!  That was two weeks ago and they still have it up – now on my fifth letter to the 24/7 customer service!

      Thinking everything was now done and the site was in my rearview mirror, I basically forgot about it.  But then I get an email from  Mr. Allen from the Kia Group:  So it seems like the Kia Group now owns AsianDate.COM 

       有意向请加QQ:81839792, 或电话联系:18588207183,
       邮箱:[email protected]

    My company have a lot of Hong Kong companies, British companies, Seychelles resale(with HSBC accounts or offshore accounts),
    If necessary, please add QQ:81839792,
    or call us: 18588207183,Email:[email protected]
    At the same time My company bought the company with the account.
    If disturb to you, do please understand.
    Kia Group – Mr. Allen

    • Didiervd says:

      Hi Imjustavg ! 🙂

      You wrote here above : "… So I stopped even going on and found alternate REAL and free ways to communicate with Asian women…"  Would you gently let me know the links to these reel and free ways to communicate with Asian women ?
      You might know some reel legitimate site where to meet some interesting chinese women. 
      Thanks for your answer.


  • mohammadmuslim says:

    IF it is a scam or not i really don't know. But i THINK it is a scam. I LOST under $200 for only few chat and to view photos.

    • Doc Vega says:

      You lost under $200 dollars and you’re wondering if it’s a scam? Are you retarded? Of course it’s a scam!

  • ak says:

    the asian date is a SCAM  the same girls write to a diffirent people . I create 4 accounts and the same girl chatting ,and saing I am the only one for her . SCAM DO NOT WAIST MONEY . If you want to have an asian girl go to Asia .and see it for your own .and choose it .

    • Val says:

      you guys disregard American women and think "other Asian or whatever ,are better?naive isthe word, those same Asian or whatever lets say Foreign women will become americanized theday they  land here, mine did,as soonas they know  about "Community property" specially in California , your days are counted  dude, specially if you fall in the trap of "having children" she will use them against you until you die. that hot cinese soup? you can make it without the "favor" of a woman in those sites point blank asked me to make her pregnant, oh yeah? so what does she thinks I am? I wouldnt touch herwith a 10 foot pole, come on guys you need good housewives, get Mediterranean women,has anybody heard ofthem, I dont think so there is no mention of it here, I'm surprised. the best cuisine is from them.forget the rice and bamboo.and the McDonald sandwich which is the cause of  overweight americans.'

  • daryl says:

    there are so many things about asiandate that don't add up. the buying of credits is nonsense. other sites just charge a flat fee for unlimited access. they do not allow the passing of email addresses and phone numbers. they claim it violates some international broker's act. there is no such law. the only way to pass this info is by arranging a 10 minute phone call for 100 credits, which costs anywhere from $40-70, depending on how many credits you purchase at once. who's going to pay $40 for a 10 minute call? if you email thru their system, it's $4-8 per sent or received email. it's an additional $4-8 to view or send an attached photo. the woman do seem unusually attractive but keep in mind that these are studio photos. an average woman can be made to look pretty hot with enough makeup. it's possible that some of the older women, especially the divorced ones, are legitimate. these women would have an extremely difficult time finding a partner in China. but the young ones are probably not legitimate. also, many of the women claim that they are wealthy or have wealthy parents. I find that highly suspicious. 

  • John taylor says:

    Guys, I can’t comment on all the posts above, but I got to say that if they wee real women, and looking that good, theybwld have been snapped upmages ago. I am an Aussie that moved to Asia a while ago and feel free to hit me for my comments [email protected] . What I would say is that I had some success thecold fashioned way …. Simply place an advert in a local newspaper with request that any lady mail directly to you with details and pics. The cost of an ad might be US 25 and it is not that hard to find English language dailies in -Asia. I would reckon thecreplies are genuine and most likely quite a large number. Ask them to include a personal contact. Good luck.

  • Keith Neufeld says:

    I am curios how the ladies personalities can be so well developed if they are false identities. After spending many thousands of dallars in search of an Asian wife i am giving up on theses sites. I have been using Asian Date and Chnlove. Over a period of two years, i have developed many relationships only to have them fail. When arranging a visit from a potential wife, every single one of them failed in the end. Usually a plausible reason or excuse followed. The last one did not come and simply said she had something else to do! This morning after reading the comments on this blog site, i compared some profiles on both sites. In some cases i have seen ladies profiles on both sites. Today without difficulty, i saw one of those ladies was on both sites at the same time! She had different names for each site but identical pictures. Use your own judgement. I consider these sites for entertianment value only. Definitely one of the best scams ever!

  • David says:

    I had a very short but rather nasty experience with this scam agency. Perhaps being in a far away country such as NZ they felt they could rob me blind to the extent they did with more confidence. I was on holiday at the I signed up with them staying in a motel before heading into some remote areas if the south island. I was automatically signed up to asiandate after signing up with Anastasia. The relatively short time I used the service was with Anastasia. However I was shocked to find a few weeks after I had come back that my credit card had been cleaned out well over its limit to 1030 bucks! Remember I said I was in holiday in remote areas, well I wasn't near a computer for sure and yet asian date had been taking 500 dollars a day and when I went into the asiandate account there was no credits!! Anastasia too had hit me hard but at least it was for time I had used and I still had a few credits left to do some digging about after complaining had got no where. The sweet girl I had been talking too for that time had zero sympathy and become rather patronising and cold. She disappeared her profile included. I approached a new girl in there with what credits were still left and asked her about the pro chatters I had read about in scam sites and if she was paid too. It didn't go well as she became quickly angered and defensive. She then openly admitted to me it was a scam and found it really funny that I had fallen for it. She then asked me how I expected to find love when I was chatting with people working in a Russian call centre. She proceeded to mock me and put up a bunch of icons in screen to further mock me. I told her I enjoy exposing scams and her answer to that was ….. Hahahaha good luck to you! After that Anastasiadate began sending pictures of women that I had seen before but this time they had photoshoped the studio backgrounds out and replaced them with ordinary household backgrounds with furniture and bookshelves and such in them seemingly to imply that their site is real. I also received messages from girls trying convince me its all real but yet I had never had correspondence with them before so how did they know of my concerns? Just before my credits were completely finished, one girl Elena started fishing me out about what I knew of the site without me even mentioning a single word about any of the goings on. I realised then that they are all working together. The letters from asiandate had started my suspicions before I realised they had stolen thousands as they are so airy fairy to the point of being ridiculous and I don't see how so many women I have never meet online love me and miss me so much?? Also on the few seldom occasions I did use asiandate the girls  on cam chat were really reluctant to show their faces on camera and would only show themselves from the neck down often opening their tops in camera to show clevage. When I did catch glimpses if their faces they sure we're nothing at all like their profile pictures. Bucked teeth and glasses or much older or unattractive compared to the pictures they were hiding themselves behind. Well my experience has literally at times reduced me to tears as with the huge debts incurred in one card and the big repayments I was left without money for others bills and accounts and was forced to used my GE money card which was maxed out after some big car repair bills and other expenses to a total of 12600. I have been financially ruined and only managed to get back 1260 back from the bank if stolen funds which was the overdrawn amount passed the credit limit and some interest paid. And wow I wasn't near a computer when they took it! Thanks asiandate and Anastasiadate for this you heartless bas..rds

  • george says:

    Attention Affiliates!

    Do you have profiles of attractive Foreign ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, or Asia? Would you like to make money from your female profiles but do not want to relinquish control of the profiles to get them on a website with a large audience. Smart-scams .com solves these issues for you and exposes your ladies to a large worldwide audience of men interested in finding a suitable life mate. These men are successful and interested in being married. And stupid.

    The typical scenario for an affiliate is to beat the bush and collect profiles for the larger marriage agency. Then, you turn your ownership of the profiles over to the larger marriage agency in exchange for the profiles being exposed to a large worldwide audience and you receive a percentage of the sales of the profiles for a certain period of time.

    This has worked well in the past, however since March of 2006, a new law has gone into effect in the United States that outlaws the sales of women's physical addresses who live outside the United States. The smart-scams .com site provides American men and foreign ladies the ability to contact each other without exchanging contact information. How this benefits you is that it allows you to keep ownership of your profiles. Forever.

    How this works is you register your profiles on smart-scams .com. This gives your ladies a worldwide audience of interested men. The men also submit their profiles and photos, but they do it themselves.

    Then the men surf through the site and when they see one of your ladies on the site, they can choose to write to her. The email is received by you, then it is translated to the girl's native language. You then contact the girl, read or mail her the letter. Show her where to find the man's profile on the site, so she can see what he looks like and decide if she wants to answer him or you include his photo if you are mailing the letter to her.

    As mentioned before you keep ownership of your profiles forever. Your part in this is to make sure no contact information is given through the email, such as email addresses, physical addresses, etc. The reason for this is we can not provide the man the lady's contact information or we would be in violation the International Marriage Brokers Act that was signed into law in 2006. Here with the Foreign Ladies website, you have the opportunity to make substantial profit from your profiles while keeping full ownership, with a website that is fully compliant with this law. For further questions send email to con-artist @. o r g Smart Scam, isn't it!


    • Doc Vega says:


      You cocksucker!!! It's assholes like you who see to it that guys like us get fucked out of our cash over fake profiles you bastard! If I met you in person you'd be  begging for mercy you fucker! Read this shit from George real well guys because these are the opportunists responsible for screwing you out of your money and they work with Asian Date and others to do so! This should be criminal! George you suck!

  • jim says:

    please, please, please. do not join. even after deleting my account they have been withdrawing money from my bank account for 5months @9.99 thank God my bank noted. credit vanish with a sec. worst experience

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Jim. It helps everyone when we know the truth about

      • Didiervd says:

        Hi Admin,

        Thanks for the great job you do !   May I ask you the three following questions ?
        1) Why don't you add the date of reception of the messages sent here. So we could know if the said messages are still with effect  these days. Maybe thes site might have moved to an other new way of practicing their activities. (Am I so candid ?)
        2) I am soon going to add my BAD experience with AsianDate in a other message, short to come. You'll be amazed !
        (I am from and living in Belgium, so American laws might not have any effects here – nervertheless here is my 2nd question)
        Are there any – really effective – internet sites where to introduce an official claim in order to see those scam sites terminated ?
        3) This question here refers to the possibilities to effectively meet one or two "real" Chinese women, this with the aim to get into a serious relationship. I have no real problems to go to China within a very short delay if this appears to be necessary.
        Thanks for your appreciated answers ! (please could you send them to my mail address as well , Didiervd1 @

        With my best regards.


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  • li says:

    hello i am a translator of the asiandate, but now i cant get all my payment, the site pay us less than before. I dont know who can help me?

    • Didier Vallee Dessy says:

      Hi  Li,

      How can we help you ?

      Maybe one way is to get your attention back on the message of "ImJustAvg". When he says : "…

      Thinking everything was now done and the site was in my rearview mirror, I basically forgot about it.  But then I get an email from  Mr. Allen from the Kia Group:  So it seems like the Kia Group now owns AsianDate.COM 

         有意向请加QQ:81839792, 或电话联系:18588207183,
         邮箱:[email protected]

      My company have a lot of Hong Kong companies, British companies, Seychelles resale(with HSBC accounts or offshore accounts),
      If necessary, please add QQ:81839792,
      or call us: 18588207183,Email:[email protected]
      At the same time My company bought the company with the account.
      If disturb to you, do please understand.
      Kia Group – Mr. Allen…"

      You might may be send him a letter letting him know the bad practices of Asiandate and asking him for a correct refund of your work.
      Let me know your feeling either on this site or maybe by sending me a line to : Didiervd at advalvas. be  I hope you get a
      decent answer from this M. Allen.   I'll be reading the result of your reaction with a great interest.  As a member cheated by Asiandate, I will reply to your message listed  hereunder.  Bye for now !      Didier

      Bye for now !  Didier

  • li says:

    Is there someone member of the Asiandate? may I know if you need pay to read every letter? the asian date now pay us translators only some of letters. 

    • Didier Vallee Dessy says:


      I am a former (cheated) member of Asiandate.  Yes we have to pay for reading and sending  each and every letter.

      On a first initiative, what you could do is to read the message hereabove form "ImJustAvg" and specifically point your attention to this part of his message : "…Thinking everything was now done and the site was in my rearview mirror, I basically forgot about it.  But then I get an email from  Mr. Allen from the Kia Group:  So it seems like the Kia Group now owns AsianDate.COM 

         有意向请加QQ:81839792, 或电话联系:18588207183,
         邮箱:[email protected]

      My company have a lot of Hong Kong companies, British companies, Seychelles resale(with HSBC accounts or offshore accounts),
      If necessary, please add QQ:81839792,
      or call us: 18588207183,Email:[email protected]
      At the same time My company bought the company with the account.
      If disturb to you, do please understand.
      Kia Group – Mr. Allen  

      The second inititative you could take is, as I am actually in a sewing process against Asiandate, it should certainly be interesting that we join our efforts to both get a positive result from our actions against Asiandate. 
      So, I would like you to drop me a line to : Didiervd1 at gmail. com so that we could see how and what we could do together against this "scam" site.  Do not hezitate to get in touch on this matter.     Didier

    • Jax says:

      hi Li, according to didier.. I am also a former (cheated) member of Asiandate since i signed up until yesterday 24th Feb '18.  Yes indeed, a same answer from didier we have to pay for reading and sending  each and every letter.. and i said something like".. i searched and read on google that someone posted this site with the same name a scam." and with her reply was, ".. asiandate is not responsible for your action.. " in summary, i have had spent and wasted about USD70- USD100 time and effort on the site.. i do really like one woman from there.. pls write me and tell me. tq

    • Sven says:

      yes you must pay 10 to read all mails after the very firstone and need to pay for all sent

    • Gary Drop says:

      The FIRST letter a lady sends a man its FREE to read. ONLY that 1st one. All others they will charge for the man to read.

  • Kris says: is a COMPLETE SCAM!

    They forced members to pay a subscription fee each month for the same basic services that we free before.

    They said that members were clamoring for this new idea and actually presented it to the site.

    All three sites (asiandate, anastasiadate and amolatino) all incorporated this new fee.


    The customer service is a joke.  It's the same garbage they are supposed to read from a manual.

    • Guy Bourgaud says:

      I totally agree.this subscription  monthly  fee is just one of the numerous tricks  to make more money!but the customers get nothing in compensation! Except 10 free chats of 3 minutes,totally useless for them but making them chat with other women …and then pay,pay!

    • Steve says:

      I don't know how I came to be on the mailing list, but I've been receiving HUNDREDS of emails from the site daily. I don't even have a profile posted, but but each of them tells me how fascinated they are by what I've (not) written and how they "love" me. Today I receive a half dozen messages promising 2 women and millions of dollars. I haven't ever bought a membership or credits, I can't help but feel fingers in my pocket in search of my wallet. Their "unsubscribe" link is for decoration only, and calling the site is equally useless. The letters are entertaining but should not be taken seriously:-)

  • xxx says:

    In june 2016, I have two weeks holidays in China, Before I went there, I arranged to meet 3 different girls from 3 different states of China, The first one to meet was in Guangxi, the day before we supposed to meet her, her grand father passed she could not make to meet me?!?. I went to meet the second one in Sichua, The day I was arriving to meet her, she got cold, her parents came and took her home. so I stayed in sichua got online and randomly pick one from the asiandate site. in her profile stated 168cm tall and her photo was very attractive, in meeting her with her high heel shoes on, she was meekly 155cm tall, but she does look like her photos in the asiandate website, not as attractive though.

    The 3rd one was in beijing, two days before I was due to arrive in Beijing, she emailed me saying that she moved back to henan, and ask me to meet her there, when I arrived in henan , she was not there to pick me up , I received a email from her saying that it was very late (9pm local time) and not very safe for her to go out that time of the night to meet me, told me to find a place to stay for the night, she would find me the next day, for the next few days still no sight of her despite of I told her what hotel I stayed in. Again I got online and randomly pick one from the local town, we arranged the time and place to meet in one of the shopping center,, I waited and waited for over a hour and half from the appointed time, so I left, the next day I received a email from her telling me that i was impatient can not wait for her.. etc.., she secretly took my photo sitting infront the restraurant and send it to me.. all those ladies supposed to be sincere, but none of the them are real in persons.

    What a wasted of a China Trip, I should stay home and clean up backyard instead.

    • Ricky SII says:

      Dear XXX sorry to hear about your bad experience on it sounded like a total Nightmare for you, But i'll give you  props and credit for traveling all the way to China around the world to attempt to meet your lady there. I waited for over a year for lady to come to USA to meet me from China. We were all set up had the date set but then she flaked at the last mintue thanks for heads up and to think I was going to do the same the you did.but don't give up in the meantime i'll just save my money I won't I'll attempt to meet my Asian Chinese lady here in USA somewhere IN PERSON theres not that many in my neigborhood there the next city over at least but good luck to you!

    • Val says:

      My fiend, you were up to your neck in trouble when you THOUGHT of going to CHINA? what the heck youthink you'll find there? gold? there are more women in this country then men, why would you even THINK of going that far? I wouldnt even drive 200 miles for a woman.when I know there are thousands in my own city.! I'm sooo sorry 3 chinese screwed you pretty hard.if it was 3 Europeans I would say maybe they are clever but Chinese women? come on man, were you born yesterday?

  • Xxx says:

    I have very similar story with Keith Neufeld, I joined chnlove since 2012, in 2015 I went to guilin to meet a Chinese girl, in arriving at the airport, I waited for hours for her to pick me up, but no sight of her, for over three weeks I was there keep asking her to come out with no result. I joined the asiandate when I came black to Australia,, in Jun 2016 I supposed to meet three girls from this site, with the same results, failed.

    • Jax says:

      XXX, i have joined all sites like chnlove, asiandating and all mentioned.. all women are pretty but some are nice.. we chatted. the only one was chnlove and asiandate and subsidiaries alike.. damn.. who is the one has the legitimate site to search? pls give us the link. tq

  • Anthony says:

    I have been using asiandate for quiet a while now, i had a first meeting in China, in Suzhou but the girl never showed up and a second one in Hengyang, there the girl showed up but she was absolutely not looking like on the pictures. She came with her translator and a friend and made me pay dinner for all of them. After that we have exchanged QQ accounts but she almost never answered to my messages and on top of that she started to treat me like shit and i finally have erased her account. I then have sent an e-mail showing the real pictures of the girl to asiandate and they erased her profile. I decided to give it a last shot by trying to have some other meetings with other girls, one looks especially real and different. but i am almost sure nothing will never work. I receive a lot of pictures from girls who supposedly try to send contacts like e-mails, phone numbers, facebook or else but they are always blured, probably to make think they are really trying but i think it's the site that does that to try to keep people thinking it's not a scam. I have tryied to find QQ, We chat, Facebook of many girls with their names and in one picture the blurring was not well done and i could read a big part of what was written but no such profile found on the plateform said. I never could really figure out if the whole site was a scam or not but it really looks like it. Anyways i am going back to China soon and will see what happens, if it's only a scam i won't have any problem to find someone else there. Meeting online costs you money and most of the time doesn't lead to nothing.

  • dan says:

    For the translators yes we pay for every letter we do open. I rarely however do open any of them. Maybe one on a 100. I use the chat in Thai or Chinese whereas the site has little control about the what you talk about. Most scams are Thai(90%) and Chinese(45%) wich you can filter out yourself easily. Google picture search and many more. Don't forget to check chinese pages which can be very misleading.If you find lots of pictures model like , then just forget about her. If she says on chat english only dump her.

    Check out the profiles carefully, if there are things changing now and then dump her (like from china to somewhere in Taiwan) if you get her phone number / email track it. QQ usses mostly their phone numbers so you can find other accounts from the same person , check them out. If you got contact and she gives not all her info dump her. If she passes you email and she does not answer /read it dump her. All signs she s fake.

    The site self is helpfull. Checking all ladys is as good as impossible. They depend on Chinese / …. that live there, there can be frauds between as well. You think your lady is scam investigate a maximum yourself , send evidence to the site and they will check out. If the lady contacts you then negate her , it is just a trick to get rid of a fine. 

    All by all a great site. Just use your brains instead of getting a dripper. It is not free, so think twice. Don't use the app there that is a full rip off

    • someonequit says:

      hello, i have to tell you, 98% women register here, and never log in it anymore! BECASUE women really want to find true love here dont know how to speak English, this is real!!! if you meet some one can speak fluent English through chat or letters!!! that is fake!!! they are translators!!! only a few women here really want to find love, they will have requirement!!! only if you come to their country you can meet them!!! because they will not come to you, never give you money, no matter what they say to you!!! 

  • John Holdcroft says:

    Even ' though in Emails here I have read that the women will not come to you,

    I have been receiving Emails from different Women sayin they would want to visit me.

    Visas, not having enough money for flight, could I help ?  I now have money  for the flight ?

    Open and answer my letters so My answer is tto Come or Not ?  Similar from different Women.

    For me with the certain Token Package , 10 Tokens to Open 1 of here Letters , 80 cents per Token ,

    = $8.00's just to Open 1 Letter let alone Answer it !  And that is 1 Letter from 1 Woman and 1 from me in Response.

    Then there are about 4 Messages a Day from Women from Asian Datecom , Anastasia , and so on.

    • Val says:

      Pay to open a stinkin letter? I'm sorry guys you need tohave your heads checked out. why would you pay for a letter who they think they are? I want my letters be paid at least there is some poetry in them hahaha

  • John Holdcroft says:

    I have become Addicted , ( Yes Addicted ) to these Sites even 'though I know they are too good to be true

    and I have listened to a Review on You Tube and read Negative Reviews.

      At least, if fake, they are " women " paying attention to me, saying nice things.

    I have been on Dating Sites for years and haven't had the Messages or as many as from these Sites.

    Also most likely these " women " are models so they look good in their outfits and know how to pose.

    And the photos. are so well photographed and ones you can tell are done in a Photographer's Studio,

    they must be taken by a Professional Photographer .

       The photos. on regular Sites arre rough , can be rough Selfies , more than one person, one woman, aa pet, in the photo..

    I even looked up images of Japanese Female Models on the computer and the photos. didn't look as good as the ones on

    Asian and the other Date.coms

      Also, after all these years they are so well Organized it looks sharp and well set – out.

    And they have plugged every loop – hole that a guy could use to get to the " woman " and

    get out of Paying Money.

      That seems to be the Main Objective , get as much money as they can from the Men with

    giving out as little as possible.

      This to the guy who was impressed when he asked what time it was in the " woman's " country ,

    and got back the right answer , unless you both were on Web Cam and you could see her lips move ,

    it doesn't prove anything.

     According to the YouTube Review, " they " use " bots " ( short form for " robots " ) .

    These are Programs that mimic that you are talking back and forth with someone.

    I have an early version mimicing a woman and her responses from an old book I could Program my

    Commodore 64 . Very simple. Only a few Lines. Surely by now the " bots " and computers have become

    far more sophisticated .  It would be simplicity for a computer program to tell someone the right time in

    their Country. Pretty much like looking at a clock, a machine, looking up on a computer which it is.


  • Greg says:

    This site is absolutely a scam. It cost about $100 for a 10 minute phone call to try to exchange contact information with your "girl friend" and then after 2 or 3 emails back and forth she will have some "reason" to lose your email such as "I was in an accident and my phone was damaged" and so you have to spend another $100 for another phone call to get her new email … which doesn't work … get the picture?  It's a scammmmm!

    • chris says:

      i am total agree with you Greg i got olso sitting on asiandate and in the first letter one of the meny lady's on that site has write in her first letter her email adress so i try write her an email it doesn't work so i got a mail from the mail it self that it not have send because the email doesn't exsist so i believe that it is a scam site that only out of your money and should be banned from the internet and put offline and be fined by the police that these sites you scamed!!!

  • WARREN says:

    I have read all of these reviews and I can agree that ASIANDTE is a GIANT MONEY HOLE.BUT I have read extensively in other places (Blogs from Western Men living in China) about Chinese women and they basically all say the same thing; That Chinese Women are CRAZY NUTS FOR AMERICAN MEN. These are NOT SHILLS FOR ANY DATING WEBSITE they are just Expats living in China. They confirm that it is very normal to see Old, Baldheaded or Whitehaired American  Men with very attractive young girls.

    My Ex-wife is/was a travel agent and visited Hong Kong many times as part of her job. She told me MANY YEARS AGO THAT IF I WENT TO HONG KONG I COULD MARRY A RICH, PRETTY, YOUNG CHINESE GIRL; Bald, fat or ugly, not withstanding. I didn't believe her then but I do now.


    I am a member of several different asian dating websites and even though ASIANDATE is defitinitely the slickest and shiniest, IT IS NOT THE BEST. chnlove and iDateasia are much better and are far easier and cheaper to get the ladies contact information. Christian filipina and Filipina Cupid are also good.


    If you ask questions and get no response that seems right, drop her. SPEND YOUR MONEY JUDICIOUSLY AND BE VERY FRUGAL. If the lady is real, she will understand and sympathize. I am convinced that there are many VERY REAL LADIES WHO GENIUNELY WANT A HUSBAND BUT THEY ARE NOT EASY TO FIND. THERE ARE WEALTHY CHINESE LADIES WHO TRAVEL TO MEET WESTERN MEN. I have read many articles about this online reported by various news agencies and there ARE A LARGE NUMBER OF VERY RICH CHINESE LADIES WHO CANNOT EVEN GET A DATE WITH AN ELIGILBLE CHINESE MAN.

    The stigma attached to the "LES WOMAN" (Left Over Woman) IS REAL

    Having said that PLAN ON GOING TO CHINA/HONG KONG. There is really no other way to "Seal the Deal"

    There are ways to CHECK THE VORACITY OF THE LADIES INTEREST WHEN YOU APPLY FOR THE VISA INTO MAINLAND CHINA. If you ask to stay with her or her family then she will have to prove it with a letter making/giving you an invitation which she willnhave to produce for verification with the Chinese Govt. If she won't, you don't want her anyway. If she is real about wanting a Western Man, she will be proud of you and want to show you off to her friends and family. I've waded through many letters and have learned most of the "GOTCHA " CLUES.

    Photos taken in different places(selfies) are probably real. Pics that are lifted straight from the Profile are suspicious. Letters that have the sane pictues sent over and over; Definitely a red flag.

    I am planning a trip to China and Hong Kong to meet some of the girls I have Earmarked using Skype and Wechat. If nothing comes from it then I STILL WANT TO SEE CHINA AS A TOURIST and who knows, if it is as easy as my ex-wife said it was I STILL MIGHT COME HOME WITH A PHOTO AND CONTACT INFO for a Fiance Visa.

    Indidn't believe her then but I believe her now.

    • Doc Vega says:

      Warren you are a fucking liar! Anything having to do with Asian Date, China Love, Amolatina, and many more like Romace Tale are all nothign but scams! Warren, assholes like you are paid to come into this site and get people hooked on Asian Date! I should know! I was there for three years and I got fucked so bad I can hardly stand it! These bastards will fuck your world, humiliate you, drain you dry, refuse to give you customer service, and rip your heart out of your chest! And they know exectly how to do it by capitalizing on heart broken men. Anyone reading this! If you see Warren's letter he is a scammer working for Asian Date! And he's a damn lair!

    • Gary Drop says:

      Filipino Cuipd… 4 lady scammers and frauds in a row! One after another!

  • Hard Way says:

    I conclude that Asian date is a scam.  I think there are a handful of real women on the site ther rest of just looking to make money.  I think they make money when you chat, email, make a phone call or send anything.  I have called a few and once the phone call happens they lose interest.  Even though before that you were getting a letter everyday.  I have one lady that has written over 700 letters.  She happens to be real.  I have her email and phone number.  

    As someone else said they are putting out canned letters.  Now about getting a visa and coming to vist with a girlfriend.

    I had another one that was truely interested but I was a little too dark for her family they were afraid she would be mistreated because of my skin color if she married me.

    So it is a scam YES, are there real women, YES, will they move to America WHO KNOWS.

    I was in Hong Kong on business and I had one girl I knew there, she backed out at the last minute from meeting me.

    If you can't afford to fly there then stay off it.

  • Dayton says:


    All you guys believing that AsianDate, AnastasiaDate, AmoLatina and several other sites are blinded by all the amorous and seductive letter you receive. Please, please don't be so naive!! You are drawn into believe that these letters are directed to you alone. These women and girls who write these letters and send sexy nad provocative photos earn commission from the letters that are answered and the photos that are opened, this is why they keep writing – this is their living! Have you never heard of mailmerge, your names are simply placed at the front of the letter Eg. Dear Jim, Dear Simon,, Dear John… DOES THIS NlAKED PIC OUT OF UR BELIEVE?I NEVER LIE TO U!HAVE I EVER SHARED THIS KIND OF PIC WITH U ? i have nothing…..

    ..will u download this IMPORTANT pic and save it on ur phoneeee now ? come on.. You always make my day,you…..

    Call me the n**)umber in my na**)uuughty pic~~ I wanna spend all the holidays with you, babe~~ ….

    .. etc. etc..

    Yes, these are gorgeous and very desirable girls and women but please do not waste your hard earned money by sending it to these sites. These sites are similar to a very wealthy person begging on a street corner wearing tatty clothes and looking dirty and taking money from you.

    I just wish somebody, somewhere would close these fraudulent, dishonest, deceitful sites down.


  • […] When we received the confirmation email we were redirected to a site that we know very well called You can read the full review below as we discuss everything about the site and what's really […]

  • Ricky SII says:

    It was scam all along I have been on this site for over 5 years! I finally come to my senses called many ladies wrote many ladies never got one single real date with any of them, some say they are rich which does not always inpress me or their age either not giver them another penny. I'll try to meet asian ladies person If i am around enough them  in my area good luck guys!

  • Paul says:

    This platform is a rip-off. It uses women to lure men to chat so as to 

    receive very expensive communication cost. 

    When the man or woman inform each other their contact phone or 

    e-mail, then the system will block contact telephone or e-mail so 

    there is no way they can communicate off this platform. 

    Also the women’s messages seem to be generated by computers, 

    not human.

    • Gary Drop says:

      EXACTLY…. there is no way on God’s green Earth here that you can exchange your email address and phone number with them and for them to give you theirs (maybe ONLY through their high priced phone calls). Thus their whole purpose and existence is to keep the man to spend $$$$ for their credits to endlessly message all these fake ladies.

  • one man says:

    If you call the bitchs and exchange contact information  you will get one email from them and they do not answer their phone (if that was in the exchange). This is a common practice across the board with them. 

    1. id #1267235 , phone +86 150 3836 6840,   email [email protected] or [email protected]

    2.  #1309864   email [email protected]

  • one man says:

    Also be careful as Asian Date calls you back within second of hanging up the call. You will think it is the woman calling you directly but it is on your credits. This also the practice of the main site Anastasia Date. 

  • Andy says:

    I am convinced that is a scam.

    i was a member of the site and got into a conversation with one of the girls. It escalated to the point that direct communication was invited. In order to pass on personal contact details required a telephone call with a translator. After $110 the 10 min call was only long enough to pass on one email address. 

    Once the call was completed all conversation stopped. 

    My advice is don't use this site unless you like spending $ for nothing more than getting your ego stroked.

  • Shifty mofo says:

    Get the photos for free….. we all have that 2 or 3 girls sending 100s of letters with photos in them and lol different girls send the fucking same photo. Go to the profile of one of these girls and click letters…when it loads hit refresh and quickly click read and you can fast scroll down to pic and click on that and attachment window will open..go back to the tab with the letters and backstep and quickly open another. 

    • Thunder says:

      Better yet, on Firefox you can install NoScript (there are similar apps for other browsers) and block  You need it unblocked to log in and navigate the site, but once you are at the inbox, block scripts from that domain and then open the letters.  You won't see the letter text, but you will have access to see and save the attachments.

  • Harry says:

    I have gotton over 1200 letters from 3 women on the site I have never replied to them at all. Have anyone else have receieved so many lettters from some of these ladies?

  • a disappointed man says:

    For example I have got over 1400 letters from the same one woman on the site I have never replied to her at all. I would be so attractive? Or her are feel so persistent love?  But not rare being 200, 300, 400 letters from different women with very similar texts and of course without answer. I am so popular ? This is more than  suspicious. And I noticed they sent me letters with fake or wrong date. For example She wished me merry christmas in summer!  I consider myself  lucky, that I do not payed affiliation fee so far. You can not get out of here by the prohibition regulations, just pay. This is a dating side or an automatic money absorbing? I do not know? Khazar thinking? Skilly! Thanks, but I do not ask from this……………….a disappointed man

    • Thunder says:

      Yes actually they have been so successful now they are being careless and sloppy and making the scam more and more obvious.  Hundreds of letters from girls you never corresponded with, incessant chat popups, the monthly fee, …

    • Sonic Rain says:

      I am up to 2108 letters from one girl I never contacted or opened any letters from except the first free one.  It is hillariously fake.

  • prof says:

    One girl called me years afterwards to apologize for cheating mt. She said she was a student and needed money. She wanted me to accept her as a girlfriemd.

    All that beind said… I did meet a very nice woman after this situation and she has left this site.

    They make promises such as meeting them and they always have a reason not to meet youin China.  

    They also take money from your credit card with out permission and their customer service avoids giving a straight answer. They are like politicians and beat around the question.

    Check Wikepedia for Anastasia… they own this dating compnay. 

    Do not make the same mistakes as I did.


    • Thunder says:

      Most credit card companies when you try to make your first purchase, will flag this as suspicious activity and want a confirmation from you.  Take this as a warning that they know this site to be a fraud even if they are not willing to completely turn off the spigot of merchant and transaction fees they get.

  • DP says:

    AsianDate/beauties and all other sister sites are, as others have said, big time scams. I lost a couple of hundred before i really realised what was happening.
    What i will say is though, I did get chatting with a real girl on Asianbeauties and she game me her off site contact details in a cam share chat. She admitted that most 'women' on the site are fake and are not looking for anything other than money. She also admitted to being a prostitute who was on AB as a way to earn more cash.

    I was also able to find some of the girls on AB and the sister sites on other social media platforms (very easy when they use their own unusual names on AB, Anastasia, etc.…)  

    When I contacted the various admins about the scams I was given the same BS lines about how the dating sites have very strict rules on scamming and fake profiles. But, if that was the case they would shut the whole shooting match down as it is just one massive scam praying on the lonely.

    Interestingly a couple of days ago I decided to create a new account on Asianbeauties with the profile name of Dead Pool and a lovely pictures of the red fella as my photo. My hobbies include: searching for Francis, killing bad guys, and touching myself all night long after killing bad guys. To date I have 15 letters from ‘girls’ and have had numerous chat requests and have chatted for the ‘free’ 3 minutes to ‘girls’ who have said stuff like “Dead, I love the same things you do…” All scamming rubbish! AVOID!!  

  • Thunder says:

    I'll chime in as another sucker who gave more to these crooks than I care to say.  Admittedly, much of that was after accepting it was a scam for actual dating and treating it just as entertainment.  As for real sites I can vouch for chineselovelinks, as I did meet and marry a girl from that site.  I also believe chinalovematch is legit; although for various reasons (schedule, cities, compatability( did not actually hook up with someone through that site.

    Guys, although some of the models are gorgeous, think of it this way; if this was a legitimite site they would be doing all they can to make it easy for two people to meet.  This site does EVERYTHING they can to PREVENT members from exchanging contact information and meeting.  They used to run social events in a few China cities that gave the site some legitimacy, but it seems they don't even do that now.


  • Kasim says:

    This is a Russian website,,,,need I say any more. It's total, fucking scam, from top to bottom….It is created in a way where total control is exerted by the website so NOTHING is known by yourself, the member. You think your profile photo is 'visible' when in reality it is NOT and you have no way of knowing this until a woman tells you?? When you complain, they say it takes four days to be passed by their team….this is despite the fact women have their own naked photos ..and they tell you they do NOT allow pornographic photos???

    Fuckin Russian scum bags…I say nuke the mother fuckers….This is a total Russian Mafia set up, maybe they have a few legit women, but most are their own hostesses….


    Avoid like the fuckin plague!!!!!!

  • Rob says:

    I lived in China for a while with a woman I met on another dating site. After we went our separate ways and I returned to England I was quite surprised to find she had a "profile" on Asiandate. (What were the odds of that, I wonder!!) On my second visit, "she" was online – and we started chatting. (My profile didn't have any photos – so I was to all intents and purposes anonymous) The person I was chatting with told me wrong city of residence, wrong age for her son, wrong number of brothers and sisters and told me her son was single. (he in fact got married while I was there)

    There might be genuine parts to this site – there might even be some real women there somewhere. Simple fact is – even among the older women – you just never know who you are dealing with. I have been writing & chatting with another girl here who I would swear is legit.

    Forewarned is forearmed. If you want to try this site (It is addictive!) second guess everything and always be on the lookout for things that don't ring true.

    Better still, avoid it totally

  • loneranger1 says:

    I have been trying to figure out this dating site Asian Date. If you like intertainment go for it but dont put a lot of money into it.

    There is a way to see the pictures without paying for it. Just cliq on the read this letter and the letter will come up without any writing just the free picture emblem, you have about 4 seconds to cliq on the free picture.if you take too long you will have to go back and try again. Yes there are photos of models,call girls, and yes you will find them in chinese porno sites. Sometimes they forget to block out the porn site web site.. You will find them there too.Even in Weibo. So what I would do is post their pictures up in the popular chinese online medium. If everybody did this it would it would slow down their business. But they would come up with another scam . I have over 1000 pictures . They will become popular in china. Time to fight back.


    • Alec says:

      Now there is a plan we all should do this and let the people from china know 

    • Al says:

      Yep…a total lyin' ripoff….the very pretty girl face they are using now was my first contact 4 years ago…she was a 21 year old secretary…..sensed a scam…..left…9 months got a note to come back…first thing there she was….now 31 and a school teacher…i have both of her account numbers….now she is spokes model….heartless liar….total fuckin' scam


  • Cheng says:

    I will not write much about this site, I will say only a little. Dear men, bypass this site and such similar sites. These sites are scammers. They first lure men, and then try as much as possible to lure money from your bank cards. Without your consent, they can withdraw money from your Bvnk cards after they receive your data from your bank cards from you. Such sites entice men with photos of young girls, unwillingly send letters to men as spam. In addition, strict control over correspondence is maintained at such sites, all mail is checked and information that is unsuitable for the site is deleted from your letters or corrected in an unnecessary format. If you do not want to lose your money, then you need to avoid registering and using such sites. Most of the so-called girls and women on these sites are fraudsters with whom you will not get any positive results when communicating, but only lose money in vain. Even if you somehow miraculously manage to negotiate a meeting, then no one will come to your meeting, and if you go to a girl then no one will meet you at the airport. This is already proven information from men who thus with the help of this site lost a lot of money but did not bother with the desired girls. These sites are scammers and the chances of a decent acquaintance with the help of such sites, no. Such sites are a waste of time and money. Be careful and attentive when visiting such sites. Such sites with the help of young and beautiful girls lure money from men. Beware of scammers.

  • James says:

    It is a strange project ,some ladies wrote me very good letters and we even had fun with letters ,but those ladies were deleted suddenly , they told me ladies broke the rules cause she sent pornographic letters,but I don't mind , I waste money and time on it 

  • Nitex says:

    Just a while ago I have been chating with a chinese lady I decided to go to China when I got to the airport she was supose to be waiting for me but she had a lady translator waiting for me there, after we meet we went to the hotel and she didnt appear until next day and she didnt even look like the one on the picture she said she was 46 years old and she was 57, when I saw her I said fuck this old lady is very ugly, on top of that she hired de translator who was charging $1.500 for 3 hours because the lady didnt know any english that all and on her profile she wrote that her english spoken was an intermidia. Well at the moment I though that I wasnt going to paid 1.500 dollars for translation so I decided to go to the desk at the hotel with the translator to see if she worked as a real translater and at that moment she disapear. This experience told me that this lady they are also trying to make money with the translator. I think that Asian Date are an organization of scam people who try to make money out of you in any way they can.

    sorry about my english is my 3 language.

    • Val says:

      there you go now you got it I hope this is the end of mr NAIVES  coughing up money for useless pounds of flesh.                              AMEN TO SHUTTING THEM DOWN> too bad there could be fine women in them victim of life's vagaries.                                           I have yet to see any chinese or Asian worth be called beautiful not even cute they're ugly as learned your lesson guy. hopefully no one will fall in the same trap, cause its a TRAP.  

  • Toby says:

    I have been on a little while and yes it is a big scam.yes it eats up the credits fast and yes you dont know who your talking too.but they know exactly what your texting so in real thats the give away your talking to one of site members not they lady in profile.yes i understand now they using model faces young and old.yes they are writing to you .and you see same message on other girls letters.THIS is what happened 4 times after i booked call cost me 100nz dollars a call at different times of the year.firstl the reception and quality of call in china was bad .oh i was with USA hear them sometimes or they cant hear you .yes and the advance english speakers so they say they are want you to go letter by letter the call is 100nz bucks .the reality of it is they you may not get to her email or give her yours due to bad reception and talking slow 10min goes real quick and if call fails you spend money for another call.if you had extra credits they didnt let me talk any longer i still had credits left but had to book another i figured emails were to the next time i asked just for her phone number although through bad reception and slowness of her i managed to get her number.NOW this is where all 4 ladies did samething.they allowed me one phonecall talk to them as useual bad conection after that nothing from them.even on site and they are still on adiction i been on here very long time and some of the ladies i first saw are still on site.and yes they suck in old men with models im one you dont know if you talking to site member or real asian girl .i truly think its site members.They only doing it to western men wish there is some way to shut them down

  • Alphonse Kafununa says:

    The same thing applies to this website:

    This site also uses a credit based system, not a monthly membership, and possesses similar features. It is expensive to read and send a letter to the tune of about $7.00 a letter. The chat room is monitored and there is no way to exchange contact information, as it will be deleted, either in the letter or in the chat room. It is a scam

  • Nick says:

    Maybe we should start a genuinendating site folks??? I've recently joined here as i found chnlove (now asiame) was a massive scam. I communicated with a lady for several weeks at a cost of just over €200. She lied to me 2 times in separate messages but didn't explain herself when i asked her about them. Similar charges to asiandate. Some of the profiles are the same. I don't think that my hard earned money will be spent on this scam. Thank you all for the knowledge and sorry for all your losses- not just monetary. I also created ghost accounts and found that the one for me was communicating with an alias of mine. Hard lesson to learn but i couldn't care less about the money, its the hope and then the loss (bereavement) of realising that the person has lied all along and doesn't feel bad about it because their getting a pay packet to be deceitful. 


    Nick. Letter date, Sept 17

  • Richmond lazer dosted says:

    I agree with you Nora ,but my country ain't got loosers like Bob . I think it has gotten to a  point were I am the only competitor for Nora we Ghanaians do know how to treat a lady better unlike Bob. So Nora you know I care about you..

  • Friday Kanyanda says:

    I have been on AsianDate, VictoriaHeats,Amoratine! 

    These sites are not REAL PLEASE!!!! SCAMS!!!! TAKE HEED!!!


    The laddies on these sites act the same way! They are automatically designed to respond! I have spend alot of money!!! The laddies even promised to come to my country!



  • Alec says:

    I am victem to the same scam, what is there to do about this, can we claim our money back from them??because when you do they just say no you should have read their terms and conditions, whell obvious they dont mention in their terms and conditions any thing about that they are scaming you, so who is in bridge now, i have a soecific person i am chatting with at the moment, this person claims that she is a restauranteer in a city wich i am familliar with, i asked her what the name is of her restaurant group, and this is where i cought them out she said to me that it is not a company it is a restaurant, in china is like all over the world if you run a sucessful business it must be regestard they also pay taxes so they must beable to give company details, i wanted to check with the Chinese emabasy in my country if this business does exhist and that i would want to do bussiness with them, well obviously they still did not reply with the correct  information that was requested. the other thing is some of the chat request that yourecieve from as young as 19 years of age well wow the looks of these girls are stunning they tell you how they want to do what with your dragon and what they want you to do with them from behind if you look at their profile then they are eother a business owner , a teacher or a docter wow how old where she when she started her study as a Medical Dockter ….this is non other than a huge scam, employees trained to scam members 

  • Russ says:

    If using Firefox with AdBlock the site becomes only partially functional, however, there's a glitch that allows users to view and download photos from messages without spending credits, though the message itself is not accessible. Be warned that some photos are soft porn. I became intrigued when after just one week over 20 women had sent me nearly 100 messages, including a few women asking if I would be interested in a three-way relationship with their mother. Some even have photos of them with their mother. If you can't figure out that this website is a scam, take for example, a letter from Beautiful Fangfang: "…1 i ca1l you daddy??? mom will love to move with me. she will move her bus1ness there. and she wants transfer some mone1y to you firstly… mom sa1d will you love to make h0t love to you too, so do you mind ??… and 1 dont mind if we share you , do you mind ? I will call you daddy when you…” And then it becomes sexually obscene. But I didn't mind it, not at all, I might pay a few bucks to see how this Asian tragedy ends. Poor Fangfang and her lonely mother…

    If people are really concerned about this has anyone even bothered to ask why their business is verified by Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? Contacting these social media platforms to encourage them to cease advertising this scam may be a good course of action, or at least limit it's spread. Is there any legal persuit available through these US companies? Would this help stop people from getting taken advantage of? Probably not if men can't to use their brains and recognize this site is selling pure Oedipus fantasy. I also consider the chance that it's a legitimate business that's providing a real dating service, and that most of these negative reviews are men not using their brain.

  • malia says:

    my husband was a victim of this scam and we now on the process of divorce. massive spending that he remortgage our property and got a credit line in the bank  hoping he could get married with millionaire a doctor, business woman and sometimes they said they don't what to do with their money and want to share or bring business here in canada. please do not be A VICTIM of this bif time scammer, they were there to make money.

  • paul tozer says:

    paul here have been ripped twice the first 3 years ago named amy gave me her skype and masterbated for me for sevev months then asked for 25000 us so i left it 3 years waschating to 55 year old i think was genuine she gave me details to try and contact her son but did not work then came across the one i had meet 3 years earler same name same photos new story fuck that site

  • Doc Vega says:

    After reading all these comments on Asian Date I will say the best way to hit back is for all of us to report them to the FBI, INTERPOL, Secretary of the Treasury, and Banking Commisions because these fuckers have got to be stopped. They ruined my life when I was coming off a divorce and made my recovery almost impossible! Don't fsall for their polished theivery!

  • Deersinger says:

    What a small world!!! Someone else has heard from Fangfang!! lis the !other tagging along! This morning had a msg in which a woman described her nude daughter and wanted to know if I could instruct her in the "arts". Very flattering especially at my age(75). Then there were the bisexuals with girl friends who wanted to share the dragon!   Another with her sister with which she shared everything. A few that wanted to put millions in my bank account to invest in new businesses. Sometimes it is just entertaining to read all of this drivel. I have tried 3 times to have my profile taken down(this is the same profile that I never posted to begin with). Fortunately I had the good fortune not to invest in either Anastasia or AB. I found this site today and it has really helped me feel not so guilty in regards to not contacting any of these "ladies". Thank you,sincerely.

  • Dorman Nelson says:

    It is fantasy….enjoy the fiction. You pay to read books on line…what is the difference.  Best way to meet a lady is through friends, work, walking in the park or bumping into them at a supermarket.  Or….go wash clothes sometime.  Have fun with this site and think about the models pictured are making a few bucks and are getting attention. The workers are hard at work translating, sending out letters and hooking more men. And the administrators are making big bucks and buying Teslas and Ferraris… think of all the folks you have working for you!!!  

    Don't get serious for getting strokked on this site….in so many ways…..

  • James H says:

    Wow!!!! I'm glad I didn't pay for credits yet. I have read the free to read letters an some of them contained nude pics. I guess I'll just keep this site for that reason. 😏😏😏

  • Perry says:

    Cherry Blossoms is legitimate.  Real looking Filipina girls.  Just a flat fee service charge and easy quick exchange of personal information.  They have been around for years. There are other similar sites.  Mostly for Filipinas.  I can't speak to whether or not there are legitimate sites for Chinese girls.  Ther probably are.  I think having a flat fee is a good sign that they are probably legitimate.  I'm on Asian Date right now,spending a lot of money to chat with a beautiful 19 year old who knows I'm 60 and claims to be crazy about me.  She claims she wants to leave the site and go to WeChat which is free [she told me about it].  The test will be if it actually happens.  I invite replies.

  • Andrea says:

    Has anyone received an email that said to confirm your account (to but you never visited the site? Asking because I am about to confront my boyfriend about it (it was in his email box) , but dont want to accuse him of something he didn't do,if this site sends out unsolicited memberships.

  • Jeffrey says:

    I believe it is a total scam first hand , sad to say I lost tons of money, in the thousands here are a few things, it’s very expensive, to make a phone call almost 100. Us for ten minuets they use a translation service in the South Pacific, which has poor quality, you spend most of your money saying hello can you hear me, once you retrieved a phone number and call it the operator says ; customer you are trying to reach is power off please try again later, after this happened a few times I got some clarification, the meaning to (power off), means  out of service , this even happened after I got the number directly from, I’ve gotten email addresses and the same results you write you you’ve been talking to and no reply they want you to keep spending you money at the site, number one is I received exactly the same letter from two different women who supposedly live in cities far apart I did your research for you at the cost of around five thousand dollars do not use this Russian based scam, that should be a heads up in itself , a asian dating company owned by Malta based company, totally 100% scam  

  • Doc Vega says:

    Ask yourselves a serious question here. Why if we all know this is a scam and a lot of us have lost money why has the government done nothing to investigate these bastards? Why if we have gone to the credit card companies and gotten refunded or informed them of the fraud what aren’t the credit card companies alerting their customers and red flagging these rip off artists? I smell a rat! Are the banks, credit card companies, and even the governments getting kick backs to keep their mouths shut and let the operation continue to roll so everybody gets a piece of the pie? Think about it!

  • Joshualuh says:

    Disappointed with online dating service personals woman

    I could be ukraina women wrong but it feels like you are being a little sensitive about things. I also think you are mailing negative vibes. Dating a single dad there are complications. you should know this. My students are older but they always come first, Which is why i am not saying dating now. So don’t date dads if you don’t like the trouble.

    I could be wrong but it feels like you are being a little sensitized about things. I also think you are sending out negative vibes. Dating a single dad there are complications. remember this. My children are older but they always come first, Which is why that’s not me dating now. So don’t date dads if you don’t like the inconvenience.

    That’s bull and that is also not an excuse. Plenty of single dads have succesful relationships with other people. 6 dates in 6 months is bad single russian woman at all plus cancellations. Even regarding your single dad. If you can’t sustain a relationship and you have hung ups that’s your lack of control. Not the individuals you are dating. Possibly something more important was going on there for the first guy to be so unavailable.

    As for the third guy I asked him to meet Wednesday and his behaviour changed when I told him to get to know each other organically as we said originally and no kiss for now. So as the simple truth is I am genuine.

  • Bob H says:

    I was on the Asian date sites for a few years. I finally got fed up with getting so many chat requests that I contacted customer service. Different people from customer service gave me different ways to “permanently” stop the chat requests. NONE of them worked. It cost me about $1/minute to do a chat text. It seemed like all the women wanted to do was chat. I assume that they got part of the money I spent. Just before I quit about a year ago I found out that there was a FTC (Federal Trade Commission) investigation about Asian date. My experiance has been to NEVER go on a date site like this again!! If any American date site used the business practices that this site used they would probably close in a month because users would flee the site. One very questionable business practice is for this site to use multiple billing sirtes to bill you. I looked at some old credit card statements. One month I was charged with FIVE different billing companies for this one website. That says a lot, at least to me, about if this site is legitimate or not.

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