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This review is going to be talking about a website that’s called I became aware of this website through spam email I received from the owners of this site. I clicked the link in the junk email and it sent me to

This spam website is used to promote dating scams.  When you click the link you get sent to a page that has a bunch of different questions. Some of the questions include your preference in women, ethnicity etc. FYI, it doesn’t really matter how you answer these questions because at the end of the day they want you to join their website. They want you to join the website because that’s how they make their money from duping you.

After you click “I agree” then they redirect you to a site called This is the actual dating site, JollyRomance targets men who are looking for women in overseas countries like the Ukraine and Russia.

JollyRomance & The Risk Notice Page

Something to know is that we’ve already done an investigation on and have determined it not to be a trustworthy dating service.

On the Jolly Romance website there is a page called “Risks Notice”. The risk notice page explains that they “may share revenue with female users introducers by using our website you agree to the resulting increased risk of incentivize communication.” What the hell does that even mean? They try to make it very convoluted and difficult to understand BUT basically they’re paying the people to chat with you. If you read through the “Risks Notice” page they admit to sharing revenue with the people that are chatting with you. The women chatting with you are not the women in the pictures, and they could actually be men.

The people chatting with you on the website are employed by the website. They make money when you spend money. So it’s in their best interest for you to spend as much money as possible because they take a cut of the money you spend!

Messages Used To Get You To Spend Money

If you join Jolly Romance you’ll start getting messages from all these different really hot looking foreign women but you can never meet these women because the whole website is designed exclusively to drain your bank account.

They want your money, and you will never meet any of these women because mail order bride sites like JollyRomance are all the same. They target lonely English speaking men who are seeking a relationship but they give you absolutely nothing in return.

This site makes money and they share that with the people who chat with you on the site. They’re paid fees that are linked to the amount spent by you while communicating with the phony girls on the site.

When you’re spending money on this website to communicate with these fake women the people behind them are paid depending on the amount that you spent. If you spend $1000 rest assured that they get a percentage of that.

That’s why when you join these websites you’ll get bombarded with emails and every single email you read or reply to will involve you purchasing credits. The more you communicate with people the more money you will spend. That’s why you’ll get bombarded with messages because they’re trying to trick you into spending as much money as possible communicating with these fictitious women.

The girls in the profiles are beautiful but the only problem is those women in the photos have not joined the website. Their photographs are being used to trick you into spending money because you think you’re going to have a relationship with the bogus women emailing you. It’s just not going to happen!

The people who run  get paid for refferring you to Jolly Romance. And of course like I’ve said the providers operating the bogus profiles on receive compensation every time you buy credits.

This might sound a little confusing but the bottom line is they’re trying to get you to spend as much money as possible. The people behind the scenes are making a profit off of your gullibility. Don’t fall for the scam, now you know the actual truth!

Where Do You Meet Real Local Women?

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