LovingFeel.com Admits To Creating Fake Profiles & Deceptions Exposed In This Review

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LovingFeel.com is the focus of today's investigation. This website pegs itself as a sort of Asian mail-order bride type of website. It's apparently an international dating service that from the looks of it is designed to connect Caucasian men in Western countries with Asian women located in countries such as China, Thailand, Cambodia etc. But looks can be very deceiving. Just because it looks like a dating site it doesn't mean that it actually is. So we went out to uncover the truth. We wanted to know if it's really was a place where you can interact with real Asian women, or was it a scam like so many of the Asian dating sites that we've exposed over the past few years. What we did was register on the site as a male member so we could document everything that we came across. You can read our full investigative report below. 

"Staff Profiles" (Fake Profiles) Used A Tool To Deceive You

The first thing we read in section 11 of the terms and conditions page was that they create profiles which are maintained and operated by their own employees as well as third-party contractors.Let that sink in for a minute, on their own terms page they're telling everyone that they create dating profiles on their own website, wait what?!

They tell us that the reason they're creating these profiles is so they can ensure that they're dating site is "working properly by testing the services, testing the features and testing the functionality of the website". But here's the thing we've come across the same statement before on many other sites where they admitted to creating profiles which they call "Staff Profiles". In our personal experience with dating services that utilize and create "Staff Profiles" those websites always turned out to be fraudulent scams. Is that what's happening on LovingFeel? Is this website creating staff profiles to scam their own users? We honestly don't have a concrete answer for you. All we can say is it's very suspicious, very fishy that any dating site is involved and fabricating profiles our their own website. What makes it even more suspicious is that they admit that third-party contractors are actually operating these faux profiles. Why would a dating site need to hire third-party contractors to operate dating profiles to test the functionality of their own service? It really doesn't make much sense does it. Realistically the only thing that makes sense is that the website is creating an army of fake profiles to flood their members area with women. This makes it seem like the website has hundreds of women but the truth of the matter is that none of these are real members of the website. Although we can't actually prove this it seems like the most logical explanation based on our experience reviewing hundreds of different dating services.

Not only are fake dating profiles used to make it look like there's thousands of Asian women but they use them for other things. For instance if a site is filled with fake profiles and you don't even know that these are fictitious there's a high possibility that eventually you're going to contact one or more fake profiles because you're attracted to them. But you can't communicate with them until you purchase credits. And this is where the big part of the scam comes in you're essentially paying to communicate with fake women. This is something we've come across hundreds of different times on all the different dating sites that we've exposed for fraud.

We highly doubt that you want to pay to email fake girls but that's exactly what happens on so many different dating sites. And yes we do have our suspicions about LovingFeel but all the evidence of this point is circumstantial.

"Validated Members"

As we kept reading through the terms and conditions page we came across section 12 which talked about validated members and suppliers. In this section Loving Feel openly admits that they purchase female members from what they call "suppliers" which are independent contractors. They state that these female "Validated Members" act as introducers to the website. Does it make any sense to you that any dating site would actually pay for dating profiles on their website. Why would they do that? The only logical reason is because they don't have enough women on the site. They need to purchase these profiles so it looks like the site has many more women that it really does. And why would any dating profiles be operated by third-party contractors, once again it doesn't make ANY sense.

"Validated Members" in our opinion are nothing more than fake profiles operated by a third party that get paid to interact with you. This is a very elaborate scheme. You join the website, you see an attractive girl and then you communicate with her and she communicates back. The only real problem is that the profiles are fictitious and are operated by third-party contractors who are paid to chat with you, that's what's really going on here.

The Terms & Conditions Page

The terms and conditions page is where we found the most important evidence. We found out that they use what they call "Validated Members" (phony profiles). We also found out that they employ third-party contractors to operate these phony profiles. You can see the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or click on this link and visit the terms and see all the information for yourself directly on their website.

  • Section #11A: We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”).
  • Section#12: We purchase certain services from various local service providers (collectively, "Suppliers") in order to facilitate provision of the Service. Among other services provided, Suppliers may:
  • i. refer female members ("Validated Members") to us for registration on the Service, that is act as "introducers";
  • ii. provide us some or all of the information on and materials of the Validated Members displayed on the Service (including name, other personal details, videos, photographs etc.) and a copy of the Validated Members’ identification document; and
  • iii. purchase and deliver gifts, such as flowers and other goods, ordered by Members via the Website as gifts to the Validated Members referred to us by the Suppliers;
  • iv. collect the paperwork, including the consent to the exchange of contract details with other members, of the Validated Members’.
  • The Suppliers are not our agents or employees, they are independent contractors. The Company is not responsible for the quality of services of Suppliers, their or their respective employees, servants, agents, or representatives willful or negligent acts or omissions including, but not limited to, partial or inadequate delivery of services or their failure to deliver services.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +1 (833) 227-4077.
  • Addresses: 701 N. Green Valley Parkway, Suite 200, Henderson, NV 89074, United States of America.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online Support:

Final Decision:

Based on what we've seen on the website and read on their terms and conditions page we would not suggest using this website. All the facts are there for you to read. Why the hell would anybody want to join a dating site who admits to hiring third-party contractors to operate dating profiles.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Gerhard Tschurtschenthaler says:

    ich bin leide der Dating-Seite am 12. November 2018 beitreten und werde sie wieder verlassen und das Gelingt mir nicht, da ich keine Möglichkeit finde meinen Account zu löschen

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