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Website Details:


  • 10 credits 10 messages £ 15,00
  • 25 credits 25 messages £ 35,00
  • 50 credits 50 messages £ 65,00
  • 100 credits 100 messages £ 120,00
  • 200 credits 200 messages £ 200,00


  • Members: Find members on Shag City by using the search features. Search for women and men according to their location, age, if they have photographs in their profile, and what members are online.
  • My Profile: You can adjust your profile page in this section. Upload and remove profile photos. Edit your personal data (age, location, height, body type, eye color, interests..)
  • Messages: See who messaged you. Respond and read emails in this section.
  • Flirts: See who sent you a "flirt".
  • Favorites: This is is where you add your favorite women or men.
  • Settings: Change your settings and control the emails you receive such as new messages, new flirts, profile visits etc..


We went undercover disguised as a member of to do an in-depth investigation of how the site operates. We wanted to learn if this was a real place to hook up with legitimate females in the UK. What we found out astonished us. We have written an extensive review that's available below for you to read. In this review we back up all of our claims and findings with proof and evidence.

An Empty Profile Page  Didn't Stop Us From Getting Messages

Okay let's get started! The first piece of evidence would like to bring forward is our own profile page that we used to create an account for this investigation. If you take a look at the screenshot we took (see evidence below) you can see that we haven't uploaded a new profile picture and we haven't filled out any other personal information on that page. There's a reason for this.

How about if we told you that we got tons (over 100) email messages, flirts and activity on our profile page although the profile didn't have photographs or any personal information. Would that make much sense to you? Would you think this was normal? Unfortunately this did happen to us and it was all fictitious.

What's Actually Happening Then?

If we're not getting emails from real girls that what's really going on here? And the answer is you're dealing with computer bots. Behind the emails are computer software programs that are disguised to look like real members of the site. This little trick makes it look like real people are interested in you. How could we possibly be getting emails when the people emailing us don't know what we look like and they don't know anything about us and our profile page is completely empty. It makes absolutely no sense that anyone would be emailing us let alone over 100 women! Remember as you read this review that the profile page for this investigation is blank, then everything else you will read will make you understand how deceiving and untruthful really is.

(Screen shot of our blank profile page.)

Emails Used To Mislead Their Free Members Into Upgrading To A Paid Membership

The amount of emails we've received is probably one of the most ridiculous things that we've seen in a long, long time. 108 email from all different women on the site (see evidence below). Remember that our profile page is blank. Why are we receiving emails with that level of interest in our profile? If we don't have any pictures on our profile and the profile page doesn't have any personal information then we shouldn't be receiving any emails. But we received 180 emails and more continue to pour in every hour. Of course this is all fake. Computer software bots designed by unscrupulous programmers are used as a tool to sway you into believing that 108 different female members of the site are emailing us. It's all a huge deception and this is not happening. The reason and purpose behind bombarding us with over a hundred emails is to entice us so we will want to upgrade and buy a paid membership to the site. The only problem is that many people see through this and understand that there's no possibility of receiving over a hundred emails after only being on Shag City for 2 days.  A certain portion of people will fall for the scam and end up upgrading because they want to email the fake girls emailing them. It's very cold and calculated method to make money. And at the end of the day it's all about money. They do everything in their power to make money off you, this includes lying to you, deceiving you and manipulating you so you will want to pull out your credit card and pay for a monthly membership to there bogus hook up website.

(Screenshot of the 108 emails we got on ShagCity.)

Pretend Profiles Using Stolen Photos Linked And Found On Other Sites confesses to using fictitious profiles on their own website. This is a fact. There is no way for you to identify which profiles are legitimate and which ones are fake. We have to estimate that for the most part you're looking at all bogus profiles created by the site. Using special software tools that help us to investigate faux photos we were able to identify a few of the profiles and the source of where these profile pics have been taken from. Below we offer evidence of where these fake profiles are using stolen pics that are found on other web sites. You can take a look at the evidence and also the corresponding links.

To build pretend profiles the site's staff steal photos of attractive looking women from other websites and then they use those stolen photos to create a fake persona. The bogus profile page uses the pictures of the women along with fake personal information and then they upload it to their own website. They rinse and repeat this system creating hundreds of phony profiles that you view when you log onto their website. It's a very elaborate operation that's quite intensive and involves people sitting at a desk creating and building pretend profile pages. At the end of the day it's worth it to them because they make thousands of dollars in profit from lying and deceiving the members who register on their site. Obviously we don't condone this activity but it's easy to understand what the goal here is.

(Screenshot of stolen photo used to build a sham profile page on ShagCity.)


(This girl is a cam model she isn't a legit member of

  • The new 6 series is beautiful (24 Pictures)

Phony Flirts Used To Trick & Mislead People Into Upgrading

Just like the 108 emails that we received this faux dating website also uses something called "Flirts" to manipulate you and trick you. "Flirts" are something you sent to someone to tell them that you're interested in them. These have also been compromised and are totally bogus. All the "Flirts" that we received are computer-generated, no hot local girl was actually flirting with us. How could they when our profile page was empty with no photos of herself.

(Screen shot evidence of the fake "Flirts" we received.)

The Terms And Conditions Is The Final Straw Proving This Site Isn't Legitimate

If you want to know what a dating site is really up to then go read the terms page (section 8.4). This is the first place we went when investigating and we weren't let down. You can take a look at the evidence below where in the own writings they state that the website is not designed to bring people together. They also confess that they use fictitious profiles for entertainment purposes and that physically meeting these fictitious profiles is impossible. And lastly they so kindly deny themselves of any liability from any damage they have caused as a result of the fictitious profiles that they are responsible for. You can click on this link (read section 8.4) to be taken directly to their website and read the terms and conditions for yourself.

  1. This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. We deny ourselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and we assume no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by our Service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-800-868-5182
  • Addresses: Pondering Geeks B.V. Tingietersweg 14-16 2031 ES Haarlem The Netherlands
  • Email:
  • Did someone use your photo on Shag City without your consent? Contact
  • If you bought a membership and want to cancel your account contact
  • Web Page: Contact Page
  • Any charges made on your credit card will appear under: "SecureSafePay", so watch out for it.

Final Decision:

Obviously we cannot suggest This is a fictitious website with any shadow of a doubt. This website is not legitimate, not truthful and not built to bring people together as they have stated themselves in their terms and conditions. Shag City does everything in their power to scam you and for this reason we strongly suggest that if you've purchased a membership on the site to file a report with your bank and try to get your money back. We cannot let these kind of criminals and shady companies operate with impunity while ruining lives and stealing money from hard-working honest individuals!

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 48 comments

  • Peter Facey says:

    21 "dates" aranged.  NO SHOW!  Oh sorry something came up.  I got there but you weren't.  One message accused me of meeting her on another site and causing her to pay for an expensive hotel and I didn't  show! I didn't reply Usual one is they want to carry on chatting before meeting  despite "desperate to f. .k " I smell a rat  but not until  £200 over Christmas 


  • Admin says:

    We're sorry to here about your situation. ShagCity is a fraud, thanks for commenting.

  • Laurence Pearson says:

    Thank you for confirming what I have suspected for a long time. I just wish I had read your article before wasting a shed load of money. It is too hard to bear that these people can be allowed to make money in this way. There ought to be some way of warning unsuspecting punters of the facts about this site. Thank you. Sadly I have just purchased a further £35.00 worth of credits due to the fact that I was in conversation with one of these fake emailers.

  • Harvey says:

    Did you ever think to read the terms of service?  It's not a scam, you just didn't read what was right in front of you.  I've passed many a lonly night conversing with ladies on shagcity knowing full well that it was entertainment only.  No different than paying for a movie or buying a book.  Read the fine print–(it's actually not that fine, stated pretty boldly in many places!) and know what you are getting into people.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Harvey,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. While we appreciate your opinion in reality Shag City markets itself as a dating service. People purchase a membership on the site expecting to have an opportunity to meet these women in person which is not at all possible since the whole site is built only to entertain you. I think most people would agree that it’s not a real dating service and paying for membership here is kind of pointless if you plan on meeting people in a real life encounter.

    • Donald says:

      Harvey old boy do you really expect anyone to beleive that you actually enjoy talking to a computer ? at around 30 quid a night.

      • chase says:

        It reminds me of those sex hotlines that cost a few pounds each minute so Im sure there are people out there who don't mind it

    • darren says:

      yes dont be so arigent we are all men and that makes us vunrable to fraud and thats what this i have been sucked in to the same thing happens thay a shag that night then say oh i would like to get to now you more brb im still addicted please someone hit me!

  • Aimar says:

    I have met two girls in real on this site, but it took me long time there before I got them, I joined the site on September and got to meet Hellen on 13 December and my lovely girlfriend now on 28 December. I guess you need to search through on your own too to find what suit you.

    • Admin says:

      Good for you Aimar, but they still create fake profiles their own terms and condtions and their own home page state that fact! “Profiles are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible”. What doe that tell you? They use phony profiles!

  • john says:

    well to cut a long story short and 18,000 pounds later yes i know im an idiot it was like a drug ,i lost my wife and trying to get my money back anyone know how i can pursue this?

  • Graham Nicholson says:

    Shagcity is its credits too it's too much I don't won't to give my credit details take this site off make it free with real women

  • Julie says:

    I found my soon to be ex husband had joined this site, hence the divorce. He has been trying to meet somebody since September & it's now half way through March. He hasn't met a single person. I tried to tell him over & over that the members are bots but he thinks he's so hot that at least 70 women a day want sex with him. I work online as a moderator so know a scam when I see one. He just doesn't believe me and has spent at least £5000 on this site and is spending about £150-£200 a week now. I feel sorry for his addiction but he won't listen so there's nothing I can do.

    • Admin says:

      What a fool he is. He ruined a marriage over fake girls, sad!

      • darren says:

        dont be horrible ffs we all want either sex or love!

        • darren says:

          but yeah i guess iif your marrid you shouldnt be messing about i take that back


          • reis says:

            I was on shagcity for over 2 years spent 16000 I chatted to thousands of woman I was getingredients 200 message every day I never met one single girl in just 3 months I had about 4 thousand woman wanted to meet and sex so after 2 years mite as been in the hundred thousand of woman that’s like all the woman in England wants sex with me I must of been gods gift to woman what a joke did not meet no one you never meet woman on any site plenty of fish is all scams qeep singles in been on the lot every woman as me for money for travel even tinder Im not on no dateing now every one is a scam ask me for iTunes gift card so thayou can porn it for money to come to me tell them you do it thay say I love you can’t wait to be in your arms thaye never ever come it’s all every dateing site that exsist is all fake got my money back from one plant you of fish free dating site try upgrade then then you have to pay I closed my account down delete blook every thing thay still took money of me when I closed my account down I got money back when I got my bank to block them i mestage pop head office told them it go like this I’m sorry to hear that what’s your membership thaye see when I closed it and how many months thay was still taking money of me I got back 590 pound nice one see what I get back for every dateing site I been scamed on I be ritch huh

          • Admin says:

            Sorry to hear that you spent 16,000 on ShagCity. It’s all totally fake and a scam as you now know.

        • darren says:

          and yes ive been a mug to ive done over 150 pounds in 2 days im a recoving alcholic and addict 1 month free and sobber but i have just swapped my addiction and issom for a faluse sex site i feel so stupid yet us all here have been sucked in i dont beilve it yet if you put your email address in your profile their quick to erase it thay do like it when you cheat them!

    • darren says:

      omg and he thought you would never find out what he was doing silly man! i bet your hot enough why why why im single! and need a real women that smart intressted? 

  • Mike Roberts says:

    The shagcity site is so obviously a huge scam making the owners a fortune by preying on lonely people. Somehow I received over 800 messages (from girls who don't exist clever huh for ghosts who can write!) in the space of two weeks, strange how these ghosts use the same words when they write me. Take my advice and don't even think of being drawn in. There are many better and almost genuine sites out there but generally they're only in existence to rip you off! 

  • david gawman says:

    yes  this site is a complete scam ,and clearly they have some very clever people running it, and they cover there backsides very well .

    i did get my credit card company to look into the posibility of chargebacks and the result was as i expected .

    they did agree that this is a scam ,and  it is not ileagal ,of course if you read the terms and contitions what is advertised as a dating site becomes an enterment site ,but how many people read the full list of terms and conditions before joining the site .not many i expect .the only hope is that they con some computer wiz person who is able to bring the site down or somehow remove it from the internet ,thus stopping further people being conned.  

  • Walaa mk says:

    I want to cancel my account 

  • Don Juan says:

    This cant be a Scam.Im in constant contact and sharing my bed with a Bevvy of Hotties every night.Most nights therevisnt enough space in my Bed.Four sometimes five of an evening.ShagCity i dont need you anymore.My Playboy Magazine,i mean lifestyle is getting Waaaayyyy to Sticky.Seriously Only a Saddo will spend cash on a Site like that,If its too Good To Be True.IT OBVIOUSLY IS A SCAM!!!!

  • ExposeCW says:

    I can confirm that it is indeed a scam. Profiles are fake with people behind them being paid to get you to keep talking to them. Even the people behind the site are aware that most members don't know that they are fake profiles.

  • john says:

    Hi Julie

    im sorry about you guys getting a divorce im not there yet but my life is not in a happy place due to my addiction 

    im seperated and would do anything to get back with my wife but i dont think that will happen 


  • Ray says:

    Yep, 63 yr old guy, with over 3000 women trying to date me, ( rubbish) glad i didn't get full membership, feel sorry for a lot of these woman who arnt on big wages being conned, it seemed strange that when I sent my phone no. They never replied, yet prior to that they would have worked on burning ashes to be with me! Still got 7 credits left but will be leaving the site straight after I fill in my new profile telling everyone that their being cheated, thanks for your investigation regards Ray

  • Mark Anthony Thompson says:

    I was scammed as well, your bots and stollen photos from the Web.  You've been rumbled and everyone now nows your fake. You even shut my account without even contacting me, said you'd refund me but that hasn't happened. I'd advice everyone to stay away from this site, I had no profile photo yet received average of 300 requests every day playing on people's guilt

  • Mark Anthony Thompson says:

    Come on content,  I wanna know what you've got to say. I have also filled a complaint with the ombudsman,  you should be ashamed. Theirs a lot of sick lonely people out their and you steel of the Web and use BOTS.  Scum of the earth

  • ANDREW GOODE says:

    This web sit is a ripp of because all the woemen give short answers they only want to speak on this sit love wasting you'r money you never end up on a date the people behind it are just replying to you in short sentances ,and riping you off so they can make good money

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  • steve hanks says:

    my picture is not of me i put a dick up there and not one girl has said i love ur dick picture lol how can i be beautiful with no pic scam comes to mind!

  • […] – ShagCity targets people in the United Kingdom and also uses the same dirty tricks such as fabricated girls, fake emails, computer bots and on and on. Our review breaks the scam wide open and can be read by clicking on that link. […]

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  • Paul says:

    I too fell for this scam i spent about £100 and sent pictures of myself nude to some so called women.

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  • Richard Palmer says:

    Yes, an absolute criminal scam. Why do the Merchant Services Providers allow them to continue handling debilt and credit card transactions. If their facilities were withdrawn they would collapse overnight.  The Merchant Services should be lobbied with the evidence that you and my company have would have a powerful influence to get these crooks shut down.

  • Hottestgirllikesyou says:

    There are many sites that work this way.  I knew they are fake from day one as I understand bots.  Getting mails 24/7 from all so willing people unfortunately isnt reality.   Like the poster said even a blank profile will get this.   If you want to pay from such then all cool if not.. the old age saying goes.   If it seems to good to be true then…. yeah.  Don't be a fool.   Stop and think before you use you CC online.   There are people wanting food on streets that are willing to take your money too if you feel generous to give your money away.

  • JEFF says:

    Dear sir or madam i got credit on my account and it wont let me on to my account to speak to people please could you tell me why it hasnt done this before it just blank and that? Thank you for your time?

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