Is Playing You For A Fool, Learn Why

 Dec, 01 - 2016   9 comments   ReviewsScams

We already did an investigation into in the summertime. Our review outlined everything you need to know proving with evidence that this website uses automated bots as well as a slew of fictitious profiles all designed to deceive you. You can read our full investigation by clicking on this link. In this investigation you will find more than ample evidence proving exactly what we just stated. If you've already purchased a membership on this site please join the fight and leave a comment below to help warn others of this nasty fraud.

We have compiled a quick video explaining our review of and why it isn't what you think it is. We explain the proof we have and just the general overall view of Black Wink and why it honestly should not be trusted. Please watch the video below, the video should automatically play on your web browser.

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    This site has stolen my picture a

  • Joseph ferguson says:

    Thank you what a ? mare and naughty .com too what a rip I was saved listen to the truth blessings

  • JC says:

    Yeah I agree its a scam. Esp when I never wanted to invest more $$$ playing into online cams. Or pressing the X to get to main screen & all I would get it is cam cam cam or especially ladies I Thor were definitely my type then begging me for cam cam cam. I hated it & will be cancelling today. 

  • Johnny w says:

    Yep you better believe it is a hokes. This. site is full of B.S. So please don't believe the hype.Do not get a membership, it's not worth your time or money. 

  • Henry says:

    On this site i met a hoe who came to my house uninvited and tried to fight my guess and I had to call the police to have her removed. When i asked her to leave my home she wanted me to pay her to leave and wanted me to pay her for sex 8

  • […] – Of course fraudulent dating services come in all niches including black dating in the form of Blackwink uses faux profiles of black women and then sends you bogus email messages from these black females. […]

  • Rudy Henderson says:

    This is some bs, they ask you to pay $1 or something for 1 day and $40 come out your acct. So if it's bots, probably but I most certainly don't like this stupid ass site

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