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  • $4.47 for a 3 day trial membership.
  • $34.99 for a 1 month membership.
  • $83.97 for an 3 month membership.
  • $119.94 for an 6 month membership.



This site is owned by which runs many sites including,, and a bunch of others.

Receiving Emails After 5 Minutes Of Signing Up

Probably one of the biggest red flags with dating scams is if you start receiving email messages within 10 minutes (see evidence below) of registering on a dating site. Legitimate dating sites don't work that fast and it takes a little bit of time to build up a momentum. Usually you have to send out emails to the women on the site, most women don't chase men it's the other way around. This dating site actually sends out fake email messages to male members and makes it appear as if they are receiving legitimate emails from local women looking to hook up with them. This is the farthest thing from the truth. What's really happening is they send fake emails in the hopes that you try to reply. When you do try to reply you cannot send messages unless you pay for the privilege of sending and receiving emails by purchasing a paid monthly membership. This is how the scam works.

phony emails

"Staff Profiles" aka Fake Women

Did you know or realize that this site actually admits to creating fake dating profiles that they call "Staff Profiles". All the dating scams that we have exposed all use fictitious female profiles. This has been going on for many years and why wouldn't it work? Men usually think with their little head not there big one. So realistically if you want to start a fake dating site all you would need to do is copy and paste images of beautiful women in bikinis off of the internet, create fake profiles and the men would join your dating site in droves. This is basically what this site has done. Not enough people know how these sites operate so these illegitimate dating services are still able to flourish and make millions of dollars per year on the ignorance of the general public. Here is a link to the specific section (section 1) where they talk about the "Staff Profiles". Although it does not go into great detail about how they run their fake profiles you just need to understand that the site is not using legitimate female images and they are not real members.

Chat Messages

Any chat messages you receive are probably going to be fake as well. As you can see from the evidence showing below we received 4 chat messages. And for every chat message of course we could not read the message from the person, we needed to once again you guessed it upgrade and pay for a membership in order to read those messages. Of course there's really no point in upgrading to a paid membership because the women sending you these messages are not real and have been fabricated by the dating site.

chat message

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host:
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-800-489-6091
  • Addresses: Vincenti Buildings 28/19 (Suite No. 1374), Strait Street, VLT 1432, Valletta, Malta.
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Look elsewhere to find real legitimate women. This site is bursting at the seams with nothing but fictitious females. None of the actual images of females on the site are connected to a real person who is a member of the dating service.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

Search For Real Women Here

If you want to search for real women check out these these legit sites.

 Comments 175 comments

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    • Robin Taylor says:

      I registerd for 3 days and found over $50.00 was taken from my account.Im going to find these people and they are going to pay a big price for this no matter what the cost im going to get them!!!!!

      • Dan says:

        How did u get your money back and cancel the account it won't let me 

        • Admin says:

          Call your bank to get your money back. How to delete your account:

          • dan says:

            My photo and a profile has turned up on naughtydate. I never signed up to this site and my email is notregistered so cannot get in to delete account. What can i do

          • Admin says:

            Here is the info to contact


            You may cancel your subscription and membership (free and paid) by visiting the ‘My Account’ section of the site that you are a member of, and following the relevant link to Remove Your Account.

            Alternatively, you may cancel your registration or subscription at any time by giving us notice of your wish to cancel by telephone or email:

            tel: +18004896091
            email: [email protected]
            When emailing us you must include your profile information (screenname and email address) in order that we can verify that you are in fact the account holder authorised to amend the account.

          • Admin says:

            This site is full of scammers also customer service is extremely poor. I would not recommend "naughtydate" to anyone. 

          • Tom says:

            Funny that youtube (scammers) removed the video for violating TOS. lol

          • Admin says:

            Tom it was probably that got the video taken down. They don’t want the public to see the truth of how their site really operates.

        • Phil says:

          I joined up about a week ago they took out a month subscription fee which was $25.00 and also a 3 day member ship…the going through my credit card statement there is another $46.00 that has been taken out no1 it is a fucking scum every one stay away from this ,,,,if you payed by credit cards you will get your money back as it is the banks money not yous  ,,,,


          • Admin says:

            Just file a complaint with your bank and yes you can get your money back from

        • Ray West says:

          You have to pick up your phone and call. Once you get through you must make it clear what you want. Also call your credit company they can help you get your money back.

        • John says:

          Somebody help im freaking out i dont want my mom to see this because she looks at what i spend i cant find the contact info somebody help please email [email protected]

        • gary says:

          rip your card man

        • raghav says:

          i also didnt get money back thay are fraud

          • Peter says:

            Yes they are fraud i also tried to get my money back but they wont.  Lucky i used a prepaid credit card which also expires in a month this site remindes me of telemarketers sitting behind a desk just talking to you.  I asked them what part of perth are you from and never get a reply as they are not local people and never intend on meeting you PLEASE stay away from this scam

        • robert says:

          same problem here

      • Robin Taylors moms snatch tampon says:

        Hi, I am your money u spent trying to get your nob tickled on a site where there is more fake shit than your personality.  I wanted to let you know that I have watched u peeing on your boyfriend than lettin fb him pound ur pooper till u explode…toddles

        • Alex says:

          It's all a scam they would ask for ur email credit card details the. Ur gone all r money will go biggest scam Eva 

      • jay says:

        they charged me 21.99 for an upgrade and I didn't want it, they lie and say u do and they take it upon themselves to charge u. They also charged me before my 3 day trial expired. The girls aren't real, if u ask specific questions they'll answer the same way or say goodbye when you ask them to meet u.

        • Tom Nygaard says:

          The girls are not real, when you ask the girls specific questions they answer like a chinese machine is answering or not at all.  For instance if you ask them a simple question about where you were the chat before (like at a baseball game)  they can't answer it, or a qestion like "are your panties on or off" they will not answer this question they go to a seemingly unrelated sexual answer. When you ask the question again, they answer "what was the q. again?" Plus their grammar is not English, pretty close but like all are chinese. Site should be shut down !!

          • Ronnie says:

            Your abso rite,

            i got sucked in,cause I was desperate,but once I asked her,where she was from,it said Melb.

            once I kept asking,where outs,it kept saying,on the east side..we don't talk like that..fucking Indians,trying to fuck with me,& stealing my money,with there broken down,shit English..I want these bastards on a plate…

            Ronson out…

          • Elizabeth says:

            Here my husband goes to sex with a Naughty Woman.. What should I do?

          • Admin says:

            What do you think yuo should do? Confront him?

      • makes says:

        I joined last week under five euros they have taken over two euros in a week and sent me a email to say I was getting fined every month 200 euros until I cancelled but can't get it to cancel Iam in Spain for six months don't want to mess my card up how do I stop them 

        • Admin says:

          This how to cancel you Account:


          You may cancel your subscription and membership (free and paid) by visiting the ‘My Account’ section of the site that you are a member of, and following the relevant link to Remove Your Account.

          Alternatively, you may cancel your registration or subscription at any time by giving us notice of your wish to cancel by telephone or email:

          tel: 1-800-489-6091
          email: [email protected]
          When emailing us you must include your profile information (screenname and email address) in order that we can verify that you are in fact the account holder authorised to amend the account.

          • Theresa says:

            My picture and profile info were lifted from my site and were used on this site.  My face is being tied to this shitty website.  I want to file a lawsuit or at least shut this site/company down.  I work in the community with youth and they are defaming my character!  If anyone else has these issues please respond so we can join forces.  I know my hands are somewhat tied because they are an LLC and are out of US territory, but I will do everything that I can to shut them down. 

        • Peter says:

          Cancel your card

      • Geoff says:

        Good luck! not possible to corner these people as they dont care . 

      • Stevo says:

        We need to do a class action suit?

      • Ian says:

        Go to your bank and tell them the company has taken the funds. the bank will put in a challenge. the fact the company is computer generated resonses they will not dispute the refund.

      • Jim says:

        Robin, according to my research, you'll have to go to Tortola, BVI. But you're right, this site is a total scam sham.

      • Kevin Williams says:

        Did you get your

        Money back 

        I hope. You did

      • hank says:

        does this site download pictures off of your phone without your knowledge?  or do you have to upload them?

    • Anaonynous says:

      Complete scam, they refufe to give refunds. Shady international company. Do not give any info to these charlatans.

    • TJ says:

      Followed the youtube instructions, it wasn't that simple… they must have changed something. .. you can only deactivate your repeat billing… you have to call an 800 number and you can't understand them… i never did get my repeat billing cancelled… they extended my subscription and claimed  to be sending me an e-mail to respond to with comments…. not sure what ghat means as i haven't received any e-mail yet… what a scam for sure

      • Local sweetheart says:

        You should have insisted they cancel it she tried with me but didn't have it, was almost like if she lost me she would get punished 🙁

    • Bob says:

      It won't even send me the verification code to remove the account WTF I didn't even put my credit card in yet HELP ME

    • jay says:

      I paid for a 3 day trial and before the trial was up they charged me. They also lie and said i upgraded when I did not!

    • William says:

      This fucking site wen into my account and took out $150.00 in one day,with out my permission, , I called for my money back,I got some fucking chink, that I could not understand,.. These bitches are fake

    • Jason says:

      Naughty date is the biggest crock of s*** I told them that when I called them even when I was getting emailed back very quickly from girls and they write with perfect punctuation everywhere which no one does but I guess they're stupid people out there that would believe it

    • Shawlicious! says:

      1st of all all dating sites are potential hook ups.. plenty of fucks. I mean fish..2nd of all 1 picture of my guys dick pic got him busted because his little brain didn't look at the big picture of his own background that .. well got him caught!.. and me blurting all this out.. well.. is what's gonna get me caught.. so.. someone put time&effort into a few dirty dating sites that who else should monopolize it..on it??

      A shitty adoptive parent?(government) ? 

        Nah.. I'm good on that!.. < I say to myself!)  I'll just spread the word and They will follow!  =,)


    • Hope says:

      Hi, 'my partner was on this site but no messages had been sent and it only had his email, age and location. Would he have had to sign up to this site separately or is it linked to porn sites that could've started an account? 

    • Dr david mchugh says:

      You are very correct about the same people running all the fraudulent enterprises .The take you monies fraudulent useing  ladies  pictures  

      Without  there permission just leading good hard working  people up the garden.path the Authorities  need to act.

    • Peter Littlejohn says:

      They run every other site too


    • robert says:

      i just got out of naughty date iknew it was a scam is there sites in australia

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  • Kahlil says:

    Found this site through Plenty Of Fish! Under different circumstances, would have walked away but I thought POF was legit and reputable enough to trust. I keep hearing about people canceling and STILL being charged money! How do I get away?!

    • Ray G. says:

      Thanks to everyone here! I got into the site check it out. and with in fifteen minutes, i started getting messages, i was thrilled!! in two days i have ninty messages. I've been Scamed before!!  I'm glad i found this page, and i thank you all for the information. and i wish all good luck with this! They should be put out of Business right now!!

      R. G.

      Thank you



  • martin jones says:

    how do you cancel naughty


    • Admin says:

      check the contact information above to cancel your account on

    • François hewing says:

      How do you get your money back from naughty date?

      • john says:

        if you use a debet or credit card call them 8008396430 and get your money back. if you use any other way of payment say bye bye to your money

      • Podge says:

        you have to call your bank or else these wog cunts keep taking money out willy nilly. It is a scam

        • Chris says:

          They got 50 out of me. Tried for another 150 but they were blocked by my bank and so was I until today. Had to get new card and account #.. what a fucking joke. Glad they can't be found cause there would be some hurting people 

        • Alex says:

          They ain't even wogs u dumb ass 

    • Fred Decker says:

      I just canceled that card before they got any money out 

    • bob says:

      never use any major credit card with these types of sites always use 1 that u can throw away only put enough money for the promotion fee which mines was 3.50 cent for 3 days jokes on them my profile still up with no fees coming out lol

  • Eric says:

    How do I unsubscribe don't see it on here 

    • Admin says:


      Check the bottom of the email you received from, it will tell you how to subscribe.

      • Allana says:

        I haven't been on this site for months. Got aleted by a pal that i was online, trying to delete my acc and i cant even log in!! Its saying that my email add isnt registered. I want my account deleted!! Please help!!!

    • Jjr2013 says:

      Does logging on to this site with the same email as you use for Instagram explain why I have many followers with links to this account? Bit embarrassing. 

  • S says:

    There are five steps to cancel it ,but in the fifth steps ,I must call a phone number to complete the cancelation ,but the phone number is invalid ! They are just swindler !! What can I do ? The only options is to cancel my bank account ??

  • John Ball says:

    I’ll want to know how to cancel naughtydate? Way too many charges its BS

    • Robin Taylors moms snatch tampon says:

      John your dad got me pregnant in my stink hole…so the other day I had a terrible pain near my brownie dispenser hole so I went to the capper and pushed, then instead of a stink nugget out came your newborn baby sister….she is so precious and ugly just like u are honey…goodnight

      • Your mama! says:

        What the fuck is your problem asshole? You are an idiot making childish comments. It's actually your mother who should have had an abortion when she was pregnant with you from your idiot dad!!

  • simon bailey says:

    hi ive been scamd by naughte aswel

    • Trevor (PISSED OFF) Holton says:

      It's a fucken rort. I signed for 3 day trial. Now I get constant emails. I try to unsubscribe and they say "go to settings, my billings , & unsubscribe. There is no fucken settings. Then it's ring 1800 blah blah. And when I ring it's disconnected. ASSHOLEA!!!!!!!

  • Stoney says:

    I also made the mistake of signing up for the 3 day because of POF.


    Once I read some reviews I knew what this was and cancelled my credit car immeadiately. Enjoy the $1.35 you got from me naughtydate.

    • Julian says:

      I signed up because of POF as well, thought they were a site that would not recomend scammers. I did manage to get through to someone in the Philippines who eventually said she would cancel my subscription but only after much convincing but, then when i tried to log back in to delete my profile the site would not accept my password.

      • bob says:

        why would the site accept your password remember you told them to delete you so they did now you complaining because you can't sign on omg lol

  • stereosteve says:

    hey all together networks are scammers, to cancel go to your billing section and cancel onbilling , if that daoe not work get your bank to cancel your card and issue a new one that is what i did.

  • Drew Cookson says:

    How do you get your cancellation code on naughtydate?

  • Jay lamz says:

    the naughty date web site does not open. can u please help me manage it?

  • Chris Daniel says:

    I would agree that it's a scam – I was a member for 3 days and was bombarded by woman trying to message me from the first minute. However the 3 or 4 women I chatted with were always on line no matter what time of day or night I checked out the site and always willing to talk naughty. In fact one woman seemed to change her personality and was completely different everytime we chatted making me think her online personality was played by several people. I canceled my credit card to be sure. I could be wrong but just be careful guys.

  • Dale says:

    Boy, I'm glad I found this in time. I almost got taken in by them!

  • john says:

    This people are stupid they will charge you for everything. please don't put your criedit or debit card here. i am telling you it doesn't worse it. You will not get anything but you will be charged a lots of money everyday. they will have a button hidden and when you click that you will be charged almost 100 bucks. it is so stupid and lame way of getting your money.



    please be carefull

    look for something else 

    or just don't visit this site.

  • Dean says:

    Yea what a joke, all models hitting you up and not one real follow through, bullshit

  • giorgio says:

    È un sito fatto per spillarti soldi.

    Ho promesso che gli avrei fatto solo cattiva pubblicità e lo sto facendo!

    Sono dei truffatori: solo profili falsi, ti vuoi cancellare ed il processo di cancellazione è lunghissimo…

    Ti devono spedire dei codici e non lo fanno…

    Sconsigliatissimo! State alla larga che è meglio!

  • Roger Meier says:

    BASTARDS…. and absolute scam and criminals….. they keep charging you money amd there is no proper way to "unsubscribe".

    How the FUCK do they get authorisation from the credit card companies ????

    Get this site down and these people to court and lock them up… fucking bastards!!!

  • Bob Sorenson says:

    The site is hilariously lame… within seconds of signing up for one of their "dollar-a-day" trials you get bombarded with pings from "girls" in "New York" and other random locations across the world. Mostly they are bots trying to raise money for their webcam sites; I'm sure ND runs a few of their own in-house, but there are just so many it can't all be local bot activity. If the algorithm is at all similar for "female" sign-ups then any real woman, normal or not, would run screaming from this cheap site.

    Note their "photo approval" process isn't real either, they're just trying to make you think they personally vet all the profiles.

  • Jim says:

    I think you all are getting what you deserve!  What do you think good will come out of any of this besides getting your boards waxed? Do you think decent women would actually be on a site like this? Most of you are probably married or in a committed relationship anyways. If you are so dissatisfied with who you are with; move on. Why don't you just do things the old fashioned way? Rent a whore! That's what you're looking for anyways.  At least you will be dealing with a live slut. Better yet, just buy a doll, atleast you will know for sure you will not get any diseases LOL!!!

    • Ray says:

      Well good for you jim, just whatthe  world needs is some judgmental fuckwit, do gooder. Someone who thinks he's so important that he needs to have his dickhead opinion online, just for the sake of boosting his own inflated ego. But the fact is in reality you are some little fag, to scared to open his mouth unless he can hide behind a computer and remain annonomous . In my day we just called people like you cowards

    • david Shmit says:

      Jim is mad because he was chasing me on NaughtyDate. com and we met up for a finger in butthole good time.  When we met face to face Jim got all attached and said he wanted to have a sex change and be the women i always wanted…So i let him get the surgery then a week after he paid 50000 for the procedure in Mexico he caught me banging his 93 yr old Dad…Jim is jealous because his dads wrinkled saggy 6inch noodle is bigger than his….Jim also likes when his dogs humps his leg, as his dog "Stains" is going to town on Jims leg he quickly pulls his pants down (he doesnt wear underwear for this reason) and turns around and shoves Stains redrocket in his asshole….Jim jim you wish you were her but were born a him

    • Noname says:

      Well said jim. They tell you that you hide behind the keyboard….. Ahhhh, why are all these losers on their keyboards trying to find a quick fuck? And no, I won't be posting my name bc who really does.

      • wes says:

        Nice work noname you said you weren't going to publish your name but.i think you did because you are a no name inbred fuck boy who is cheering Jim on and you are still hiding behind your keyboard and trying to jump on the faggot band wagon and you are still too much of a bitch to really contribute shit to anything so go gag on Jim and just deactivate your Internet ok? Cool bye bitch

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  • Customer A says:

    WARNING TO ALL: This site Naughty Date is a scam.

    I tried to cancel the 3-day subscription, because I found that with 3 day subscription it comes with reduced benefits such as that you cannot communicate with other persons after a reply or two to their messages indicating interest. It demands upgrade with more payment as carrot and stick gimmick.

    i tried to cancel the subscription, but it came with the checked-box of recurring subscription at a higher price. It took four steps to answer the BS survey on how and why to unsubscribe. The fifth step pops up with the statement you need to CALL (dial the phone number of customer service) in order to stop subscription to prevent the repeat subscription.

    I will be contacting my bank to warn them of this scam charge of a recurring bill with a big price increase to put a stop to any future charge.

    Naughty Date is FRAUDULENT and must be stopped along with its multiple web sites within the network that encompassion the scam operation with deceptive advertisement and ripoff recurring bill charge with an extra step of calling to cease repeat subscription.

    What they are doing is theft and fraud by deception for greed, pure and simple.   

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for your review/warning on

      • Customer A says:

        Update. I tried to call to unsubscribe and the customer service representative took the ID number as requested yet asked me to give the web site name and asked me what was the problem. "We apologize for your inconvenience" and some BS. Was promised the email confirmation of cancellation but it never arrived in my inbox. 

        After the call, the second charge of 2.98 was incurred. I called my bank to put a stop to the pending charge and cancelled a bank card to receive a new reissued card. All because of lack of appropriate response and cooperation by this company that made cancelling very difficult to avoid the repeat billings. 

        The company Together Network needs to be shutdown for being a scam operation with the deceptive and fraudulent charges that include reduced benefits after subscribing for the first three days and pricey billing trick that is checked requiring a phone call in order to cancel.



    • Robert says:

      You should never use your bank debit card when subscribing to any of those sites.What you should do is use either a netspend,global cash or prpaid type of card.The reason being because those cards will not allow recurring charges without your approval.Your banker will even tell you that.I would never in a million yaers use a bank account debit card for buying anything online.You have to be so careful of that,now you have to deal with headaches.Alaways use a prepaid card,you can usually get them at Walmart,Target or any of those reatailers

      • P says:

        If I made an account on this site but never subscribed to any payments nor put any credit card details down. Am I safe? Because I can’t see an options for deleting my account 

  • bob says:

    cancel or report lost or stolen your credit card,these people are criminals

  • Paul says:

    Just cancel your card and the assoles won't get your money!

  • tory says:

    So my situation was i hit an add and it downloaded the app through the apple app store, soon as it said it would charge i took my card off of my apple account just to be safe, im unsure if it still got to my card because i entered any of my card information. Anyone have a similar situation?


    • Admin says:

      check your credit card statment online to see if you were charged for downloading the NuaghtyDate app.

    • Chris says:

      I had the same problem! still haven't got it fixed either :/

      • Alex says:

        It's funny how I ubget 50 models smsing u at once lol u think ur heaven at a moment all it is is hell its all lies scams even if there was a real girl there ugly as hell they will take money out of ur account witht out u knowing lol 

  • Phil says:

    Hi.I totally Agree with what's been said. The sites are nothing but scams

    you get bombarded with dozens of " matches" and will continue to do so 


  • bob says:

    yeah! there crooks that's why you should only take out the trial before paying all that money and getting screwed i tried the trial for three day's as soo as i was able to read there phony messages from all these so called girls in ther twenties i quickly found out they were spam wanting your skype address so they can talk to you and try to direct you to some website to try to get money from you and the phony profiles i did pick no one replied to my request so don't become a full member if you want to check it out get a 5 dollar three dat trial soon as you get in you will be out your 5 dollars but truthfully if you read this don't waist your time they should be shut down

  • Alastair Mackenzie says:

    Hi i am from the uk, i took out  3 day pass with naughty date after a day i got an email of site admin saying i need to validate my account its a company called hookup legal  as any body heard of them  and if i dont they will charge my card even thou my  account as now closed does any boy have any info on them  . i  had a look on the web  to see if they are mentioned but nothing thanks 

    • Admin says:

      It’s a scam don’t do it and in fact is a scam as well!

      • Rainer says:

        Yes! They are!!! I just found out myself. The unsuspecting is who they are after. Lucky i was quick enough to realize right away and also check my settings where they sneakily set you up for repeat auto deductions. All those fictious so called interested people one could regard as nothing more than junk mail. Take these scammers off. They should all get a real job instead ripping people off.

      • Rainer says:

        Yes! They are!!! I just found out myself. The unsuspecting is who they are after. Lucky i was quick enough to realize right away

  • JD says:

    Hello, I have been checking out Naughtydate, I haven’t paid for anything but I did send some messages to some of the profiles around me and asked if they were real or fake, I can’t read all of their message but what I could read was them saying yes they are real. So, idk what to say about it. What is a for sure legit sex hookup site?

    • Rainer says:

      I always asked for any potential person interested in me to call me on my mobile. I prefer to speak to a real person. Of course that was refused because they are not legit.

  • Lucus says:

    Hi there  is a scam!!

    i have been on it for a month – I think i have been chat  with artificial intelligence cause  90% of repies i got when chating are just a 🙂  ( smile face )  at the most of time ( 80% ) and i alway be asked a big question then it takes me long time answer her .. when . u sent out a big long answer but what u got reply from her alway a 🙂 or another questions for u… she never answer ur questions.. So ,  i started to asking have a voice chat ( telling her to  cover webcam just in case she say no ) i have tried 8 of them belieave or  not ? none of them want to  have a go 4 a just a voice chat!!! …so that really made me started to think.. this site is a scam….

    Aslo this site makes u cant deactivate ur subscription becasue u will never receive the code as  required to deactivate ur account  after  they said they will sent to u the code..


    it's a scam must stay a way from  it!





  • Sean Adams says:

    I wish to cancel my account. My username is seanadams3013 and my password is SHUGRUE1.

  • Kory says:

    I knew it!!! I knew it!!! So many 20 something girls messaging a 51 year old man? Really? With a great opening line like "Do you want to taste my lips?" They first all want to know if you would like to play with their pussy then the third time they message you they want to know what your favourite colour is. Who in the F#@k has a favourite colour? And they are all looking for a sweet man that likes cats… ??? Who in the F#@k likes cats??? They won't answer any of your questions…and after they message you and say lets chat and get to know each other they all very shortly, within minutes, say "ooops…I have to go, lets chat again later. Then…there is no later. They ALL don't message you anymore and you get zero when you message them. Either they don't exist or you don't. I knew something was up when they all had to suddenly leave after a few messages. I knew what was up when they all vanished.

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  • Bryan says:

    I joined three days ago and let me tell you it has been a disaster. They told me I can hook-up with lots of local ladies…ya right…they have many shown in my area….I have contacted 15 locals that are listed and not one has responded to my requests to chat….that's because they don't exist….message or wink at any others from outside my city and I get the standard speech…hi baby want to ge together I am in your area but I wont be here long so send me your cel number and lets get this done. I wont send it to them .Then the next conversation goes like this …baby I am giving you me email addy go there and it will take you to my pvt site where you can see my pics but you need to fill out and send some info at no cost to you its just for security to protect me against bad men blah blah blah….then you get asked for cc number but you will not be charged anything, Well like an idiot I tried one and low and behold I got to 57 dollars cdn on my cc….I asked naughtydate for a refund and the pretty much told me to go jump in s lake…….I want to hurt these people How do I get to post a warning to all the men out there who will get ripped off by these guys

  • tony e says:

    I have to agree this site is a scam. it's setup is similar to another site called be

    I noticed on Be naughty that most of the members I communicated with seemed disconnected or programmed to respond to my messages

  • Jimmy D says:

    In addition to fake profiles there are scammers. Ive just noticed on their first page the picture of one of the most prolific scammers on the internet. She is eveil and has been scamming for years. I subscribe to and she can be found under "comfort" and "lane"…

  • chris says:

    I have no problems with this site now. Had some when I was trying to upload my photos but I have called them and operator helped me. It was easy and quick so I don't see any problems in calling them.
    Normal website, not worst than others.


    • DaveO says:

      Chris must work for them. What a knob! I am a website administrator and I got sucked in and had all the problems mentioned above. I was getting so many messages I didn't have the time to fart. After a couple of days of joining i knew what was happening so I video recorded all conversations for the last week. Two of them are still going on and both will end in a con, one already tried. There are real women joining the sites but I didn't find one and the real ladies are having the same problems we had.,,,,,, and xcheaters are the ones I found and they all rip you off so warn everyone you know is single and looking for love.

      If anyone wants more info or text transcripts of two different scams (still in progress) then contact me through this message board. They are very good at the con but always give themselves away. Paragraphs in different styles and the images they send you are mostly porn stars are just some of the give aways. I want blood from them!

      So fuck off Chris!



      • Tj says:

        Go dude!

        How bout visa/ green card hunting south americans, or e. Block ladies…

        Seems like thats whats coming from "rita"! or os she the pacifier, while still being billed possibilly….however, we're on pvt. EM.   ??   nothing lines up right!

        Thnx mod…

      • ruan says:

        please cand you send text transcripts of two different scams i want to cliam my money back

  • Austin says:

    They have my picture up there as one of the fake profiles… there anyway to have that taken down?

    • Admin says:

      contact [email protected] tell them to take it down

      • Theresa says:

        I have called their customer service 4 times, and even had our sherriff call, to take my picture down off their site!   Either their is no ringing, they run me in circles or hang up on me. They say I need my user ID # and my CC # to cancel my account, but WHY would I have that information if I NEVER authorized any use of the website!!!  This is so aggravating!  My character in my community is being put into question, because lifted my pic off the internet, and now they make me look like a floozy.  I work with youth in my community…I AM LIVID.  This needs to stop!

    • ber says:

      DId they make a fake profile for you also?

  • Rainer says:

    Yes! They are a scam. I could tell right away. As soon as i signed up i was flooded with e-mails of joung women. Heck! I am 61 years of age and my Daughter is older than them!! When i checked my newly established membership i found that there was an auto deduction set up. I was smart enough to check this as i had previous experience on this. Then i also noticed i was being charged another $24.95 for an upgrade i never asked for. When i tried to cancel my account i was prompted to call them on a number or on skype!! Lol! No one should need to cal anyone and sim,ply should be able in cancelling their account directly within their account settings. When i asked to cancell i was confronted with an Indian one could ahrdly undertsand. She didn't want to cancell unless i gave her a reason. I had to justify myself to her? No way! I simply said that the servie is no longer required being my reason. What a nerve. Needless to say and even complaining to who appear to be all the one and the same i was refused a refund. Watch them! Senior 60 and others are all run by Holdings. E- Harmony is also hard to get out of ones you are in and their e-mails are not legitimate. Why are not these scammers taken off the Web i never know. So here i am worning you all to keep away from these money un ethicale leeches.

  • john says:

    your right. they are scammers they got $ 50.00 some dollars from me cancelled my credit card because they would not refund me. Easy to tell site is bullshit from first chattting session they do not even respond properly to your questios people should join together and take lea action to shut them down.bunch of assholes

  • GrahamJ says:

    Recently signed up to this website, didn't take me long to realize it was a lemon. Too many fake people on site not as good as it looks. There are better sites without any doubt.

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  • AMadMom says:

    This ad comes up on a BUBBLE GAME. Theoretically a kids game! They are targeting children now, not just desperate adults looking for ????. Come on advertising or marketing department, get smart and get off the kids sites. 

  • John Smith says:

    This site is joke, appears that all the prospects are employees not one consents to a date and as soon as a personal question is asked they have to go! Cancel is easy just get a new CC number! Don't trust this site at all I was suspicious all along at least it was only 24.99

  • Sean Adams says:

    I wish to cancel my naughtydate account. Emailing them didn't work.

  • Jon Alexander says:

    This site should be used for entertainment only. The women are nonexistent from my experience. I've 'chatted' to some women for hours then, the next day, they forget who I am and come up with one of the stock phrases as an introduction to start chatting afresh. When I suggest possibly meeting, I always get the response that they need to get to know me better. The same response every time! When I suggest that, after hours of chatting, we know each other well enough, again the response 'I need to get to know you better'. The stock phrases that the supposed women use really irritate me as do the number of wretched cam models that pester me all the time! Stay away from this site!!!!!

  • dk says:

    don't trush this site. the minute you sign up and than all of the sudden, this made of women are all over your inbox messages, wink at you and ehhhh. do not sign up!! there's a reason why all this negative comment are posted because this sh"t is fucking real….

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for the comment on And yes the comments are seaking the truth about this site. Something the site owners of don’t want people to talk about.

  • jhon says:

    this site is completely false I sent a text to one of the numbers on one of the girls profile. and the first thing she asked is would I be willing to have more kids? I never said I even had kids anyone else have similar experience?

  • Chinsako1 says:

    Get a new card quick!! I got on and immediately realized it was a scam.

  • Jjr2013 says:

    So having joined up is this why my Instagram feed keeps getting followed by sexy women with a link to this account?

  • Scammed says:

    I just called the Apple App Store support and got my money back, WHUUUHH…

    I cancelled my credit card, but now I know I didn't have to. Well 10e to the bank for a new card isn't that bad.

  • nick says:

    How can i delete my account?

  • Charles says:

    Has anyone seen the email they send saying that if you don't verify your age they'll charge you $1,000/week? I kept telling them I wanted nothing more to do with the site and they kept sending me links so that I could verify my age. But all of the links are just spinoffs to other dating sites that ask for your credit card information. 'Round and 'round. I cancelled my card immediately after getting nowhere with their 'site admin' contact. 

    • Admin says:


      This $1,000 / week threat is coming from Please send us evidence we would like to look ito this further.

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  • Gerry says:

    Subscribed for a month to,you get tons of winks and likes but when you text for a chat from these women,no answer at all! Look at  most of the profiles,nothing is filled out! Plus take a look at the pics,they seem like standard modelling shots and most are super hot or with their tits hanging out!  I used a prepaid credit card so they cannot pump more money out of me.

  • Alex m says:

    What is the correct info i should choose/ fill out in the better business beurou? Need help please!

  • john gyles says:

    Yes I was scammed by this site also.  I payed the money and then I never heard back from anyone after so it was all a fraud.  I had heard from a ton of ladies before I joined via email but when I paid there was no one messaging me.

  • Bill says:

    If You do not get reply from, You ca send to:

    Registrant Email: 

  • Miller Jacobs says:

    Thanks a scam site full of 'bot. 

  • Michael says:

    The young women on this site who offer explicit sexual fantasies are not real. One confided that they have a start-up time within which they have to get you to sign up for another site. I was told that if I did that I could see real photos of her (the ones I was looking at are fake). Older women seem real but they only wanted to indulge in dirty talk (which is fine if it is your thing). I initially signed up for the minimum deal and then cancelled (or thought I had) Because I didn't follow the convoluted cancellation process, I was simply signed up for another month. I complained but was told I had to follow the process accurately otherwise I would automatically have to pay for another month. Later I repeatedly used the site process for requesting my login details (nothing happened). Eventually my account was closed (think they got fed up with me) but before the month had expired. Refund? You must be joking.

  • Unknown says:

    I keep getting an email for an validation id and if I don't I will get sued and charged weekly with a $300. Has anyone else got this or is it just me?

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  • Andreas says:

    Shocking case of scam! Female profiles are for the vast majority robot or fake, scammers, cam girls or prostitutes fishing for a client. Affiliate sites, benaughty, iwantasian or any site they promote is the same thing packaged differently. Do not sign up. 

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