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  • Cannot find payment page.


  • Home: The home page is like a Twitter feed.
  • Messages: See email messages from other members here.
  • Contacts: This is your friends list, where you can quickly contact your favorite members.
  • Profile: This where you can view and edit your profile page.
  • Activity: The activity section shows you who has visited your profile, who has liked your profile,
  • TOP-users:  This shows you the most popular users.
  • Settings: You can stop email notifications, change your password, add people to your blacklist etc.


We joined in effort to see if the dating service is a truthful  place to interact with real women. Or, is it a scam that looks like a real dating site but offers no opportunity to interact with real people? We registered on the site to see if the site was real or not, any findings and evidence we find of wrongdoing will be discussed below in the investigation.

This Site Is Free To Use But Is It Worth It?

From what we can tell about SP Date it's completely free to use. You can send as many emails and instant messages as you want. The only problem with a site being free is the ability for the website administrators to monitor the site properly. Usually free dating sites operate on a smaller staff and a smaller budget since the site is free. So they can't pay people to monitor the site and kick off abusive users, romance scammers and other negative problems that you get with free dating services. Probably the best thing about this service is that it doesn't cost you anything so even if the site doesn't work out to your benefit the only thing you wasted is time but absolutely no money.

The Emails From Fictitious Girls

Even though the site is free they still have the problem of messages that seem illegitimate. We received 10 email messages so far and using our reverse image software we were able to determine many of the email messages were coming from fake profile pages using stolen photographs of attractive looking girls. This is important to know because it just proves that the dating profiles are creating and using phony and then of course the messages are also fake. The rigged emails are used  by someone either the dating site or romance scammers to dupe us into believing they are legitimate women. You can take a look at the screenshot that we have provided below that shows some of the email messages we have received.

It's not rocket science to spot fake girls sending messages. If all the sudden you get a stream of messages from a variety of hot looking girls you need to ask yourself is this really happening? Are these girls really interested in me or is something else going on here? Because in the everyday world you would never come across so many women who would be coming up to you and talking to you, unless of course you're an actor like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. To join a dating site and start getting so many emails from hot looking girls is a massive red flag that something is not up on the up-and-up. Exactly what's happening on SP Date.

(Screenshot of the pretend email messages we received.)

Stolen Photos Used To Make Fictitious Profiles

We touched on the subject of phony profiles being used on This is a fact. Unfortunately we tried to find the terms and conditions page which many times will reveal that a dating site is creating fake profiles but we can't find any terms and conditions page or privacy policy or even any way to contact the website. But I really didn't matter because we found what we were looking for using reverse image software that helps us to identify if profile photos are being copied or taken from other sites. Below we have five different profiles that we know for a fact are using images of celebrities and pornstars to bill for new profile Pages. You can see the corresponding links where the fake profile pictures are found on other websites.

We provide this information is just more proof of how fictitious and phony is. Also take no these were just a few of the profiles and if we wanted to list all of the phony profiles they would take us all day.

  • Briana Owens 01



(This is Sophie Mudd a model and Instagram star. Do you think she actually joined to meets guys?  Her photo has been and used to make a bogus profile page.)


(This is Dillon Harper an American porn star. What are the chances that Dillon Harper is a registered member of SP Date? We would say very, very unlikely.)


(This is Paris Dylan a 23-year-old model from Palm Desert, California. She isn't on Her photo has been hijacked and then used to make a fake profile on the site No one would ever believe.)


Empty Profile But Still Getting Messages Is A Sign Of A Con Job

Another way to spot a fake dating site is to create a profile which doesn't have pictures in it. This is a great way to spot scams because in reality we shouldn't get any messages on SPDate. Why would any women want to contact us when our profile doesn't have any pictures in it. They don't know what we look like and we didn't put any information so they have no clue about our job occupation or anything else related to our profile. But it didn't matter because the site is in a real dating site.

This is always one of our best tools used in uncovering pretend dating services. The use of an empty profile page and still getting messages is a big red sign that the site is going to be a con. That's exactly what happened on

(Screen shot of our blank profile page.)

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information For

Final Decision: is beyond ridiculous. The website has no way to contact their customer support, no privacy policy and no terms and conditions page. On top of that through our investigation we've proved the site has countless fake profile pages. All in all this this site should not be trusted, even if it's free. The ability to meet real women on this site are nill.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these real dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 30 comments

  • Guy Deshong says:

    While looking at the women assemblied I came across 3 women utilizing my fiances image (Rita Gambler).  I actually chatted with these three scammers.   They are still listed here 1, Lovelysala, 2,anewwoman and  3. Regina Love. they also said that you could meet them at they wewe not verified.


  • Guy Deshong says:

    Sirs. While browsing through the collection of ladies provided for dating I came across 3 ladies utilizingmy my fiances image (Rita Gambler). I was chatting with the three and call them out. No response. They were not verified either. They are 1. Lovelysala, 2.  anewwoman, and 3.Regina Love. They left and said you could meet up at

  • Henry says:

    Not sure if it's scamming actually, or just a feeder to try to get you to join the site which the links from the chatbots send you.  In terms of sophistication, the chatbots appear to have a little intellect, and give the illusion of a conversation.  It's quite amusing to see what you can get them to say.

  • Gerald says:

    When I used spdate they always asked the same questions over and over again and said to join a meet up id website 

  • scott says:

    everyone watch out there is a 12 year old on the site they are doing a sting on this dating just wanted people to  know


  • […] – SPDate is free to use but as soon as you step into the members area it's a constant flurry of fictitious females sending you phony messages. […]

  • Ron Davis says:

    Once you join you can't unsubscribe. 

  • David calvert says:

    I was on this site all fake profiles and it was the same questions over and over again.tried to ask different questions and they come off line nothing genuine at all

  • Martin Williams says:

    I met a real life person on speed dating you know what we're still together fixing to get married so some of your allegations kind of messed up

  • eerT says:

    It's 90% fictitious spam profiles which are easy but I have talked to a real person. I believe the game is increasing it's own popularity. I couldn't bait them into selling or directing me to pay for things.

  • Randy says:

    I agree with you, women on this site are fake, especially when it's the same question asked over and over again from supposedly different women, you can real bust them when you ask for their number, they shut down or you lose your membership saying, membership was deleted cause of not following rules, I'm glad I got deleted

  • Kevin Young says:

    i am  asumming   these  are  all  Ghana women   with fake  pics

  • Martin says:

    Julielove alledgly from UK is not all I will say is she is Spanish and working in Africa.

    We are engaged and the photo was stolen.any site that steals photos and puts fake names on them, can you really trust them? 

    This site is fake and therefore dishonest or to put it bluntly liars

  • Martin says:

    Julielove alledgly from UK is not all I will say is she is Spanish and working in Africa.

    We are engaged and the photo was stolen.any site that steals photos and puts fake names on them, can you really trust them? 

    This site is fake and therefore dishonest or to put it bluntly liars

    I know where the photo was taken, when it was taken also she is not 32.

  • Jonathan says:

    It’s a fraud site will steal your information, underage girls, investigation needed 

  • Thomas Vincent says:

    How does one unsubscribe from this phony site?

  • […] is in fact a scam. We did a review a couple years ago and this site is still operating and nothing has changed it still has fake profiles everywhere. […]

  • Jambay says:

    Do they use chatbots coz  they repeat but sometimes feels like a real person is talking are messages real or fake 

  • jessica says:

    how are you doing today?hope your doing great.I'm new to these and i don't really feel comfortable posting my pics over here,i hope you understand…if you did not mind send me a mail to this email address [email protected]  i will be glad if we can swap email address ,exchange some pics and start it from there.hope that make sense to you.waiting to read from you soon .thanks.  

  • John says:

    I've been getting msgs or texts from females from all parts of USA none in Australia on my mobile,sometimes they repeat the same questions 2 many times from different females with different names, sick of repeating my answers, when I swipe the msgs or texts off my mobile screen b'cause I'm not interested but they keep sending msgs sometime later, dont know how they got my moobile no# b'cause I didn't give it 2 them in the 1st place, it appears another dating site has passed on my details 2 milfberry,com,, hot & etc without my consent, now I found out these dating sites r scammers trying 2 get my money 2 put me in a higher plan or scale so I can c the photos of naked females, some females want 2 chat only while others r trying 2 have sex with me after chats, it's pissing me off, [excuse the "p" word] they wont leave me alone after asking them 2 stop sending msgs, tryed everything 2 avoid them but no avail. 

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