Our Investigation Explains How MaturesForFuck.com Utilizes Numerous Tactics To Scam People

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Website Details:

MaturesForFuck.com home page


  • $3.18 to buy a 3 day trial membership to the dating service.
  • $24.49 to buy a 1 month trial membership to the dating service.
  • $48.99 to buy a 3 month trial membership to the dating service.
  • $83.94 to buy 6 month trial membership to the dating service.


  • Friends: Add people to your friends list.
  • Activity: See who browsed your profile, emailed you and sent you instant messages.
  • Match Feed: This shows you nearby matches.
  • Chat Rooms: Self explanatory
  • Like Gallery:


MaturesForFucks.com is run by Together Networks, a dating network that is responsible for quite a bit of havoc online. They operate not only MaturesForFuck.com but also MomsGetNaughty.com, FattyChaser.com, BangExperts.com, NaughtyDate.com, AffairDating.com, NaughtyFever.com, WildMeets.comWivesGoWild.com and NFMature.com. All these sites have been investigated by us and we have conclude they are all scams that utilize fake profiles etc to rip people off. Read the full investigation right here.

Phony Profiles NOT Legitimate Women Looking To Hook Up

MaturesForFucks.com is pretty much like every single other dating scam that we have investigated. One of the most popular methods  used to scam people is with fake profiles. Particularly using female profiles to lure guys into registering on their dating service. From there once you are registered as a member and you have your free account you will be bombarded by emails and instant messages and webcam chats from all these interested women. The only downfall is that they are all phony!

How Can You Tell A Profile Is Fake?

The first place you should look if you're not really sure if you're dealing with a legitimate dating service is to read the terms and conditions page. We don't know why but they love to talk about how they rip people off and they state everything that they're doing in their terms and conditions page. MaturesForFucks.com's terms and conditions page admits they create fictitious profiles. Once you read the terms and conditions of the site obviously there's no point using the dating service any longer. What point is there using a dating service that admits to creating fictitious female profiles?

Another great way to identify potential fake female member profiles is to use a website called TinEye.com that enables you to upload the photograph that you want to do research on. Once you upload the photograph you can tell the exact locations across the web where that photograph is located. If you take a look at the evidence below you can see that the fake profile pic from MaturesForFucks.com was found on 60 other sites.

We didn't go through the process of checking every single female profile because the website already admitted to us they were creating fake profiles, we are just showing you other tools to your advantage to identify fake members.

fake profile
(Fake profile photo found on over 60 different sites.)

This exact same photo is located on other sites.

  1. http://womanadvice.ru/sites/default/files/imagecache/height_200/mainimage200x200/pricheski_s_lokonami.jpg
  2. http://womanadvice.ru/sites/default/files/imagecache/height_200/mainimage200x200/pricheski_s_lokonami.jpg
  3. http://asset-7.soup.io/asset/7059/4131_7579_500.jpeg
  4. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/67/7e/62/677e62a4cae790360003dd3d2becac55.jpg

44 Emails From Computer Bots

We receive tons of email correspondence from all types of women. Sounds great right? Wrong! Why? It's because all the email messages are all fictitious. They're all fake and the website is behind all of them. Why would a website be sending us fake messages you ask? The reason they send their members phony emails that appear to be coming from interested female members is because when you try to reply and communicate back you are sent to an upgrade subscription page. These scammers want your money and they use computer software programs that are created specifically to send out automated emails that look real. Obviously most people don't realize how elaborate some of these scams can get and this is one of the biggest ones. They use computer software programs that make it look like the emails are coming from real a girl but it's all a trick to get you to purchase a paid subscription.

The craziest part about all this is that they admit to using automated bots and sending out automated emails in their terms and conditions section I!

phony emails

Every Scam They Do Is Discussed In The Terms And Conditions

To complete our investigation we have provided you with the terms and conditions for MaturesForFuck.com. You can read in their own words how this site operates. This to us is a nail in the coffin, the icing on the cake. It proves everything we have been saying is 100% verifiable.

  1. We create user profiles for use by our customer support representatives for the support, marketing, improvement of the Service, and in order for our Registered Users to experience the type of communications that they can expect as paying Members.

  2. Our customer support representatives are encouraged to speak with our members and also to stimulate conversation between members by making introductions or recommendations or just to chat with Users, for entertainment purposes.

  3. Additionally, the Website utilizes automated system profiles to communicate with Users to enhance our Users’ entertainment experience.

  4. From time to time, and in our sole and absolute discretion, the Website’s created profiles and automated system profiles may be designated with a designated symbol.

  5. You acknowledge and agree that some of the profiles posted on the Website that you may communicate with as a Registered User may be fictitious.

  6. Messages from the user profiles we create attempt to simulate communications so that should you become a paid Member you are encouraged to participate in more conversation and to increase interaction among fellow paid Members.

  7. The user profiles we create are not intended to resemble or mimic any actual persons.

  8. We may create several different user profiles that we attach to a given picture.

  9. We will, send automatic electronic communications to Users to ask how our members are using certain aspects of the Service and/or to stimulate conversation between members.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: Strawinskylaan 601, 1077 Xx, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns1.p14.dynect.net, ns2.p14.dynect.net, ns3.p14.dynect.net, ns4.p14.dynect.net

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

You have absolutely no chance of corresponding with real females who will meet you in person.This site it is not designed as a dating service but as an "entertainment" service. There is a big difference, dating is to meet people and entertainment is entertain you. We strongly suggest you look elsewhere if you're interested in searching for real females.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 48 comments

  • Wes Hesketh says:

    I answered an email from this site promising all kinds of things I would find a date these women in my area were looking to dates or more  i took the 1 day special and found a lot of women in my area  but i could not do anything but look at them most were nude or had little clothes on so I upgraded  that's where the bate and switch became Obvious  the women from my area 90% were not on line and the ones that were ignored the questions then it started to be women from all over the country and after awhile they all began to make the same remarts as if reading them off a script.  one hour into the site I know I was being scamed and all the things they said would jhappen did not  I called their coustomer Service and was told too bad I had agreed to upgrade when I told them I would report them they said they would close the account and as a gesture of good will would give me 6 month service at another site free of charge I ask will I get my money back they said yes  but when I went to their other site there was nothing but cam models that tried to get me to go to other site to see them where I would have to give them my Identy again  which I refused and called the site canceling my account they reported I did not owe anything but when I checked my bank they took the money they said they would not take  THEY TOOK  I called the customer Service back and was told too bad that was the way it was so as of now I am out the money they STOLED from me.  stay away!!! or you will be sorry as I am amnd ripped off by a agency in another country that the US goverment will do nothing about   this sucks

    • Admin says:

      Sorry you got ripped off from MaturesForFuck.com. We wish you would have found our review befoe you got scammed. How much money did they scam from you?

      • JamesTaylor says:

        They got me for 21.99 They need to be shut down..I dont know how they got my card number.

      • Rober rush says:

        How do I get this off my card got scammed into 3 day trial and I'm on my 3rd day now.new .knew it wasn't real when all the girls started with "I'm here " …please help me can't find any number to call …desperate sucker

    • E RB says:

       yeah the problem is is with this government allowing this s*** to go on aside from this corrupt site itself this country is what sucks all the government cares for is the revenue in their pocket and screw the US citizens what's worse it's all so International who knows maybe the US government's making money on it which is why they refuse to put an end to it I think a strong message should be sent to Congress to put an end to these sites!

    • David Harrison says:

      I signed up for the '3 day trial' – 3 days later I was ripped off for £42.00 plus even though i'd tried several times to cancel auto-subscription.  I had also emailed this lot to say I wanted to opt out, they just replied to tell me to follow the 'web application', the problem with that is you get to a certain point (there are several steps) and it tells you to 'phone or Skype' to finish the process. Why would anyone do that, cancelling should be a simple process but they make it as difficult as possible.

      It was obvious to me within 20 minutes that this was a scam – I wish i'd seen this datingbusters site beforehand – as I was checking profiles out and immediately getting my profile checked out by those self same 'woman (read:robot lol)'.  I would strongly advise people to give this site a wide berth, unless of course you're happy to have your money taken without any possibility of actually meeting a woman.

      I went here because i'm too old for the dating scene (62) but for a few £s more I could have had a nice night out with one of several women I know and who knows, maybe something may have happened? But evben if it hadn't, the chances are 99.9% more that something might than there ever is of anything happening with one of the alleged women on this site.

      I didn't get my £42 plus back but they have said that auto-renewal is now stopped, i'll be straight onto my card company if anything more is taken in a month's time.

      • David Harrison says:

        I discovered yesterday that they took a further £40 on the 5th October which was apparently a '2 for 1' offer, erm '2 for 1' means you get 2 for the price of one, not pay for 2.  I have contacted my card company and if they can't give me a completely unrelated account then i'll be closing my card account.  I can't urge people strongly enough to stay well away from this rip-off.  

      • C A Harrison says:

        Well for the first time I f***** up last night Way way way too much vodka down my throat thought bullocks so I joined the website looking for a bit of fun forgot my due diligence like I normally do with website check them out. No I'm having an email battle just so I can cancel my subscription so I don't get my card screwed up and lose money. Because they're cancellation system on the website will not allow you to cancel your subscription. So here's the email I've just sent to these pricks. And I'll probably have a running battle to fix this now. But I will say this a good hack in the right direction can fix any website.

        Copy of email I've just sent to them below.

        Ok like I said in my original message to yourselves I followed all the instructions on your website gone through the whole system got to number 5 it doesn't let you leave it just gives you a telephone number to contact which doesn't bloody work so I'll make a suggestion get your technicians on it fix your website for people who want to leave and unsubscribe so they don't have  credit card payments coming off there account when they don't want to pay for the missus pleasure of having a load of women just contacting you asking you to contact them on Facebook or WhatsApp or trying to get you to give your email address out so they can contact you that way which only means that trying to run a scam. So that tells me something is definitely wrong here Also have reported a few of these people and your staff replied back to me saying that these people are ok Which personally I believe your website and Company do not have control of all of your rules for your site. Which makes believe you are a scam site now..( because of this I've done some research on the internet regarding your site and there is many many complaints about your site and this specific problem of being able to cancel your subscription. And many many people complaining and accusing you of being a scam website) Thank you and I hope you can resolve this issue (Also I will make sure that I blog on every website possible that your website is not safe to be used) So please sort this or make sure that your company does not take any money off my card or I will take legal action against your company.



        My advice stay well clear also don't sign up for a website any website if you're full of vodka

    • Sherrie Blake says:

      Not saying this about you and it is not directed at you sir, but in my opinion, any man who is married and happens to have a good woman and a good thing at home but he is looking to cheat and to hook up with other women, I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for if he happens to get scammed and ripped off! Sorry not sorry. That is what he deserves in my opinion. Again, not directed at you personally, no, just a general statement. Maybe, just maybe that is karma.

  • Ron says:

    They got me for 50 bucks. They need to be shut down!!!!!!

  • RJF says:

    I found that my husband signed up for this site. I blew a frigging gasket needless to say!. He fully knew that most are scams and yes they signed him up for almost $100.00 in VOD, Texting,emailing & membership.I was totally dumbfounded at how many women could possibly post pictures of themselves in all dress or not and positions.. I am no prud but there is something to be said for being a little modest and not bare it all!  It took literally 4 emails and their looping system to never deactivate his profile. Finally a call was made to their 800 number and they deactivated the profile. And they still try to sell their crappy entertainment roduct..The only thing now, is that he can still get into the site. Which really sucks! I emailed him your page..Hopefully he reads itr and learns something.. Thanks for the research and looking out for others!!!

    • Admin says:

      Your’e welcome. It’s a ton of work to do all of this but lots of people have been saves from the reviews we do.

  • Richard dickson says:

    You guys are all liars because I I've hooked up with two females of that site and have met with 12 of them currently still fucking one.& If you where charged you did not read everything you where supposed to. I can't let you just lie on here. 

    • Mike says:

      So Richard you must be a male employee then are you because on all there sites and associated sites in 3 months not one profile have I cime across been REAL

      • Janessa Watson says:

        Unfortunaely Richard Dickson is likely a fake name, and he is lying. He said that he hooked p with two females and met wirth 12 of them, which is bad math. Every single one of the females that agrees to meet up agrees for sex. In fact, when you contact one of the girls about charges they send you to another site to sign up and pay, for a refund. 

    • Clarence Huffman says:

      You are the one lying Richard, it is so much a bait and switch. Before you sign up the profiles look like decent woman. After you sign up, everything changes, even the administrator changes. The the minute you sign on, bam, the cam girls come out of the woodwork. So for you to be calling anyone a liar is wrong, you may need to look in a mirror if you want to see a liar. Those sites are all connected and are ALL nothing but scams.

    • Michael Fiebeck says:

      What’s up brotha!!! Do u have any proof.  Been debating paying 

    • C A Harrison says:

      Well I've been on there since yesterday found it would be a lot of s*** so that tells me you're full of s*** anyway obviously work for the website do people a favour put your head in the toilet and pull the flusher

  • mighty says:

    True love can blind you but at the same time if you let it,it can also open your eyes…..

    • Janessa Watson says:

      No, these girls always fall in love before the verification, but the verification is always more important than the so-called love.

      This girl offered to pay me back the money when we met, and wanted me to do it again, and she would pay that back too.

  • mighty says:

    love is an electric blanket with somebody else in control of the switch……

  • mighty says:

    Dont let your mind rule over your heart.listen to it….+2348062554601

  • mighty says:


  • Computerman133 says:

    I literally know three women from this site. I thought it was all fake at first but there are some legitimate people on here now. 

  • Bjd says:

    I'm on the site and one girl sent me a text message and wants to meet up but wants me to get a hook up badge before meeting. Smh seems like a scam


    • Scooter T. says:

      Hook up badge is also a scam! Read the terms and conditions of those as well. It will sign you up for a 49.99 membership unless you cancel in one day! I had a few girls try to get me to sing up for this so called badge. 

  • Genaro Flors says:

     I thankful that readed this before. Looking  download i think i. Down load. Before but i didn't pay.  For nothing. 

  • Rodney says:

    I got nailed for 25 bucks and you can' see much. Very few pics and everything is an up grade and after all that they only showed one lady in my area. Other sites show more than just one. I thought I was joining a site called localmilfs in my area  and some how it ended up being this site. 

  • Gerald Gaspervich says:

    Please take me off of your e mail list.I did not sign up.

  • Gerald Gaspervich says:

    Please stop sending me e-mails I did not sign up for this.

  • Dave G. says:

    I got took for $38.00 and I called the 800# to ask for my money back. I did the 3 day trial for $2.97 and could see it was a scam so I cancelled my subscription on the second day and thought it was done. Until I checked my bank account and saw they took out $34.88 for the next month. They said that I didn’t call the right number and they couldn’t refund my money back but would give me an extra month on the site. I filed a complaint with the FTC but have not got a response back yet!

  • Righton says:

    I don’t usually share sh..t like this but I’ve used a gift card ones and it worked. Woohoo 

    So I’m talking to this unknown sexy?? lady and talking texting texting till I run out of credit.

    So I did try another gift card. But wasn’t working 🙁 

    Now excited chating with here I just used my cc to not loosing her, right? But when I login  in again she has never replayed.

    I couldn’t cancel membership and the charges where $69 p/m …

    Had to call the bank, and they fixed it forme and even got  some panding money back. 


    As you all saying “NOT worth it” !!!


  • Waldo says:

    I got taken for $25. Was suspicious that all the girls used the same words and syntax. I tied to cancel but was charged the month. I ended up calling the credit card company over fraud and they stopped my card and issued a new number. Lonely guys are an easy target.

  • Peter says:

    I cancelled my subscription How do I no that my card details will never be used again?

  • Steed says:

    The clue as to wether or not it is a genuine concern, is in its country of origin. Check the small print at the bottom of any dating/hook-up website, and if they're even remotely suspect, they are often found to be trading from the British Virgin Islands – Where they can't be touched!!!!!!!!!!

  • Candie says:

    Seriously!!! These are scams and I know because these pieces of s#$% have taken two of my photos from FB and created not one, but two fake accounts on this website!  I would never put me out there like that.  Its wrong what they are doing! 

  • Paul says:

    I never was taken i am too smart lol I know a scam right away women dont fuck for free

  • Chad says:

    I can’t get my subscription to cancel on this site I need help fast 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • BRK says:

    Card blocked and account closed, only way to beat these scamming b****rds. Keep trying to get the money guys, it’s more evidence for my bank fraud department and police. Preying on vulnerable people.. shocking

  • John says:

    I never had to pay for sex girls like to get busy so I just assumed I found a fun site with some fun hot girls but my bank keeps declining my card which is good ..now im reading all these complaints thinking some guys ard just not good at socializing talking to close the deal

  • Charlie says:

    I opened an online bank account,Monzo in the UK and I only keep 5 pounds in there. When I registered with them I used this account and whenever they tried to extend me there wasn’t enough money. I then went through the deactivate process and called them. When I told the person on the phone it was too expensive they gave me a free 14 days to think it over. It works and I have met real people on the site who are genuine,but there are a lot of real scammers on there, you just have to know how to recognize them.

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