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  • $4.47 to buy a 3 day trial to the service.
  • $39.99 to buy a 1 month subscription to the service.
  • $83.97 to buy a 3 subscription to the service.
  • $119.94 to buy a 6 subscription to the service.


  • Search: Search for people sorted by age, gender and location.
  • Friends: See a list of your friends.
  • Messenger: Chat, send and receive instant messages from the messenger software.
  • Chat rooms: Chat with people in the chat rooms. The rooms are broken down according to country, sexual preference and fetishes.
  • Views: See your view count here (how many people looked at your profile).
  • Winks: Winks are a way to flirt with someone, this section shows you who has sent you a wink.
  • Live Cams: See and interact with paid cam models on their live web cams.
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Overview is another site associated with known dating scam sites such as and It's easy for shady dating businesses to purchase new domain names for $8 and be up and running with a new dating site in a very short period of time. 

Fake Chat Messages Within 20 Seconds Of Signing Up On The Site.

We've done so many reviews that after a while it becomes second nature to easily spot fake dating profiles. Now with more tools at our disposal is very easy for us to recognize fake dating profiles and back it up with evidence supplied by doing a reverse image search online. For this investigation as with all of our investigations we did sign up as a member so we could see exactly how their web site operates. Within 5 minutes of being on the site it was clearly evident that this site was full of fake dating profiles. We quickly did reverse image searches using TinyEye as our source to determine exactly what site the images were taken from. The evidence is available for you to see below.

If you look at the first piece of evidence below circled in yellow is a girl who messaged us. Doing a quick image search using TinyEye we were able to find the same image on an Italian porn site. Realistically you don't even need to use any type of a reverse image search to identify that these girls are not real and not members of the dating site. Logic will tell you that attractive women like this have no reason to be on a hookup dating site to meet men for fun. These type of woman have men dropping all over them everywhere they go. The reason that these type of images are using a fake dating profiles is of course to entice members with a free account to upgrade to a paid account. Because, in order to reply and communicate back to these women that they believed to be real you would need to buy a membership to do so.


(fake girl who sent a message to us through the web site)


(the exact same image found on an Italian porno site located here)

The second piece of evidence (shown below) is of "topless123#", an 18 year old Asian girl. Once again using the reverse image software we were able to identify exactly where this image was copied from. Not surprisingly our research led us back to an amateur porn site where the image was actually got taken from.

These were only two of the dating profiles that we actually did in-depth research on. If we took the time to research every single image a large percentage of the images would lead back to some type of adult site or adult forum. This proves without a doubt these that these are not actually legitimate members of the site. Also, you can tell by the photography and the quality of the images as well as the do the women themselves. These type of women would not use a dating site to meet men. On top of that, the photographs are  professionally taken and not by just a regular person taking a photograph to use on a dating profile.





(fictitious Asian female who sent an automated message to us)


(the exact same image found on an amateur adult site located here.)

What we're trying to prove is that of course this site is full of fake profiles. Most people don't see past the images but whenever evidence like this is brought to their attention they can see much more clearly especially when they see exactly where those images are hosted.

Chat Messages

Part of the same agenda is the use of phony chat messages. If you see below we did receive only two chat messages but both were fake. This website along with countless other websites that we have exposed use some some sort of automated software system in which they can send out chat messages that appear to be coming from local women interested in interacting with you. As always though when you try to respond back to the chat messages you are sent to an upgrade page where you are required to pay to communicate with anyone on the site. Combining the fake dating profiles and then using automated software programs to send fake chat messages to people there is a clear case of fraud that is used to trick people into purchasing paid monthly memberships.

fake chat

This Website Says They "Do Not Create Fake Profiles"

In the terms and conditions this website states that they "do not not create user profiles so call Virtual profiles or use artificial intelligence in order to simulate people". Unbelievably just a few paragraphs down on the same page they do admit to creating profiles and they state the following, "we will utilize our automated system profiles to communicate with Users to enhance our Users’ entertainment experience". So in one paragraph they say they do not create system profiles and then in the next paragraph after stating that they create user profiles?  Then they go onto say that "the purpose of creating these profiles is to provide our registered users with entertainment." 

They also admit to using fake messages: "The messages they send are computer generated. Messages from the user profiles we create attempt to simulate communications so that should you become a paid Member you are encouraged to participate in more conversation and to increase interaction among fellow paid Members." Basically what they are saying is that they use fake dating profiles and fake messages to trick you into upgrading to a paid member of their service. Then they go onto say,  "You also acknowledge and agree that the descriptions, pictures and information included in such profiles are provided primarily for your amusement ". The bottom line is that this website will use any tactic in order to trick you and deceive you into upgrading to a paid membership. That is there goal and all the evidence backs that up.

Hosting Server Info:



  • Address Of Host: Trident Chambers P.O. Box 146 Road Town Tortola VG British Virgin Islands
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS2.ROPOT.NET, NS1.ROPOT.NET

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

From all the evidence it is clear that this website runs on an illegitimate dating service. From fake profiles to automated chat messages, to their admissions in the terms and conditions page it is clear that they are not looking out for your best intentions.

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If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • tony says:

    i need to remove my profile how do go about this

  • jim says:

    And i have send meny reply messages to thouse ( admin & datareg) email ads but no eny reply yet. How to proseed..?

  • Paul says: do i delete the account there?

    • Admin says:

      This is how to cancel an account apparently:

      You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. To ensure the security of your account you have to complete all steps of the subscription cancellation procedure in accordance with the security policy of our company. To start your subscription cancellation, enter the “My Account” section, click on the “Billing History” tab and follow our site instructions to proceed. Once you have done this we will send an email with further instructions to the email address you used to register with us. Should you have any questions, contact us by sending an email to: email:[email protected]

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  • Mohammed says:

    Hi I have been on a few sites that are run by Together network & all are fakes. They sign you on one site then say you should sign with another site do they get more money out of you, it is a scam people shouystsy away from them.

    once they get your money they will get the so called ladies to get to call you off site & insist on you getting a in security verification badge which is supposed to be free but once they get your card details they will get your money out, you can't do a thing about as your off site but the site is involved & you never will get your money back. 

    I hope people will stay away from alll the sites run by these people & there numerous sites run by them & they have more head companies than you will think.

  • Steve says:

    thanks!,,,  Signed up for one called "flirt ", as I am writing a book on Male / female relations alla 2000+ I need female input principally , and it seemed a possibility? , I soon had the same impression your research has apparently verified,, 1) as I am 76! , good looking, no problem ( a picture was required!), but, not into dating "little girls , the age of my granddaughters ,, assuming I'd be able to "chat" with these "girls " I could explain my target , and possibly get some actual information , it became absurd with the 18 and 19 yr olds ,,,though they did throw in some older ladies , likely to add some credibility  and attempts to communicate?with them never worked, keep up the good work SDC

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