Is Scamming People, This Review Explains How They Con People

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Website Details:


  • $4.47 for a 3 day trial membership.
  • $39.99 for a 1 month membership.
  • $83.97 for an 3 month membership.
  • $119.94 for an 6 month membership.


  • Search: Do searches based on gender, location, age and even photo quality.
  • Friends: This area shows you your friends list.
  • Messenger: This is the chat messenger service that you can use to talk to people when you are logged onto the site.
  • Chat rooms: The online chat rooms enable you to chat with people. The rooms are broken down into various categories such as geographical location and what you're into (flirting, kinky etc.).
  • Views: This shows you who has viewed your profile.
  • Winks: This shows you who has sent you winks.
  • Live Cams: See women that you pay to strip for you.

Overview is a clever name for a dating site but that doesn't mean it's legitimate. This review will give you all the information you need to make your own judgment on the legitimacy of this site. We have taken the time to register as members on this dating site to give you a full and comprehensive evaluation of how this site performs and how legit it is. Also something you should be aware this site is owned by the same people who run, and FYI, All three of these sites are less than honest.

Fake Chat Messages Within 20 Seconds Of Signing Up On The Site.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head. Within 1.5 hours of being on the site we already received 21 messages (see evidence below)! Even with our profile having no photos and very limited info we still received all these messages but why? What girl would be interested in a guy who had no photos of himself in the profile, does that make sense to you? I didn't make sense to us either. So what is going on here? Upon further investigation (and experience) it seems that these messages we have been receiving are not genuine. The chat messages sent through the site's messenger are fake. These messages are sent to us and other other members of the site using sophisticated software programs that are used trick members into believing they are being contacted by interested women. Once we tried to read any messages from the women we were asked to "upgrade to read message". That is the scam, they want you to upgrade and buy a monthly subscription to communicate with a software program impersonating a real person. None of the 21 women that sent us messages is a real person. messages

Fake Views

The views represents how many people have viewed your profile. In our case we received 21 views to our profile in under 2 hours. This is a gimmick used by to grab your attention. Obviously you are going to be curious as to who is viewing your profile. And since a large majority of the female profiles on this site are fake, the women in those profiles are going to interest you (since most of pics in the profiles are nude women). Once you see a girl who catches your attention, then naturally you are going to want to email her and this when they get you. If you try to email the girl guess what? You will need to pay by upgrading before you communicate to any women on the site. Al the views are sent using a computer software program. No real females are actually viewing your profile, it's all a con to spike your interest.

fake views

Fake Profiles

The last part of of the deception and probably the most important to tell you about is that this site actually creates the female dating profiles that you see in front of you. If you look at the evidence below it looks more like a porn site that you're viewing than a dating site. The women are absolutely beautiful and on top of it completely nude. Now if you sit and think for just one minute you have to realize that these are not real members of the dating site. What reason would beautiful women like this have for exposing themselves in the nude? Attractive women like this would have absolutely no problem in meeting men without uploading nude photos of themselves to their dating profile. So the answer is of course these are not real members of the site. The website uses images of nude women to lure men into trying to communicate to these women. Obviously if you are a guy  and you see images of a hot looking local girl that's nude it's going to catch your eye! And, you're going to want to email these women and try to hook up a date if at all possible. This is why the dating site uses images of super attractive looking girls (in the nude), it's all a trick to lure you into upgrading and paying for a monthly membership!

fake profiles

The Fine Print

The terms and conditions of this site are very unclear. Reading the terms and conditions was very interesting. In the terms and conditions they specifically stated that "this website does not create user profiles so-called virtual profiles or use artificial intelligence in order to simulate people." So they state that they do not create fake dating profiles is what we understood from that sentence. But if you read a little bit further down on the terms and conditions page in section I they actually DO ADMIT to creating fake dating profiles. It states and I quote "website utilizes automated system profiles to communicate with users to enhance our user's entertainment experience." Then it goes onto say that "The purpose of our creating these profiles is to provide our Registered Users with entertainment, to allow Registered Users to explore our Service and to promote greater participation in our Service." So they in fact are creating profiles as clearly shown in their own words.

They also admit to using the fake profiles to automatically communicate with you as mentioned here: "we will utilize our automated system profiles to communicate with Users to enhance our Users’ entertainment experience."


Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 5Th Floor, 7 Castle Street, Midlothian, Edinburgh, Eh2 3Ah, GB
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS2.ROPOT.NET, NS1.ROPOT.NET

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 18884143752
  • Addresses: Vincenti Buildings 28/19, Suite 1374, Strait Street Valletta VLT 1432 Malta
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision: made it very easy for us to identify this dating site as being less than legitimate. The terms and conditions incriminate this site as being a total sham. We are not sure if the site is actually breaking any official laws (we're not lawyers) however the bottom line is you're going to have a very, very tough time meeting legit women on this site for the simple reason that the vast majority of the women are fake and have been created by the dating site. The evidence speaks for itself and the terms and conditions close this case.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

Search For Females

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  • michael traynor says:

    How to I cancel my subscription on do u plz help

    • Admin says:

      call 1-888-414-3752

    • Ian Higgins says:

      I thought I was signing up for only a  3 day membership yet They have charged me throughout July August and September and October 2015. I have threaten to report them to The Australian Federal Police but to no avail. They just respond by saying my email is registered to their sight. They are sneaky as they billed under 3 different company news. Misbill, Lovetoria and Valetta. I have lost $180 over 3 months. I made the mistake of not reading the T & C closely enough.

    • Harm vos says:

      Yes how do I unsubscribe. They don't let me cool.

    • Flexdradu says:

      I don’t wont no more membership from stop it 21 feb.

    • Flexdradu says:

      Stop my membership wich number .2434481582

  • Oscar Borgstrom says:

    Thank you for a very enlightening review. I have one question though. Did any of you ever do the "trial" period of 3 days? Because I had planned to do that next weekend. It would be nice to hear if the escape clause worked!

    I must say though that some of the women look very real to me since they are over 40 and some of them over 50 which is vert OK by me since I am over 60… But I give you credit for the " hot dishes" as well I had several of them too! And since I wasn't born yesterday I was actually thinking of reporting the site to the police for pimping activity… Because to me it looked like a brothel online.


    Thank you for listening 😉



    • Dallas Banta says:

      I did a three day trial and you don’t get as many likes or messages as you did when you didn’t have a profile. Also, I got a lot of messages from girls but they don’t send one message and then wouldn’t respond back to you anymore. The websites fake.

  • Andrew says:

    Hi how do i remove my accont from dont like it 


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  • dally says:

    Well. Douwantme and datebooksingles are both threatening to bill $1,500 weekly if I don't verify myself. And every time I try they make me sign up for there affiliates as they call themselves. Charge me and I have to phone my bank to cancel there subscriptions and wait for refunds. They threaten me with Interpol emails like I don't even think they exist anymore. Also douwantme me took money out of my account and then apologised for it. To be honest online dating is the worst thing anyone can do. I mean where in douwantme t&c's does it say failure to verify whilst trying to leave results in fines. Oh and they told me I am there first ever customer who has probs getting off there site… plz read some comments above

    • Admin says:

      Who cares what they say. They cannot charge your credit card $1,500 it’s illegal. Tell them you are going to report them to the police. is a total rip off and crooks from what we know and what you have said.

  • Roy Evans says:

    Oh my goodness, i've just subscribed for 3 days at this sie. I'll cancel it tomorrow from my bank. These devious bast Ards should be locked up for good.

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  • Alex says:

    I have a trial version for 3 days, I paid through apay, can they still deduct my money?
    Pls help

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