XSwipes.com Is Running A Blatant Scam, This Review Proves It All

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Website Details:


  • $8.97 for a trial subscription for 3 days that renews at $34.95.
  • $29.95 for a 1 month membership.
  • $16.65 per month for a 3 month membership paid in one lump sum of $49.95.
  • $11.65 per month for a 6 month membership paid in one lump sum of $69.90.


  • Messages: Send and read email messages from other members.
  • SMS/Text: Read text messages from other members.
  • Newest: See the newest members.
  • Chat: Send and receive chat messages from other members.


Today we’re taking a close look add a website called XSwipes.com. In this investigative report we’re going to see if the site is legitimate or a fraud. If we do find out the website is fake we’re going to list all the different reasons and provide you all the proof showing you why the site isn’t real. Read the full review below.

XSwipes Connection To Many Fake Dating Sites

XSwipes.com as we’ve just learned is connected to many different websites that we’ve investigated exposed for being frauds. This long list of websites includes XMeets.com, XMilfs.com, LocalMilf.com, NoStringsFun.com, BBWDesire.com, and SmashYourFriends.co.uk. All these websites are owned by the same corporation (Plymouth Associates Ltd) and all these websites have been running for years and years making millions and millions of dollars defrauding the public.

This Site Uses Pretend Profiles Known As “Fantasy Cuties”

XSwipes.com is swarming with fake profiles. Even before we created our account we already knew this website was a scam. Directly smack-dab in the middle of the homepage they have a small paragraph wanting you to “acknowledge that their website has fake profiles called Fantasy Cuties that are operated by independent contractors that have been hired by the website to entertain you.” They admit that these profiles “will not result in any type of date or hookup encounter. They even tell us that these fake fantasy profiles have a small yellow star with the letters “FC” in the middle of the yellow star. You can look at the evidence that we have provided below.

(Screenshot taken from the homepage showing that X Swipes uses fictitious dating profiles.)

How To Spot A Fake Profile

If you want to learn how to spot fake profiles on X Swipes keep reading. In order to identify fake profiles all you need to do is look for yellow star with the letters “FC” next to it (see the proof below) in the dating profile you’re reviewing. Once you see the yellow star then you know for sure that the profile you’re looking at is fake. The unfortunate problem here is that every profile on XSwipes has a yellow star meaning all the profiles are fake!

Screen shot showing the “Fantasy Cutie” logo.)

Fake Profiles Using Photos Stolen From Other Sites

We told you that the website uses fictitious profiles, we showed you how to spot the fake profiles and now we’re showing you various examples of fake profiles and where they steal the pictures for the fake profiles from. You see not only are they creating fake profiles but they need photographs of attractive women to use in the fake profiles that they are creating. We started researching and investigating to find out where the dating profiles are getting these photographs from. Below we’ve included four different fictitious female profiles from the website and we’ve included web links showing everyone where those exact same photographs on the fake dating profiles are located on other websites. This proves even further that the profiles are phony. The website already admitted to using fake profiles but we want to give you as much evidence as possible to show you how crooked and a scam this site really is.

(Bogus profile using photo stolen from other site.)

  • http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xkL-aw4dv5M/TwhSzCTEVPI/AAAAAAAAAZs/12WcLgbQ8hc/s1600/03012009305.jpg

(Bogus profile using photo stolen from other site.)

  • https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-TIzlYJLeHb4/T1wHi9D6A9I/AAAAAAAAFqw/k2NFClV5E-o/s1600/071311110635-719517-707013.jpg
  • http://fuckjpg.com/201603/24/304103054.jpg
  • https://thumbs3.imgbox.com/46/0b/acbd1LHC_t.JPG
  • http://thumbnails43.imagebam.com/15018/c6e3e5150176633.jpg
  • http://pics.share-image.com/pictures/thumb/2008/291/12243213571026885888.jpg
  • http://pictures.share-image.com/shareimagebig/2008/291/12243213571026885888.jpg
  • https://www.smsdruzenje.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/1-53-360×250.jpg

(Fake profile using photo stolen from other websites.)

  • http://www.kinestops.com/fotos_kt/Chicas_-_Autofotos_(4).jpg
  • https://i1.imagetwist.com/th/16306/s9ggo8ehc5jw.jpg
  • https://www.vickyathome.com/images/vnalive/amyass.jpg

(Bogus profile using photo stolen from other site.)

  • http://i.ucrazy.ru/files/pics/2015.08/erolashhs26.jpg

11 Bogus Messages From Bots

Not only does the website admit that day create fictitious profiles they also do other things such as send you fake messages that look as if they’re being sent from female profiles. Since the female profiles are fake any messages coming from these fake “Fantasy Cutie profiles are fake as well. We know this is happening because we read the terms and conditions page where they admit to all of this. The bogus “Fantasy Cutie” profiles contact users with chat bots and send them computer generated messages. This means that they use fake profiles to send us fake messages.

(Screen shot of our profile page.)

Fake Chat Messages

And obviously they’re not only using high-tech chatbots to send people emails but they’re using those bots to send us chat messages. All of these different forms of communications are used with the intent of duping you and tricking you into believing you’re interacting with real women sending you real messages. At the end of it all what they really want you to do is upgrade and purchase a paid subscription to their website. Since you can only communicate with anyone for free for a very short time frame. They’re trying to trick you into upgrading so they can make money off of you that’s the entire end goal here.

(Fictitious instant chat message used to dupe people into upgrading.)dfr

The Last Piece Of The Puzzle, The Terms And Conditions

In the terms and conditions page they talk about how they create fake profiles, they talk about how how they use these fake profiles to send you phony chat messages and phony emails. All of this evidence is found in the terms and conditions page section 4. Below we’ve included those section so you can read it for yourself or you can click on this link and visit the terms page and read it for yourself on their website.

  • THIS SITE UTILIZES FANTASY PROFILES IDENTIFIED AS FANTASY CUTIES . You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that some of the profiles listed on the Site may be operated by our Site or third party contractors and are fictitious.
  • Fantasy Cuties functionality is offered to promote increased use of the Site such posting of profile information and/or additional content to users’ profile pages.
  • Interactions originating from Fantasy Cuties functionality could be computer generated or could be created by the Site or third party contractors hired by the Site.
  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that the interactions, profile information, and content utilized by Fantasy Cuties profiles do not originate from any actual Site member.
  • Any similarity between Fantasy Cuties profile information or interactions to any real person is purely coincidental and fictitious.
  • Staff of Site or third party contractors hired by the Site could operate multiple Fantasy Cutie profiles and associated communications features.
  • You further comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that, Fantasy Cutie profiles may contact both free users and paid users with computer or human generated interactions for the purposes listed above.
  • Should a user respond to an interaction from an Fantasy Cuties profile, said user may receive one or more human or computer generated replies from the Fantasy Cuties profile.

    You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that no in-person meeting will ever happen between You and the people providing Fantasy Cuties functionality, and that the interactions

  • “Staff of Site or third party contractors hired by the Site could operate multiple Online Cutie profiles and associated communications features.”
  • “Interactions originating from Online Cuties functionality could be computer generated or could be created by the Site or third party contractors hired by the Site.”

Is XSwipes A Scam?

The answer is 100% yes! This website is completely fraudulent, we’ve given you so much evidence it’s overwhelming. From fictitious profiles to automate a chat bots there’s nothing real or legitimate about this dating service.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: Toll FreeĀ 800-564-9432 ( +1-727-755-7249 outside USA).
  • Addresses: Plymouth Associates Ltd. Heywood House, South Hill Anguilla
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Customer Support Site: Trustedassist.com

Final Decision:

Obviously this website to scam. There’s so much evidence and proof it’s irrefutable. If you have any information or any experience with this website you can leave a comment below.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off by this dating site.

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  • Greg walz says:

    How do I cancel and keep them from taking money from my card

    • Dana Rio says:

      Call your bank and dispute it. They will try changing their name and billing your card . Most likely you might want to dispute it and have your card canceled and get new one. That’s what I did when I stumbled on one of them sites.

    • William Worsh says:

      I got f*****

  • David Simpson says:

    Please cancel my account

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