Warning! XMilfs.com Is All An Illusion, It’s NOT A Real Dating Site

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Website Details:


  • $8.90 to buy a 3 day trial to this website.
  • $29.95 to buy a 1 month subscription.
  • $49.95 to buy a 3 month subscription.
  • $69.90 to buy a 6 month subscription.


  • Home: The Home link shows you member tweets, women near you, you can get to the live webcam section from here and you can even see recent chats as well as featured members of the website.
  • Search: If you want to search for women on the site you can find women according to age, location, women who are online now, the newest members etc.
  • Messages: The Messages section shows you which women have sent you flirts, gifts, friend requests and you can also send and receive emails from this section.
  • Quickie: The Quickie section is a scientific matchmaking service that the website provides matching you with the profile they think that meets your expectations.
  • SMS/Text: The SMS/Text section shows you text messages from members of the site.
  • Newest: The Newest section shows the newest members based on who is near you, who's online now, common usernames and the best and newest matches
  • Friends network: The friends and favorite section shows you your friends, which friends are online and also your friends manager where you can accept or remove friends requests.


XMilfs.com is the newest dating service from the company behind BlackCrush.com Localmilfselfies.com, Milfaholic.com, Ulust.com, Lonelywifehookup.com, and BbwDesire.com. Every one of these websites is exactly the same. The only thing that ever changes is the name of the site and a few graphics. But all the websites are cookie cutters of one another.

We've been chasing after these shysters for many, many years. We find every new dating site that they create and expose it on our website here. They've been doing this for a long time making millions of dollars defrauding thousands of consumers across the world.

As you will see in this investigation of XMilfs this isn't a legitimate dating site either. We will provide you all the proof and evidence showing you how they deceive and mislead their own members into buying monthly subscriptions to their bogus dating service. Read the full investigation below.

You Must Agree To "Fantasy Cuties" Before You Can Create An Account On XMilfs.com

Prior to gaining access to XMilfs you need to agree to their terms of use. Their terms of use includes agreeing and acknowledging that they operate bogus member profiles called "Fantasy Cuties". They also confess that these "Fantasy Cutie" profiles are operated by third-party contractors that have been hired by the site. You can take a look at the screenshot that we provided below that shows the statement. This was found directly on the front page of X Milfs when you put your mouse over the terms of use link. Take a look at the screenshot below and read the paragraph where they discuss "Fantasy Cuties".

(The site admits to creating fake "Fantasy Cuties" profiles.)

How To Identify Fake Fantasy Cutie Profiles

IF you want to know how to spot the fake profiles that the website creates you can take a look at the screenshot we have provided for you. You can see circled in red it says the words FC status. FC is the abbreviation for "Fantasy Cuties". Unfortunately every single female profile we viewed on this website had the FC logo on it meaning every single profile fake! There are no real milfs on XMilfs.com.

(Screenshot of a fake FC aka Fantasy Cutie profile page.)

Examples Of Bogus Fantasy Cutie Profile Pages

Below wwe have included two different fake profiles. And there are hundreds more where these profiles came from. This website doesn't have any real mature women looking to have sex with younger men. It's just a fantasy in your mind and X Milfs is preying on men who think that they can literally have sex with these bogus profile pages that the website is responsible for creating. These profiles are using images taken from other websites and then what they do is build a profile page based around that fake profile picture. The age  is fake, their location is fake and everything else you see on the profile page is fake.

The thing you need to understand is that there's no horny milfs who want to have sex with every guy they see. Dating sites like XMilfs prey on this male fantasy. They've built a whole industry around deceiving you into believing that milf dating sites like X Milfs will get you laid. All you need to do is join, upgrade and you'll have a shot at hooking up with these milfs who are ready to jump your bones. It's all a bunch of les. That's why they need to create these fake profiles because there aren't enough real mature women joining X Milfs so they need to build fake profile pages to satisfy the appetite of horny men looking to meet these older women. It's all a scam!

(Screenshot of a fake FC aka Fantasy Cutie profile.)

(Screenshot of a fake FC aka Fantasy Cutie profile.)

21 Computer Generated Emails Created To Trick Men Into Upgrading

Below we've included a screenshot showing that we received 21 emails. Every single one of these emails was from a "Fantasy Cutie". These are not legitimate messages from real local females who want to hook up with us. This deception is not only found on our account but thousands of other member accounts on X Milfs. The reasoning behind sending these computer-generated phony emails is to do trap male members into replying or trying to read the messages which you can't do unless you purchase a VIP pass (a monthly membership).

(Screenshot showing we received 21 emails all of which sent sent from Fantasy Cuties.)

Fictitious Chat Messages Used To Deceive Men Into Buying A Membership

Not only did we receive computer created email messages that were sent from computer bots but we're also getting a steady stream of fictitious chat messages. As you can see from the evidence below circled in red in order to chat with other members of the site you need to upgrade your membership.

All of these chat messages are bogus make no mistake about it. One thing we forgot to mention in this investigation was that our profile was empty. We don't have any pictures and we never filled out the personal information but somehow surprisingly we still got emails and chat messages from local milfs why is that? It's because all forms of communications from emails to instant messages are compromised and the staff of this site are behind any emails and instant messages that we received. Don't fall for this con, don't upgrade to chat with other members it's a waste of your money!

(Screenshot of a faux instant messages we got.)

Phony Fantasy Cutie Profiles Are Using Photos Stolen From Porn Sites

The phony profile pages are using pictures taken from other websites. XMilfs already has admitted to creating bogus female profiles so the pictures in these profiles must not be of real members obviously. Where are these photos coming from? The answer is the large majority of these profile pictures are being stolen from porn sites across the web. We used a software program called Tin Eye that helped us to identify where these phony profile pictures are being stolen from. You can take a look at the examples that we have included below with the web links where you can see where the profile pictures on the actual adult porn sites. This is just even more evidence showing how illegitimate X Milfs is.

(Bogus female profile using a photo found on multiple other sites listed below.)

  • https://78.media.tumblr.com/8f22df1c2d70f710f9286730bc0690e6/tumblr_mkyqalC6zw1s94d2do4_1280.jpg
  • http://fap.to/images/50/1103604229/amateur-porn/Mom-has-big-tits-34.jpg
  • http://bokem.b.o.pic.centerblog.net/302_1000.jpg

(Fake "Fantasy Cutie" female profile using a photo found on multiple other sites listed below.)

  • http://img3361.imagevenue.com/images/loc366/th_04133_photo0004_123_366lo_123_366lo.jpg
  • http://img29.imagetwist.com/th/17527/ytgwh19130vk.jpg
  • http://img163.imagetwist.com/th/17527/gsou7gf977mc.jpg
  • http://1.relaxpics.net/thumbs/2010-10-14/11570_10.jpg
  • View post on imgur.com

  • http://cdn.shesfreaky.com/galleries/164185579c3cd048bf/5579c40e222f2.jpg

The Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions page has a lot of evidence and reading it will shock you! They list everything they do on that one page on their website. The confess to a multitude of lies and deceit. One of the things they talk about is that they're responsible for creating fantasy profiles called "Fantasy Cuties". They also confess that these fake profiles are operated by their website or third-party contractors that have been hired by them to deceive you. They also confessed that they contact people through these fake "Fantasy Cuties" profiles and that some of these messages are computer generated. They also tell us that no in-person meeting can ever happen between you and the "Fantasy Cuties" profiles . You can read the most important parts of the terms below or click on this link visit section #4 to read it on their site.

  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that our Service, presented in the style of an online dating service, is an entertainment service.

  • THIS SITE UTILIZES FANTASY PROFILES IDENTIFIED AS FANTASY CUTIES. You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that some of the profiles listed on the Site may be operated by our Site or third party contractors and are fictitious. These profiles and interactions generated from them are clearly labelled with the Fantasy Cuties logo…

  • Interactions originating from Fantasy Cuties functionality could be computer generated or could be created by the Site or third party contractors hired by the Site.

  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that the interactions, profile information, and content utilized by Fantasy Cuties profiles do not originate from any actual Site member, but are present for entertainment, informational and Site monitoring purposes only. Any similarity between Fantasy Cuties profile information or interactions to any real person is purely coincidental and fictitious.

  • Staff of Site or third party contractors hired by the Site could operate multiple Fantasy Cutie profiles and associated communications features.

  • You further comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that, Fantasy Cutie profiles may contact both free users and paid users with computer or human generated interactions for the purposes listed above. These interactions may be initiated to several users simultaneously or in a small time frame. Should a user respond to an interaction from an Fantasy Cuties profile, said user may receive one or more human or computer generated replies from the Fantasy Cuties profile.

    You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that no in-person meeting will ever happen between You and the people providing Fantasy Cuties functionality, and that the interactions You have via Fantasy Cuties functionality is for entertainment purposes in addition to encouraging participation in our Service and to help monitor use of the Service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 410 Terry Ave N.Seattle, WA, 98109, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS-1251.AWSDNS-28.ORG, NS-1980.AWSDNS-55.CO.UK, NS-228.AWSDNS-28.COM, NS-578.AWSDNS-08.NET
  • Email:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

If you thought XMilfs was legitimate we're sure that you changed your stance on that. Hopefully we provided you more than enough proof of what's really going on here. This website is a complete fraud. Unfortunately they're still operating with impunity (no punishment and no consequences for their actions). They're still making millions of dollars conning and ripping people off. Please share this review on social media and help get the word out so you can stop other people from getting conned.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • […] you want to know the real truth about XMilfs, you can click on this link and read the full investigative report we did on XMilfs.com which breaks down piece by piece why this is a fraud. We give you all the evidence you need. […]

  • Alan Burnes says:

    When I clicked on to this site to register I put my card information in because they said it was just to verify my age and that no charges would be taken they immediately hit my card for $8 and something and and it clicked off the side and I was unable to find it again so so I accepted the L Loss and I could not find out how to unsubscribe from it today a week later I I noticed that my card had another debit from stebill.com in the amount of $34 and $0. 98 when I've tried to stop the payment I could not do that I have to put in a dispute which which would take 6 weeks to to possibly get my money returned in plain English they defrauded me and Stole my money

  • jay says:

    Even if you do have a standard membership, it cost to send chat and text messages.

    Total scam.

  • SANDRA says:


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