We Reviewed Milftastic.com To Determine If You Can Really Meets Milfs Here, Learn The Truth

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The site says it's free but wants your credit card? Smells like a scam to us.


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Milftastic.com is a new player onto the online dating scene. This site is associated with many other dating sites that we have reviewed in the past. The sites include Hookupcloud.com, EroticAds.com and AdultHookups.com. In every investigation every single one of those dating sites turned out to be complete scams. Is Milftastic.com the same, read the review below to find out.

Fake Memberships That Cost You $39.95!

After you create a free basic account on Milftastic.com your are taken to a secondary page where it states that free access memberships are $0. But then they want a valid credit card to activate your free membership. This should be your first red flag that something is wrong. Why would they state that the site is free but then they asks you for a valid credit card to activate your free membership? It doesn't make any sense but still thousands of people fall for this scam every day. Look at the evidence below circled in red it states that you are charged $39.95 per month after your free one-day access to the site. This is the real reason they want your credit card information, is to bill you $39.95 per month every single month until you cancel! This is a recurring membership that will continue charging your credit card indefinitely unless you cancel it.


This Site Is Full Of Female Profiles Called "Milf Stars"

Once you are logged into the members area then more garbage starts to happen. Girls will start to contact you, but they're all fake. Unknown to most people is that Milftastic utilizes staff members to create fictitious female member profiles. With those fictitious profiles they do a variety of other deceptions including sending you phony emails, fake profile views and so forth which will we discuss further in this investigation. Just know that almost every single female profile on this site is in fact totally fabricated. The site actually admits to creating fictitious profiles that they call "Milf Stars". If you take a look at the Terms and Conditions page of the site they clearly described the day use fake profiles called milf stars. These profiles are operated by contractors who are actually employed and paid to interact with you and string you along. So even if you are emails they are probably from people paid to chat with you. As unbelievable as it sounds it's all clearly detailed in the terms and conditions page of the site.

Fake Female Profiles AKA "Milf Stars" With Photos Found On Other Sites

Doing deep investigation using a software program called TinEye.com we went on the site looking to see if the fake profile photos could be found on other sites to prove what we thought was correct. You can see in the evidence below that those profiles shown as evidence are found on porn sites, amateur models and also various other types of photography website. This is just more proof that the site creates fake profiles. Images have been stolen from the sites listed below and then the staff of Milftastic.com have created fake profiles attached to those given images. This makes it seem like the site has thousands of attractive looking local ladies when the truth is they have all been fabricated by the staff. This evidence is on top of other evidence that the site admits to creating fake profiles that they call "Milf Stars". So there should be no question in your mind if the profiles are real or fake, they are NOT!

(This fake profile pic was found on an amateur model as well see link below)
  • http://photos.modelmayhem.com/photos/110613/06/4df6167196b37_m.jpg
  • https://whatboyswant.com/picture/babe/1373469/thumb/th_1373469.jpg
  • http://pics2.brainparking.com/p442/g/v/7546607tvg.jpg
  • http://www.brainparking.com/view/topic.cfm?key_or=1109544&lenta_type=4
  • http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/41080/21bcc7410792494.jpg
(This fake profile pic was found on an amateur model as well see link below)
  • http://ic.pbwstatic.com/135×180/88/889756-0.jpg
This profile shown below is actually of Gemma Atkinson a model/actress. She is not a member of Milftastic.com, her photo has been stolen and then used to fabricate a bogus profile (shown below).
(This fake profile pic was found on other sites as well see link below)
  • http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TmlIEYBr-QE/T1_G2F2SxjI/AAAAAAAACnA/KAtNbUevqAY/s1600/4aebad2a85085.jpg
  • http://images.askmen.com/photos/gemma-atkinson/39627.jpg

Fake Profile Views From Automated Bots

When we logged into our account on Milftastic.com we had about 20 different women who viewed the profile. But once again it's all a scam. No one actually viewed our profile on the site it was all done using computer software programs. The software programs are called bots and they are used to send out fake profile views. It's all a trick to get you to try reply back to the woman who is supposed to be viewing your profile. The only problem is that it's all fake, no one viewed your profile and the women who supposedly view your profile is actually a Milf Star which means they are not even real people to begin with. It's layers and layers of scams and deception used to trick you into purchasing useless subscriptions to their dating site.

automated profile views

Fictitious Emails From "Milf Stars"

Don't get too excited if you start receiving emails from a bunch of hot looking girls from your city. Once again it's all fake. The emails are all automated using computer software programs. There isn't any real females emailing you. For this investigation when we created our profile we make sure to keep it empty, no photos and no information. There would be absolutely no reason for any females to try and contact us since they had no clue what the person in the profile looked.  But still, we received emails from different women interested in chatting with us.


Fake Friends Requests Sent Using Automated Bots

And yet another popular tactic used by automated bots is to send fake friends requests to people such as ourselves who have a free account on this site. The "friends request" is just another deceptive marketing tool that they use to entice you into trying to communicate back to the girl who wants to be your friend. If you do try to communicate back by sending an instant message or email you will be asked to upgrade to a paid subscription. All these deceptions have one thing in common, they redirect you to the payment page to get you to buy a membership because that's the only thing they care, money!


The Terms And Conditions

Just to finalize our investigation we have included  the most important evidence. This evidence is the terms and conditions which in the websites own words describes how they use their "Milf Stars" to send out phony emails and fake instant messages, and they also admit to creating the fake profiles.

. Please read the most relevant parts of the terms and conditions below or you can read the terms directly on Milftastic.com.

  •  A MilfStar™ may be a real person, such as another MILFTASTIC.COM Member, a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character"). MilfStars™ may be employed by MILFTASTIC.COM or a third party to enhance Your online experience. For example, a MilfStar™ may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing MILFTASTIC.COM features or functionality.
  • c. MilfStars™ may also provide to You, or enable You to receive, digital introductions to some Members. MilfStars™ may also be employed to enhance online relationships, encourage active participation in MILFTASTIC.COM or discourage inappropriate behavior
  • d. A MilfStar™ may be a current or past MILFTASTIC.COM Member, an independent contractor, a digital creation, You or a digital representation of You.
  • You hereby authorize, MILFTASTIC.COM to use or allow, in its sole discretion, one or more MilfStars™ to communicate with you via email, an instant messenger program, or by any and all other means now known or hereinafter invented for the purposes set forth above, any other purpose set forth in, or consistent with, these Terms and Conditions or any future modifications hereof, and for any and all other lawful purposes.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 8250 Lawson Road, 2Nd Floor, Milton, ON, L9T 5C6, CA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +1-905-203-0174, +1-416-621-7255
  • Addresses: Office 3 Unit R1,  Watford, Hertfordshire WD24 4YY UK
  • Emails: [email protected]

Final Decision:

With so many deceptions coming from this website it's like walking into a minefield you don't know when you're going to blow up. At every turn, at every corner there is a scam or deception trying to rip you off. Unfortunately we cannot recommend this site as it is a criminal operation preying on lonely men seeking women.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Sonu says:

    How to log in? 

  • […] Milftastic.com – With so many deceptions coming from this website it's like walking into a minefield you don't know when you're going to blow up. […]

  • al larson says:

    another scam stay away

  • andy says:

    how come this site says every dating site is a scam except adultfriendfinder?  it seems to me that this site is a fake review site for the sole purpose of promoting adultfriendfinder. everyone knows tinder isn't a scam or fake. aren't fake review sites like these illegal according to the ftc?

    • Admin says:

      Milftastic is a scam 100%. Read the Milftastic review and you can easily see that it’s a con job. It’s not like we just made up all that evidence… We did a review on Tinder back in January and it’s NOT A SCAM, you are right and we said exactly that! We clearly say that in the Tinder app review if you took the time to read it. Milftastic.com is a scam like most sites that we have reviewed, we just call them like we see them. Please don’t try to discredit use because we state Adultfriendfinder is legitimate. Adultfriendfinder is a real dating site and one of the first adult hookup sites online. How is this a fake review site, when every review we do is 100% honest. Get your facts straight before YOU LIE.

      PS: How’s the weather in Toronto, Canada? (Home of Milftastic.com scam), we know exactly what you are trying to do..  Instead of trying to suck people into believing that your site (Milftastic) is real why not be honest with people?  People are tired of being lied to and scammed!!


  • Searching for Love says:

    Hi, Have you ever researched a foreign site called "Anastasia.com" ? Now i know they do have real women on there because i went to the Ukraine in April this year & actually met one, although i have to say, she was the opposite of how she portrayed herself on 'Chat' on the site. I suspect that they pay the women we talk to because non of them are prepared to talk to you 'OFF SITE', even when you manage to give them your email address,  & the 'Chat' feature is really expensive, plus aapparently 'everything' is done 'Free' for the women. Now i spent a total of $3,000.00usd altogether so i would dearly love to know for sure if i was scammed, as i suspect ?  

    • Admin says:

      No we haven’t reviewed it yet. We just reviewed HotRussiaBabes.com and it follows the same techniques as you have discussed. We don’t think that Anastasia.com is a good way to meet women, specifically because of the expensive credits and you have no clue if who you’re talking to is real.

  • Searching for Love says:

    Whoops !!!  I did'nt expect to have my name publish on here ! Is there any way to change it please, say to 'Searching for Love' instead ???  Thanks

  • Searching for Love says:

    Ifr you read my email properly, you will see that i actually met one of them, so that at least is not true !!!

  • violet says:

    I have repeatedly requested that you do not send me your filthy emails I am a woman aged 63 years please will you stop them at once

  • Anonymous says:

    Just filed my report. To help others with these reports I'll post my findings.

    The company that handles billing for milftastic (including, but not limited to automating those monthly charges and other fees) is called "Tech Partners" (formated information is below)

    Tech Partners

    Website: http://www.birctex.com

    Phone:  1-866-398-4553


    Address Key: (Building) (Street), (Neighborhood), (City), (County), (ZIp). This may not be entirely correct since I'm not familiar with England addresses. The Zip code, Street, and City are at least correct though.

    I pieced together this information from my bank account statements, and the automated emails from http://www.birctex.com (as well as their support staff at [email protected]).


    Hope this helps someone with their report.

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