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  • $34.95 for a 1 month subscription to this dating service.
  • $69.95 for a 3 month subscription to this dating service.
  • $149.95 for an 12 month subscription to this dating service.


  • $1.95 for a 3 day subscription to this dating service.
  • $29.95 for a 1 month subscription to this dating service.
  • $59.95 for a 3 month subscription to this dating service.


  • My Home Page: You can see local matches, new members, your friends list, people on cam etc.
  • My Mail Box: Read and send emails.
  • Account Options: You can edit your profile, change your screen name and password. You can also update your membership.
  • Search And Matching:
  • Message Boards: This is an online forum.
  • Chat Rooms: Chat and interact with other members of the site.


This site is associated with other know scam dating sites that we have exposed. These sites include and,

Phony Profile Views

If you look at the evidence below you will see all the women who have viewed our profile on this site. Unfortunately all those profile views are completely fake. None of these women has actually "viewed our profile". This technique is used to grab your attention when you are logged on to this site. Obviously if someone has viewed your profile you would want to see how the woman looks. From there you will probably want to contact her and this is where the scam begins. If you want to communicate with anyone on the site you have to purchase a monthly subscription and that's exactly how they scam you by using the fictitious profile views to trick you into purchasing a subscription to communicate with phony girls.

fictitious profile views

Women On This Site Are Actually Porn Models

It didn't take long for us to find out that many of the images used on this dating service are actually also found on adult image site. Using reverse image search on we will were quickly able to identify numerous images that were hosted on a variety of different porn sites. Links to those sites are included below so you can see the evidence and we can prove that this site has fictitious female profiles all over the place. We have included just two of the profiles but there are many more that we spotted (see evidence belowof the women circled in red).

The reason they create fake profiles is because there are not many legitimate women on the site. For the site to create a fake profile is very easy. All they need to do is grab images of attractive looking women off of the internet and then create a profile with their photograph in it. People who have no clue about the fake profiles will think that the site is full of hot women when the stark reality is that a large majority of the profiles are illegitimate. phony girl

(This exact same image found on an profile is found on countless adult sites, see all the places that this is found by going here.)

fake girl

Same exact image found on many Russian adult images sites, see the whole list here.

What Are Online Emissaries?

"Online Emissaries" cover a broad range of deceptive business practices that likes to term "Online Emissaries". These deceptive practices include the use of fake profiles that have been created by this site, automated email messages and also automated instant messages. "Online Emissaries" also include the use of paid contractors who are employed and used to interact with members of the site and keep them paying a monthly membership.

There definition of an "Online Emissary" is as follows:

  • An Online Emissary™ may be a current or past Member, an independent contractor, a digital creation, You or a digital representation of You.

In the next paragraph they state that an "Online Emissary"  could be a digital actor or a computer generated person which means that they are not real.

  • An Online Emissary™ may be a real person, such as another Member, a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character").

If a web site admits to using these type of tactics on it's members do you think that you should trust them? They are are admitting to lying, creating fake profiles, and even employing people to pretend to be members of the web site.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 800 Petrolia Road, Unit 8, Toronto, ON, M3J-3K4, CA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,

Contact Information :

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: PO Box 1058 Basseterre,St. Kitts East Caribbean
  • 48 Constant Spring Rd Kingston 10Jamaica
  • 42 Dositheou Street, Strovolos, Nicoisa 2028 Cyprus
  • Email Customer Support: [email protected], Customer support

Final Decision:

This web site has been around for a few years and has countless negative reviews against it. If you plan on using this site please be very cautious.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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