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Tinder is a dating / hookup app that you can download and use for free. A review of this app shows you how to use it, and the various functions of the app. Tender is not a scam and you are not required to purchase any type of membership or trial subscription to their service. This alleviates any reason for it being a scam whatsoever.

Why Tinder Is Legitimate

The great thing about this app is that in order for you to even create an account you need to attach your Facebook login information to t it. The reason they do that is because it weeds out scammers since the app needs to access your Facebook info as part of the login process. This is a great idea and it weeds out a large portion of the scammers. Yes people can still create fake Facebook account and then use those fake Facebook accounts to create a Tinder profile but overall this alleviates 99% of the problems associated with online dating sites. Another reason this app is perfect is because it's completely free and for that reason there are no fictitious dating profiles  using images of attractive looking women to steer you into signing up and paying for monthly subscription to this service. However on any dating service you always need to take precautions, but the chances of really getting scammed are very minimal.

How To Use Tinder:

The main interface page of the app is shown below. We took a screenshot so you can follow along and see exactly how to use it. The girl shown in the photo below is a member of Tinder located in my search criteria. If you are interested in a girl, then you click on the heart. If you are not interested in a girl then click on the "X" . If you would like more information about the girl or see other photographs, just click on the "I" located in the middle of the lower part of the screen between the "I" and the heart icon. After you hit the "X" or the heart icon a new image appears and you can once again either choose the girl or you can hit the "X" and it will delete her from your list . What happens then is these women are notified that you are interested in them (if you hit the heart icon) and from there if they are interested in your photographs and your biography they may then contact you and possibly hook up for a date.

Tinder features

Below is a screenshot of the various options that you can change on the app.

  • Discovery Preferences: The "Discovery Preferences" enables you to change your search options. You can change everything from gender, distance, and age. You can also chose to hide your card (profile) by unchecking the "Discovery" option.
  • App Settings: The app settings enables you to control such things as your notifications. You can choose to receive new matches, messages and moment likes. It also shows the distance of other members according to your GPS coordinates.
  • Contact Tinder: Contact the staff through this section of the app.
  • Share Tinder: You can tell your friends about Tinder through the share button.

Tinder settings

My Moments:

Tinder uses something called "My Moments". "My Moments" is a section in the app which enables you to take selfie pictures of yourself and then post it to your moments. From there you can dress up your photographs by adding text and other little tidbits of information. What happens then is that the newly taken selfie is showing to your previous matches for only one day (a 24 period of time).



Matches: This section shows your matches. A match is considered a person that has hit the heart icon and you will of had to click that same heart icon as well making you guys a match.

Invite Your Friends: You can invite your friends to download the app and start using it. Share the Tinder link through your FaceBook friends, email, text, Google+ and many other ways.


Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1200 12th Avenue South Seattle WA 98144 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns1.markmonitor.com, ns6.markmonitor.com, ns5.markmonitor.com, ns3.markmonitor.com, ns7.markmonitor.com, ns2.markmonitor.com, ns4.markmonitor.com

Contact Information:

Final Decision:

This app is obviously legitimate. The great thing about dealing with apps is that it's much harder for shady dating services to scam you. If an app such as this one start receiving lots of scam and fraud complaints then the app will get pulled. You can rest easy, Tinder is 100% legit. One thing to watch out for is that escorts seems to be using the service as a way to meet "dates" that pay for sex.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 3 comments

  • Mark says:

    Yes. Lotsa escorts directing me to paid sites

  • boe Barnett says:

    I want to comment on the well hello Sir. I was offered $2350.00 by a man stating he was the producer of bang bus and he sent me the email to a girl, with a profile who was hounding me to meet her in a motel, the premise being sex. In sure that it would not have been free. . .

  • drwho says:

    this is the over all issue with the net you can be blocked from watch britsh tv yet some one can claim there from X ultimatly there from africa any time some one has a to good to be true photo  download it and do a google image search  i honestly dont know how any one can actually hook up with most every one wants to chat how ever they cannot seem go long than on line txt


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